Allied Family Topic G1

 G1   John Goode I (c.1632-1709)
Although I am not a descendant of John Goode I, some of his descendants married into my family. Consequently, I have devoted Allied Family Topic G1 to his family.

John Goode I, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, John Goode I might describe his life as follows.

I was born about 1632 since I swore I was 72 years of age in 1704.  I went to Barbados in 1645-50 where I married first Martha, and we were the parents of Samuel. I and my second wife, Ann, lived at “Whitby” in Henrico County.
With William Hatcher, I was a supporter of Nathaniel Bacon during his rebellion.  The tithable list of Henrico County for 1679, which was made to comply with “An act for the defence of the country against the incursions of the Indian Enemy,” included Mr. John Goode. 
In 1681 Ann and I sold a 200-acre portion of “Whitby” to William Stowers and William Giles.  With John Stowers I secured a patent to 888 acres on the south side of the James in Henrico County 23 October 1690.  My eldest son, Samuel, would later hold this tract. Among my headrights were me and first wife, Martha. Since I paid the fare for no children, they were evidently all born in Virginia.
I was a surveyor of the highways from as early as in 1683 until April 1690 when I recommended William Blackman to succeed me, describing myself as “being now ancient.” 
As John Goode Sr. I paid quit rents on 600 acres in Henrico County in 1704.  Later that year John Trent sold me 109 acres on the north side of Falling Creek. 
I made my will in Henrico County 9 November 1708 remembering my wife, Ann, and was dead by 1 April 1709. 

John’s 1st wife, Martha, was traditionally Martha Mackarness. Ann, the 2nd wife, is said to be Ann Bennett, for the name Bennett appeared in later generations. Yet there is no evidence for either.

Chesterfield County, an Old Virginia County, describes “Whitby” and the Goodes who owned it as follows. 

The nearest of these neighbors [in Chesterfield County] was John Goode who owned property adjoining the Falls Plantation. There he subsequently built a dwelling and gave the estate the name, “Whitby.”
The two estates were separated by Stony Creek, which subsequently was named Goode’s Creek. The first Goode had reached Virginia in 1650 and was on of the ardent Baconists. Just when he erected his Chesterfield home is not recorded.
“Whitby” was an English type dwelling house with dormer windows and brick chimney at each end. The original house, which was used as a Confederate hospital was destroyed about the end of the Civil War, was on high ground overlooking the river and the original plantation contained 5,000 acres at one time. At “Whitby” several generations of Goodes bred fine race horses and there they built on of Chesterfield’s earliest private race courses. A stone barn, now falling prey to the elements, still stands near the former seat to the Goodes, whose contributions to Chesterfield history are outstanding.

Genealogical notes
In 1887 G. Brown Goode published Virginia Cousins, A Study of the Ancestry and Posterity of John Goode of Whitby. While the book includes much valuable information derived from correspondence with Mr. Goode’s “Virginia cousins,” it suffers in several regards. First, it errs in the arrangement of early Goode generations. Mr. Goode evidently did not examine early wills and deeds that would have shed light on the Colonial Goode connections. Second, the book contains many inconsistences, some of which Mr. Goode attempted to correct during the phased printing, only to add more confusion. Third, Mr. Goode inserted a 23-page fine-print addendum that has many errors itself.
The most serious error in Virginia Cousins is that Mr. Goode failed to recognize that two men named Goode were in Henrico County early on—John Goode below the James and Edward Goode on Four Mile Creek above. Edward was about 15 years junior to John. Mr. Goode identifies the “Henrico Goodes” but places them as descendants of John Goode. When he learns from descendants that Rev. John Goode was a son of Edward Goode and was born on Four Mile Creek, he places an Edward Goode as a son of Samuel Goode, although no such man appears in Samuel’s will.
Although it is clear that Rev. Goode belongs to Edward Goode, it is peculiar that he names a son Mack Goode.
According to Virginia Cousins, John Goode was born in the north of Cornwall, either at Whitstone or Whitley, the son of Richard Goode and Joan Downe, and brother of Richard Goode of Rappahannock County.  Yet John is undoubtedly a brother of “Marmaduke Goode, of Upton, in Berkshire, Clerk [minister]” whose will places one of his brothers named John in Virginia (will dated 5 Sept. 1678 and proved 20 Feb. 1678/9). 
Not reported in Virginia Cousins is the Barbados 1659 will of John Mackarness who mentions “friend John Goode.”
This Allied Family Topic attempts to meld the finer aspects of Mr. Goode’s publication with an examination of original documents. It is intended only to help identify those members of the Goode family who married into mine.

