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 JO   Thomas Jordan (1635-1699)
Although I am not a descendant of Thomas Jordan, some of his descendants married into my family. Consequently, I have devoted Allied Family Topic JO to his family.

Thomas Jordan, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Thomas Jordan might describe his life as follows.

I was born 7 July 1635, the son of another Thomas Jordan (c.1600-c.1640). My father was from Wiltshire, England, but came to Isle of Wight County before I was born.
The land where I settled was originally known as Warrosquyoake County until it changed its name to Isle of Wight in 1637. Immediately southeast of Isle of Wight is Nansemond County where we Jordans later lived. Originally know as Upper Norfolk, it took its name from the Nansemond Indians in 1646. The City of Suffolk absorbed the entire county in 1974.
I married Margaret Brasseur, the Quaker daughter of Robert Brasseur, and we were parents of 10 children, all sons born in Nansemond County.  We lived on 550 acres in Nansemond County that the governor granted me 22 October 1666. 
I died 8 November 1699 in Chuckatuck Parish, Nansemond County,  and Margaret, who still owned 200 acres in Nansemond County in 1704,  died 7 December 1706.

The elder Thomas Jordan
The elder Thomas Jordan, who represented Warrosquyoake in the Virginia House of Burgesses 1628-29 and 1632,  secured a patent to 900 acres in Warrosquyoake (later Isle of Wight) County 2 July 1635,  and was still there by 25 May 1637 when William Denham patented 300 acres in Isle of Wight about 3 miles up New Town Haven River. 
Some have identified Thomas Jordan’s wife as Lucy Corker (c.1604-c.1700) but she married Thomas Jordan of Surry County.
Thomas Jordan, the father, was dead by 10 Aug. 1644 when Thomas Davis got a patent to 200 acres in Upper Norfolk County next to Thomas Jordan, deceased.  He may have been dead by 1637 when an earlier Thomas Davis patent mentioned land “which Thomas Jorden lately lived upon.” 

