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Although I am not a descendant of Joseph Westmoreland, some of his descendants married into my family. Consequently, I have devoted Allied Family Topic WE to his family.

Joseph Westmoreland, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Joseph Westmoreland might describe his life as follows.

I married Isabella, or Sibella as the name appeared in records. We lived in Bristol Parish and in its register of births you can find the names of five of our children, including twins.
I already had land in Prince George (now Dinwiddie) County when I tacked on a 6-acre addition 12 January 1747/8.  Both I and Thomas Westmoreland, likely my brother, had land next to Joseph Wall. Somewhere along the way I purchased land from Henry Green for when I added 27 acres 15 December 1757 the patent described it as such and again placed me next Thomas Westmoreland and Joseph Wall. 
My father may have been Richard Westmoreland whom the Bristol Parish vestry exempted from paying the parish levy 16 November 1727. 

Some presume Joseph’s bride was likely Sibella Hicks, daughter of Capt. Robert Hicks since they named a son Robert Hicks Westmoreland. Yet neither the will of Robert Hicks nor that of his wife mentions such a daughter.

Another Westmoreland family
Another Westmoreland family lived in Bristol Parish. Thomas Westmoreland and his wife, Margaret, were the parents of Elizabeth Westmoreland (31 Oct. 1733 ) and Joseph Westmoreland (16 Nov. 1740 ). Thomas Westmoreland had 100 acres in Prince George (now Dinwiddie) County 28 Sept. 1728,  which Robert Bolling had surveyed for Thomas in 1724.  When he added 595 acres in 1741, a neighbor was Joseph Westmoreland.  Thomas was residing in Bath Parish, Dinwiddie County, when he added 18 acres 7 Dec. 1774. 
Margaret was apparently Margaret Nipper, the daughter of John Nipper and his wife, Ann. When Ann died in Brunswick County in 1752, she mentioned her son-in-law Thomas Westmoreland (will dated 6 Oct. 1752  and proved 24 Oct. 1752). John had predeceased his wife by about 10 years (will dated 26 March 1736  and proved 7 May 1743).

Dinwiddie Westmorelands
Records of Dinwiddie County are lost and so we cannot identify all the descendants of Joseph and Thomas Westmoreland, as presumably they had more.
Reuben Westmoreland, who paid taxes in Dinwiddie County in 1800,  married twice and was later in Coweta County, Ga., is said to have been a son of Robert Hicks Westmoreland.
Reeves Westmoreland, who paid taxes in Dinwiddie County in 1782 and Brunswick County in 1800,  married Susanna Harwell, daughter of Samuel Harwell, who made a gift to “daughter Susanna Westmoreland” 1792 and mentioned land at Smokey Ordinary next to Reeves Westmoreland.  Likely their son was Harwell Westmoreland who attended an estate sale with Robert Westmoreland in Brunswick County by 1812,  and who married Polly Harris 1 April 1823. 

Other Westmorelands of Brunswick County
Although several of the Westmoreland family appeared in Brunswick County in the 18th Century, we cannot identify how they connect to Joseph and Thomas.
John Westmoreland witnessed deeds in Brunswick County in 1748 and 1754.  He bought 63¾ acres from Richard Vaughan in 1761 but sold the tract in 1763.  Martha relinquished her dower right and Isham Westmoreland was among the witnesses to the deed. John and Martha sold 53½ acres to Richard Elliott in 1767,  and John Westmoreland appeared in Brunswick County still in 1795. 
When John Westmoreland witnessed a deed in Brunswick County in 1764, so did Isham Westmoreland,  who appeared in Brunswick County in 1775.  Isham got 400 acres on the south side of the Banister River in Halifax County in 1769, which, while still a resident of Dinwiddie County, he deeded to Peterson Harrison
Edmund Westmoreland married Sally Hawkins in Lunenburg County 30 Dec. 1789,  and was in Brunswick County in 1798. 
Edith Westmoreland and John Tarpley were executors of the will of Thomas Westmoreland in Dinwiddie County in 1789, and Thomas Westmoreland paid taxes in Dinwiddie County in 1782 and 1800. 
Jesse Westmoreland paid taxes in Dinwiddie County in 1800.  He and wife, Elizabeth Gray Ingram, the daughter of Moses Ingram and Elizabeth Lanier Croft, witnessed the will of Gray Edwards in 1803.  They had married 14 Nov. 1802,  and were later in Giles County, Tenn.
Nathaniel Edwards was surety when Peterson Westmoreland married Elizabeth Jolly 29 Dec. 1801.  The Brunswick County tax list of 1800 had placed Peterson in a single-tithe household. 
Wilmoth Westmoreland was a witness when Isham Wall sold 200 acres in Brunswick County in 1766,  and Allen Westmoreland placed his name on a petition in Brunswick County in 1773. 

