Allied Family Topic W

 W   William Worsham I (-c.1660)
Although I am not a descendant of William Worsham I, some of his descendants married into my family. Consequently, I have devoted Allied Family Topic W to his family.

William Worsham I, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, William Worsham I might describe his life as follows.

I arrived in the Colony of Virginia by 1640 when Seth Ward sold me 200 acres at the old Indian Town, near Swift Creek, in what was then Henrico County. George Worsham, who may have been my brother, got a neighboring 200 acres 15 February 1652/3. 
My wife, Elizabeth, and I lived at “Jordans” on Bailey Creek in what was then Charles City County and is today Prince George.  We were the parents of five children.
I was a county commissioner of Charles City County from April to August 1657,  and George was justice of the peace for Henrico in 1656.
After my death, probably in the late 1650s, Elizabeth married Francis Epes, the second of his name in the Colony, who was by then the father of the third Francis Epes. He became father to my children. Charles and Mary were still minors 20 August 1678 when Epes gave the court an accounting of some livestock that belonged to them. 
Elizabeth’s wills of 1678 remembered children of both marriages.

It has been suggested that William’s wife was Elizabeth Littleberry since she gave one of her sons by a 2nd marriage that peculiar name. Yet there is no evidence.

Elizabeth’s 2nd husband was the son of Francis Epes who was in the colony by 1625. A patent issued to the elder Epes 26 Aug. 1635, stated that the land granted to him was for the “personal adventure” of himself and for the transportation of his sons John Epes, Francis Epes, Thomas Epes, and 30 others. 

Elizabeth’s will
Elizabeth left a will in Henrico County in 1678 remembering daughter Elizabeth Kennon and her daughter Mary Kennon, daughter Mary Epes, son John Worsham, and her husband Epes’ children, whom she did not name (will dated 28 Aug. 1678  and proved 1 Oct. 1678 ).
She amended the will 23 Sept. 1678 to confirm gifts to children by her 1st husband, William Worsham, including John and Charles, and to divide the rest of her estate among children she had by her late husband Francis Epes, namely William Epes, Littlebury Epes, and Mary Epes. She appointed executors son-in-law Richard Kennon and stepson Francis Epes.

Descendants of William Worsham I
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 John Worsham (-1729),  
Phoebe (—) Worsham,  
Gilbert Elam,   
Edward Stratton II,   Abraham Womack,  Francis Patram,   
Isham Epes,  Francis Epes Jr.,  George Robertson,   Philip Jones,   James Hill,   George Archer,   
Capt. John Worsham,  Mary Wynne,   
Joshua Worsham,  Edmund Taylor,  Mary (—) Worsham,  
John Worsham,  
Mary (—) Worsham,  
Daniel Worsham,  
Elizabeth (—) Worsham,  
George Worsham,  
Mary Worsham,  
Robert Worsham,  
Joshua Worsham,  
Thomas Worsham,  Betty Wynne,  
Nancy Worsham,  Benson,  
Joseph Worsham,  
William Worsham,  
Sally Worsham,  Peter Stublefield,  
Mary Worsham,  
Thomas Worsham,  
Michal Worsham,  Robert Ferguson,  
Lucy Ferguson,  
Elizabeth Ferguson,  
Martha Worsham,  
Phoebe Worsham,  Stith Wynne,  
Capt. Thomas Worsham,  Martha Moseley,  William Moseley Sr.,  
Rebecca Eppes Worsham,  Archibald Baugh,   
Daniel Worsham,  Ellen Leigh,   
Benjamin Lawson,  
Thomas Worsham,  Sarah Greenhill,   
Elizabeth Worsham,  
Lucy Worsham,  James Townes Jr.,   
John Worsham,  
John Worsham,  Agnes Branch,   Edward Osborne,   
Phoebe Worsham,  Moses James,  
Capt. William Worsham,  Mary Archer,   
Lucy (Hamlin) Eppes,  William Eppes,  Capt. John Hamlin,  Elizabeth Taylor,  
Anne Eppes,  William Eppes,  
Lucy Worsham,  John Worsham,   
Daniel Worsham,  Judith Archer,   
Elizabeth Worsham,  Thomas Ligon,   
Alexander Marshall I,  Lodowick Tanner,   
Michell Mitchell,  
Matthew Ligon,   
Thomas Friend,   George Williamson,  
Richard Epes,  
Alexander Marshall II,  Sarah Moseley,   