Descendants of Thomas Jordan
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Maj. Thomas Jordan (1659-),  
Elizabeth Burgh,  William Burgh,  
Thomas Jordan,  
Elizabeth Jordan,  
Martha Jordan,  
William Jordan,  
 John Jordan (1663-1712),  
Margaret Burgh,  
Martha Jordan,  
John Jordan,  
Mourning Jordan,  
Elizabeth Jordan,  
Mary Jordan,  
Susanna Jordan,  
 James Jordan (1665-1732),  
Elizabeth Ratcliffe,  Richard Ratcliffe,  Elizabeth Outland,  Ann Roseter,  
John Jordan,  
Elizabeth Jordan,  Scott,  
James Jordan,  Patience Terrell,  
 Robert Jordan (1668-1728),  
Christian Taberer,  
Thomas Taberer,  Margaret (Womble) Wood,  William Outland,  
Mary Belson,  Edmond Belson,  John Scott,  
Dorothy (Cary) Pleasants,  John Pleasants,  
Christian Jordan,  William Scott,  
Thomas Jordan,  
Robert Jordan,  
Joseph Jordan,  Ann Pleasants,  
Mary Jordan,  Thomas Pleasants,  
Thomas Pleasants,  Elizabeth Brooke,  
John Pleasants,  Elizabeth Scott,  
Robert Pleasants,  Susanna Webster,  
Lydia Pleasants,  Benjamin Jordan,   
Mary Pleasants,  Isaac Younghusband,  
Isaac Younghusband,  
Pleasants Younghusband,  Mary Lyons,  Peter Lyons,  Elizabeth Tucker Pleasants,   
Mary Younghusband,  
Jane Pleasants,  Glaister Hunnicutt,   
Sarah Pleasants,  
Elizabeth Pleasants,  Joseph Pleasants,  
Margaret Jordan,  John Pleasants,  
Elizabeth Jordan,  Joseph Pleasants,  
Edward Jordan,  Ann Trotter,  
Belson Jordan,  
Samuel Jordan,  Hannah Bates,  James Bates,  
 Richard Jordan (1670-1723),  
Rebecca Ratcliffe,  Richard Ratcliff,  
 Joseph Jordan (1672-1725),  
Holia Christie,  
 Benjamin Jordan (1674-1716),  
Sarah (—) Jordan,  
Thomas Jordan,  
Benjamin Jordan,  Lydia Pleasants,   
Margaret Jordan,  
Sarah Jordan,  Fleming Bates,   
 Matthew Jordan (1675-1716),  
Dorothy (Newby) Bufkin,  Susannah (—) Bressie,  
 Samuel Jordan (1679-1719),  
Elizabeth Fleming,   William Porter Jr.,  
Charles Jordan,  Helena (—) Jordan,  
Charles Jordan,  
James Jordan,  Sarah Stodghill,  
John Jordan,  
James Jordan,  
Charles Fleming Jordan,  
Samuel Jordan,  
Miles Jordan,  
Elizabeth Jordan,  
Sarah Jordan,  
Reuben Jordan,  
John Jordan,  
Matthew Jordan,  Mary Stodghill,  
Elizabeth Jordan,  
Helena Jordan,  
Matthew Jordan,  
Mary Jordan,  
Reeves Jordan,  
William Jordan,  Elizabeth Woodson,  
Woodson Jordan,  
Elizabeth Jordan,  Benjamin Sublett,  
Sarah Sublett,  
Charles Jordan Sublett,  Mary Davis,  
Ursula Sublett,  Joel Ferguson,  
Elizabeth Sublett,  Warner Hewitt,  
Benjamin Branch Sublett,  
Samuel Sublett,  
Martha Sublett,  David Garland,   
Col. Samuel Jordan,  Ruth Meredith,  
Judith (Scott) Ware,   
John Hunter,  
Mary Jordan,  Geddes Winston,  
Rebecca Winston,  William Redford,   
Samuel Jordan Winston,  
Mary Winston,  Rev. John Durburrow Blair,  
Sarah Winston,  Thomas Rutherfoord,  
Martha Bickerton Winston,  Henry Smith Shore,  Catherine Robinson Winston,  William Overton Winston,  
John Shore,  
Juliet Landon Shore,  Drew,  
Henry Belchier Shore,  
Martha Shore,  
William Shore,  
Margaret Winston,  Dr. John Adams,   
Dr. William Winston,  Shelton,  
Margaret Jordan,  William Cabell,   
Matthew Jordan,  
 Charles Fleming,  
Susanna Tarleton,  Stephen Tarleton,  
John Fleming,  
John Pleasants,  Richard Ligon,   John Woodson,   John Thornton,  Tarleton Woodson,   John Woodson,   
Capt. John Bolling,  
Charles Jordan,   George Bates,   Samuel Jordan,   Matthew Jordan,   
Stephen Hughes,  
Col. John Fleming,  Mary Bolling,   
Tarleton Fleming,  Hannah Bates,  John Bates,  
Tarleton Fleming,  Mary Randolph,   
Charles Fleming,  
Susanna Fleming,  