Descendants of John Goode I
Information about the children of John Goode I, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 Samuel Goode (-1735),  
Martha Jones,   
Walter Scott,  William Byrd,  Philip Smith Jr.,  
John Reed,  
Samuel Goode,  
Thomas Jones,   Charles Cheatham,   Judah Israel,  William Watkins,  Elias Downs,  Philip Goode,   John Childers,  
William Ligon,   Thomas Williamson,  Gideon Johnson,  Charles Johnson,  Warren Walker,   William Walker,   Richard Childers,   John Ellington,   William Wray,  
Susanna (—) Goode,  Branch Tanner,   Abraham Womack,  John Watkins,  Charles Rice,  Thomas Osborne,   
Robert Goode,  Sarah Collier,  
John Collier Goode,  Dorothy Venable,  Charles Venable,  
Robert Goode,  
Susannah R. Goode,  John Hendricks Osborne,   
Mary Goode,  Byrd Brown,  
Lucy Goode,  Richard Haden,  Anthony Haden,  
Sarah Goode,  
Frances Goode,  Stith Farley,  
Anne Goode,  
Elizabeth Goode,  
Joseph Goode,  
Thomas Goode,  Elizabeth Leveston Farley,  
Mary A.E. Goode,  Thomas Vaughan,  
Louisa Goode,  Albert Farley,  
Robert Joseph Goode,  
Wesley Goode,  
Maria Frances Goode,  William Lindsay Blanton,   
William Walker Ligon,   
Henry L. Goode,  Harriet Davis,  
Benjamin Vaughan,  
Thomas Goode,  
Elizabeth Goode,  
Samuel Goode,  
William Goode,  Agnes (Holloway) Venable,  Charles Venable,  Nathaniel Holloway,  
Philip Goode,  
Thomas Osborne,   
Frances Smith,  John Smith,  Rebecca Cogbill,   
Abner May,  Joseph Collier,  
Henry Reese,  Sarah Smith,  
Thomas Goode,  Elizabeth Royall Jones,   
Maria Goode,  Capt. John Eubank,  Wyatt H. Pettus,  Harriet F. Eubank,  
Frances S. Goode,  John Wood,  
Elizabeth Goode,  Furney Coleman,  
Nancy Goode,  William Mann,  
Sally Goode,  Clement Old,  
Seymour S. Old,  
Philip S. Old,  
Robert F. Old,  
Frances S. Old,  
Rebecca Goode,  Reps Osborne,   
Prudence Goode,  Bernard Hendrick,  Benjamin Hendrick,  
Andrew Moorman,  
Robert Hendrick,  
Garland Hendrick,  Ann Webster,  Anthony Webster,  Phoebe Hendrick,  
Calvin Hendrick,  
Bernard Goode Hendrick,  
Ann Goode,  William Pride Daniel,  William Daniel,  
Samuel Daniel,  Martha Friend,   
John Daniel,  Spencer,  Frances Anderson Dupuy,   
William Pride Daniel,  
Hezekiah Goode Daniel,  Mary Lefevre Watkins,  Benjamin Watkins,   Susannah Dupuy,   
Susanna Daniel,  Capt. Nathaniel William Fuqua,  
Mary Daniel,  Joseph Goode,  
Ann Daniel,  
Sally Daniel,  
Lucy Daniel,  
Elizabeth Daniel,  Richard Gaines,  
Sarah Goode,  Claiborne Barksdale,  Jane Morton,   
Lucy Barksdale,  Edmund Tate,  
Susanna Barksdale,  David Crenshaw,  Cornelius Crews,  
Sarah Barksdale,  Dabney Collier,  
William Barksdale,  
Capt. Grief Barksdale,  Mary Anne Elliott,  Andrew Elliott,  
Sarah Anne Barksdale,  John W. Bagwell,  
Charlotte Ella Barksdale,  Samuel Hannah,  
William Henry Barksdale,  
Mary Ellen Barksdale,  Thomas Tyler Bouldin,   
Eliza Lavalette Barksdale,  William P. Dickinson,  
Claiborne Grief Barksdale,  
Arabella Barksdale,  
Lucy Jane Barksdale,  Henry Edwin Edmunds,   
Nancy Elliott Barksdale,  William Townes,   
Susan Emmet Barksdale,  William Townes,   
Benjamin Pollard,  
Samuel Goode,  Mary Collier,  John Collier,  Elizabeth Meredith,  
Robert Ritchey,  John Venable,  
Mackarness Goode,  Mary Anderson,   
William Ware,  
Elizabeth Goode,  Thomas Steger,  
Mary Steger,  Armistead Adams,  
Maria G. Steger,  Anderson Pride,   
Edward Worsham,   
Julia Franklin Steger,  John T. Pride,   
Harriet C. Steger,  Wade M. Steger,  
Louisa Steger,  Garland Hendricks,  
Thomas T. Steger,  Elizabeth A. —,  
Mackness Goode Steger,  Lucy Ann St. Clair,  
Wade Steger,  
