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 O   Lt. Thomas Osborne I (c.1580-)
Although I am not a descendant of Lt. Thomas Osborne I, some of his descendants married into my family. Consequently, I have devoted Allied Family Topic O to his family.

Lt. Thomas Osborne I, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Lt. Thomas Osborne I might describe his life as follows.

When the Bona Nova of 200 tons, departed England, I was aboard with about 120 others. We arrived in the Colony of Virginia November 1619 and I was settled at the College Land in Henrico by 23 January 1624/5. 
As Lt. Osborne, I was placed in charge of a raiding party to destroy the corn of the Tanx Powhatan Indians 4 July 1627 and I remained as commander as late as 7 March 1628/9. 
No evidence remains that my wife came to the Colony with me, and if we had any daughters, their names have been lost. My son Thomas followed me to the Colony in the Francis Bonaventure in August 1620, and another son may have been Edward, but he left no heirs.
I represented my community in the House of Burgesses at all the sessions from 1625 to 1633. 

Descendants of Lt. Thomas Osborne I
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Thomas Osborne II (c.1605-c.1655),  
Thomas Osborne III,  Henry Bailey,  Martha (—) Branch,  John Branch,   
Thomas Jefferson,   Philip Turpin,   Samuel Branch,   Capt. William Randolph,  Capt. Francis Epes,  Capt. William Farrar,  Henry Randolph,  
Thomas Edwards,  
Thomas Osborne IV,  Martha Jones,   Philip Turpin,   
Thomas Friend,   
Martha Osborne,   
Thomas Osborne V,  Ann Worsham,   
Edward Osborne,  Edward Osborne,   
Joseph Morton,   
Frances (—) Osborne,  William Archer,   John Royall,   Henry Anderson,   
Mary Osborne,  Benjamin Branch,   
Elizabeth Osborne,  
Cicely Osborne,  
John Osborne,  
Edith Harris,   
Edward Osborne,  Gilbert Platt,   
Elizabeth Sheppey,   
Capt. Thomas Branch,   
Tabitha Osborne,  Benjamin Branch,   
Thomas Cheatham,   
Martha Osborne,  John Wooldridge,  
Gilbert Gee,   
Jacob Trabue,  Mary —,  
John Wooldridge,  Elizabeth Branch,   
Margaret (—) Wooldridge,  
Martha Wooldridge,  William Walthall,  
Hannah Wooldridge,  Richard Elam,   
Thomas Wooldridge,  Henry Hatcher,   Ann Hatcher Parker,   Josiah Hatcher,   
John Wooldridge,  Betty (—) Wooldridge,  Elizabeth Wooldridge,   
Thomas Wooldridge,  Ann Povall,   
Daniel Wooldridge,  Richard Parker Jr.,   Francis Cheatham,   
Ann Grant Spencer,  Richard Spencer,  John Bott,  Francis Pigg,  
Agnes Osborne,   Sarah (Cousins) Hill,   
Frances H. Wooldridge,  Matthew Baker,  
Nancy Jones Wooldridge,  Thomas Branch Thweatt,   
Spencer Wooldridge,  Martha Walke,   
Caroline Wooldridge,  Joseph Wooldridge Elam,   
Elizabeth Wooldridge,  Barkley Elam,  James H. Spears,  
Sarah Wooldridge,  Flournoy,  
Joseph Wooldridge,  
Frances Wooldridge,  Richard Parker Jr.,   
Mary Wooldridge,  Nicholas Robertson,   
Elizabeth Wooldridge,  Joseph Dickerson,  
Edna Dickerson,  Archibald Stratton,   
William Dickerson,  Frances Mays,  
Nancy Dickerson,  Jeffrey Robertson,   
Sally Dickerson,  Joel Shrewsbury,  
Pleasant Dickerson,  
Martha Wooldridge,  
Henry Wooldridge,  
William Wooldridge,  Sarah Flournoy,  Francis Flournoy,  Mary Gibson,  
Abraham Sallé,  
Richard Wooldridge,  Jane Roberts,   
William Wooldridge,  Martha Hudspeth,  
Gibson Wooldridge,  
Thomas F. Wooldridge,  
Edward Wooldridge,  
Sarah Flournoy Wooldridge,  David Hudspeth,  
Martha Wooldridge,  Joseph T. Davis,  
Edward Wooldridge,  
Mary Flournoy,  Francis Flournoy,  Valentine Winfree,   James Flournoy,  
William Hancock,  
Edward Wooldridge,  Mary Simpson,  Andrew Simpson,  