William Marshall,  Anne —,  
Phoebe Farmer,  John Farmer,  
Lucy Green,   Henry Clay,   
Robert Marshall,  
Elizabeth Marshall,  Henry Moody,   
Henry Moody,  Mary Moody,   
Francis Moody,  Martha Vaughan,   
Mary Moody,  Abraham Buford,  
Phoebe Moody,  Jesse Taylor,  Thomas Taylor,   Charles Campbell,  
Marshall Moody,  
William Moody,  Elizabeth Beaufort Moody,  P. Moody,  
Anne Marshall,  Capt. Abner Lockett,   
Benjamin Pulliam,   William Marshall,  Lucy Marshall,  
Joseph Gooch,  
Thomas Lockett,  Susanna Blanks,  George Barnes,   
Francis Lockett,  
Martha Goode Marshall,   
Phillip Lockett,  Jane Trotter,  Caroline (Wainright) Harper,  
Phoebe Lockett,  Scarbrough Penticost,  Dancy McCraw,  
Nancy Lockett,  Robert Hester,  Rev. James Read,  
Lucy Lockett,  William Jones,  Rev. William Richards,  
John Marshall,  
Phoebe Marshall,  Dancy McCraw,  
Mary Marshall,  Arthur Moody,  Covington Smith,  James Moody,  
Elizabeth Moody,  George Moore,   
Nancy Moody,  Elijah Gregory,  
Phoebe Moody,  Robert A. Crowder,  
Henry Crowder,  
Giles Crowder,  
Mary Crowder,  
John Crowder,  
Arthur Moody,  Mary Hester,  James Hester,  
William Moody,  Mary Brummall,  Phoebe Gregory,  
Henry Moody,  
Francis Moody,  Anna Hester,  James Hester,  
Benjamin Moody,  Dolly Yancey,  
Marshall Moody,  John Walton,  Nancy Phillips,  Elizabeth Speed,  
Mary Moody,  Henry Moody,   
Tabitha Marshall,  Drury Williams,  William Williams,  
William Marshall Williams,  
Ann Williams,  
Mary Williams,  
Sarah Marshall,  John Robards,  William Robards,  
William Robards,  
Marshall Robards,  
Mary Robards,  
John Robards,  
Martha Marshall,  
Susanna Marshall,  Miles Hall,   Richard Winn,  
George Royster,  
Col. William Marshall,  Lucy Goode,   
Elizabeth Marshall,  John Todd,  
John Marshall,  
Francis Marshall,  Mary Thompson,  
Alexander Marshall,  
Robert Marshall,  
Francis Marshall,  
Josiah Marshall,  Mary (—) Marshall,  
Francis Marshall,  
Benjamin Marshall,  
Elizabeth Marshall,  James Marshall,  
Mary Marshall,  Andrew Frasier,  
Sarah Marshall,  Josiah Price,   
Rebecca Marshall,  
Nancy Marshall,  Richard Dennis Pincham,   
Frances Worsham,  William Rowlett,   John Sherman,   
William Rowlett,  Joshua Glass,  Mary (Clarke) Cooke,   
John Rowlett,  
John Leigh,   Thomas Johnson,  Samuel Wimbush,  
Richard Burks,  Christopher Dicken,  William Pemberton,  Alexander Frasier,  Charles Anderson,  
Samuel Goode,   
John Rowlett,  Edith Jackson,  William Jackson,  Ann Dupuy,  Jesse Owen,   Nancy Crawford,  
Prudence Rowlett,  John Penick,   
Jesse Rowlett,  Polly T. Owen,   Mary W. Clay,  
Mary Rowlett,  Benjamin Bradshaw,  
Sarah Rowlett,  Matthew Gibbs,  
Samuel Wooten,  
William Rowlett,  Jemima Owen,   Ann Rowlett,  George Smoot,  Dallas Gene Smith,  
Daniel Owen Rowlett,  Nancy Ellis,  Martha Penick,   Mary Jones,  
Mackarness Rowlett,  Polly Hudson,  John Hudson,  John Hudson Rowlett,  Nancy Brooks,  
Elizabeth Rowlett,  Hezekiah Brooks,  
John Rowlett,  
Jane Rowlett,  Elisha Estes,  
Nathan Rowlett,  Nancy Rowlett,   
John Rowlett,  Ann Owen,   Mary (—) Hudson,  Thomas Hudson,  
Mackness Rowlett,  
Elizabeth Rowlett,  Charles D. George,  
Frances Rowlett,  John Harper,  
Julia B. Rowlett,  John Dodson,  
Sarah Rowlett,  Richard DeJarnette,   
Peter Rowlett,  
Edward Rowlett,  
Thomas Rowlett,  Lucy Bruce,   
Stephen D. Rowlett,  Ann Elizabeth Fowlkes,   
John Rowlett,  
Amelia Rowlett,  Edmund Perkinson,  
William Rowlett,  Ann Hatchett,   Archibald Hatchett,   Richard Rowlett,   Royall Bowman,   
Polly Rowlett,  George Turner,  
Richard Rowlett,  Nancy Mason,  Joseph Mason,  Archibald H. Rowlett,  
Nancy Rowlett,  Nathan Rowlett,   
Abner Rowlett,  Nancy Foster,  John Blankenship,  
Katherine Rowlett,  
Nathan H. Rowlett,  
Prudence Rowlett,  Archelaus Dickenson,   
Mary Rowlett,  
 John Hatchett (c.1673-1756),  
William Hatchett,  John Belcher Jr.,  
Margaret Ann Remy,  Lewsiton,  John Neal,  
Robert Marshall,   
