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 S   Edward Stratton I (-1688)
Although I am not a descendant of Edward Stratton I, some of his descendants married into my family. Consequently, I have devoted Allied Family Topic S to his family.

Edward Stratton I, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Edward Stratton I might describe his life as follows.

I was born as early as 1633 and arrived in America probably about 1650, settling in Bermuda Hundred on the south side of the James in what later became Chesterfield County. I may have come from Wiltshire, England, where the records of other men with my name appear.
My first wife, whose name is unknown, was the mother of Edward and Rebecca. I married second by 1683 Margaret Browning, the widow of George Browning whose 1679 will, which I witnessed, left her everything. 
My third wife was Martha Sheppey, the widow of Thomas Sheppey of Bermuda Hundred, and the parents of Martha Sheppey who was married to my son Edward.
I was in a “sick and weak condition” when I marked my will with an E in Henrico County 5 December 1688 leaving my wife, whom I did not name, one-third of my estate and Edward, two-thirds.  After Edward, who took the two-thirds quite literally, demanded even that portion of my widow’s clothing, the court gave him part of old Margaret’s clothes, but none which I bought for Martha.  Frankly, why he would take his own mother-in-law to court over women’s clothes is beyond me.

Between 1671 and 1676, Edward Stratton bought 287 acres at Bermuda Hundred, which had been granted to Martin Elam, but was found “to escheat unto his majisty from John Zouch, Esq.; but Col. William Byrd I obtained an assignment of said escheat and reassigned it to Edward Stratton as per Wm. Byrd’s deed, July 1, 1681.” In the 1681 deed, Edward paid Col. Byrd 1,600 pounds of tobacco for the land, half of which he deeded to Thomas Poulden for £15 on 1 June 1687.
John Worsham, Mary Platt, Martha Sheppey’s sister who was then married to Gilbert Platt, and Gilbert Elam proved Edward’s will 1 Feb. 1688/9. 

Descendants of Edward Stratton I
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Edward Stratton II (c.1655-1698),  
Martha Sheppey,   
 Rebecca (Stratton) Patram Featherstone Newman (c.1649-),  
Anthony Patram,  Jane Pleasants,  Samuel Tucker,  Charles Featherstone,   
Samuel Newman,  
Francis Patram I,  Martin Elam II,  Edward Skerme,   
Frances (—) Patram,  
Mary Elam,  Stephen Hamlin,  
John Worsham,   Richard Ligon,   Arthur Moseley,   Henry Farmer,  William Worsham,   Jeffrey Robertson,   
William Moore,  
Francis Patram II,  Judith Willson,   

Selected sources
Stratton, Harriet Russell. A Book of Strattons. Grass Valley, Cal.: Richardson Reprints, 1985:213-224. • Descendants of Edward Stratton, including his son, Edward Stratton who married Martha Sheppey.

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