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 RA   William Randolph (c.1650-1711) of “Turkey Island”
Although I am not a descendant of William Randolph, some of his descendants married into my family. Consequently, I have devoted Allied Family Topic RA to his family.

William Randolph, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, William Randolph might describe his life as follows.

Since I was baptized in the parish of Moreton-Morrell in Warwickshire, England, 7 November 1650, I correctly testified 2 December 1678 that I was 28 years old and again on 1 August 1689 that I was 38.  I was married to Mary Isham by 13 November 1678 when her brother Henry Isham made his will mentioning sister Mary Randolph.  It is said she could play a guitar-like instrument called a cittern
Henrico County, which I represented in the House of Burgesses (1684-1711) and where I was clerk (1699-1702),  charged me for five tithables, essentially a head tax, in 1679,  and I paid property taxes on 1,655 acres in Surry County and 19,465 acres in Henrico County in 1704. 
In 1706 I gave 167 acres on Turkey Island Creek to son William and plantation “Curles” to son Henry. 
My 1711 will divided large tracts of land among our seven sons and left a ring each to our two married daughters.

Randolph acquired 1,221 acres on a branch of Tuckahoe Creek by patent in 1695.  Although no deed discloses it, Randolph evidently purchased from Edmund Jennings 3,256 acres—half his patent of 6,513 acres on Tuckahoe Creek, which Jennings got 20 Oct. 1689.  A deed from John Pleasants to Randolph mentions land “next to the land which ye said William Randolph purchased from Edmund Jennings.”  Randolph also held 2,926 acres in Charles City County 15 Oct. 1696. 
The will of William Randolph remembered his wife, Mary, 7 sons, and daughters Stith and Bland (will dated 6 March 1710/11  and proved 1 June 1713).

