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 LO   Thomas Lockett I (-1686)
Although I am not a descendant of Thomas Lockett I, some of his descendants married into my family. Consequently, I have devoted Allied Family Topic LO to his family.

Thomas Lockett I, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Thomas Lockett I might describe his life as follows.

I was in Virginia and married to Margaret by 1681.  In 1683 I bought some land from William Farrar and his wife, Priscilla.  Several times Henrico County called me to jury duty,  and charged me on one tithable in 1679. 
I made my will in Henrico County 27 March 1686 naming three sons and daughter, Susan. I was dead by 1 June 1686. 
The will Margaret made 22 May 1708 remembered two sons and our daughters Elizabeth Stanley, Susan Grigg, and Mary Mitchell. The court recorded her will 1 July 1708. 

In 1690 Samuel Fowler sued the widow Lockett in Henrico County court. Although he claimed she owed him 22 shillings for curing her steer, she said she told him quit “meddling any more with it” after his bill reached 10 shillings. The court agreed with Margaret.  The court had previously concluded that Fowler had “extravagantly charged” Francis Maybury.
Fowler had more trouble in the same court. John James said Fowler “and all his Generation were banished persons and that they had left their Country to save their necks from the halter.” Fowler pressed charges but James’ attorney convinced the justices that Fowler had no case.
In Dec. 1691 Henrico County reimbursed Bristol Parish 200 pounds of tobacco “paid to ye widdow Lockett in the last Levy for care of ye children” of Evan Owen and his wife, Margery, who had both died. 
Margaret Lockett, a headright for Benjamin Harrison in Jan. 1717/8, may have made a visit to England. 

Who was Margaret Lockett?
Some have placed Margaret Lockett as a daughter of Thomas Osborne who assigned his headright of Alex Wood to Thomas Lockett.  Although this assignment, dated 5 Nov. 1677, and recorded 1 Feb. 1683/4, might suggest Thomas Lockett was Osborne’s son-in-law, no evidence remains that Osborne had a daughter named Margaret.

