Allied Family Topic R

 R   Clement Read (-1763)
Although I am not a descendant of Clement Read, some of his descendants married into my family. Consequently, I have devoted Allied Family Topic R to his family.

Clement Read, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Clement Read might describe his life as follows.

I married Mary Hill who was likely a daughter of Isaac Hill and Margaret Jennings who married in Christ Church Parish 28 July 1708.  We were the parents of 8 children.
With Col. Richard Randolph, of “Curles,” I purchased large tracts of land in what was then Lunenburg County. I was for many years the county clerk of Lunenburg County and served in the House of Burgesses (1748-54, 1758-63) with the great leaders of the Revolution including Washington, Jefferson, and Henry.  I was also a vestryman of Cumberland Parish (1747-57), and its churchwarden (1746-48),  and on 4 September 1753 I took the oath of a militia lieutenant. 
I died in 1763 and was buried at my plantation “Bushy Forest” in Charlotte County. One-third of my personal estate of £3,339 went to Mary and the remainder to my eight heirs: son-in-law Paul Carrington husband of Margaret, the orphans of son-in-law Thomas Nash who married Mary, and children Clement, Thomas, Isaac, Edmund, Jonathon, and Nancy Read. 
Mary, “a pious woman and an exemplary member of the Episcopal Church,”  who survived me 23 years, died at “Bushy Forest” 11 November 1786, at 75 years of age.

Clement was the brother of John Read upon whose estate he was granted administration June 1748. 
Mary Read Sr., who was head of a household of one white and 26 blacks in Charlotte County in 1782,  left a will that named daughter Ann Jameson, granddaughter Mary Jameson, great-granddaughter Mary Read Cameron, a daughter of Anne Owen Cameron, son Jonathon Read, and son Thomas Read (will dated 26 April 1783  and proved 1 Jan. 1787).

