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 HA   Benjamin Harrison I (-c.1645)
Although I am not a descendant of Benjamin Harrison I, some of his descendants married into my family. Consequently, I have devoted Allied Family Topic HA to his family.

Benjamin Harrison I, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Benjamin Harrison I might describe his life as follows.

I was clerk of the Council by 15 March 1633/4 when I signed a document in that capacity, and was a burgess from James City in 1642. 
The governor granted me 200 acres in Warrosquyoake (later Isle of Wight) County 7 July 1635, 600 acres in James City County 18 May 1637, and 500 acres in James City 21 March 1643/4.  I sold the 200 acres to Thomas Davis. 
I died after 1644 when I received my last patent and before 1649 when the land was in the hands of my son. My wife was Mary who married second Capt. Benjamin Sidway.

Mary Harrison Sidway made her will in Surry County leaving granddaughter Hannah Harrison a colt and John Kersey, a heifer. The rest of her estate she left to her two sons Benjamin Harrison and Thomas Sidway (will dated 1 March 1687/8  and proved 29 May 1688).

Descendants of Benjamin Harrison I
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Peter Harrison,  
 Col. Benjamin Harrison II (1645-1712),  
Hannah (—) Harrison,  
Hannah Harrison,  Philip Ludwell II,  
Benjamin Harrison III,  Elizabeth Burwell,  Col. Lewis Burwell,  
Elizabeth Harrison,  William Edwards,  
Col. Benjamin Edwards,  
Sarah Edwards,  Col. William Browne,   
Hannah Edwards,  Henry Browne,   
Lucy Edwards,  William Poythress,  
Benjamin Harrison IV,  Ann Carter,  Robert “King” Carter,  
Benjamin Harrison V,  Elizabeth Bassett,  Col. William Bassett,  
Benjamin Harrison VI,  Susanna Randolph,   Anna Mercer,  Judge James Mercer,  
Benjamin Harrison VII,  
William Henry Harrison,  
Anna Symmes,  John Cleves Symmes,  
Elizabeth Harrison,  Judge John C. Short,  
Lucy Singleton Harrison,  Judge David K. Estes,  
William Henry Harrison,  
John Scott Harrison,  
Elizabeth Short Harrison,  George S. Eaton,  
William Henry Harrison,  
Sarah Lucretia Harrison,  Thomas Jefferson Devin,  
Archibald Irwin Harrison,  
Benjamin Harrison,  
William Henry Harrison,  
Mary Jane Harrison,  
Anne Symmes Harrison,  
John Irwin Harrison,  
Carter Bassett Harrison,  
Anne Symmes Harrison,  
John Scott Harrison,  
Mary Symmes Harrison,  Dr. John Henry Fitzhugh Thornton,  
Ann Harrison,  David O’Sheils Coupland,  William Coupland,  Alice Apsley,  
Elizabeth Bassett Coupland,  Stephen Woodson Trent,   
Ann Randolph Coupland,  Isham Randolph,   
Alice Apsley Coupland,  Butler,  
William Rickman Coupland,  Emily Rose,   
Lucy Harrison Coupland,  William Alexander Gay,   
Benjamin Harrison Coupland,  Mary Cary (Peachey) Tabb,  John Yelverton Tabb,   
Theresa Anna Coupland,  William Allen Harrison,   
David O’Sheils Coupland,  Catherine Jellis,  
Susan Virginia Coupland,  Walter Travis Cocke,   
Carter Coupland,  Juliana Ruffin,   
Lucy Harrison,  Peyton Randolph,   Anthony Singleton,  
Carter Bassett Harrison,  
Mary Howell Allen,  William Allen,  
Jane Byrd,  William Byrd,  
William Allen Harrison,  Theresa Anna Coupland,   Martha Ann Cocke,   
Carter Bassett Harrison,  
Benjamin Carter Harrison,  Elizabeth Collier Harrison,  Collier Harrison,   
Mary Howell Harrison,  George William Harrison Minge,   
Ann Carter Harrison,  Richard Henry Adams,  Ann Carter Harrison,   Richard Adams,  
Ann Carter Harrison,  Richard Adams,  
Sarah Harrison,  John Minge,  
Dr. John Minge,  Mary Adams,  Dr. John Adams,   
Collier Harrison Minge,  Anna Ladd,  James D. Ladd,  
Benjamin Carter Minge,  Jane Jones Atkinson,   
Elizabeth Harrison Minge,  Hugh Nelson,  Col. William Nelson,  
George William Harrison Minge,  Mary Howell Harrison,   
Anne Mercer Minge,  David Dunlop,  
David Minge,  Elvira Adams,  Dr. John Adams,   
Elizabeth Harrison,  Dr. William Rickman,  John Edmundson,  Lucy Cocke,   
Carter Henry Harrison,  Susanna Randolph,   
Henry Harrison,  Elizabeth Avery,  Richard Avery,  Sarah —,  
Mary (—) Harrison,  Michael Wall,  
Elizabeth Harrison,  Col. Lewis Burwell,  
Peyton Harrison,  
Henry Harrison,  
Ann Carter Harrison,  Walter Cocke,   
Robert Harrison,  Elizabeth (—) Harrison,  Elizabeth Collier,  
Collier Harrison,  
Braxton Harrison,  
Nathaniel Harrison,  Mary Ruffin,   Anne Gilliam,   
Anne Harrison,  Dr. John Shore,  
Lucy Harrison,  Capt. John Stith,  
Edmund Harrison,  
Mary Murray,  James Murray,  Sterling Edmunds,   
Martha Wayles Skipwith,   
Martha Ann Harrison,  
Mary Murray Harrison,  
Nathaniel B. Harrison,  
William H. Harrison,  
Lelia Skipwith Harrison,  Rev. Pike Powers,  
Sarah Harrison,  William H. Clarke,  
Septima Harrison,  
Donald Harrison,  Mary Jane Trabue,  
Mary Harrison,  John Henry Gilliam,   
Benjamin Harrison,  
Charles Harrison,  Mary Claiborne,   
Elizabeth Harrison,  Peyton Randolph,   
Ann Harrison,  William Randolph,   
William Randolph,  
Peter Randolph,  Mary Spotswood,  Gov. Alexander Spotswood,  Mary Page,  
Harrison Randolph,  Elizabeth Starke,  
Benjamin Randolph,  
Maj. Peyton Randolph,  Lucy Harrison,   
William Randolph,  Andrews,  
Richard Kidder Randolph,  Anne Lyman,  
Peyton Randolph,  Anne Innes,  
Elizabeth Randolph,  William Berkeley,  
Anne Randolph,  Benjamin Harrison,   
Elizabeth Randolph,  Philip Ludwell Grymes,   
Lucy Randolph,  Lewis Burwell,  
Lucy Harrison,  Capt. Edward Randolph,  
Hannah Harrison,  
Sarah Harrison,  Dr. James Blair,  
Henry Harrison,  
Elizabeth Smith,  John Smith,  Frances Willis,  
Nathaniel Harrison,  
Mary (—) Harrison,  
John Willis,  
Nathaniel Harrison,  Col. Benjamin Edwards,   Mary Digges,   
Lucy Carter,  Robert “King” Carter,  
Benjamin Harrison,  Susannah Digges,   
Hannah Harrison,  Armistead Churchill,  
Elizabeth Harrison,  John Cargill,  
Elizabeth Cargill,  
Lucy Cargill,  Nicholas Massenburg,  
William Moring,  
John Massenburg,  Elizabeth Eldridge,   
Nicholas Massenburg,  
Elizabeth Massenburg,  Augustine Ogburn,  
William Massenburg,  Rebecca Ridley,  
Robert Massenburg,  
Lucy Massenburg,  John Raines Mason,   
Cargill Massenburg,  
Susanna Harrison Massenburg,  Thomas Eldridge,   
John Cargill,  Sarah Avery,  Capt. Richard Avery,  Elizabeth Avery,  Henry Harrison,   
Lucy Binns,   
Anne Jones,   William Eldridge,   
Elizabeth Cargill,  Binns Jones,   
Sarah Harrison,  James Bradby,  
Dr. Patrick Adams,  Nicholas Edmunds,  John Ruffin,  
James Bradby,  
Anne Harrison,  Edward Digges,   
Mary Harrison,  Col. James Gordon,  
Elizabeth Harrison,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
William Henry Harrison - Frontier Wars Benjamin Harrison - Civil War
William Rickman Coupland - War of 1812 David O’Sheils Coupland - War of 1812
Richard Henry Adams - War of 1812 Braxton Harrison - War of 1812
Harrison Randolph - Revolutionary War Peyton Randolph - Revolutionary War

