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 OW   Thomas Owen (c.1680-1744)
Although I am not a descendant of Thomas Owen, some of his descendants married into my family. Consequently, I have devoted Allied Family Topic OW to his family.

Thomas Owen, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Thomas Owen might describe his life as follows.

I was likely born in the Colony of Virginia about 1680. Since the early records of Henrico County where I lived are mostly missing, I can tell you nothing about my father, who died when my brother, William, and I were very young.
Our mother, Joanna, who was born about 1655,  married second Thomas Brooks whose 1694 will in Henrico County left one shilling each to Thomas and William Owen whom he called his “sons-in-law,” a term that then meant stepson In 1704 mother was living in Henrico County on a large farm belonging to Capt. William Walker of New Kent County and I had my own 68 acres.  Mother was likely dead by 1710 when Captain Walker’s son sold the land, calling it the plantation where Joan Brooks formerly lived. 
William and I lived on the south side of the Chickahominy River near Seth Rench whose will I witnessed in 1704. 
Elizabeth and I were the parents of 3 sons and 2 daughters. Since I deeded property to sons, John and William, in March 1740,  my 1741 will left them one shilling each. I divided two slaves between the families of daughters Priscilla Fuqua and Elizabeth Britton and expressed my desire that Thomas receive the remainder of my property after the death of his mother.  Since I outlived Elizabeth, I deeded my home plantation to Thomas in 1743.  I was dead by May 1744.

Who was Thomas’ father?
We can identify no Owen of Henrico County who qualifies as Thomas’ father.
Thomas Owen came in the Susan of London in 1632 to work for Hannibal Fletcher. Not only was he a generation older than Joanna, Fletcher’s plantation was south of the James, near present-day Hog Island, about 20 miles from Chickahominy Creek in Henrico County where Thomas Owen’s sons later lived. 
One Thomas Owen died intestate in Henrico County by 1 April 1689 when Edward Stratton presented the inventory of his estate. Since the court ordered a nine-month waiting period before his estate could be sold to satisfy his debts, he evidently left no heirs in the Colony. 

What became of William Owen?
Thomas’ brother William Owen purchased 100 acres on the south side of the Chickahominy River from Seth Rench 1 Oct. 1702, which he deeded to John Woodson 1 Oct. 1703.  Although he was then married, the relinquishment of dower omitted the name of his wife. Nor does his name appear in the quit rent list of 1704.
One William Owen left a partly-mutilated will in Halifax County naming sons, William and Lunsford Owen, and daughters, Mary Jennings, Ann Medlin, Joanna Kirby, and Lydia Atkins. Joanna was then the mother of Francis and John Kirby. The names of one daughter and one son no longer appear (will dated 23 Oct. 1752  and proved 15 June 1753). Joanna and her husband, John Kirby, both Quakers, were disowned for joining the Baptist Church in 1767. 
Although he named a daughter Joanna, perhaps for his mother, we can find nothing to connect him to Thomas Owen.

Land activity
Thomas Owen purchased 100 acres on the south side of Chickahominy Swamp 2 Feb. 1712/3, half of which he deeded to Daniel Fitzpatrick 7 Feb. 1714/5.  After Rench’s daughter Sarah Rench married Lancelot Armstrong, they sold her half of Rench’s land to Owen 1 Sept. 1728. 
Thomas deeded 50 acres to Watson Brumfield 3 March 1734/5 and 350 acres to Isaac Winston 30 May 1735. 
As Thomas Owen of Henrico County, he purchased a tract of land on the north side of the James River in Goochland County 2 June 1737.  His wife, Elizabeth, relinquished her dower right when he deeded 190 acres in Goochland County to John Simkins 17 Sept. 1737,  the same day Simkins sold Owen a neighboring 150 acres in Henrico County. 
Thomas Owen, planter living in Henrico County, appointed “loving friend Ralph Fuqua” his attorney 5 April 1743. 

Thomas’ will
Here is an abstract of Thomas Owen’s Henrico County will.

Will of Thomas Owen
13 October 1741
To wife Elizabeth, use of Negroes for life and then 2 of them to my son Thomas. Also to wife, items and parts of land, as law directs, for life, and then to son Thomas.
To son Thomas, all my lands, except that Martha Robards may have life on the land; also to him, Negroes & items.
To son John, 1 shilling.
To son William, 1 shilling.
To Martha Robards, 1 cow and calf.
After wife’s death, my Negro girl to Ralph Fuqua and Priscilla, his wife, for life, and then to their son John, if he live to 21. If he dies, then to Elizabeth Fuqua, daughter of said Ralph & Priscilla. Elizabeth Fuqua also to get the Negro Jack, after the death of her parents provided William Britton Sr. will give his son William Britton one Negro to the value of the Negro girl Lucy, then I give my grandson William Britton, if he reach 18 years of age, the Negro girl Lucy. If he dies, said Lucy goes to his sisters, Elizabeth and Mary Britton.
All rest of estate divided between wife and son, Thomas.
Benjamin Cocke
Joseph Fuqua
John Hensen

Thomas did not identify Martha Roberts as a daughter, although perhaps she was.