Descendants of William Randolph
Information about the children of William Randolph, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 William Randolph (1681-1741) of “Turkey Island”,  
Elizabeth Peyton Beverley,  Peter Beverley,  Elizabeth Peyton,  
Beverley Randolph,  Elizabeth Lightfoot,  Francis Lightfoot,  
Peter Randolph,  Lucy Bolling,   
William Randolph,  Ann Harrison,   
Mary Randolph,  John Price,  
Elizabeth Randolph,  John Chiswell,  Charles Chiswell,  
 Thomas Randolph (1683-) of “Tuckahoe”,  
Judith Fleming,   
Col. William Randolph,  Maria Judith Page,  Mann Page,  Judith Wormeley,  
Tarleton Fleming,   
Thomas Mann Randolph,  Anne Cary,   Gabriella Harvie,  John Harvie,  
Abraham Sallé,   Dr. Philip Turpin,   
John Brockenbrough,  
Mary Randolph,  David Meade Randolph,   
Henry Cary Randolph,  
Elizabeth Randolph,  Robert Pleasants,  
Thomas Mann Randolph,  Martha Jefferson,   
William Randolph,  Lucy Bolling Randolph,   
Archibald Cary Randolph,  
Judith Randolph,  Richard Randolph,   
Anne Cary Randolph,  Gouvernor Morris,  
Jane Cary Randolph,  Thomas Eston Randolph,   
Dr. John Randolph,  Judith Archer Lewis,   
George Washington Randolph,  
Harriet Randolph,  Richard S. Hackley,  
Virginia Randolph,  Wilson Jefferson Cary,  
Thomas Mann Randolph,  Harriet Wilson,  Lucinda Ann Patterson,  
Harriet Wilson Randolph,  Albert Smith White,  
Mary Jane Randolph,  
Judith Randolph,  Edmund Berkeley,  Edmund Berkeley,  Mary Nelson,  
Carter Burwell Berkeley,  
William Nelson Berkeley,  
Lewis Berkeley,  
Edmund Berkeley,  
Mary Berkeley,  
Judith Berkeley,  
Lucy Nelson Berkeley,  Rev. Henry Hefferman,  
Elizabeth B. Berkeley,  Thomas Churchill,  
Mary Randolph,  Tarleton Fleming,   
Tarleton Fleming,  
William Randolph Fleming,  Nancy Webb,  
Thomas Mann Fleming,  Anne Spotswood Payne,   
Judith Fleming,  George Webb Jr.,  George Webb Sr.,  Hannah Fleming,   
John Fleming,  
Judith Randolph,  William Stith,   
Mary Isham Randolph,  James Keith,  Thomas Randolph Keith,  
James Keith,  
John Keith,  
Capt. Thomas Keith,  Judith Blackwell,  Joseph Blackwell,  Lucy —,  
Marshall M. Keith,  
Harriet Keith,  
Mary Isham Keith,  
Susan Keith,  
Tarleton Fleming Keith,  
Peter Grant Keith,  
James Keith,  
Isham Keith,  
Lt. Alexander Keith,  
Lt. Isham Keith,  
Mary Randolph Keith,  Col. Thomas Marshall,  
John Marshall,  
James Keith Marshall,  
Elizabeth Keith,  Edward Ford,  
 Isham Randolph (c.1685-1742) of “Dungeness”,  
Jane Rogers,   
 Sir John Randolph (1693-1737) of “Tazewell Hall”,  
Susanna Beverley,  Peter Beverley,  Elizabeth Peyton,  
Beverley Randolph,  Sarah Wormeley,  John Wormeley,  Elizabeth —,  
Peyton Randolph,  Elizabeth Harrison,   
John Randolph,  Arianna Jennings,  Edmund Jennings,  Arianna Vanderhuyden,  
Edmund Jennings Randolph,  
Elizabeth Nicholas,  
Susan Beverley Randolph,  J. Bennett Taylor,  
Peyton Randolph,  Maria Ward,   
Edmonia Madison Randolph,  Thomas Lewis Preston,  
Lucy Nelson Randolph,  Peter Vivian Daniel,  
Susan Beverley Randolph,  John Randolph Grymes,  
Arianna Randolph,  Capt. James Wormeley,  
Mary Randolph,  Philip Grymes,  John Grymes,  Lucy Ludwell,  
John Grymes,  
Lucy Grymes,  Thomas Nelson Jr.,  
Hugh Nelson,  
Philip Ludwell Grymes,  Elizabeth Randolph,   Judith Wormeley,  Ralph Wormeley,  
Jane Grymes,  Samuel William Sayre,  Virginia Bassett,  
Mary Grymes Sayre,  Carter Braxton,  