Descendants of Joseph Westmoreland
Information about the children of Joseph Westmoreland, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 Susanna (Westmoreland) High (1729-),  
David High,  John High,  Mary —,  
Zachariah Sims,  
David High,  John Hart Jr.,  
Susanna High,  
Gardner High,  Rachel Gibbs,  
Benjamin William High,  Sarah Russell,   
Freeman High,  Elizabeth Beasley,  
Elizabeth High,  Samuel Barley,  
Isham High,  Anna Martin,  
Mary High,  Sterling Lambert,  
Elizabeth Lambert,  Burwell Biggs,  
Westmoreland High,  Mary Short Hames,  
Christian High,  Nathan Lawson,  
Martha High,  William Williams,  William Williams,  
 Abigail Westmoreland (1729-),  
 James Westmoreland (1731-),  
 Christian Westmoreland (1732-),  
 Robert Hicks Westmoreland (1740-),  
Charles King Sr.,  Nathaniel King Sr.,  Wright Tucker,  Joshua Wall,  
Martha (—) Westmoreland,  
Patrick Westmoreland,  
Jane Westmoreland,  
Rebecca Westmoreland,  Edward Puckett,  
Jesse Puckett,  
Martha F. Puckett,  
Edward R. Puckett,  
Rebecca Puckett,  
John Westmoreland Puckett,  
Williamson Puckett,  
Mary Love Puckett,  
Thomas H. Puckett,  
Pleasant Jones Puckett,  
Hartwell Puckett,  
Robert Westmoreland,  Lucy Freeman,  
Betsy Westmoreland,  Jesse Lucy,  Washington Croft,  Thomas Croft,  
 Robert Hicks,  
Hugh Lee,  Daniel Higdon,  
Winifred Evans,   
John Hicks,  Rebecca Rives,   George Rives,   
William Parker,  
Robert Hicks,  Mary (—) Hicks,  John Jackson,  
Amy Hicks,  
Nathaniel Hicks,  Edward Lee,  John Ellis,  Elizabeth Lee,  
Stephen Hicks,  
John Hicks,  
Daniel Hicks,  
Joshua Hicks,  Amy (—) Hicks,  Lawrence House,  Robert Blanks,  
Rebecca Hicks,  Edward Tatum,   
Abigail Hicks,  John Rose,  William Rose,  Lucy (Corker) Jordan,  Thomas Jordan,   
William Ray,  
William Rose,  
John Rose,  Elizabeth Davis,  
Thomas Sadler,  
Hugh Merritt Rose,  
Littleton Rose,  
William Rose,  Elizabeth Meredith,  David Meredith,  Elizabeth —,  
John Rose,  Elizabeth Talley,  
Henry Rose,  Martha Malone,  
Adelia L. Rose,  Henry Micajah Vaiden,  
Theophane Rebecca Rose,  John Hardaway Seymour,  
Octavius Littleton Seymour,  
Leona Quintilla Seymour,  Henry Robinson Thomas,  
Latinus Rose,  
Lucy Rose,  William Seymour,  
Amy Rose,  Williams,  
Martha Rose,  Thomas Sadler,   
Eleanor Rose,  James Trotter,  
Tabitha Rose,  Benjamin Davis,  Henry Davis,  Mary Marriott,  
 Capt. Robert Hicks (1658-1739),  
David Crawley,  Robert Chappell,   Robert Humphrey,  
Ralph Jackson,  
Arthur Kavenaugh,  John Fitzgerald,   
Cornelius Keith,  Thomas Twitty,  Samuel Clark Jr.,  
Jane Roberts,  
Jane Roberts,  Frances (—) Hicks,  
George Hicks,  
Sarah (—) Hicks,  Daniel Carrell,  Alexander Finney,  
James Hicks,  Judith Collier,  Isaac Collier,  Ann Vines,  
Capt. Charles Hicks,  
John Hicks,  Ann Harrison,  
Benjamin Harrison Hicks,  
James Ransom Hicks,  
Charles Hicks,  
Capt. Isaac Hicks,  Ann Booth,  Reuben Booth,  Rebecca (—) Booth,  
George Hicks,  
James Hicks,  Judith Collier,  Charles Collier,  
Thomas Hicks,  
James Hicks,  
Vines Hicks,  
Sarah Hicks,  Robert Hardaway,  John Sturdivant,   
Nancy Vines Hicks,  Dr. William G. Walker,  
Elizabeth Hicks,  William Hardaway Jr.,  
George Hicks,  
Sarah Hicks,  
Robert Hicks,  Mary (—) Hicks,  
Benjamin Hicks,  
Robert Hicks,  
Elizabeth Hicks,  
Lucy Hicks,  Benjamin Seawell,  
