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Although I am not a descendant of Thomas Glascock, some of his descendants married into my family. Consequently, I have devoted Allied Family Topic GL to his family.

Thomas Glascock, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Thomas Glascock might describe his life as follows.

Jane and I came to Virginia before 1643, settling first on 330 acres in Warwick County, south of Williamsburg, near the James.  Following the murder of Charles I in 1649, many Royalists joined us in Virginia to escape Cromwell’s wrath. Yet we could do little but capitulate when the Parliamentary fleet sailed up the James in April 1652 to install one of Cromwell’s men as governor.
Perhaps wishing to distance ourselves from the seat of this corrupt government, Jane and I surrendered our land in Warwick in July 1652 and went to live on 600 acres on Morattico Creek in Lancaster County. 
To give you some bearings, Newport News straddles what was Warwick County. Morattico Creek is now called Lancaster Creek that has formed the boundary between today’s Richmond and Lancaster counties since 1692. We lived north of the creek in Richmond County and the births of many of our descendants are in the register of North Farnham Parish where we attended church.
No wills remain for me or Jane, but our sons were likely Thomas, Gregory, and George who lived in Richmond and Gloucester counties a generation later. A daughter may have been Grace mentioned in a record fragment.

Thomas had patents for a neighboring 280 acres on Morattico Creek in both 1662 and 1678, which are apparently the same tract, although he offered different headrights.  In 1665 his name appeared on a ledger in Lancaster County. 
We have not identified Jane.