Descendants of Clement Read
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Mary (Read) Nash (c.1732-c.1738),  
Col. Thomas Nash,   
Thomas Bouldin,   
Maj. Clement Read Nash,  
Anne Owen Nash,  Rev. John Cameron, D.D.,  
Mary Read Cameron,  Daniel Anderson,  
Duncan Cameron,  Rebecca Bennehan,  
Richard Benehan,  
John Adams Cameron,  Eliza Adam,  Catherine (McQueen) Halliday,  
Mary Read Cameron,  Dr. Pride Jones,  Col. Cadwallader Jones,  
Eliza Jones,  
Mary Jones,  
Halcott Jones,  
John Donald Cameron,  
Anna Nash Cameron,  
Catherine Lafayette Cameron,  
Duncan William Cameron,  
Eliza Adam Cameron,  
Jean Cameron,  Rev. Andrew Syme, D.D.,  
William Ewan Cameron,  Anne Call,  Judge Daniel Call,  
William Evelyn Cameron,  
Anna MacKenzie Cameron,  
Thomas Nash Cameron,  Jean Wilder,  Isabella Wilkins,  
Donald Cameron,  Mary Anderson,  
Ewan Cameron,  Frances Buford,  
 Col. John Nash (-1776),  
Ann Owen,  Sir Hugh Owen,  
Thomas Nash,  Mr. Abner Nash,  
Daniel Fore,  Joseph Morton Jr.,   
Col. Thomas Nash,  Mary Read,   
Mary Nash,  Col. Clement Read Jr.,   
Col. John Nash,  Elizabeth Fisher,  Charles Fisher,  
John Nash,  Anna Tabb,  Thomas Tabb,  
Elizabeth Fisher Nash,  John Nash Read,   
John Tabb Nash,  Susan Watkins Pankey,   
Abner Nash,  Lucy Gaulding,  Jesse Gaulding,  
Charles Fisher Nash,  Judith Pankey,   Martha Redd,   
Elizabeth Fisher Nash,  Dr. John Blair Smith,  
Susanna Fisher Nash,  Peter LeGrand,   
Charles Fisher Nash,  Sarah Thweatt,   
Abner Nash,  Nancy Bentley,  Rachel Bentley,  
Anna Nash,  Andrew Johnston,  
Lucy Nash,  Peter LeGrand III,  
Rev. Nash LeGrand,  Margaret Holmes Jones,  Col. Joseph Jones,  
Paulina Cabell,   
Betsy Ann LeGrand,  John Morton,   
Nash LeGrand,  
Peter LeGrand,  Susanna Fisher Nash,   
John Nash LeGrand,  Jane Bain,  
Abner Nash LeGrand,  Janet Morton,  Mary Jane Rogers,  
Lucy Nash LeGrand,  John McDowell,  
Elizabeth LeGrand,  William Todd,  
Mary Owen LeGrand,  William Todd,  
Nancy LeGrand,  
Elizabeth Nash,  Col. Thomas Read,   
Abner Nash,  William Simmons,  John LeNeve,  William Ligon,  
Justinia (Davis) Dobbs,  Mary (Whiting) Jones,  
Gen. Francis Nash,  Sally Moore,  
Alfred Moore Waddell,  
Anne Nash,  Col. Thomas Harrison Haskins,   
 Margaret (Read) Carrington (-1766),  
Judge Paul Carrington,   
 Col. Clement Read (1736-1770),  
Mary Nash,   
Lt. Clement Read,  
Mary Hill Read,  Robert Bedford,  Stephen Bedford,  
Charles Crenshaw,  William Foster,  
Clement Read Bedford,  
Maj. John Nash Read,  Elizabeth Julia Spencer,   Sion Spencer,  
Elizabeth Fisher Nash,   
Mary Barksdale,   
James Allen Read,  Tabitha Lannon,  
Francis Nash Read,  
Harrison Read,  
Thomas Read,  Anna Haskins,   
Betsy (Sims) Clarke Sims,  David Clarke,   David Lewis Sims,  Betsy Sims,  Thomas Haskins Read,  
Priscilla Read,  Nicholas Edmunds Read,   
Thomas Read,  Sarah Embry Scott,   
Mary Anne Read,  
Dr. William Sims Read,  Susanna Hart Shelby,  
John Nash Read,  
Mariah Sims Read,  
 Col. Isaac Read (1739-1778),  
Sarah Embry,   
 Col. Thomas Read (1741-1817),  
Elizabeth Nash,   
Margaret Read,  
 Maj. Edmund Read (-1802),  
Lewis,  Paulina Cabell,   
 Ann (Read) Jameson Elliott (-1815),  
Maj. William Jameson,  
Col. Richard Elliott,  Martha Merritt,   
Hamilton Jameson,  
Mary Jameson,  William Elliott,   
John Morris,  
Ann Read Elliott,  
William Edward Pritchett,   
William Jameson Morris,  Marcella Harris,   
John Morris,  
Henry Morris,  
Eliza Morris,  John Hill,  
Margaret Morris,  Madison Hughes,  
Clement Read Jameson,  Elizabeth Elliott,   
Margaret Jennings Jameson,  Dr. Thomas Colgate Elliott,   
Edmund Jameson,  Jane Pankey,   Nancy Wyatt Scott,  Francis Scott,  
Elizabeth Jameson,  
Julia Elliott,  Joseph Bass Friend,   
George Elliott,  Elizabeth White,  
 Capt. Jonathon Read (1752-1795),  
Jane Lewis,  John Lewis,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Clement Read Nash - Revolutionary War John Adams Cameron - War of 1812
John Nash - French and Indian War Col. John Nash - Revolutionary War
Clement Read - Revolutionary War Thomas Read - Revolutionary War
Edmund Read - Revolutionary War  

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
Alfred Moore Waddell - U.S.  

Governors - colonial, territorial, and state
William Evelyn Cameron - Virginia Abner Nash - North Carolina

Legislators - colonial and state
Clement Read - Virginia Col. Thomas Nash - Virginia
Duncan Cameron - North Carolina Richard Benehan - North Carolina
John Adams Cameron - North Carolina Thomas Nash Cameron - North Carolina
John Nash - Virginia Col. John Nash - Virginia
Peter LeGrand III - Virginia Nash LeGrand - Virginia
Abner Nash - Virginia Abner Nash - North Carolina
Francis Nash - North Carolina Clement Read Jr. - Virginia
Robert Bedford - Virginia Thomas Read - Virginia
Edmund Read - Virginia  

Officers and trustees of Hampden-Sydney College
John Nash Col. John Nash
Dr. John Blair Smith Thomas Read

Names on the map
Nash County, North Carolina, named for Abner Nash  

Selected sources
Boddie, John Bennett. “Jennings-Hill of Middlesex and Brunswick.” Southside Virginia Families. Redwood City, Cal.: Pacific Coast Publishers, 1955(1):281-283. • Background on Isaac Hill and Margaret Jennings, parents of Mary Hill who married Clement Read and William Hill who married 1st Katherine and 2nd, Priscilla Wilkinson.
Read, Alice. The Reads and Their Relatives. Cincinnati: Johnson and Hardin Press. 1930. • A remarkable account of the family of Clement Read and Mary Hill.

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