Allied Family Topic G2

 G2   Edward Goode I (c.1645-)
Although I am not a descendant of Edward Goode I, some of his descendants married into my family. Consequently, I have devoted Allied Family Topic G2 to his family.

Edward Goode I, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Edward Goode I might describe his life as follows.

I was possibly the Edward Goode who was a headright for Solomon Knibb when he secured a patent to land on the north side of the James River and Bailey Creek in 1667. 
My family lived along Four Mile and White Oak creeks north of the James River, neighbors of the Hatcher, Pleasants, and Matthews families. If we were related to the family of John Goode who lived south of the James at “Whitby,” I don’t know how.
I must have been born about 1645 because I testified I was 30 years old in 1677 and 40 in 1684. 
My wife was likely Margaret who joined me in 1678 to witness a deed for Margaret Horner who was deeding her property into a trust before her marriage to John Ball.  Since I couldn’t read and write, I made my mark as an E.
Looking for reasonably-priced medical care in 1678, Benjamin Hatcher sought the aid of my wife, a good nurse who promised to heal a sore on his hand and leave the price up to him. Hatcher replied that for a cure he, “would give honest satisfaction.” 
In 1683 my wife cured John Stewart, of “Curles,” who had promised to pay her 600 pounds of tobacco. I sued Stewart when he didn’t pay, but the amount was so inconsequential, the court refused to hear the case. 
I was likely dead by 1729 when our son no longer appeared as Edward Goode Jr. 

Virginia Cousins merges the families of Edward and John Goode. Edward was about 15 years junior to John Goode.
The tithable list of Henrico County for 1679 included Edward Goode at “Curles.” 
In 1708, when John Pleasants, a Quaker, sold some land, Edward Goode, witnessed the deed. 

Descendants of Edward Goode I
Information about the children of Edward Goode I, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 John Goode,  
John Dawson,  
Thomas Merrill,  Mary (—) Goode,  Francis Amos,  Benjamin Bradshaw,  Francis Baker,  Thomas Word,  Tucker Woodson,  
Susanna (—) Goode,  
Benjamin Goode,  
Samuel Goode,  
Benjamin Goode,  Betty (—) Goode,  Betty Hobson,  
Joseph Goode,  
Thomas Goode,  
Elizabeth Goode,  Thomas Matthews,  
Rev. John Goode,  
Daniel Brown,  George Robertson,   William Purdue Jr.,  
Sarah Brown,  George Brown,  
Benjamin Goode,  Martha (Lewis) Robertson,  Lodowick Robertson,   
Joseph Goode,  Judith Watkins,  Rev. Benjamin Watkins,  
Mackarness Goode,  Sarah Gates,  
William Goode,  
Joseph Goode,  Sarah Ann Adkins,  Mary (—) Adkins,  Catherine A. Bass,  
Daniel B. Goode,  Demaris —,  
Celia Goode,  Samuel Wilkinson,  
Martha Goode,  Samuel Wilkinson,  
Mary Goode,  Elisha Bailey,   
Rev. Edmund Goode,  Patience Moseley Rucks,   
Tarpley Goode,  Tabitha Obedience Cheatham,   
Mary Goode,  Townes Binns,  
Susanna Goode,  Benjamin Farmer,   
Sarah Goode,  Rev. Boswell Traylor,   
Col. William Goode,  Phoebe Bass,   Rev. Eleazer Clay,   
Ann Goode,  David Ford,  
Reuben Ford,  
John Ford,  
Enoch Ford,  Ann Dodson,  William Dodson,  Mary Franklin,   
David Ford,  
Polly Ford,  
Nancy Ford,  
Betsy Ford,  
Catherine Ford,  
Robert Goode,  Ann Cheatham,   
Mary Watkins,  Mary (—) Watkins,  
Mary Goode,  
Emeline C. Goode,  Samuel Wilkinson,  
Matilda P. Goode,  Edmund P. Wilkinson,  
Francis Walthall Goode,  Mary E. Watkins,  Francis Watkins,  
John Goode,  Martha Walthall Cheatham,   
Margaret Goode,  Jesse Butler,  
Elizabeth Goode,  Williamson Pitman,  
George Goode,  
Sarah Goode,  
Thomas Goode,  John Oakley,  
Edward Goode,  
John Goode,  
Daniel Goode,  Susanna Johnson,  Robert Johnson,  
Charles Goode,  Sarah Ann Evans,  
John Goode,  Mary Goode,  Samuel Goode,   
Thomas Goode,  
Susanna Goode,  John Clarke,  
 Edward Goode II (-1761),  
John Matthews,  Henry Matthews,  Edward Matthews,  
Thomas Pleasants,  Joseph Pleasants,  
Samuel Morton,   Charles Woodson,  Agnes Woodson,  Samuel Bugg,  Elizabeth (Woodson) Morton,   Thomas Morton,  Richard Woodson,  Ann Smith,  
William Archer,   William Clarke,  
Edward Goode III,  Judith Morton,   
Joseph Goode,  
Martha Redford,   Joseph Gill Jr.,  
Margaret Goode,  
Jeremiah Hatcher,   
Thomas Goode,  William Frayser,  Mary Pleasants,  Joseph Pleasants,  
Elizabeth (—) Goode,  
Judith Goode,  Jordan,  
Elizabeth Goode,  Matthews,  
Frances Goode,  Sharpe,  
Thomas Goode,  
Joseph Goode,  
Samuel Goode,  
Agnes Goode,  
 Joseph Goode,  
William Britton,  Robert Goode,  
Anderson Britton,  Obadiah Smith Jr.,  Ann Duvall,  
William Goode,  Thomas Goode,   Bennett Goode,   
Marie Morrisett,  John Morrisett,  Anderson Britton,  
Margaret Morrisett,  David Morrisett,  
Bennett Goode,  
Martha (Cocke) Pleasants Bennett,  Joseph Pleasants,  Edward Bennett,  
Thomas Childers,  Thomas Pleasants,  
Jane (—) Pleasants,  Richard Randolph,  Abraham Childers,  Henry Sharp,  James Sharp,  
Joseph Goode,  
Sarah Goode,  
Susanna Goode,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Benjamin Goode - War of 1812 Mackarness Goode - War of 1812
Daniel Good - War of 1812  

Selected sources
“Goode Family Bible.” The Southside Virginian. 3:107-109 (1985). • Family Bible of Rev. John Goode.
West, Edward H. “Rev. John Goode of Chesterfield County, Virginia.” National Genealogical Society Quarterly. 47:81-83 (1957). • Covers the family of Rev. John Goode.
West, Edward H. “Some of the Descendants of Edward Goode.” National Genealogical Society Quarterly. 45:211-214 (1957). • Speaks to the family of Edward Goode.

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