John Hatchett,  Mary Neal,   Thomas Roberts,   
Margaret Hatchett,  Jesse Brown,  
Ann Hatchett,  William Rowlett,   
Mildred Hatchett,  George Burks,  
Elizabeth Hatchett,  William Dabbs,  
Abner Hatchett,  
Bartley Hatchett,  Peggy Russell,  Edward Russell,  
John Hatchett,  Nancy Russell,  
William Hatchett,  Sally Turner,  
Mary Hatchett,  
William Hatchett,  Isabella Ann (—) Hatchett,  Rev. Abner Watkins,   
Daniel Hatchett,  
Haynie Hatchett,  Frances Tanner Jones,   
Dr. Archibald Hatchett,  Mary Epes Jones Lampkin,   Rev. John Cameron,   
George Hatchett,  Susan (—) Hatchett,  Henderson Lee,  
Haynie Hatchett,  
Ann Hatchett,  Kenner Crallé,  
Elizabeth Haynie Hatchett,  Blackwell,  
Polly Hatchett,  Chapman Blackwell,  Prudence Russell Jeffress,   
Archibald Hatchett,  Elizabeth King,  
Abraham Hatchett,  Mary Farley,   
Joseph Hatchett,  
William Hatchett,  
Abraham Hatchett,  
John Archibald Hatchett,  Narcissa W. Jeffress,   
Jane Hatchett,  Matthew Ligon,   
Martha Hatchett,  Neal,  
Francis Roberts,   
William Neal,  
Sarah Neal,  John Brooks,  
Ann Hatchett,  Roger Neal,   William Neal,   Stephen Neal,   
David Neal,  
Thomas Neal,  
John Neal,  
Archibald Neal,  John Frisley,  Elizabeth Berry,  Peter Berry,  Nancy Pollard,  Sally Pollard,  
Tabitha Neal,  William Stone,   
Abraham Neal,  Robert Jones,  
Jane Hatchett,  John Truly,  John Hatchett,   William George,  Hector Truly,  Joshua Chaffin,   
Jane Truly,  Asa Vaughan,   
Grief Truly,  
Sarah Truly,  William Cross Craddock,   
Robert Vaughan,   
John Truly,  
Thomas Hatchett,  Mary (—) Hatchett,  John Bolling,  
James Speed,  James Arnold,  Thomas Bedford Jr.,  
William Hatchett,  
Thomas Hatchett,  
John Hatchett,  Richard Perdue,  
Joseph Frith,  
John Hatchett,  
Josiah Hatchett,  Agnes (—) Seay,  Jesse Seay,  
Anne Hatchett,  James Seay,   
Edward Hatchett,  Martha (—) Hatchett,  
Archibald Hatchett,  
Thomas Hatchett,  
William Hatchett,  Elizabeth Farmer,   
Edward Hatchett,  Mary Newsteys Blagrave,  Henry Blagrave,  
Robert Hatchett,  
Sally Hatchett,  Harrison Carter,  
Phoebe Hatchett,  
Mary Hatchett,  
Elizabeth Hatchett,  
Hester Hatchett,  
Peter Rowlett,  
John Ellington,   Elizabeth (—) Rowlett,  John Clay,   Charles Clay Jr.,   William Crawley,   
George Walton,  
Mackarness Goode,   Philip Jones,  
William Rowlett,  George Walton,  Matthew Jouett,  Charles Weatherford,  John Moore,  Nicholas Gillintine,   
Sherwood Walton,  Joseph Williams,  Jeremiah Wilmuth,  Ambrose Hunt,  
Matthew Jouett Rowlett,  Elizabeth Pettus,  David Pettus,  Martha Pleasants,  
Frances Rowlett,  Samuel Goode,  
Elizabeth Jouett Rowlett,  Thomas Pettus,  Peter Rowlett,  
Duke W. Rowlett,  Nancy N. (—) Boxley,  
Margaret Rowlett,  Larkin Hubbard,   
Philip Rowlett,  
Peter Rowlett,  
Littleberry Rowlett,  Elizabeth Ayres,  Philip Moseley,  
Judith Rowlett,  William Perry,  
John Rowlett,  
Frances Rowlett,  
Daniel Rowlett,  
Mary Worsham,  Rev. George Robertson,   
William Byrd,  Philip Jones,   George Worsham Sr.,  
Richard Herbert,  Buller Herbert,  James Powell Cocke,   James Rutledge,  
George Willson,   
George Robertson II,  
John Robertson,  John Skelton,  James Deaton,  George Hancock,   William Kennon Jr.,  Richard Kennon,  
Rev. Alexander Finney,  Martha Poythress,  Rev. George Purdie,  Mary Poindexter,  Sarah Blakely,  
Claiborne Anderson,   Benjamin Watkins,  Archibald Cary,  
Francis Osborne,   Thomas Dance Jr.,   George Cousins,  Francis Lockett,  George Hancock,   
George Robertson,  
John Robertson,  
John Robertson,  
Mary Robertson,  Thomas Walke,  
John Walke,  Hannah (Watkins) Finney,   James Robertson,  William Finney,   
James Francis Robertson,  Claiborne Anderson,   Lucretia Townes,   Abraham Maury,  Thomas Tabb,  Tscharner deGraffenried,  Aaron Drummond,  
Mary Ann Robertson,  Joseph Moseley,   
John Robertson,  
William Robertson,  
James Francis Robertson,  
Ann Robertson,  
Martha Robertson,  
Elizabeth Robertson,  