John Randolph Grymes,  
Charles Grymes,  Mary Hubbard,   Elizabeth Manhart,  
Benjamin Grymes,  Sarah Robinson,  Peter Robinson,  
Susanna Grymes,  Nathaniel Burwell,  
Carter Burwell,  
Philip Burwell,  
Lucy Burwell,  Archibald Cary Randolph,   
Nathaniel Burwell,  
Lewis Burwell,  
William Burwell,  
Lewis Burwell,  
Robert Carter Burwell,  
Mary Grymes,  Robert Nelson,  
Peyton Grymes,  
Betty Grymes,  Dr. Pope,  
 Col. Richard Randolph (1690-1749) of “Curles”,  
Jane Bolling,   Joseph Morton,   
Jane Eldridge,   
Richard Randolph,  Ann Meade,   
Richard Randolph,  Maria Beverley,   
Capt. David Meade Randolph,  Mary Randolph,   
Richard Randolph,  Elizabeth Gibbon,  
Thomas Mann Randolph,  
Lavinia Randolph,  
William Beverley Randolph,  Sarah Lingan,  
Thomas Nelson Randolph,  
David Meade Randolph,  
Burwell Starke Randolph,  
Brett Randolph,  Lucy Beverley,   
Ryland Randolph,  Elizabeth Frazier,  
Susanna Randolph,  Benjamin Harrison,   
Jane Randolph,  Archibald Bolling,   
Sarah Bolling,  Joseph Cabell Megginson,   
Anne Everard Bolling,  Samuel Shepherd DuVal,  
Joseph Cabell,   
Elizabeth Meade Bolling,  Archibald Robertson,   
Elizabeth Jane Robertson,  
Rebecca Murray Robertson,  
Pocahontas Anne Robertson,  William Smith Bolling,   
Virginia Bolling Robertson,  Ralph Graves,  
John Bolling,  
Blair Bolling,  Margaret A. Webster,  Penelope Storrs,  Gervas Storrs,   
Archibald Bolling,  Eliza Trueheart Armistead,   
John R. Bolling,  Maria Page Armistead,   
Mary Susan Bolling,  Gervas Storrs Burton,  Dr. J.C. Macon,  
Paulina Bolling,  
Blair Bolling,  
Blair Bolling,  
Jane Rolf Bolling,  
Martha Storrs Bolling,  
Powhatan Bolling,  
Ann Meade Randolph,  Brett Randolph,   
Elizabeth Meade Randolph,  David Meade Jr.,   
Mary Randolph,  William Gay Bolling,   
Sarah Randolph,  William Mewburn,  
Susan Randolph,  
Mary Randolph,  
Ann Randolph,  
Mary Randolph,  Col. Archibald Cary,  Henry Cary,  
Anne Cary,  Thomas Mann Randolph,   
Jane Cary,  Thomas Isham Randolph,   
Elizabeth Cary,  Robert Kincaid,  
Mary Cary,  Carter Page,  Lucy Nelson,  Gen. Thomas Nelson,  
John Cary Page,  Marianna F. Trent,  Alexander Trent,   
Henry Page,  Jane Browne Deane,  T.W. Deane,  
Carter Page,  
Lavinia Randolph Page,  
Carter Page,  
Mann Page,  Jane Frances Walker,   
William Page,  
Mary Isham Page,  
Sarah Cary,  Archibald Bolling,   Jane Randolph,   
Archibald Cary Bolling,  
Sarah Cary Bolling,  
Jane Bolling Randolph,  Anthony Walke,  Mary Moseley,  Edward Hack Moseley,  
Rev. Anthony Walke,  Anne McClanahan,  Ann (—) Fisher,  
Brett Randolph,  Mary Scott,  William Randolph,   John Markham,   
Henry Randolph,  Lucy Ward,   
Brett Randolph,  Ann Meade Randolph,   
Richard Kidder Randolph,  Elizabeth Jane Montague,   
Howard Randolph,  Meade,  
Patrick Randolph,  Meade,  
Brett Randolph,  
Ann Meade Randolph,  Joseph Michaux,   
Mary Susan Randolph,  Francis Watkins,  
Susanna Randolph,  Dr. Charles Douglas,  
Richard Randolph,  
Ryland Randolph,  George Walton,  Joshua Blanton,   
John Randolph,  Frances Bland,   
Richard Randolph,  Judith Randolph,   
Theodorick Bland Randolph,  
John Randolph,  
Elizabeth Randolph,  Col. Richard Kidder Meade,   
 Elizabeth (Randolph) Bland (-1719),  
Richard Bland,  Theodorick Bland,  Anne Bennett,  Mary Swann,  Col. Thomas Swann,  
Thomas Eldridge,   
Lt. Richard Bland,  Anne Poythress,  Peter Poythress,  Elizabeth Harrison,  Benjamin Harrison,  