Descendants of Thomas Glascock
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 George Glascock,  
Mary (—) Glascock,  Richard Peacock,  
 Thomas Glascock,  
Ann Nicholls,  George Nicholls,  
Ann Glascock,  Col. John Tarpley,   
Jane Glascock,  Rowland Lawson,  
Frances Glascock,  Charles Barber,   
Mary Glascock,  John Hipkins,  
Samuel Hipkins,  
George Glascock,  Million Downman,  Robert Downman,  William Downman,  
Winifred Glascock,  
William Glascock,  Esther Ball,  Capt. Richard Ball,  Sarah Young,  
Winnie Armistead,  
Million Glascock,  William Peachy,  
Samuel Peachy,  Winifred Griffin,  Elizabeth Griffin Colston,  
Samuel Peachy,  
Winifred Peachy,  Henry Armistead,  
Ann Glascock,  Dr. Andrew Robertson,  
William Glascock,  Elizabeth Chichester,  Richard Chichester,  Elizabeth Ball,  
William Chichester Glascock,  
Dr. George Glascock,  Martha Howard,  James Howard,  Mary —,  
Elizabeth Glascock,  Raleigh Downman,  Robert Downman,  Elizabeth Porteus,  
Winifred Downman,  
William Downman,  Frances Sydnor,   
Frances Porteus Downman,  
Richard Downman,  
Ellen Ball Downman,  Charles Peale Polk,  
John Glascock,  Susanna Mitchell,  Robert Mitchell,  Hannah Bell,  
Nancy Glascock,  Harding,  
Washington Glascock,  Elizabeth Downman,  Raleigh Downman,  
John Glascock,  
Priscilla Glascock,  Washington Dobyns,  
Robert Glascock,  
Joseph Glascock,  
Winifred Ball Glascock,  
Thomas Mitchell Glascock,  Ann M. Downman,  Raleigh Downman,  
Million Glascock,  William Harding,  
Priscilla Glascock,  Williamson Ball,  
Mungo Harvey,  
Alice Ball,  John Smith,  
James Harvey,  
John Harvey,  
Thomas Glascock,  Mary Ball,   
Richard Glascock,  Hannah Chichester,  Elizabeth Downer,  
Elizabeth Chichester Glascock,  
Milton Syms Glascock,  Sally Meredith Yerby,  Anna Simpson,  
Richard Glascock,  
Mary Glascock,  
Ellen Ball Glascock,  David Williams,  
Emma Downer Glascock,  William Forrest,  
Melissa Glascock,  William Lawson,  
Syms Chichester Glascock,  Elizabeth Middleton,  
Winifred Glascock,  Williamson Ball,  
Mildred Ball,  Epaphroditus Sydnor,   
Elizabeth Ball,  Townshend Dade,  
Williamson Ball,  
Maj. George Glascock,  Judith Ball,  William Ball,  Hannah Beale,  
George Glascock,  Judith Mitchell,  
Mildred Glascock,  
Susanna Glascock,  
George Glascock,  
Judith Glascock,  George Hunt,  
Sarah Glascock,  Richard Smither,   
Richard Glascock,  Frances Edmonds,  Elias Edmunds,  
William Glascock,  
Chloe Hughlett,  
William Glascock,  Elizabeth Sanford,  Susannah Sanford,  
Chloe Glascock,  
Thomas Glascock,  
John Glascock,  
Hiram Glascock,  
John Glascock,  
George Glascock,  Mary Lee,  George McDaniel,  
Judith Glascock,  John Heath,  
Thomas Glascock,  
John Glascock,  Winifred Glascock,  Samuel Peachy,  Winifred Peachy,  
Winifred Glascock,  Anthony Sydnor,  
Elizabeth Dew,   
Anthony Sydnor,  
Elizabeth Glascock,  John Tarpley,   
 Gregory Glascock,  
Mary (—) Glascock,  Richard Peacock,  
Mary Glascock,  Thomas Carpenter,  
Anne Glascock,  John Wilson,  
Thomas Glascock,  Sarah Stone,  William Stone,  
William Forrester,  John Carter,  
John Glascock,  Margaret O’Rear,  John O’Rear,  Mary —,  
Gregory Glascock,  Alice (—) Glascock,  Elizabeth Elder,  William Elder,  
Sarah Glascock,  William Taylor,  
William Glascock,  Ann Sallard,  
Gen. Thomas Glascock,  Mary Bacon,  
Gen. John Sallard Glascock,  
William Glascock,  
Gen. Thomas Glascock,  
Edmund Bacon Glascock,  
Ann Glascock,  
Blanche Glascock,  Capt. Robert Walton,  
Gregory Glascock,  
Jesse Glascock,  
Travers Glascock,  Dinah Bowles,  Phyllis (—) Bowles,  
John Glascock,  
Elizabeth Glascock,  
Thomas Glascock,  
Peter Glascock,  
George Washington Glascock,  
Sarah Glascock,  Charnel Hightower,  
William Hughes,  
Elizabeth Hightower,  William Hammond,  
Mary Hammond,  
Sarah Hightower,  
Charnel Hightower,  
Raleigh Hightower,  
Sarah Hightower,  
Gregory Hightower,  
Martha Hightower,  Upton Edmundson,  
Constant Edmundson,  
Joshua Hightower,  John Phoenix Sr.,  
Sally Hightower,  Richard Hightower,  
Gregory Hightower,  
Charnel Hightower,  Frances (—) Hightower,  John Harper,  John Edmundson,  
John Hightower,  
Thomas Hightower,  Thomas Lester,  
Frances Glascock,  Benjamin Millner,  John Millner,  Elizabeth —,  
Benjamin Millner,  
 Grace Glascock,  
 Joshua Hightower (-1772),  
Sarah Glascock,   
Susanna (—) Hightower,  
Agnes Hightower,  
Charnel Hightower,  
Charnel Hightower,  
Katherine Hightower,  Merryman Thorn,  
Jane Thorn,  
Susanna Thorn,  
Thomas Thorn,  
Ann Thorn,  
Katherine Thorn,  
Betty Thorn,  
Merryman Thorn,  
Joshua Thorn,  
Lettice Hightower,  William Jones,  
Joseph Hightower,  
Susanna Hightower,  
Robert Hightower,  
Tavenor Hightower,  
Epaphroditus Hightower,  
Ann Hightower,  John Hammond,  
Katherine Hammond,  
John Hammond,  
Ann Hammond,  
Ann Hammond,  
Winifred Hammond,  
Joshua Hammond,  
Susanna Hammond,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Dr. George Glascock - Revolutionary War Washington Glascock - War of 1812
Robert Glascock - War of 1812 William Glascock - Revolutionary War
Gen. Thomas Glascock - Revolutionary War Gen. Thomas Glascock - War of 1812

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
Gen. Thomas Glascock - U.S.  

Legislators - colonial and state
Capt. Williamson Ball - Virginia Thomas Glascock - Virginia
George Glascock - Virginia William Glascock - Georgia
Gen. Thomas Glascock - Georgia Gen. John Sallard Glascock - North Carolina
Gen. Thomas Glascock - Georgia George Washington Glascock - Texas

Names on the map
Glascock County, Georgia, named for Thomas Glascock Georgetown, Texas, named for George Washington Glascock
Glascock County, Texas, named for George Washington Glasscock  

Selected sources
Glassco, Lawrence A. The Glas(s)cock—Glassco Saga. n.p. 1975. • Family of Thomas Glascock.
Glassco, Lawrence A. The Glas(s)cocks of England and America. n.p. 1984. • Family of Thomas Glascock.
Pelayo, Myrtle Kershaw. “Glascock Lineage.” Historical Southern Families, 4:46-47. • Brief outline of family of Thomas Glascock. It reports that Thomas and Jane were the parents of 5 children, incorrectly including Mary Carpenter who was of a later generation, and falsely ascribing a large family to George. Nor have we confirmed a daughter was Grace Glascock. Another son was likely Richard Glascock of Gloucester County.

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