William Robertson,  Richard Witton,  Christopher Martin,  George Jefferson,   Elizabeth Branch Worsham,   William Giles,   
Elizabeth Robertson,  
Frances Robertson,  
George Robertson,  Nancy Anderson,  John Anderson,  John Ogilby,   
Ann Robertson,  Thomas Bedford,   
Martha Robertson,  
James Robertson,  John Rowlett,   Richard Day,  
Martha Archer,   Mary (Eppes) Royall,   Littleberry Royall,   
William Kennon,  
John Bott,   
Martha Robertson,  Richard Booker,  
George Robertson III,  Michal Archer,   
Phoebe Robertson,  Richard Herbert,  
John Herbert,  James Powell Cocke,   William Anderson,  Herbert Claiborne,  
Frances Herbert,  
Mary Frances Robertson,  Field Jefferson,   
Elizabeth Robertson,  
Martha Worsham,  Seth Ward,   
Ann Worsham,  Thomas Osborne III,   
Edward Booker,  Hezekiah Ford,   Seth Ward,   John Pleasants,  Clement Read,   
Alexander Spiers,  William Ligon,   
Thomas Osborne VI,  John Elam Sr.,  James Fears,  
Elizabeth Hendrick,  Hans Hendrick,  Rachel —,  
Thomas Osborne,  Betty Ward Estes,  
John Hendricks Osborne,  Susannah R. Goode,   
Daniel Worsham Osborne,  Martha Frances Collier,  
Reps Osborne,  Lettice Mullins,  
Rachel Ann Osborne,  Williams,  
Elizabeth Osborne,  Morris,  
Sally Osborne,  Morris,  
Drusilla Osborne,  Thomas Beadle,  Abraham Beadle,  
Frances Osborne,  Beadle,  
Reps Osborne,  Daniel Osborne,  
Anne Osborne,  Francis Barnes,   
Reps Osborne,  Rebecca Goode,   
Margaret Frances Osborne,  Charles Henry Robertson,  Dora Lyman Judd,  
Phoebe Osborne,  Solomon Harmon Elam,  
Edna Goode Elam,  Thomas Gregory,  
Harmon Elam,  Nancy Dupree,  William Dupree,  
William Elam,  
Lucinda Elam,  
Betsy Ann Elam,  
Osborne Elam,  
Repps Jones Elam,  Mary Gregory,  Joseph Gregory,  Elizabeth B. Stokes,  
Thomas Osborne,  Amy Gilliam,   
Philip Osborne,  Elizabeth Gayle,  Thomas Gayle,  
Margaret Osborne,  John Brown,  
Mary G. Osborne,  Thomas Brown,  
Nancy Jones Osborne,  Gabriel Glenn Osborne,  
Philip Osborne,  Martha Gregory,  
Elizabeth T. Osborne,  Brantley Hodge McAdoo,  
Sarah R. Osborne,  Robert B. Warren,  
John Francis Osborne,  Mary Margaret Gregory,  
Jones Osborne,  Nancy Fowlkes,   
Samuel Osborne,  Elizabeth (—) Osborne,  
Elizabeth Osborne,  
Mary Osborne,  
John B. Osborne,  
Skearm Osborne,  Lucy Fleming,   
Edward Osborne,  Sarah Burchett,  
Martha Osborne,  William Harris,   
Edward Osborne,  
John Osborne,  Mary (—) Osborne,  David Moat,  Charles Hutcheson,  Osborne Keeling,  
Matthew Wells,  
John Osborne,  Lucy (—) Osborne,  Richard Jones,  Samuel Osborne,  William Jones,  
Daniel Osborne,  
John Childers,   Ann Osborne,  
Poythress,  Francis Poythress,  
Francis Poythress,  Mary Peterson,   
Isham Epes,  
 Charles Worsham (-1712),  
Mary Bevill,  Essex Bevill,  Amy —,  
Essex Worsham,  
Ann (—) Worsham,  
Essex Worsham,  Essex Bevill,   Henry Walthall,   
Elizabeth (—) Worsham,  Elizabeth Branch,  Joseph Wells,  
John Worsham,  
Branch Worsham,  
William Worsham,  
Drury Worsham,  Thomas Tabb,  Daniel Willson,   Philip Dunnavant,  William Dunnavant,  
Mary (—) Worsham,  John Cape,  
Frederick Worsham,  Henry Worsham,  James Moody,  John Baker Jr.,  George Grissell,  John Folkes,   
Daniel Worsham,   
Martha Worsham,  William Stone,  Daniel Worsham,   
Mary Worsham,  Robert Mann,  
Ann Worsham,  
Frances Worsham,  Abel Blankenship,  Daniel Worsham,   
Agnes Worsham,  George Grissell,  Sarah W. Slayden,  
Henry Worsham,  John Finney,   Peter Webster,  Richard Vasser,  Agnes Gibbs,  John Gibbs,  
Henry Worsham,  Agnes Kelly,  
Elizabeth Worsham,  East,  
William Worsham,  
Martha Worsham,  Bybee,  
John Worsham,  
Henry Worsham,  
David Worsham,  
Nancy Worsham,  
Agnes Worsham,  
Sally Worsham,  
Pamela Worsham,  
Essex Worsham,  Elizabeth Dunnavant,  
Samuel Worsham,  
Archibald Worsham,  
Elizabeth Worsham,  Leroy Smith,  
Phoebe Worsham,  Abner Dunnavant,  
Mary Worsham,  
Ann Worsham,  Thomas Gunn Jr.,   
Kennon Worsham,  Elizabeth Clay,   
William Worsham,  Sarah (—) Worsham,  
