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 WA   John Watkins (-1763)
Although I am not a descendant of John Watkins, some of his descendants married into my family. Consequently, I have devoted Allied Family Topic WA to his family.

John Watkins, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, John Watkins might describe his life as follows.

I was born before 1715, likely in King and Queen County. John Twisdal entered my home in Drysdale Parish, King William County, against my will and claimed I injured him when I gently shoved him out. So he sued me for trespass, assault, and battery in Essex County in 1746. Undoubtedly bewildered, the justices deferred any decisions. 
I held 150 acres on the west side of Tuckahoe Swamp in King and Queen County 19 August 1758.  In 1760 as John Watkins, the Elder of Amelia County, I appointed my son George Watkins of Halifax County to sell and dispose of all my possessions in King and Queen County.  I made my mark, J.
Richard Anderson and Paulin Anderson, who were also from King and Queen County, and my son John secured a patent to 6,200 acres on the south side of the Banister River and both sides of Sandy Creek in Halifax County 3 March 1760. 
Elizabeth and I were the parents of four sons and four daughters whom I identified in the will I made in Halifax County in 1762. Elizabeth survived me 20 years.

Several Watkins paid quit rents in King William County in 1704: William Watkins on 137 acres, Edward Watkins on 98 acres, Philip Watkins on 203 acres, Benjamin Watkins on 60 acres, and Thomas Watkins Jr. on 125 acres. 
John’s presence in Drysdale Parish explains the absence of any Watkins in the vestry book of Stratton Major Parish.

The will of John Watkins Sr.
The following is an abstract of the will of John Watkins Sr. 
After George Watkins presented the will 19 May 1763, Thomas Watkins refused duties of executorship. Micajah and John Watkins proved the will after voluntarily relinquishing any benefits from the will.

Will of John Watkins Senr.
3 April 1762
I lend to my well beloved wife Elizabeth Watkins all my Negroes for & during the space of three years & two of them Dick & Lucy during her natural life or widowhood. Also all my moveable estate during her natural life.
To my son George Watkins at expiration of three years the following Negroes: Dick, Cato, Will, Fan, Friday & Isham & their increase. Also to my son George aforesaid after the decease or marriage of my wife Elizabeth my other two Negroes, Lucy & Dick, son of the aforesaid Dick, & their increase.
After decease of my wife Elizabeth the remainder of my estate real and personal to be equally divided among my sons & daughters, that is, John Watkins, Thomas Watkins, James Watkins, George Watkins, Mary Welch, Elizabeth Watkins, Sarah Dickie and my son William Watkins & and my daughter Frances Mackmahaney deceased parts to be equally divided among their heirs which bequeathed estate to them & each of them their heirs, etc. forever.
I appoint as executors my wife Elizabeth Watkins, sons Thomas Watkins & George Watkins in whom I have reposed my trust & hope they will duly perform it.
John X Watkins
Micajah Watkins
Elizabeth “O” Watkins
John Watkins
Mary “O” Mackmahaney

The death of Elizabeth Watkins
John Dickie Sr., Richard Edwards, and William Hamlett inventoried and appraised the personal estate of Elizabeth Watkins as recorded 18 March 1784. 

