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 HU   Robert Hubbard (c.1600-c.1663)
Although I am not a descendant of Robert Hubbard, some of his descendants married into my family. Consequently, I have devoted Allied Family Topic HU to his family.

Robert Hubbard, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Robert Hubbard might describe his life as follows.

Married likely in England and in the Colony by 1645, I was the ancestor of the Hubbards of York County. I served on the very prestigious Council of State from 1649 to 1654.
During my lifetime, I accumulated 1,000s of acres of land in Gloucester and Westmoreland counties.
Although no will for me remains, I was likely the father John Hubbard who married Katherine Bennett by 1650, and of Robert and Matthew who witnessed a deed for Nicholas Brooke in York County in 1649. 

Hubbard land patents
In 1654 Robert received a grant of 300 acres on the north side of the York River in Gloucester County and 1,600 acres on the south side of the Potomac.  With Maj. William Lewis he got 2,000 acres in Westmoreland County on the Potomac and, in his own name, another 500 acres nearby on Sandy Point,  and added another 500 acres in Westmoreland County in 1654. 
With Robert Wolfe in 1663, he received 533 acres in Warwick County.  A patent issued 9 Feb. 1663/4 referred to land of Robert Hubbard, deceased. 

Descendants of Robert Hubbard
Information about the children of Robert Hubbard, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 Matthew Hubbard (-1667),  
Sibella Caynhoe,   
John Hubbard,  
Thomas Thomason,  
Benjamin Hubbard,  
Elizabeth (—) Hubbard,  
Benjamin Hubbard,  
Alice Hendrick,  Adolphus Hendrick,  
Thomas Tabb,   
William Booker,   Edmund Booker,   
Joseph Collins,   
Thomas Atkinson,  
Hannah Martin,  Isaac Martin,  
Benjamin Dickson,   
John Rowden,  Joseph Collins,   Isaac Martin,  Elijah Merry Bailey,  
John Carr,   Benjamin Abbott,   John Sparrow,   
Joseph Street,  John Adams,   William Gillintine,   
Joel Hubbard,  Sarah (—) Hubbard,  
David Hubbard,  Hawkins Landrum,  Moses G. Hendrick,  
Moses Hubbard,  Sarah Wood,  Rev. Hawkins Landrum,  
James Hubbard,  
Joel Hubbard,  
Judith Hubbard,  
Sarah Hubbard,  
Drusilla Hubbard,  
Nathaniel Hubbard,  
Benjamin Hubbard,  
Rosanna Dyer,  John Dyer,  Elizabeth Martin,  
Hannah Hubbard,  
Rebecca Hubbard,  
Edward Hubbard,  Thomas Tabb,   Elizabeth (—) Hubbard,  
Francis Anderson,   Isaac Echols,   
Peter Tribble,  
James Dillard,  John Ballenger,  Solomon Stott,  John Ballenger,  
Nathaniel Hubbard,  Sarah Hix,  John Hix,  
John Hubbard,  Hannah Reid,  William Reid,  
Tabitha Hubbard,  
Reuben Hubbard,  Sarah Morgan,  Elizabeth Cockerham,  
Edward Hubbard,  
Joseph Hubbard,  
Joseph Hubbard,  
Richard Echols,   
Judith (—) Hubbard,  Henry Powell,  
Frances (—) Cobbs,  John Cobbs,  William Eggleston,  Samuel Hubbard,  
John Tabb,   Jacob Kelly,  Henry Howard,  
Moses Hubbard,  James Holloway,  
Joseph Hubbard,  
Asa Hubbard,  Betsy Baughan,  James Baughan,  
James M. Hubbard,  Martha J. Booker,  Richard Anderson Booker,   
Joseph Hubbard,  
Judith Hubbard,  Holland,  
Ann Hubbard,  James Anderson,  
Sarah Hubbard,  Baughan,  
Mary Hubbard,  Holloway,  
Nancy Hubbard,  
Joseph Hubbard,  Bartholomew Zachary,  
Rebecca Hubbard,  Samuel Holloway,  
Judith Hubbard,  James Borum,   
Sarah Hubbard,  Joab Meador,  
John Hubbard,  Keziah Pigg,   
Benjamin Hubbard,  Mary Worsham,   
John Worsham,   John Vaughan,  
Elizabeth Foster,  William Foster,  
William Cross Craddock,   
Asittis Foster,  Joanna (Foster) Powell,  Thomas Powell,  Booker Foster,  
Joshua Smithey,  
Susanna (—) Gillintine,  William Gillintine,   