Rebecca Worsham,  Joseph Grammer,  
Mary Worsham,  Peter Patram,   John Deaton,   
Essex Worsham,  
Phoebe Worsham,  Harper,  
William Worsham,  
Dorcas (—) Worsham,  
Martha Worsham,  
Francis Worsham,  Philip Jones,  Thomas Read,   
Frances Worsham,  Richard Ward,   
 John Worsham (-1757),  
Joseph Grainger,   Jane Bottom,   
George Worsham,  Thomas Bottom Jr.,   Thomas Tabb,  Mary (—) Worsham,  
William Walthall,  
Mary Worsham,  Abraham Crowder,  Burwell Coleman,  
James Worsham,  Mary Walthall,  
Elizabeth Worsham,  William Dunnavant,  
John Worsham,  Nancy Whitworth,  
Thomas Worsham,  Archer Coleman,  
William Worsham,  
Myrtle Worsham,  
Mary Worsham,  Benjamin Hubbard,   
Thomas Worsham,  William Neal,  William Giles,   
Frances Worsham,  John Foster,  
 Thomas Bottom (-1766),  
William Marshall,   Isaac Hudson,  
Thomas Bottom,  Lydia Bott,   
Jane Bottom,  John Worsham,   
John Vaughan,  
Mary Bottom,  George Steagall,  John Herbert,  
Daniel Jones,   
Mary Magdalene Steagall,  Frederick Rives,  
George Steagall,  Agnes (—) Steagall,  Samuel Steagall,  
Bottom Steagall,  
Mastain Steagall,  
George Steagall,  
Dancy Steagall,  
William Steagall,  
Moses Steagall,  
Thomas Steagall,  
Samuel Steagall,  
Amy Steagall,  
 Elizabeth (Worsham) Kennon (-1743),  
Col. Richard Kennon I,  
Mary Kennon,  Maj. John Bolling,  Col. Robert Bolling,  Jane Rolfe,  John Rolfe,  Pocahontas,  
Amos Ladd,  
Maj. John Bolling,  Elizabeth Lewis,  John Lewis,  Elizabeth Blair,  Archibald Blair,  
Edward Bowman,   John Bowman,   
Thomas Bolling,  Elizabeth Gay,   
John Bolling,  
Thomas Bolling,  
William Gay Bolling,  Mary Randolph,   
Anne Meade Bolling,  Joseph Kendall Weisiger,  
William Albert Bolling,  Eliza Hunt Christian,  Elvira Arminda Bolling,  
Jane Rolfe Bolling,  Robert Skipwith,  Richard W. Weisiger,  
Thomas Bolling,  Mary Louisa Morris,  Richard Morris,  
Mary Randolph Bolling,  
Elizabeth Bolling,  William Robertson,  
Archibald Robertson,  Elizabeth Meade Bolling,   
Thomas Bolling Robertson,  Lelia Skipwith,  
Elizabeth Robertson,  Henry Lawson Biscoe,  
Mary Buchanan Robertson,  
William Robertson,  Christian Williams,  Frederick Williams,  
John Robertson,  Ann Montgomery Trent,   
Rebecca Robertson,  
Ann Robertson,  Dr. Henry Skipwith,  
Jane Gay Robertson,  John Hipkins Bernard,  
Powhatan Robertson,  
Arthur Robertson,  
Wyndham Robertson,  Mary Frances Trigg Smith,  
Rebecca Bolling,  William Murray,   
Mary Bolling,  
Susanna Bolling,  
Sarah Bolling,  
Ann Bolling,  
William Gay Bolling,  
Archibald Blair Bolling,  
Col. John Bolling,  Mary Jefferson,   
Robert Bolling,  Mary Burton,  Susanna Watson,  
Mary Burton Bolling,  William Burton,  Robert Bolling,   
Pocahontas Rebecca Bolling,  Joseph Cabell,   
Lenaeus Bolling,  Mary Markham,   
Powhatan Bolling,  
Elizabeth Blair Bolling,  Maj. Thomas West,  
Edward Bolling,  George Stovall,   
Mary Bolling,  Richard Bland,   
Sarah Bolling,  John Tazewell,  
Elizabeth Tazewell,  Dr. Samuel Griffin,  
Dr. William Tazewell,  Mary Page Tanner Bolling,   
Littleton Tazewell,  Catherine (Boush) Nivision,  
Sarah Bolling Tazewell,  William Osborne Goode,   
Archibald Bolling,  
Sarah Cary,   
Jane Randolph,   
Maria (Taylor) Page Byrd,  John Carter Byrd,  Sarah Ellyson (Woodson) Clarke,   
Ann Bolling,  William Alexander Dandridge,  Nathaniel West Dandridge,  Dorothea Spotswood,  
Jane Bolling,  Col. Richard Randolph,   
Mary Bolling,  Col. John Fleming,   
Col. John Fleming,  Susanna (—) Fleming,  Susanna Skelton,  
John Fleming,  
Mary Fleming,  Warner Lewis Jr.,  Ellis,  
Susanna Fleming,  Addison Lewis,  
Col. Thomas Fleming,  
Lt. Col. Charles Fleming,  
Lt. William Fleming,  Elizabeth Champe,  
Lucy Champe Fleming,  John Markham,   
Mary Bolling Fleming,  Beverley Chew Stanard,  
Richard Fleming,  
Mary Fleming,  William Bernard,  
Caroline Fleming,  James Deans,  James Fyrie,  
Mary Deans,  Edward Randolph Yates,   
Elizabeth Bolling,  Dr. William Gay,  