U.S. presidents and vice presidents
William Henry Harrison Benjamin Harrison

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
Benjamin Harrison V - U.S. William Henry Harrison - U.S.
John Scott Harrison - U.S. Benjamin Harrison - U.S.
William Henry Harrison - U.S. Carter Bassett Harrison - U.S.
Peyton Randolph - U.S.  

Governors - colonial, territorial, and state
Benjamin Harrison V - Virginia William Henry Harrison - Northwest Territory and Indian Territory

Legislators - colonial and state
Benjamin Harrison I - Virginia Benjamin Harrison II - Virginia
Philip Ludwell I - Virginia Philip Ludwell II - Virginia
Philip Ludwell III - Virginia Benjamin Harrison III - Virginia
William Edwards - Virginia Benjamin Harrison IV - Virginia
Benjamin Harrison V - Virginia Benjamin Harrison VI - Virginia
William Henry Harrison - Wyoming William Henry Harrison - Indianna
Carter Bassett Harrison - Virginia William Allen - Virginia
Collier Harrison - Virginia Edmund Harrison - Virginia
Benjamin Harrison - Virginia Peyton Randolph - Virginia
William Randolph - Virginia Henry Harrison - Virginia
Nathaniel Harrison - Virginia John Cargill - Virginia

Members of the Virginia Council of State
Benjamin Harrison II Philip Ludwell I
Philip Ludwell II Philip Ludwell III
Dr. James Blair Henry Harrison
Nathaniel Harrison  

Selected sources
“Edwards Family.” Genealogies of Virginia Families from the William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1982(2):249-256. • Edwards who originated in Surry County. Includes family of William Edwards and Elizabeth Harrison.
Smith, Claiborne T. “Harrison of James River.” Historical Southern Families, 5:71-76. • Family of Benjamin Harrison.
Warner, Pauline Pearce. Benjamin Harrison of “Berkeley” - Walter Cocke of Surry - Family Records I. Tappahannock, Va., Pearce (1961). • A collection of records concerning the family of Family of Benjamin Harrison.

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