Descendants of John Watkins
Information about the children of John Watkins, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 John Watkins (-1770),  
Ann Ray,  James Ray,  Richard Anderson,   
William Echols,  Charles Cawthorn,  Daniel Easley,   
Daniel Easley,  
Maj. Micajah Watkins,  
Mary Boyd,  John Boyd,  Margaret Lawson,  John Armstrong,  
John Pulliam,   James Boyd,  
Micajah Watkins,  
Mr. James Chalmers,  
Sarah Williams,  Robert Williams,  
Henry Embry Coleman,   
Mourning Micajah Watkins,  Rev. James King,  
Francis Watkins,  Daniel Hutchison,  
John Watkins,  Lucy Tucker,  
Thomas Watkins,  Magdalene Dupuy,  John Bartholomew Dupuy,  
Daniel Gay,  
Simeon Glenn,  
Benjamin Watkins,  Susannah Dupuy,   John Dupuy,  
Joel Watkins,  Frances White,  Thomas White,  
John Watkins,  Nancy Wilson,  
Polly Watkins,  Edward Clay,  
Thomas Watkins,  Letitia Hairston,  
Stephen Dupuy Watkins,  Nancy Baxter,  Sarah Holman Dupuy,  Peter Dupuy,  
Ptolemy Lefevre Watkins,  Harriet Amasia Dupuy,  Peter Dupuy,  
Rev. James Watkins,  
John Watkins,  Jones,  
Micajah Watkins,  Nancy Smith,  
Sarah Watkins,  John Atkinson,  
Elizabeth Watkins,  Wiley James,  
John Joshua James,  
Mary James,  
James W. James,  
Ann James,  William K. Rowe,  
Mary Watkins,  Booker Bowmar,  
Ann Watkins,  Thomas Ballard Fontaine,  Moses Fontaine,  Elizabeth Ballard,  
Martha Watkins,  Moses Hubbard,  
Nancy Watkins,  John W. Thomas,  
Martha A. Thomas,  William J. Hamlett,  
Christopher Y. Thomas,  Mary A. Reamy,  
Adeline E. Thomas,  Thomas Thornton,  
Julia C. Thomas,  Benjamin Gravely,  
Matilda Thomas,  Peyton Gravely,  
William Watkins,  
Martha Waddell,  
Sally Watkins,  Carter,  
Noel Watkins,  
Mansfield Watkins,  
William Watkins,  
John C. Watkins,  
Rev. Abner Watkins,  
Elizabeth Guerrant,  Daniel Guerrant,  Isabella Ann (—) Hatchett,  William Hatchett,   
Levi Clay,   
George Watkins,  
John T. Watkins,  
Dr. Austin Watkins,  Martha (—) Jones,  Patrick Jones,   Peter Batte Jones,   
Richard Watkins,  Foster,  
William Watkins,  
John Watkins,  
William Watkins,  
Royall Watkins,  Nancy S. Meredith,   Delilah Mayes,  
Thompson C. Watkins,  
Elizabeth Watkins,  John Lindsey,  
Harriet S. Watkins,  Simpson,  
Elizabeth Watkins,  Eliazbeth Hamblin,  Matthew Branch,  
Chaney Hamblin,  
Judith Watkins,  
Edith Watkins,  Robert Ligon,   
Sarah Watkins,  
Thomas Boyd,  Mr. George Dameron,  
John Boyd,  
Edward Boyd,  
Mary Watkins,  
William Hudson,  Mr. Dobson,  
 Thomas Watkins,  
John Watkins,   Robert Hall,  
Cornelius McHaney,   
Mary (—) Hall,  
Elijah Hunt,  Robert Ligon,   John Watkins,   Thomas Watkins,   James Watkins,   William Watkins,   Abner Watkins,   Elizabeth (Watkins) Branch,   Mary (Watkins) Hudson,   Sarah (Watkins) Dameron,   
Edwin Conway Garlington,   William Chappell,   William Dickie,   John Dickie,   John Chappell,   
Nathaniel Manning,   Moses Roberts,   Robert Hall,  Benjamin Hall,  
James Pulliam,  Martin Turner,  
 James Watkins,  
 George Watkins (-1782),  
Susanna Hamilton,  
John Hamilton,  
Robert Williams,  
Drury Burge,  
Thomas Watkins,  Mary Tuck,  Thomas Tuck,  
Philemon Carlton,  
Betsy Watkins,  Philip Johnson,  
Rebecca Watkins,  Nathaniel Manning,  Howson Clarke,   
John H. Manning,  
Susanna P. Manning,  
John Watkins,  
Anne Watkins,  Moses Roberts,   
Susanna Watkins,  Samuel Hoskins,  
Elizabeth Hoskins,  Stith Harrison,   
 Mary (Watkins) Welch,  
 Elizabeth Watkins,  
 Sarah (Watkins) Dickie,  
John Dickie,  William Shackleford,  
William Lawson,  James Caldwell,  John Watkins,   James Caldwell,  James Chappell,   
Alice Townes,  John Terry Colquitt,  
Susanna Dickie,  Edwin Conway Garlington,  
William Traylor,  
Sarah Dickie,  John Chappell,   
Elizabeth Dickie,  William Chappell,   
Thomas Hull Crallé,  
William Dickie,  
John Dickie,  Martha Watkins,  William Hamlett,  
Humphrey Haley,  
Patsy Vaughan,  Craddock Vaughan,  
Henry Hamlett,  William Hudson,  
William Dickie,  Martha Chappell,   
Sarah Dickie,  Claiborne Rice,  
John Dickie,  Mary Parker,  Daniel Parker,  
Thomas Dickie,  
Nancy Dickie,  
Susanna Dickie,  
Melinda Dickie,  
Craddock Dickie,  
Thomas Dickie,  
Mary Dickie,  
Parthenia Dickie,  
Patsy Dickie,  
Willis Dickie,  
Mourning Dickie,  
Nancy Dickie,  
 William Watkins,  
Sarah (—) Watkins,  
John Watkins,  
 Frances (Watkins) McMahaney,  
Mary McMahaney,  James Turner,  
Thomas Stanfield,  
Armistead Turner,  
Basil Turner,  
Abner Turner,  
Martin Turner,  Sally Stanfield,  
Ransom Turner,  
Frances Turner,  Hackley Warren,  
Susanna Turner,  
Elizabeth Turner,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Stephen Dupuy Watkins - War of 1812 Ptolemy Lefevre Watkins - War of 1812
Abner Watkins - Revolutionary War  

Legislators - colonial and state
Micajah Watkins - Virginia Thomas Watkins - Virginia
Dr. Austin Watkins - Virginia George Watkins - Virginia

Selected sources
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Dupuy, Rev. Benjamin Hunter. The Huguenot Bartholomew Dupuy and His Descendants. Reprint edition, Salem, MA: Higginson Book Company, 1997. • Comprehensive work on the descendants of Bartholomew Dupuy. Includes families of Magdalene Dupuy and Thomas Watkins, Mary Purnell Dupuy and Robert Dickinson, Mary Magdalene Chastain and James Powell Cocke, and Olympia Dupuy and John James Trabue.
Stutesman, John Hale. “The Watkins Family.” The Southside Virginian. 1:71-75 (1983). • Narrative prepared by Stephen Dupuy Watkins about the family of his grandfather John Watkins.

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