Allied Family Topic P

 P   Mr. Perkinson
Although I am not a descendant of Mr. Perkinson, some of his descendants married into my family. Consequently, I have devoted Allied Family Topic P to his family.
Two men name Perkinson, likely brothers appeared in early Henrico County. Although we do not know the name of their father, their mother may have been Faith Perkinson who swore in 1677 that she was 40.  Yet this name does not reappear in the Perkinson family.
Charles City County recorded a bond made by John Wilkinson and Mary, the widow of Syth Perkinson in April 1689. 

Descendants of Mr. Perkinson
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Seth Perkinson (-1734),  
Margaret (—) Perkinson,  Nicholas Dyson,  
Philip Jones,   
Seth Perkinson,  Mary (—) Perkinson,  Elizabeth Bevill,   
Peter Gill,  
Daniel Pitchford,  Samuel Cobbs,   Ralph Perkinson,   
Archer Perkinson,  William Walthall,   
Lucy Perkinson,  Dodd,  
Alice Perkinson,  
Isham Perkinson,  
Edith Perkinson,  Brooks,  
Jeremiah Perkinson,  Elizabeth Pitchford,  
Creed Perkinson,  
Ann Perkinson,  Bartley Walthall,   
Branch Perkinson,  
Sherwood Perkinson,  
Noel Perkinson,  Tabitha Bevill,  
Mildred Perkinson,  Solomon Coleman,  
Phoebe Perkinson,  Abner Mann,  
Abel Mann,  
Martha Perkinson,  Bevill,  
Mary Bevill,  Robert Mann,  
Seth Perkinson,  Matthew Gibbs,  
Abel Mann,  Jemima (—) Perkinson,  
Mary (—) Vaughan,  
Jesse Perkinson,  
Nancy Perkinson,  Jesse Mann,  Samuel Mann,  
Seth Perkinson,  Tabitha Gill,  Michael Gill,  
William Perkinson,  
William Perkinson,   Mary (—) Perkinson,  
Mary Mann,  Robert Mann,  
Robert Perkinson,  
Mary Davis Perkinson,  Joseph Perkinson,  
Elizabeth Perkinson,  William Womack,  Rev. John Cameron,   
Robert D. Perkinson,  
Peter Thompson Perkinson,  Dolly Gates,  William Gates,  
John Perkinson,  
Lucy Perkinson,  
James Perkinson,  
John Perkinson,  
William Perkinson,  
Millicent Perkinson,  William Noble,  
Mickey Perkinson,  David Nunnally,  
Mary Perkinson,  Harbin Taylor,  
Powell Perkinson,  
Munford Perkinson,  Nancy Blankenship,  Drury Blankenship,  
Martha Perkinson,  Robert Perkinson,  
Judith Perkinson,  John Royall,  
Thomas Perkinson,  
Mary Perkinson,  
Margaret Perkinson,  Belcher,  
Elizabeth Perkinson,  Edward Traylor,  
Phoebe Traylor,  Thomas Ellis,  John Ellis,  
Josiah Tatum,   Jordan Anderson,   
John Ellis,  John Mohorn,  
Elizabeth Ellis,  Jordan Anderson,   
Thomas Ellis,  Rebecca (—) Ellis,  
John Cole,  
Phoebe Ellis,  William Cheatham,   
Elizabeth Ellis,  
Nancy Ellis,  
Edward Ellis,  
William Ellis,  Elizabeth Akin,  William Akin,  
William Ellis,  Elizabeth —,  Nancy —,  
Elizabeth Ellis,  Frederick Crafton,  Mourning Crafton,  
Sally Ellis,  John Sheffield,  
Calvin Ellis,  Rebecca —,  
Thomas Ellis,  
Phoebe Traylor Ellis,  
Martha F. Ellis,  Frederick N. Robertson,  
John T. Ellis,  Nancy I. Hendrick,  
Richard Ellis,  Sarah G. Aiken,  
Blanch Traylor,  
William Traylor,  Robert Cousins,  Sarah Hancock,   
George Archer Traylor,  Nancy Gates,  
John Traylor,  Catherine Burton,  John Burton,  