Capt. William Gay,  Frances Trent,   
Molly (Eggleston) Ward,  Richard Eggleston,  John Ward,   Charles Craddock,   Richard Ogilby,   Judith Scott,   
Elizabeth Gay,  Thomas Bolling,   
Mary Gay,  Neill Buchanan,  James Dunlop,  
John Gay,  
Martha Bolling,  Thomas Eldridge,   William Townes,  
Anne Bolling,  James Murray,  
Thomas Eldridge,   John Cook,  
Edward Bass,   Charles Featherstone,   Jacob Williamson,  Everard Meade,   
Bolling R. Murray,  Rebecca Bolling Murray,  Thomas Murray,  
James Murray,  
Martha Ward,   
John Murray,  Everard Meade,   Susanna Yates,   
William Yates,   Edward Randolph Yates,   
James Murray,  
William Murray,  
John Murray,  
Elizabeth Murray,  Edward Randolph Yates,   
John Murray Yates,  Ann (Bailey) Wood,  
John Murray Yates,  Ann E. (—) Boswell,  
Edward Randolph Yates,  
William Moring Yates,  
Joseph A. Yates,  
Benjamin Lewis Yates,  Sophia M. Ralls,  
Louise Murray Yates,  
Ann Bailey Yates,  Henry Tucker,  
Mary E. Yates,  John H. Tisdale,  
Martha Jean Yates,  Dr. Leroy Murrell,  
Susan Dean Yates,  Daniel W. Tisdale,  
Henrietta E. Yates,  Henry E. Boswell,  
Susanna Randolph Yates,  Samuel Douglas,  
Susanna Murray,  Theodorick Bland Ruffin,   
Ann Bolling Murray,  Jesse Brown,  
Anne Murray,  Neill Buchanan,  
Margaret Murray,  Thomas Gordon,  
Ann Gordon,  Henry Embry Coleman,   
William Murray,  Rebecca Bolling,   
Anne Murray,  Dr. Thomas Robinson,  
William Murray,  Rebecca Skelton,  
Mary Murray,  George Nicholas Skipwith,   
Rebecca Bolling Murray,  
Martha Murray,  
Thomas Murray,  
Bolling Murray,  
Mary Murray,  Alexander Gordon,  William Davies,  Rev. Samuel Davies,  
Ann Margaret Gordon,  William Knox,  Col. Grief Green,   
Mary Ann Knox,  Thomas Goode,   
Sophia M. Knox,  John Buford,  
William Alexander Knox,  
Eliza Whittle Knox,  
John O. Knox,  
Mary Ann Davies,  Fortescue Whittle,  James Murray Whittle,  
Thomas Murray,  
Elizabeth Kennon,  Joseph Royall III,  Capt. Joseph Royall II,  Mary Epes,  
John Royall,  Elizabeth Worsham,   
Joseph Royall,  
Elizabeth Royall,  Field Archer,   William Archer,   Elizabeth Royall Cocke,   Elizabeth Royall Archer,   
William Royall,  Anne (—) Royall,  Ann Eppes,   Capt. Edward Wilkinson,   
Richard Royall,  Charles Stewart,   
Elizabeth (—) Royall,  
Joseph Royall,  Rebecca Epes,   
Elizabeth Royall,  Benjamin Branch,   
Maj. William Royall,  
Anne Newport,  
Littleberry Royall,  Mary Eppes,   
Mary Royall,  Josiah Woodson,   
Joseph Farrar,   
Col. John Woodson,  Dorothea Randolph,   
Joseph Woodson,  
Elizabeth Woodson,  Abraham Sallé,  James Barnes,   
Judith Sallé,  William Fowler,  Susanna (—) Saunders,  Alexander Saunders,   
Elizabeth Woodson Fowler,  Benjamin Hatcher,   
Emily Fowler,  Samuel Taylor Jr.,  
Lucy Charlotte Sallé,  
Isaac Sallé,  Nancy Britton,  
George Frederick Sallé,  
John Sallé,  Mary Smith,  
Mary Woodson Sallé,  
Elizabeth Sallé,  
Martha Kennon,  Robert Munford I,  James Mountfort,  Robert Wyatt,  Sarah (—) Wallis,  John Wallis,  Richard Bland,   Wilmette Munford,  Edward Munford,  Richard Bland,   
John Anderson,  
Richard Jones,   Thomas Hardaway,   
Edward Brodnax Walker,   
Maj. James Munford,  Elizabeth Bolling,   
Capt. Robert Munford II,  
Anne Bland,   Richard Bland,  William Smith,  Sterling Clack,   James Clack,   
Robert Munford III,  
Anna Beverley,   
Elizabeth Beverley Munford,  Richard Kennon,   
Ursula Ann Munford,  Francis Otway Byrd,  Henry Walker,  
William Munford,  Sarah Redford,   
Theodorick Bland Munford,  Col. John Banister,   
Elizabeth Munford,  Rev. Archibald McRobert,  
Elizabeth McRobert,  Samuel Carter,   
Theodorick B. McRobert,  Agnes Woodson Morton,   
Ebenezer M. McRobert,  Mary Foster,  Henrietta Maria (Anderson) Feild,  James Feild,   
Edward Munford,  Mary —,  Frederick Jones,   
Mary Munford,  David Walker,  Alexander Walker,  Edward Brodnax Walker,   
John Herbert,  
Alexander Walker,  Rebecca Brodnax,   
Robert Walker,  Rebecca (Brodnax) Walker Delony,   Elizabeth Starke,   