Mary A. Wooldridge,  John Johnson,  
Edward Wooldridge,  
Sally Wooldridge,  Thomas Stanford,  
Daniel Hudson,  
Chesley Wooldridge,  Elizabeth Johnson,  
Green Wooldridge,  
Martin Wooldridge,  
Simon Wooldridge,  
Althea Wooldridge,  
David Wooldridge,  
Thomas Jefferson Wooldridge,  
Merit Wooldridge,  Charlotte T. Wooldridge,   
Caroline Lavinia Wooldridge,  Austin Spears,  
William Wooldridge,  Frances Clay,   
Mary Trent,  John Trent,  
Josiah Wooldridge,  Martha Trabue,   
Hannah Wooldridge,  Elisha Wooldridge,   
Capt. Simon Wooldridge,  Lucy Giles,  
Ralph Wooldridge,  
Josiah Wooldridge,  
Nancy Wooldridge,  Bartlett Baugh,  
Robert Wooldridge,  
Mary Wooldridge,  Claiborne Inge,  
William F. Wooldridge,  
Edward Wooldridge,  
Rhoda Wooldridge,  Nathan Scruggs,  
Mary Wooldridge,  Jacob Trabue,  Robert Moseley,   
Joseph Trabue,  Peter Sasseen,  
John Trabue,  Elizabeth Elmore,   
Magdalene Baskerville,   
William B. Trabue,  
Anthony Trabue,  
Frances Trabue,  Thomas Elmore Trabue,   Thomas F. Robiou,  Elizabeth Burton,  John Burton,  
Catherine M.K. Robiou,  Francis Smith,  
Anthony Trabue Robiou,  Emily Wormley,  
Lewis Robiou,  Mary Rozell,  John Rozell,  
David Trabue,  
Mary (—) Trabue,  
Joseph Trabue,  
David Trabue,  
William Trabue,  
William Trabue,  
Elizabeth Trabue,  
Daniel Trabue,  
Joshua Trabue,  
Joshua Trabue,  
Maria Trabue,  
Thomas Trabue,  
 John James Trabue (-1775),  
Olympia Dupuy,  John James Dupuy,  
James Trabue,  Jane E. Porter,  
John Trabue,  
William Trabue,  Elizabeth Haskins,   
Daniel Trabue,  Mary Haskins,   
Edward Trabue,  Martha Haskins,   Jane E. Clay,   
Stephen Trabue,  Jane Haskins,   
Samuel Trabue,  
Magdalene Trabue,  Edward Clay,   
Jean Trabue,  
Mary Trabue,  Lewis Sublett,   
Martha Trabue,  Josiah Wooldridge,   
Elizabeth Trabue,  Fenelon R. Willson,  
Judith Trabue,  John Major,  
Susanna Trabue,  Thomas Major,  
Robert Wooldridge,  Magdalene Salle,  Abraham Sallé,  Magdalene Ammonet,  
Capt. Thomas Wooldridge,  Mary (Bass) Clay,   
Edith Harris Osborne,   
Elisha Wooldridge,  Hannah Wooldridge,   
Robert Wooldridge,  
William Wooldridge,  Mildred Logwood,   
Maj. Abraham Sallé Wooldridge,  Julia Lavinia Burfoot,  
Dr. Archibald Logwood Wooldridge,  Julia Ann Stanard,  
Charlotte T. Wooldridge,  Merit Wooldridge,   
Jane A. Wooldridge,  William Green Elam,   
Frederick W.G.A. Wooldridge,  
Abraham Wooldridge,  
Edward Osborne,  Thomas Branch,   
Agnes Branch,   
 Edward Osborne (c.1615-),  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Daniel Wooldridge - Revolutionary War Spencer Wooldridge - War of 1812
Barkley Elam - War of 1812 James H. Spears - War of 1812
Joseph Wooldridge - Revolutionary War Josiah Wooldridge - Revolutionary War
James Trabue - Revolutionary War Thomas Major - Revolutionary War
Robert Wooldridge - Revolutionary War Abraham Sallé Wooldridge - War of 1812

Legislators - colonial and state
Thomas Osborne Sr. - Virginia Gibson Wooldridge - Georgia
Abram Sallé Wooldridge - Virginia  

Selected sources
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Dupuy, Rev. Benjamin Hunter. The Huguenot Bartholomew Dupuy and His Descendants. Reprint edition, Salem, MA: Higginson Book Company, 1997. • Comprehensive work on the descendants of Bartholomew Dupuy. Includes families of Magdalene Dupuy and Thomas Watkins, Mary Purnell Dupuy and Robert Dickinson, Mary Magdalene Chastain and James Powell Cocke, and Olympia Dupuy and John James Trabue.
Gardiner, Laurence B. and William C. Wooldridge. John Wooldridge, Blacksmith. Privately Published. (1980). • Family of John Wooldridge.
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