Descendants of Thomas Owen
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 John Owen (-1767),  
Sarah Brackett,  Phoebe (—) Owen,  
Sarah Owen,  Joshua Davidson,  
John Davidson,  Eleanor Ewing,  John Owen Davidson,  
Ann Davidson,  
Phoebe Davidson,  John Brackett,  
Mary Brackett Davidson,  William Jackson,  
Joshua Davidson,  
Sally Davidson,  John Baldwin,  
Brackett Davidson,  
George Davidson,  Elizabeth Blanton,  Richard Blanton,  
Elizabeth Davidson,  Joseph Broadway,  Elizabeth Roberts,  
Agnes Owen,  Thomas Clarke,  
John Clarke,  Sarah Fowlkes,   
Thomas Clarke,  Agnes Mumford McGehee,   
William Clarke,  Phoebe Howson,   
John Owen,  Elizabeth Nichols,  John Nichols,  
John Bostick,  
William Owen,  Edith Pigg,   
John Owen,  William Alford,  Mary (—) Owen,  
Lucy Owen,  Abraham LeGrand,  
Agnes Owen,  Hezekiah Pigg,   Elizabeth Pigg,  
David Owen,  Peggy Nelson,  
Obediah Owen,  Polly LeGrand,  Abraham LeGrand,  
Brackett Owen,  Elizabeth McGehee,   
William Owen,  Mumford DeJarnette,   Lucy (—) Owen,  
Thomas Owen,  
William Owen,  
John Owen,  
Hatcher Owen,  Elizabeth Roberts,  
Mary Abbott,   
William Owen,  
Susanna Owen,  Brady,  
Lucy Owen,  Powell,  
Agnes Owen,  Joel Thomas,  
Elizabeth Owen,  Thomas Pass Jr.,  
Thomas Owen,  
Lucy Owen,  William Wootten,  
Keziah Wootten,  Bowler DeJarnett,   
William T. Wootten,  Elizabeth Perkinson,  William Perkinson,  
Jemima Wootten,  Simeon Walton,  
Jesse Wootten,  Jane Jeffress,   
Lucy O. Wootten,  Leonard Sheffield,  
Mary G. Wootten,  Bedford Hamlett,   
Elizabeth Wootten,  Nathan Fowlkes,  
Mary R. Wootten,  Bass Fowlkes,   Walker,  
Lucy Wootten,  William Carter Jr.,  
Nancy C. Wootten,  George Hamlett,   
Martha Wootten,  Henry Ligon,   
William Dobbs,  
Jesse Owen,  Ann Crawford,  Thomas Crawford,  
Phoebe Owen,  John Sutton Bowman Jr.,   
Thomas Owen,  
Jemima Owen,  William Rowlett,   
Ann Owen,  John Rowlett,   
John Owen,  
Brackett Owen,  
Jesse Owen,  Susanna Burks,  
George Owen,  Sally G. Fowlkes,  
Agathy Owen,  William Burks,  
Polly T. Owen,  Jesse Rowlett,   
William Jack Owen,  Sally Marshall,  
Mary Owen,  
Lydia Owen,  
Jemima Owen,  John DeJarnette,   
Keziah Owen,  Thomas Penick,   
 Thomas Owen,  
Matthew Hobson,  
Ann (—) Owen,  Isaac Winston,  
Hobson Owen,  Judith Parson,  
Martha Owen,  Joseph Mosby,  
Matthew H. Owen,  Mary Burton,  
Joseph Parson Owen,  Judith P. (—) Owen,  Thomas Nelson,  
Samuel Owen,  
Judith Owen,  
Elizabeth Owen,  
Mary Owen,  
Henry Owen,  
Thomas Owen,  
William Owen,  Margaret Burton,  
Thomas Owen,  
William Owen,  
Judith Owen,  
Sarah Owen,  Daniel Burton,  
Mary Owen,  
Fountain Owen,  
Lucy Owen,  
Ann Owen,  John Burton,  Isaac Winston,  
 William Owen (-1774),  
Sarah (—) Owen,  
Elisha Owen,  Jemima —,  
Sarah Owen,  James Bransford,  
Robert Mosby Bransford,  
William Bransford,  Martha Moseley,   
Agnes Bransford,  Arthur Moseley,   
James Owen Bransford,  
John Bransford,  
Sarah Bransford,  
Susanna Owen,  Charles Lockett,   
Anne Owen,  James Hill,  
Jemima Owen,  Lewis Pleasants,  
Elizabeth Owen,  John Winfrey,  
 Mary (Owen) Britton,  
William Britton,   
Mary Britton,  Mallet,  
William Britton,  Ann (—) Britton,  
Mildred (—) Britton,  Isham Britton,  Elizabeth Julia Flournoy,   
Royall Britton,  Thomas Dance,   
Molly Britton,  
Sarah Britton,  William Tunstall,  
William Britton,  Mary Moore,   Pamelia K. Wells,  
Elizabeth Britton,  
Ann Britton,  Andrew Baugh,   
Thomas Britton,  Polly Eanes,  William Eanes,  
Anderson Britton,  John Hill,  Lucy Jackson,   
Elizabeth Britton,  
 William Britton (-1770),  
Mary Owen,   Robert Sharp,  
Daniel Weldon,  
Elizabeth Anderson,  John Robertson,   
Anderson Britton,  Daniel Branch,   
Elizabeth Mills Britton,  David Flournoy,   
Polly Britton,  William Edwards,   
Winifred Britton,  
Jemima Britton,  Branch,  
Lucy Branch,  
Isham Britton,  
 Priscilla (Owen) Fuqua,  
Ralph Fuqua,  William Fuqua,  
John Fuqua,  
Elizabeth Fuqua,  John Stovall,  
Mary Fuqua,  
William Fuqua,  
Thomas Fuqua,  
Susanna Fuqua,  Jonathon Richardson,  
Ralph Fuqua,  
Henry Fuqua,  
Isaac Fuqua,  
Martha Fuqua,  
Anne Fuqua,  
Joseph Fuqua,  

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Soldiers of colonial and American wars
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