David Walker,  Peletiah Jones,  William Jones,  Mary —,  
William Jones Walker,  Jones,  Elizabeth Rice,  Benjamin Rice,  Catherine Holt,  
Mary Walker,  Quarles,  
David Walker Quarles,  Ann Leftwich,  William Leftwich,  
Nancy Walker,  Quarles,  
Peletiah Jones Walker,  
Robert Munford Walker,  Mary Smith,  Isham Smith,  Patience —,  Judith Edgar,  
David Walker,  Mary Elliott,   
Benjamin Jones,  
Alexander Walker,  Sarah Elliott,   
Mary Walker,  
Freeman Walker,  Frances Belfield,   
James Walker,  
Col. William Kennon,  Ann Epes,  Francis Epes,  Ann Isham,  
James Cromer,  
Richard Kennon,  
Ann Hunt,  John Hunt,  William Hunt,  Thomas Dudley,   
Thomas Bland,   John Banister,   
John Kennon,  
William Kennon,  Priscilla Willis,  Col. Francis Willis,  
William Kennon,  
Priscilla Kennon,  Stott,  
Judith Kennon,  Lewis Burwell,  William Mason McCarty,  
Ann Kennon,  Allen Cocke,   
Mary Kennon,  William Randolph,   
William Kennon,  
Elizabeth Lewis,  Charles Lewis,  
Elizabeth Kennon,  John Lewis,  
Mary Kennon,  Thomas Harrison,  William Harrison,  Mary Jane Pendleton,  
Richard Kennon,  Celia Ragland,  
William Kennon,  Elizabeth Bullock,  
Charles Lewis Kennon,  Mary Lewis,  Howell Lewis,  Isabella Willis,  
John Kennon,  Elizabeth Hughes Woodson,  John Woodson,  Elizabeth Hughes,  
Francis Kennon,  
Henry Isham Kennon,  Richard Epes,  
Ann Hunt Kennon,  John Hall,   Richard Kennon,   
Dr. Thomas Charlton,  
Lucy Kennon,  
John Kennon,  Hannah (—) Kennon,  
Mary Kennon,  
William Kennon,  
Sarah Kennon,  
Richard Kennon,  
Richard Kennon II,  Agnes Bolling,  Robert Bolling,  Ann Stith,  
Richard Eppes,  Elizabeth Jones,  
Elizabeth Kennon,  
Ann Kennon,  
Robert Kennon,  Sarah Skipwith,   
Elizabeth Kennon,  John Hartwell Cocke,   
Lt. Richard Kennon,  Elizabeth Beverley Munford,   
Mary Kennon,  John Clack,   
Ann Clack,  Burwell Robinson,   
Martha Kennon Clack,  John Brodnax,   Martha Rivers,  
Martha Kennon Brodnax,  Nathaniel Harrison,  
James Clack,  
Dolly Clack,  Hinchia Mabry,   
Agnes Bolling Clack,  William Jones,  
Richard Clack,  Ann Hardaway,   
Amy Maclin,   
Elizabeth Clack,  Benjamin Turner,  
John S. Clack,  Ann E. Walker,   
Martha Kennon,  
Richard Kennon,  
 James Clack (-1757),  
Mary Sterling,  
Sterling Clack,  Ann Eldridge,   
Mary Clack,  John Lightfoot,  Eldridge Clack,   
Robert Ruffin,   Henry Rawlings,  
Sterling Thornton,  Roger Atkinson,   
Britain Peebles,   Frederick Jones,   
Mary Ruffin,  Herbert Claiborne,   
Lucy Ruffin,  William Presley Claiborne,   
Martha Ruffin,  Buller Claiborne,   
John Ruffin,  
James Ruffin,  Mary Roane,  
Robert Ruffin,  Lucy Roane,  Hoskins,  
John Ruffin,  
James Ruffin,  Agnes Dandridge,  
Lucy Ruffin,  Hoskins,  
Thomas Ruffin,  
Sterling Ruffin,  
William Ruffin,  Margaret Ritchie,  
Sterling Ruffin,  Alice Roane,  Thomas Roane,  
Jane Clack,  William Thornton,  
Robert Ruffin,   
Francis Thornton,  
Sterling Clack Thornton,  Mary Jones,   
Peter Presley Thornton,  Mary McCulloch,   
Reuben Thornton,  Prudence (Ward) Munford,   
James Thornton,  
John Thornton,  
Elizabeth Thornton,  
Francis Thornton,  
Mary Thornton,  
William Thornton,  Sarah Goodrich,   John Clack,   
Ann Sterling Thornton,  
Mary Thornton,  
Jane Thornton,  Richard Clough,  
Sarah Clack,  William Maclin Jr.,   
Elizabeth Clack,  Claiborne Anderson,   
Dorothy Clack,  
John Clack,  Mary Kennon,   
William Clack,  Betty Twitty,  Binns Jones,   
Judith Kennon,  Thomas Eldridge I,  Thomas Jones,   
Thomas Eldridge II,  Richard Carter,  William Townes,  
Martha Bolling,   Elizabeth Jones,   
Jane Eldridge,  Richard Randolph,   
Rolfe Eldridge,  Thomas Griffin Peachy,   
Susanna Everard Walker,   
Mary Eldridge,  Thomas Branch,   
Judith Eldridge,  Leonard Price,  James Ferguson,  
John Bolling Eldridge,  Archibald Cary,  
Thomas Eldridge III,  Winifred Jones Miller,  William Miller,  
Thomas Eldridge IV,  
Judith Eldridge,  Henry Cox,  
Winifred Jones Eldridge,  David Thompson,  