Hannah Fleming,  George Webb Jr.,  
Elizabeth Fleming,  Josias Payne Jr.,  
Tarleton Payne,  Elizabeth Winston,  
John Winston Payne,  Mary C. Gilliam,  John Gilliam,  
Ann Overton Payne,  John Smith,  
Sally Payne,  
Josias Payne,  
William Payne,  
Fleming Payne,  
Charles Fleming Payne,  
Elizabeth Chichester Payne,  
Judith Fleming,  
Judith Fleming,  Thomas Randolph,   
Nicholas Davies,  
Susanna Fleming,  John Bates,  John Woodson,   
Charles Bates,  Elizabeth Branch,   
Hannah Bates,  Robert Easley,  
Thomas Spraggins,   
Susanna Easley,  
George Bates,  
Fleming Bates,  Sarah Jordan,   
John Bates,  Elizabeth Alford,  John Alford,  Grace —,  
John Bates,  
Chloe (—) Bates,  
Chloe Mays,  William Mays,  Thomas Dodson,  
David Bates,  Priscilla Echols,   
Elizabeth Bates,  
John Bates,  
James Bates,  
Fleming Bates,  Peggy Millner,  
Matthews Bates,  
Susannah Bates,  
Susanna Bates,  John Fuqua,   
Ursula Bates,  John Wall,  
Charles Fleming Wall,  
David Wall,  
Mary Wall,  
Ursula Wall,  James Douglass,  
Elizabeth Bates,  Charles Wall,  
Ann Bates,  John Greenwood,  
Hannah Bates,  Samuel Fuqua,   
Joseph Bates,  
James Bates,  Hannah Hix,  
Fleming Bates,  Charles Wall,  William Martin,  
William Bates,  Daniel Jones,  
Samuel Bates,  Millicent Vaughan,  William Vaughan,  
Biddy East,  
Stephen Bates,  
Daniel Bates,  Jane Snelson,  Jesse Younger,  
Sarah Fleming Bates,  Philip Vaughan,  Melchizedek Spraggins,   
James Bates,  Susan Wirt,  Lavinia Frances Nance,  
Nathaniel Bates,  William Bryant,  Martha (—) Bates,  
Matthew Bates,  Mary Brooks Jones,  David Nowlin,  
Charles Bates,  Mary Martin,  William Martin,  
Elizabeth Bates,  Presley Dodson,  
Elizabeth Fleming,  Samuel Jordan,   
Sarah Fleming,  Bowler Cocke,   
Ursula Fleming,  Tarleton Woodson,   
 Joshua Jordan (1681-1718),  
Elizabeth Sanborne,   
 John Copeland (1611-1682),  
Lawrence Copeland,  Ruth —,  
Sarah Ratcliffe,  Richard Ratcliffe,  Elizabeth Cotchings,  
William Copeland,  
John Nicholas Copeland,  Elizabeth Taberer,  Thomas Taberer,  Margaret Womble,  Joseph Copeland,  
Sarah Copeland,  Daniel Sanborne,  John Frissall,  
Elizabeth Sanborne,  Joshua Jordan,   
Mary Sanborne,  Joseph Woodson,  John Woodson,  Mary Tucker,  
Sanborne Woodson,  Robert Allen,  Elizabeth Michaux,  Abraham Michaux,  
Charity (—) Woodson,  John Burch,  
Capt. Hughes Woodson,  Elizabeth Strange,  
Sarah Woodson,  
Jane Woodson,  Ambrose Bramlett,  
Jesse Woodson,  
Mary Ann Woodson,  
 Robert Brasseur (c.1597-),  
Robert Partin,  
Peter Rey,  
Florence (—) Brasseur,  Mary Brasseur,  Percy Brasseur,  Katherine Brasseur,  Bennett Brasseur,  
Benjamin Brasseur,  
Benoit,  Brasseur,  
Richard Staples,  
John Brasseur,  
Maj. James Powell,  James Powell Cocke,   
Mary Brasseur,  Capt. Thomas Cocke II,   
Richard Staples,  
Margaret Brasseur,  Thomas Jordan,   

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
John Wall - Revolutionary War Charles Wall - Revolutionary War
James Bates - Revolutionary War Hughes Woodson - Revolutionary War

Legislators - colonial and state
Thomas Jordan - Virginia Thomas Jordan - Virginia
Thomas Taberer - Virginia Josias Payne Jr. - Virginia
John Bates - Virginia James Bates - Virginia
John Brasseur - Virginia  

Selected sources
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Meyer, Virginia M. and John Frederick Dorman. Adventurers of Purse and Person, Virginia 1607-1624/5. Order of First Families of Virginia, 1987:378-384. • Family of Thomas Jordan and family of Samuel Jordan who married Cicely Baley.

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