Judith Hubbard,  Elijah Palmer,  
Sgt. Samuel Hubbard,  Patience Hurt,  William Hurt,  
Polly McHaney,   
John Hubbard,  
Patience Hurt Hubbard,  William Shotwell,  
Rev. Joel Hubbard,  Elizabeth Stone,  John Stone,  Margaret H. (—) Cobbs,  
Sarah Hubbard,  
Sarah Hubbard,  Tamer,  Abraham Echols,   
John Hubbard,  
Sarah (—) Hubbard,  Sarah Stone,  
Sarah (—) Hubbard,  Charles Hubbard,   Crispin Shelton,  
John Carter,  
Peter Hubbard,  Agnes Chiles,  Manoah Chiles,  
John Hunt,  
Elizabeth Hubbard,  William Stubbs,  
Peter Hubbard,  
John Hubbard,  
Manoah Hubbard,  
George Hubbard,  
Judith Crew,  John Crew,  James Lamkin,  
Stephen Hubbard,  Frederick Hubbard,  
George Hubbard,  Priscilla Ladd,   
Elizabeth Ladd,   
John Hubbard,  Sarah Pattison,  
John Hubbard,  
Sarah Hubbard,  
Richard Hubbard,  Philip Pledger,  
John Hubbard,  
Ursula Hubbard,  
James Hubbard,  
Daniel Hubbard,  
Mary Hubbard,  
Eusebius Hubbard,  Amy —,  Elizabeth Whiteside,  
Samuel Hubbard,  Eleanor (—) Hubbard,  
William Hubbard,  
Mary Hubbard,  
Lucy Hubbard,  
Elizabeth Hubbard,  
Samuel Hubbard,  
Sarah Hubbard,  
Charles Hubbard,  John Hall,  
Elizabeth Hubbard,  
Rebecca Hubbard,  John Edloe,   
Matthew Hubbard,  Ellen (—) Hubbard,  
George Martin,  
 John Hubbard (-1667),  
Katherine Bennett,  John Bennett,   
James Besouth,  John Davis,  Henry Taylor,  
Samuel Besouth,  
Joanna (—) Jackson,  Robert Jackson,  
Bridges Freeman,  
Elizabeth Hubbard,  Capt. James Archer,  Rev. Rowland Jones,  
Anne Archer,  William Barber,  
Elizabeth Barber,  Leonard Claiborne,   
Anne Barber,  
James Barber,  
Matthew Hubbard,  
James Hubbard,  Robert Harrison,  Elizabeth (—) Hubbard,  
Elizabeth Taliaferro,  
Matthew Hubbard,  Jane (—) Ballard,  Matthew Ballard,  
James Hubbard,  Frances Morton,  Joseph Morton,  
Matthew Hubbard,  
William Hubbard,  
Elizabeth Hubbard,  
James Hubbard,  
Matthew Hubbard,  
Ann Hubbard,  
Elizabeth Hubbard,  
Mary Hubard,  
James Hubard,  Molly Whiting,  
James Hubard,  
Thomas Hubard,  
Elizabeth Whiting Hubard,  James Dawley,  
Thomas Whiting Dawley,  
Dennis Dawley,  
William Hubard,  Frances Thruston,  Col. Charles Mynn Thruston,  John Thruston,  
John Caldwell,  
Dr. James Thruston Hubard,  Susan Wilcox,  
Edmund Wilcox Hubard,  Sarah A. Eppes,   
Dr. Robert Thruston Hubard,  Susan Pocahontas Bolling,   
Sarah Minn Hubard,  William Burwell,  
Margaret Hubard,  
Frances Hubard,  
William Hubard,  
John Hubbard,  
Margaret Hubbard,  
Mary Hubbard,  Charles Grymes,   
Elizabeth Hubbard,  
Mary Hubbard,  Dudley Digges,   
Rev. William Hubbard,  
Katherine Hubbard,  
Elizabeth Hubbard,  George Holden,  
Katherine Hubbard,  Thomas Ballard,  
Matthew Ballard,  
Thomas Ballard,  
Elizabeth Ballard,  Smith,  
Ann Ballard,  John Major,  Elizabeth Mason,  William Major,  
Robert Ballard,  
Capt. John Ballard,  
Thomas Ballard,  
John Ballard,  Faitha (—) Ballard,  Francis Ballard,  Mary Garland Ballard,  
John Ballard,  Mary Garland,   
Peter Lampkin,  
Mary Garland Ballard,  William Lanier,  
Lucy Ballard,  Isaac Holmes,  Samuel Holmes,  
Sarah Holmes,  James Blanks Daws,  
Samuel Holmes,  
Prudence (Clarke) Courtney,  George Clarke,  Clack Courtney,  
Isaac Ballard Holmes,  Frances Parham,  
Betsy Holmes,  John Warren,  
Mary Holmes,  Marriott Warren,  
Joyce Holmes,  Edward Goode,   
Martha Holmes,  Walter Leigh,  
Sally Holmes,  James Reekes,  
Susanna Holmes,  Edward Baskerville,  Richardson Farrar,   
Ann Holmes,  Josiah Hundley,  
Samuel Holmes Hundley,  
Jane J. Hundley,  James Whittemore,  
Susanna Hundley,  John Jordan Brown,  
John Hundley,  
Nancy Hundley,  
William Hundley,  
Mary Hundley,  