Mary Bland,  
Sarah Bland,  Col. Robert Goode,   
Elizabeth Bland,  Peter Poythress,   
Lucy Bland,  Jacob Rubsamen,  
Theodorick Bland,  
Edward Bland,  Elizabeth Cooke,  
Susan Bland,  
Anne Bland,  Alexander Morrison,  
Alexander Morrison,  Thomas K. Morrison,  
John Morrison,  Ann Poythress Bland,   
Wallace Morrison,  
David Morrison,  
Theodorick Morrison,  
Ann Morrison,  Nathaniel Marks,  
Elizabeth Morrison,  Peter Bland,   
Jane Morrison,  John Green,  
William Morrison,  Ann (—) Morrison,  
Patience Morrison,  William Epes,  
Sarah Morrison,  Thomas Bowler Adams,   
Anne Morrison,  William Harrison,  
Wallace Morrison,  
Peter Randolph Bland,  Judith Booker,   
John Bland,  Clara Yates,   
Richard Yates Bland,  Ann Booth,  Gilliam Booth,  Mary (—) Booth,  
Thomas Bland,  
William Bland,  
Richard Bland,  Mary Bolling,   
Richard Bland,  Susanna Poythress,   
Ann Poythress Bland,  John Morrison,   
Peter Woodlief,  
John Bland,  
Elizabeth Blair Bland,  William Poythress,   
Theodorick Bland,  Frances Bolling,  Drury Bolling,  Robert Bolling,   
Elizabeth (Randolph) Yates,   Rev. William Yates,   Ann Frances Bland Tucker,   
Peter Jones,   
George Rives,  Howell Jones,   Joseph Mason,  Vivion Brooking,   
Col. Theodorick Bland,  
Martha Daingerfield,  
Elizabeth Bland,  John Banister,   
Anne Bland,  Gen. Thomas Eaton,  
Ann Stith,   
Anne Eaton,  Guilford Dudley,  
Frances Bland,  John Randolph,   
Judge St. George Tucker,  
Ann Frances Bland Tucker,  Judge John Coalter,  
Henry St. George Tucker,  
Ann Evalina Hunter,  John Randolph Tucker,  
Henry St. George Tucker,  
Theodorick Tudor Tucker,  
Nathaniel Beverley Tucker,  Mary Coalter,  Judge John Coalter,  Eliza Taylor,  Lucy Ann Smith,  
Henrietta Eliza Tucker,  
Mary Bland,  William Ruffin,   
Jane Bland,  Herbert Harris,  
Mary Bland,  Henry Lee,  Richard Lee,  Letitia Corbin,  
John Lee,  
Richard Lee,  Sally Bland Poythress,   
Henry Lee,  Lucy Grymes,  
Henry Lee,  
Matilda Lee,  Ann Hill Carter,  Gen. Robert E. Lee,  
William Henry Fitzhugh Lee,  
Charles Lee,  
Richard Bland Lee,  Elizabeth Collins,  
Mary Lee,  William Richard Fendall,  
Theodorick Lee,  Catherine Hite,  
Edmund Jennings Lee,  Sarah Lee,  Richard Henry Lee,  
Lucy Lee,  
Ann Lee,  William Byrd Page,  
Letitia Lee,  Col. William Ball,  
Dr. William Ball,  
Henry Lee Ball,  
Mary Ball,  Thomas Glascock,   
Elizabeth Bland,  William Beverley,  Robert Beverley,  Ursula Byrd,  
Robert Beverley,  Maria Carter,  Landon Carter,  
William Beverley,  Mary Midgeley,  
Maria Beverley,  Richard Randolph,   
Dr. Gawain Lane Corbin,  
Robert Beverley,  
Robert Beverley,  Jane Tayloe,  
Lucy Beverley,  Brett Randolph,   
Burton Beverley,  
Carter Beverley,  Jane Wormeley,  
Byrd Beverley,  
James Mills Beverley,  
Anna Munford Beverley,  Francis Corbin,  
Munford Beverley,  
Peter Randolph Beverley,  
Evelyn Byrd Beverley,  George Lee,  Dr. Patrick Hume Douglas,  
McKenzie Beverley,  Isabella Gray,  
Jane Bradshaw Beverley,  Thomas Robertson,  
Harriet Beverley,  
Ursula Beverley,  Col. William Fitzhugh,  
William Beverley Fitzhugh,  William Munford,   
Daniel Fitzhugh,  
Theodorick Fitzhugh,  
Elizabeth Beverley,  James Mills,  
Elizabeth (Poythress) Boyd,  
John Mills,  
Elizabeth Mills,  
Anna Beverley Mills,  
William Mills,  
James Mills,  
Anna Beverley,  Robert Munford,   
Anne Bland,  Robert Munford,   