Col. Benjamin Seawell,  Mary Booker,  Susan (Brown) Tullocks,  Thomas Tullocks,  
Joseph Seawell,  Martha Macon,  
Elizabeth Seawell,  Seth Mabry,   
Mary Seawell,  Green Hill,  
Sallie Seawell,  John King,  
Nancy Seawell,  
Rebecca Seawell,  
Mildred Seawell,  
Thomas Seawell,  
Frances Seawell,  Isaac Collier,  
Sarah Hicks,  
Daniel Hicks,  Durham Hall,  Edith (—) Hicks,  
Thomas Hicks,  
Daniel Hicks,  Comfort (—) Hicks,  Robert Jones Jr.,   
Mary Hicks,  
Benjamin Hicks,  Nathaniel Edwards,  
Capt. Robert Hicks,  Robert Clark,  
John Steed,  
Elizabeth Irvin,   
Nathaniel Hicks,  
Mary Peterson,   
Robert Hicks,  Angelina Goodwyn,  William Goodwyn,  
Mary Greenway,  Dr. James Greenway,  Martha Dixon,  Braxton Robinson,   
Mary Hicks,  Peter Chambliss,  John Watson,  
Martha Dixon Greenway Hicks,  Richard H. Avery,  
Winifred Hicks,  Robert Rives,  Elizabeth (—) Rives,  
William Rives,  Jemima Heath,  William Heath,  
Nathan Prince,  
Robert Hicks Rives,  
Nathaniel Rives,  
Irvin Rives,  
Martha Rives,  William Fox Jr.,   
Elizabeth Hicks,  Thomas Lanier,  Frances (—) Clanton Lanier,  
Rebecca Lanier,  
Martha Hicks,  
Sarah Hicks,  
Mary Hicks,  
James Hicks,  Benjamin Seawell,   Martha (—) Hicks,  
Faith (—) Hicks,  
Benjamin Hicks,  
Robert Hicks,  Rebecca Harrison,  Benjamin Harrison,  
Paschal Hicks,  Lucy Hall,  
Isaac Hicks,  
Hamlin Hicks,  Jean Powell,  
Abner Harrison Hicks,  
Tabitha Hicks,  Samuel Bracey,  
Frances Hicks,  Robert T. James,  
Lucy Hicks,  Sackfield M. Bracey,  
Harrison Hicks,  
James Hicks,  
Lewis Hicks,  Sarah (—) Hicks,  Thomas Claiborne,  William Batte Jr.,   Charles Collier,  
John Hicks,  
Mary Hicks,  
Martha Hicks,  
Frances Hicks,  
Tabitha Hicks,  Thomas Jacobs,  Jane Roberts,  
Thomas Jacobs,  
John Jacobs,  
Charles Hicks,  James Hicks,  John Davis,  
Frances Hicks,  Richard Ransom,  George Ransone,  
Batte Peterson,   Seymour Powell,  
Elizabeth Ransom,  
James Ransom,  
Robert Hicks Ransom,  
Martha Hicks,  Henry Bedingfield,  
John Bedingfield,  
Elizabeth Hicks,  
Rachel Hicks,  Davis,  
John Hicks,  
Tabitha Irby,  
Mary Hicks,  Samuel Clark Jr.,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
John Rose - French and Indian War Henry Micajah Vaiden - Civil War
Octavius Littleton Seymour - Civil War Henry Robinson Thomas - Civil War
Capt. Charles Hicks - Revolutionary War Col. Benjamin Seawell - Revolutionary War
Nathaniel Hicks - French and Indian War James Hicks - French and Indian War

Legislators - colonial and state
Col. Benjamin Seawell - North Carolina  

Names on the map
Roses Creek, Brunswick County, named for John Rose Hicksford, now Emporia, Greensville County, was named for Capt. Robert Hicks

Selected sources
Boddie, John Bennett. “John Rose of Brunswick County, Virginia.” Historical Southern Families, 20:170-179. • Descendants of Abigail Hicks and John Rose.
“Hicks Family.” Genealogies of Virginia Families from the William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1982(3):22-23. • Brief and incorrect introduction to family of Robert Hicks.
Seawell, Ben Lee. The Genealogy with Historical and Personal Comments of the Known Descendants of Col. Benjamin Seawell Sr. and … Lucy Hicks. Pasadena, CA (1935). • Family of Lucy Hicks and her husband, Benjamin Seawell.

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