John Holmes,  Mary Taylor,   
Anne Holmes,  John Waller,  
Isaac Holmes,  Elizabeth Thacker Brooking,   
Peter Randolph,   
John Ballard Holmes,  Archer Robertson,   
Vivian Brooking Holmes,  
Isaac Holmes,  Henrietta Wilson,  James B. Wilson,  
Lucy Holmes,  Edward C. Smith,  
Mary Brodnax Smith,  John Alexander Robertson,  
Margaret Brodnax Holmes,  Samuel Brodnax,   
Frances Thacker Holmes,  Nicholson,  
Ann B. Holmes,  Daniel Mann,  
Rebecca Holmes,  Buckner Rainey,  
Robert Rainey,  Levisey Crowder,  
Fanny Rainey,  William Cook,  
Martha Rainey,  Nathaniel Crowder,  
Lucy Holmes,  Ludwell Tanner,   
Frances Holmes,  Daniel Waller,  
Faithy Holmes,  Sherwood Smith,  
Mary Holmes,  Abel Dortch,   
Elizabeth Holmes,  Daniel Daly,  
David Holmes,  
Martha Holmes,  Tignal Abernathy,  
David Holmes,  Elizabeth Clark,  
Elizabeth Ballard,  Cook,  
Becky Ballard,  Holloway,  
Martha Ballard,  Holloway,  
Robert Ballard,  
William Ballard,  
Faitha Ballard,  
Mary Ballard,  
Elizabeth Ballard,  Caleb Wilson,  
Rebecca Ballard,  John Davis Jr.,  
Martha Elizabeth Ballard,  John Overton,  
Faitha Gray Overton,  
William B. Overton,  
Robert Ballard,  
William Ballard,  
Catherine Ballard,  
Elizabeth Ballard,  
Anne Ballard,  
William Ballard,  
Katherine Ballard,  
Mary Ballard,  
 Robert Hubbard,  
Thomas Woodhouse,  John Flood,   George Jordan,   William Edwards,  
Humphrey Harwood,  
William Hubbard,  
Robert Hubbard,  
 William Hubbard of Halifax,  
William Byrd,  William Boyd,  
 John Hubbard of Charlotte,  
Smith Blakey,   Mary (—) Hubbard,  
 Thomas Hubbard,  
Margaret Kirk,  Rachel Street,  James Johnson,  John LaPrade,  Matthew Riddle,  
James Hubbard,  
William Hubbard,  Stephen Poe,  
Letitia Francis,  
Larkin Hubbard,  Margaret Rowlett,   
Polly Hubbard,  Jonadab George,   
Nancy Hubbard,  James Sneed,  
Sally Hubbard,  Mitchell Whitlock,  
William Hubbard,  Elizabeth Guthrey,  John Guthrey Sr.,  William Guthrey,  John Guthrey Jr.,  
Benjamin Hubbard,  
Christopher Hubbard,  
Ann Kirk Hubbard,  
Winifred Hubbard,  Moses Bond,  
Stephen Shelton Hubbard,  
 Matthew Hubbard of Lunenburg,  
Martha (—) Hubbard,  William Townes,  
Martha Hall,  
John Hubbard,  
Dudley Digges,   
Ralph Hubbard,  
Mildred Parrish,  John Rash,  Aaron Gosee,  James Jones,  John Garland,   
Charles Parrish,  
Ann Williams,  Thomas Williams,  
Lewis Lambert,  Benjamin Taylor,  Robert Blackwell,  
Sarah (—) Williams,  
Mary Hubbard,  
Matthew Parrish Hubbard,  
Matthew Hubbard,  
 John Hubbard of Cumberland and Mecklenburg,  
Mary (—) Hubbard,  Henry Martain,  Joseph Hubbard,   
Richard Hubbard,   
Thomas Lanier,  
Susanna (—) Hubbard,  Richard Russell,   John Going Sr.,  
Richard Echols,   Samuel Harris,  Francis Pearce,  
Peter Ragsdale,  William Hunt,  
 James Hubbard of Amelia,  
Elizabeth Richardson,  Reuler Richardson,  Ann Hulme,  Edmund Borum,   Benjamin Borum,   
Holloway Hubbard,  
Mary Hubbard,  
Elizabeth Hubbard,  
Sarah Hubbard,  
Dovey Hubbard,  
Cynthia Hubbard,  
 Richard Hubbard of Cumberland,  
John Watson,   
Joseph Hubbard,  Richard Parker,  
 Joseph Hubbard of Cumberland,  
John Hubbard,   
John Colquitt Sr.,  
Susanna Hubbard,  Robert Colquitt,  
Daniel Hubbard,  Sarah Pasteur,  
Joseph Hubbard,  
Stephen Hubbard,  
Thomas Hubbard,  Mary B. Swann,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Samuel Hubbard - Revolutionary War Joel Hubbard - War of 1812
Peter Hubbard - Revolutionary War Daniel Hubbard - French and Indian War
William Hubard - Revolutionary War Samuel Holmes - Revolutionary War
Josiah Hundley - Revolutionary War Isaac Holmes - Revolutionary War
Daniel Waller - Revolutionary War  