George Currie,  
Anna Currie,  
Margaret Currie,  Fawn,  Thomas Armistead,  
John Harrison Fawn,  
Theodorick Armistead,  
Robert Munford Armistead,  
Thomas Armistead,  
Ann Carrie Armistead,  
John Bland,  
 Mary (Randolph) Stith (c.1692-),  
John Stith,  Capt. John Stith,  
Alexander Finney,  
Rev. William Stith,  Judith Randolph,   
Benjamin Harrison,  
Elizabeth Stith,  Dr. William Pasteur,   
Judith Stith,  
Polly Stith,  
John Stith,  Elizabeth Anderson,  Rev. Charles Anderson,  
Anderson Stith,  Joanna Bassett,  William Bassett,  Elizabeth Churchill,  
Bassett Stith,  Mary Long,  Col. Nicholas Long,  
Maj. John Stith,  
Elizabeth Stith,  
Col. William Stith,  Katherine Stith,  Matthew Laffoon,   Thomas Stith,  Daniel Fisher,  Robert Turnbull,   
Anderson Stith,  
William Stith,  
Peyton Stith,  
Frances Stith,  Thomas Haynes,  Herbert Haynes,  Thomas Haynes,  
Katherine Stith,  
John Stith,  
Susanna Stith,  
Frances Stith,  
Jane Stith,  
Anne Stith,  
Clarissa Stith,  
Mary Randolph Stith,  Rev. William Dawson,  
William Johnson Dawson,  
Mary Dawson,  Ludwell Grymes,  John Grymes,  Lucy Ludwell,  
 Edward Randolph (1690-),  
Elizabeth Graves,  
Joseph Randolph,  
Edward Randolph,  Lucy Harrison,   
Elizabeth Randolph,  Rev. William Yates,  Theodorick Bland,   
William Yates,  Thomas B. Ruffin,  
Susanna Yates,  John Murray,   
Clara Yates,  John Bland,   
Robert Bolling,   
Lucy Yates,  Rev. Thomas Lundie,  
William Lundie,  
Alexander Ferguson Lundie,  Susanna Maclin,   
David Greenway Lundie,  
Thomas Yates Lundie,  Elizabeth Maclin,   
Elizabeth Bland Lundie,  John Atkinson,  
Clara Lundie,  
Susanna Randolph Lundie,  Henry Simmons Hardaway,   
Ann Jean Lundie,  William E. Hardaway,  
Edward Randolph Yates,  Mary Deans,   Elizabeth Murray,   
Mary Randolph,  Robert Yates,  
 Henry Randolph (1687-),  
 David Meade (-1757),  
Andrew Meade,  Mary Latham,  Susanna Everard,  Sir Richard Everard,  
Ann Meade,  Richard Randolph,   
David Meade,  Sarah Waters,  Col. William Waters,  
Col. Richard Kidder Meade,  Elizabeth Randolph,   
Mary (Skipwith) Randolph,   William Randolph,   
Gen. Everard Meade,  Mary Thornton,  John Thornton,  Sarah Eaton,  
Mary (Eggleston) Ward,   
David Meade,  Elizabeth Meade Randolph,   
Sarah Meade,  Joseph Eggleston,   
Richard Everard Meade,  Frances Cooke Bolling,   
Andrew Meade,  Susanna Stith,   
John Meade,  
Mary Meade,  Col. George Walker,  
Susanna Everard Walker,  Rolfe Eldridge,   
Courtney Walker,  
Mary Walker,  
Ann Walker,  
Helen Walker,  
Margaret Walker,  
Frances Walker,  
David Walker,  
George Walker,  
Andrew Meade Walker,  
John Walker,  
Kidder Keith Walker,  
Jacob Wythe Walker,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Thomas Mann Randolph - Revolutionary War Thomas Mann Randolph - War of 1812
Thomas Keith - Revolutionary War Alexander Keith - Revolutionary War
Isham Keith - Revolutionary War Col. Thomas Marshall - French and Indian War
Col. Thomas Marshall - Revolutionary War Thomas Nelson Jr. - Revolutionary War
Richard Randolph III - Revolutionary War David Meade Randolph - Revolutionary War
Carter Page - Revolutionary War Brett Randolph - Revolutionary War
Theodorick Bland - Revolutionary War Henry Lee - Revolutionary War
Henry Lee - Revolutionary War William Henry Fitzhugh Lee - Civil War
Gawain Lane Corbin - War of 1812 Col. Richard Kidder Meade - Revolutionary War