John Rolfe Bolling Eldridge,  Susanna Miller,  
Sarah Eppes Eldridge,  Thomas Hill,  
Jane Eldridge,  John Johnson,  
Judith Eldridge,  Charles Binns,  James Bennett,  Roger Tillman,  
Dr. John Hay,  
Nicholas Massenburg,   
Elizabeth Binns,  John Jones,   
Martha Binns,  Timothy Rives,   
Lucy Binns,  John Cargill,   
Lucy Binns Cargill,  John Jones,   John Jones,   
Judith Cargill,  
Sarah Harrison Cargill,  John Raines Mason,   
Charles Binns,  Ann (—) Binns,  
Margaret Hay,  Peter Cole Harrison,   
Elizabeth Eldridge,  
Mary Eldridge,  
Ann Eldridge,  Sterling Clack,   
Eldridge Clack,  Betty Hunt,  John Hunt,  Faith (—) Hunt,  
Mary Clack,  
Elizabeth Clack,  
Judith Clack,  
Ann Sterling Clack,  
James Clack,  
Martha Eldridge,  John Harris,  
Pamela Harris,  Rev. Christopher McRae,  
Mary McRae,  Alexander Brooks,  
Pamela McRae,  Josiah Hobson,   
Collin McRae,  Nancy Field Graves,   
Margaret McRae,  Zachariah Brooks,  
Christopher McRae,  
Richard McRae,  
Archibald McRae,  Tabitha Randolph Cox,  
Alexander McRae,  
Allen McRae,  Lucy Brooke Saunders,  
John McRae,  
Richard Harris,  
Mary Harris,  
Ann Kennon Harris,  
Kennon Harris,  
Eldridge Harris,  
Capt. William Eldridge,  Anne Jones,   
Richard Eldridge,  
Sarah Eldridge,  George Rives,   
 Mary (Worsham) Ligon,  
Richard Ligon,   
 William Worsham II (c.1648-),  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Daniel Owen Rowlett - Mexican War George Hatchett - War of 1812
Thomas Hatchett - Revolutionary War Archibald Hatchett - Revolutionary War
James Francis Robertson - Revolutionary War Reps Osborne - Revolutionary War
Solomon Harmon Elam - Revolutionary War Essex Worsham - Revolutionary War
Thomas Bolling - Revolutionary War Thomas Bolling - Revolutionary War
Dr. Samuel Griffin - Revolutionary War John Fleming - Revolutionary War
Thomas Fleming - Revolutionary War Thomas Fleming - French and Indian War
Charles Fleming - Revolutionary War William Fleming - Revolutionary War
Beverley Chew Stanard - War of 1812 William Gay - Revolutionary War
John Murray - Revolutionary War William Royall - Revolutionary War
Robert Munford III - French and Indian War John Kennon - Revolutionary War
Robert Kennon - French and Indian War Richard Kennon - Revolutionary War
James Ruffin - Revolutionary War William Ruffin - Revolutionary War

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
Thomas Bolling Robertson - U.S. Dr. Samuel Griffin - U.S.
William Fleming - U.S. William Mason McCarty - U.S.

Governors - colonial, territorial, and state
Thomas Bolling Robertson - Louisiana Wyndham Robertson - Virginia
William Mason McCarty - Florida Territory Richard Kennon - Louisiana Territory

Legislators - colonial and state
Col. Richard Kennon I - Virginia John Bolling - Virginia
John Bolling - Virginia William Gay Bolling - Virginia
Thomas Bolling Robertson - Virginia Wyndham Robertson - Virginia
Powhatan Bolling - Virginia Dr. Samuel Griffin - Virginia
Col. John Fleming - Virginia John Fleming - Virginia
William Fleming - Virginia John O. Knox - Virginia
James Murray Whittle - Virginia William Royall - Virginia
Robert Munford I - Virginia Robert Munford Jr. - Virginia
Robert Munford III - Virginia William Leftwich - Virginia
Richard Kennon - Virginia William Mason McCarty - Virginia
Richard Kennon - North Carolina Dr. Thomas Charlton - South Carolina
Richard Kennon - Virginia John Clack - Virginia
Robert Ruffin - Virginia James Ruffin - Virginia
William Ruffin - Virginia Sterling Ruffin - Virginia
William Thornton - Virginia Thomas Eldridge Sr. - Virginia
Sterling Clack - Virginia Archibald McRae - Virginia
Alexander McRae - Virginia Allen McRae - Virginia

Officers and trustees of Hampden-Sydney College
Rev. Archibald McRobert  

Vestrymen of Bristol Parish
James Murray Robert Munford I
Robert Munford II Col. William Kennon
Richard Kennon II  

Names on the map
Rowlett, Texas, was named for Daniel Owen Rowlett  

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