Legislators - colonial and state
James Hubbard - Virginia William Hubard - Virginia
Thomas Ballard - Virginia Col. Thomas Ballard - Virginia
Robert Hubbard - Virginia  

Members of the Virginia Council of State
Col. Thomas Ballard  

Selected sources
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Bowling, Noland Hubbard. Meet Your Ancestors—Some descendants of Robert Hubbard (ca1600-1663) Westmoreland, New Kent, Amelia, Halifax, Lunenburg, Pittsylvania Counties and Other States: Families Allied by Marriage: Arnn (Aron, Aaron), Adkins (Atkins), Clement (Clements), Fuller, Giles, Gilbert, Harris, Linthicum, Mitchell, and Pigg. Privately published. • Family of Robert Hubbard.
Dennstedt, Alberta Marjorie. “The Hendrick Family of Virginia.” The Virginia Genealogist. 37:208-217, 277-285 (1993); 38:31-42, 94-100 (1994). • Depicts the family of Adolphus Hendrick whose children included Moses Hendrick who married Ruth Echols, Rachel Hendrick who married John Gillintine, and Alice Hendrick who married Benjamin Hubbard.
Hubbard. William Stebbins. The Hubards of Virginia. Privately published, William Stebbins Hubard, Roanoke, VA (1984). • Primarily focused on the family of William Hubard.
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