Descendants of Thomas Lockett I
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Benjamin Lockett (1669-c.1735),  
Winifred Pride,   
 Thomas Lockett II (-1745),  
John Pride,   Samuel Hancock,   Arthur Moseley,   
Arthur Moseley,  Elizabeth (—) Lockett,  
Benjamin Moseley,   
James Lockett,  James Lockett,   
John Woodson,  
Thomas Lockett III,  John Ragan,  
Thomas Williamson,  William Campbell,  Robert Farguson Sr.,  
Elizabeth (—) Lockett,  Judith (—) Lockett,  
Abraham Baugh,   
James Lockhart,  Susanna Dupuy,  John James Dupuy,  
Edward Johnson,  
Hannah Hawkins Smith,  John Smith,   
Thomas Turpin,  
John Lockhart,  
James Lockhart,  
Joel Lockhart,  
Britain Lockhart,  
Benjamin Lockhart,  Sally Crump,  
Thomas Lockhart,  Winifred Thomas,  
Elam Lockhart,  
Cary Lockhart,  
Stephen Lockhart,  
Osborne Lockhart,  Lucy Thomas,  
Edith Lockhart,  Harris Tomlinson,  
Patsy Lockhart,  Samuel Mitchner,  
Stephen Lockett,  Mary Clay,   
David Lockett,  Rev. Christopher McRae,   
Sally Lucy Winfrey,  
Capt. Abner Lockett,  Anne Marshall,   
Jacob Lockett,  
Lucy Waddill,   
Martha Lockett,  Alexander Bass,  
Lucy Lockett,  William Stone,  
Mary Lockett,  John Gibson,  
Elizabeth Lockett,  
Joel Lockett,  
Mary (—) Lockett,  Thomas Moseley,  James Hankley,  Charles Burton,  
Daniel Fore,  
Royall Lockett,  
Prudence Clay,   
Susanna (—) Clarke,  John Clarke,   
Sarah B. Lockett,  Achilles Puryear,  
Pleasant Lockett,  
Daniel Lockett,  
Benjamin Lockett,  
Frances Lockett,  James Hankley,  Thomas Vaughan,  Mr. John Royall,  
Thomas Hankley,  Philadelphia West,   
James Hankley,  Polly West,   
Royall Hankley,  Elizabeth Yates,  John Yates,  Elizabeth Chandler,  
Benjamin Hankley,  
Susanna Hankley,  
Mary Hankley,  Henry Cardwell,   
Nancy Hankley,  William Coates,  
Elizabeth Hankley,  William Cardwell,   
Mary Lockett,  
Elizabeth Lockett,  
Gideon Lockett,  
Mary Lockett,  
Stephen Lockett,  
Benajah Lockett,  
Phoebe Lockett,  Richard Allen,  
Martha Lockett,  
Patience Lockett,  John Godsey,  
Rhoda Lockett,  Erasmus Reams,  
Mary Lockett,  Valentine Ball,  
Winifred Lockett,  Daniel Cheatwood,  
Perrin Allday,  Anne (—) Perrin,  
Thomas Johns,  James Anderson,  Frances (—) Allday,  John Pleasants,  Richard Cardwell,  John Sims,  Susanna (—) Allday,  
Benjamin Allday,  
Hannah Lockett,  
Lucy Lockett,  
 Jacob A. Lockett,  
Jacob Lockett,   Mary League,   Rev. John Skurrey,  
Edmund League,  Mary —,  
Mason (Jeter) Crenshaw,   
Sarah B. Boyer,  
Henry Lockett,  
Elizabeth Lockett,  William Dunnavant,  Nathaniel A. Crenshaw,   Abner Dunnavant,  Phoebe Worsham,   
Mason Jeter Lockett,  Dr. William H. Vaughan,   
Susan Lockett,  Cary A. Myers,  Samuel Merritt,  
Francis I. Lockett,  
Albert S. Lockett,  Elizabeth Cade,  
Ambrose C. Lockett,  Orlena B. Smith,  
John T. Lockett,  Nancy C. Goudy,  
Samuel W. Lockett,  Lydia Frances Moody,  Margaret F. Thomas,  
Matthew H. Lockett,  
 James Lockett (c.1675-1708),  
John Bolling,  
 Susan (Lockett) Grigg,  
William Grigg,  Lewis Green,  John Peterson,   
William Grigg,  Elizabeth (—) Grigg,  Robert Bolling,   
Abner Grigg,  Mary (—) Grigg,  William Haskins,  Frederick Ford,  William Ford,  Matthew Ford,  Mary Ford,  
William Grigg,  Ruth Williamson,  
Frederick Grigg,  Martha Randall,  George Randall,  
John Smith,  
William Grigg,  
Randolph Grigg,  Elizabeth Jordan,  Lucy C. Massenburg,  
Elizabeth Grigg,  Charles Stewart,  
George Grigg,  
Mary Ford Grigg,  Willis Owen,  
Nancy Grigg,  
Priscilla W. Grigg,  
Martha Grigg,  Edmund Stewart,  
Lucinda Grigg,  
Abner Grigg,  
Jesse Grigg,  Amy —,  Amy Mitchell,  
Burwell Grigg,  Charles Collier,   Mary Carroll,  Thomas Carroll,  Ann —,  
Carroll Grigg,  Martha Blanks,  Richard Blanks,  Winifred —,  
Edmund Grigg,  Elizabeth Gregory,  
Amy Grigg,  Richard Mabry,   
Susanna Grigg,  James Eppes,  Francis Epes,  Phoebe —,  
Nancy Eppes,  Fisher Wilson,  
Hartwell Eppes,  Polly C. Cobbs,  Mary Price Jordan,  
Mary W. Eppes,  Robert Harwell,  
Jesse Grigg,  
Martha Grigg,  Thomas Williams,  
Elizabeth Williams,  Littleton Chambliss,  
Mary Grigg Williams,  Isham Cain,   
Jesse Edmunds Burwell Williams,  
Julia Anna Burwell Williams,  George D. Smith,  
Elizabeth E. Grigg,  Jeremiah Adams,  
Mitchell Grigg,  Polly Chambliss,   
Burwell Grigg,  Mary Chambliss,   John Oscar Grigg,  Mary Johnson,  Benjamin Johnson,   Judith Chambliss,   
Mary Ann Grigg,  Abner Lanier,   
Jesse Grigg,  Martha Elam,   
Priscilla Grigg,  John Johnson,  
Burwell Grigg,  Sabra Elam,   
Elizabeth Grigg,  Cain Coleman,  Sally Inge,  
Lewis Grigg,  
Martha Grigg,  Valentine Mullins,  
Frederick Grigg,  
Woodward Grigg,  
Lewis Grigg,  
Sarah (—) Grigg,  
Jesse Grigg,  Rebecca (Peterson) Thweatt,   
Lewis Grigg,  Edith (Smith) Watson,  Elizabeth (—) Smith,  Martha Malone,  Susanna Gregory,  
Sally Grigg,  Gordon Rideout,  
Martha Grigg,  Ingram Blanks,  
William Hazelwood,  
Burwell Grigg,  
Susanna Grigg,  William Featherstone,   
James Grigg,  Frances Anderson,   
 Elizabeth (Lockett) Stanley,  
Stanley,  Robert Bolling,   
 Mary (Lockett) Mitchell,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Royall Lockett - Revolutionary War Pleasant Lockett - Revolutionary War
Gideon Lockett - Revolutionary War Jacob A. Lockett - War of 1812
Abner Grigg - Revolutionary War Lewis Grigg - Revolutionary War

Selected sources
Boddie, John Bennett. “Hankla and Lockett Connections.” Historical Southern Families, 19:25-27. • Descendants of Frances Lockett and James Hankley.
Scarborough. Jewel Davis. Southern Kith and Kin: A Record of My Children’s Ancestors. Vol 1. : The Locketts. Abilene, Tx.: Abilene Press, 1961. • Contains a comprehensive genealogy of Thomas Lockett.

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