Arthur Traylor,  Elizabeth Blankenship,  James Blankenship,  Elizabeth Smith,  Grace Blankenship,  Jane (—) Blankenship,  
Ann Traylor,  Spencer B. Anderson,  
Mary Traylor,  
Sarah Perkinson,  Fowler,  
Martha Perkinson,  Belcher,  
 John Perkinson (-1736),  
Elizabeth Jackson,  Ralph Jackson,  Leah —,  
Philip Jones,   
James Gill,  
John Perkinson,  Elizabeth (—) Perkinson,  
William Perkinson,   Thomas Neal,   William Callicott,  
Drury Wilson,  Daniel Perkinson,  
Burwell Perkinson,  Thomas Neal,   
Guielmus Howlett,  Hannah (—) Perkinson,  
Ezekiel Perkinson,  Anna Bragg,  
Patience Perkinson,  Thomas E. Totty,  
Nancy Perkinson,  Thomas T. Totty,  
Elizabeth Perkinson,  David Perkinson,   
Priscilla Perkinson,  David Berry,  
Patience Perkinson,  
Francis Perkinson,  William Ryan,  
Joseph Rowlett,  John Bott,  William Dance,   
Martha (—) Perkinson,  
Frances Perkinson,  
Susanna Perkinson,  
Elizabeth Perkinson,  
Mary Perkinson,  
Sarah Perkinson,  
Amy Perkinson,  
Ludson Perkinson,  John Perkinson,   
William Perkinson,  Thomas Hamlin,  
Elizabeth (—) Perkinson,  
Matthew Perkinson,  Martha Bass,   
Caleb Perkinson,  
Martha Perkinson,  Rice Newman,  Samuel Chappell,   
William Fuqua,   
Elizabeth Perkinson,  Lawrence Wills,  Thomas Ligon,   Rowlett Perkinson,  
John Perkinson,  
William Perkinson,  Mary (—) Perkinson,  John Rudd,  
Betsy Perkinson,  Richard Floyd Burke,  Nancy Fowlkes,   Spencer Betts,  
Nancy Perkinson,  Benjamin Hawkins,   
Elizabeth Perkinson,  Stith Bolling,   
Sally Perkinson,  John Morris,  
Patsy Perkinson,  Anderson P. Little,  Rowlett Perkinson,  
William Perkinson,  
Travis Perkinson,  
David Perkinson,  
Elizabeth Perkinson,  
Catherine Perkinson,  
Ann Perkinson,  Thomas Ballow,   
Frances Perkinson,  Eanes,  
Daniel Gill,  
Daniel Perkinson,  
Baxter Perkinson,  
Agnes Perkinson,  John Mann,  
Mary Perkinson,  Isham Andrews,  
David Perkinson,  Elizabeth Perkinson,   
Mary Ann Perkinson,  David M. Blankenship,  
William Neal Perkinson,  Patience E. Burton,  Richard Burton,  Matilda E. (—) Perkinson,  
Mason Perkinson,  Ephraim Andrews,  
Jane Andrews,  
Phoebe Perkinson,  John McMichael,  
Elizabeth Perkinson,  Thomas Dance,   
Ann Perkinson,  
Daniel McLarin,  
Ralph Perkinson,  Samuel Pitchford,  John Ford,   
Samuel Cobbs,   Ann (—) Perkinson,  
Field Perkinson,  
Sarah Perkinson,  John Powell,  
Hannah Perkinson,  William Powell,  
John Perkinson,  
Joel Perkinson,  Elizabeth Coleman,  Elizabeth (—) Coleman,  
Elizabeth Perkinson,  Robert Coleman,  
Mary Perkinson,  
Isham Perkinson,  Elizabeth (—) Perkinson,  
George Pollard,  
Clarissa Perkinson,  Pleasant Hood,  Joel Bevill,  
Elizabeth Perkinson,  Newit Brewer,  
Nancy Perkinson,  Samuel Mann,  
Henry Perkinson,  Patience Cole,  
William Perkinson,  
Archer Perkinson,  
John Perkinson,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
James Perkinson - Revolutionary War William Ellis - Revolutionary War
George Archer Traylor - War of 1812 John Traylor - War of 1812
Arthur Traylor - War of 1812 Ezekiel Perkinson - Revolutionary War
Thomas T. Totty - War of 1812 Isham Andrews - Revolutionary War

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