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
John Harvie - U.S. Albert Smith White - U.S.
John Marshall - U.S. Edmund Jennings Randolph - U.S.
Thomas Nelson Jr. - U.S. Hugh Nelson - U.S.
John Randolph - U.S. Richard Bland - U.S.
Theodorick Bland - U.S. Henry St. George Tucker - U.S.
John Randolph Tucker - U.S. Henry St. George Tucker - U.S.
Henry Lee - U.S. William Henry Fitzhugh Lee - U.S.
Richard Bland Lee - U.S. William Johnson Dawson - U.S.

Governors - colonial, territorial, and state
Edmund Jennings Randolph - Virginia Thomas Nelson Jr. - Virginia
Henry Lee - Virginia  

Legislators - colonial and state
William Randolph - Virginia Beverley Randolph - Virginia
John Chiswell - Virginia Col. William Randolph - Virginia
John Harvie - Virginia Thomas Mann Randolph I - Virginia
Edmund Berkeley II - Virginia Edmund Berkeley III - Virginia
Carter Burwell Berkeley - Virginia Tarleton Fleming - Virginia
William Randolph Fleming - Virginia Isham Keith - Virginia
Col. Thomas Marshall - Virginia John Marshall - Virginia
James Keith Marshall - Virginia Sir John Randolph - Virginia
Edmund Jennings Randolph - Virginia Peter Vivian Daniel - Virginia
John Grymes - Virginia Philip Grymes - Virginia
Thomas Nelson Jr. - Virginia Hugh Nelson - Virginia
Philip Ludwell Grymes - Virginia Col. Richard Randolph - Virginia
Col. Archibald Cary - Virginia Anthony Walke - Virginia
Richard Bland - Virginia Theodorick Bland - Virginia
Richard Bland - Virginia Edward Bland - Virginia
Richard Bland Jr. - Virginia Theodorick Bland - Virginia
Henry St. George Tucker - Virginia John Lee - Virginia
Henry Lee - Virginia William Henry Fitzhugh Lee - Virginia
Richard Bland Lee - Virginia Col. William Ball - Virginia
William Beverley - Virginia Gawain Lane Corbin - Virginia
Francis Corbin - Virginia John Stith - Virginia
Thomas Haynes - Georgia William Johnson Dawson - North Carolina
Andrew Meade - Virginia David Meade - Virginia

Members of the Virginia Council of State
William Randolph John Grymes
Philip Grymes Theodorick Bland
William Beverley  

Vestrymen of Bristol Parish
Anthony Walke Theodorick Bland
Col. Theodorick Bland Henry Randolph

Names on the map
Randolph County, Georgia, named for John Randolph  

Selected sources
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Randolph, Robert Isham. The Randolphs of Virginia, a Compilation of the Descendants of William Randolph of Turkey Island and his Wife, Mary Isham of Bermuda Hundred. Reprint edition, Salem, MA: Higginson Book Company, 1997. • Family of William Randolph of “Turkey Island.”
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Stanard, W.G. “The Randolph Family.” Genealogies of Virginia Families from the William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1982(4):232-251. • An early account of the family of William Randolph, including his English heritage. Superceded by The Randolphs of Virginia and the Anderson article.

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