Ann Goode,  Gaines Goode,  
Mary Goode,  Churchill Anderson,  
Garland Goode,  
Walden Goode,  
Mackarness Goode,  
William Goode,  Phoebe (—) Goode,  William Murray,  
Edward Elam,  William Elam,  
Paul Carrington,   Edward Elam,  John Marshall,  
Rev. John Cameron,   
John Goode,  
William Goode,  
Edmund Goode,  Sarah Branch,   
Mackarness Goode,  Mary Moseley,   
Philip Goode,  Thomas Jones,   William Hudspeth,  Anne Jones,   
Mackarness Goode,  
Isaac Garrett,  John Hudson,  John Tabb,   
Reps Osborne,   Sarah (—) Goode,  
James Watkins,  
Samuel Goode,  Samuel Goode,   Martha Goode,  Thaddeus Holt,  Caroline Goode,  Alfred Iverson,  
Mackarness Goode,  
Margaret Goode,  
John Goode,  
Samuel Goode,   James Fears,  William Wray,  
Frances Goode,  John Elam,  
Martha Goode,  John Elam,  Martha (Archer) Dudley,   
Samuel Elam,  
 Ursula (Goode) Branch Scott,  
Samuel Branch,   
Walter Scott,  
Thomas Green,   Henry Cary,  
Robert Goode,   
Walter Scott,  Agnes Martin,  James Martin,  
Henry Cary,  
Walter Scott,  Peter Johnson,  
Agnes (—) Scott,  
Elizabeth Scott,  
Lt. William Scott,  Elizabeth Wade,  
Ursula Goode Scott,  Alexander Price,  
Elizabeth Scott,  John Haynes,  
Elizabeth Haynes,  
William Scott Haynes,  
Henry Haynes,  
Mary T. Haynes,  
Malcolm Decatur Haynes,  
Harriet Amanda Haynes,  
Susan Marion Haynes,  
John Haynes,  
James M. Haynes,  
Mary Scott,  David Street,  
James Parke Street,  Sarah —,  
Elizabeth Abbott Street,  
Mary Stokes Street,  
Waddy Street,  Martha Forrest,  
Susan Frances Street,  Dr. John Thomas Merryman,  
Leneas Scott,  
Mary Ann Scott,  
Wilmouth S. Scott,  
Susan Marion Scott,  Peter W. Street,  
Walter Scott,  Sarah Nichols,  
James Winfree,   
James Scott,  Margaret (—) Booker,  Richard Booker,   
Martha Currie Goode,   
Andrew Scott,  Phoebe Flournoy,  
Ann Scott,  James Winfree,   
Jane Scott,  Thomas Scruggs,  
Susanna Scott,  
Martha Scott,  
Ursula Scott,  
Elizabeth Scott,  
Ursula Scott,  William Martin,  James Martin,  
Ursula (—) Martin,  Walter Scott,   
Robert McTyre,  
James Martin,  
Francis Reaves Martin,  
William Martin,  
Mary Martin,  Anderson,  
Reaves Scott,  
William Scott,  John Cousins,  
Andrew Scott,   
Ann Scott,  
Mary Scott,  John Fore,  Henry Cary,  
Moses Fokran,  Susanna (—) Fokran,  Anthony Burney,  
Elizabeth Fore,  
Mary Fore,  
John Fore,  Sarah Howlett,   
Elizabeth Scott,  Mullins,  
William Scott,  
Martha Scott,  
 Robert Goode (-1718),  
Elizabeth Branch,   
 John Goode II (c.1675-c.1720),  
Mary Harris,   
 Catherine (Goode) Roberts Gee,  
John Roberts,  Philip Purcell,  John Green,  
Gilbert Gee,   
John Roberts,  
Jane (—) Roberts,  James Harris,  
Francis Roberts,  
Humphrey Roberts,  
John Roberts,  
Polly Roberts,  Josiah Chandler,  
Susanna Roberts,  John Bruce,  Lucy Munday,  Jesse Munday,  Nancy Bruce,  Harriet Bruce,  James Bruce,  Susanna Bruce,  
Sarah Bruce,  William Webb,  
Mary Bruce,  John Cox,  
Martha Bruce,  Ephraim Crews,  
Tabitha Bruce,  John Light Jr.,  
Rachel Bruce,  Rev. James H. Hall,  
Moses Roberts,  Anne Watkins,   
Jane Roberts,  Thomas Owen,  
Nancy Roberts,  Edward Hall,  
Susanna Roberts,  Benjamin Anderton,  
William Roberts,  James Daniel Jr.,  
Daniel Roberts,  John Owen,  Simon Holt,  
Margaret (—) Roberts,  
John B. Scott,  
Peter Roberts,  Sarah Slaughter,  Ezekiel Slaughter,  
Thomas Roberts,  
Jane Roberts,  Richard Wooldridge,   
Molly Roberts,  George Anderton,  
Richard Ashlock,  
Betty Roberts,  
Sarah Roberts,  John Fulkerson,  
Francis Roberts,  
Prudence Roberts,  
 Elizabeth (Goode) Blackman,  
John Blackman,   
 Susanna Goode,  
 Anne Goode,  
 Thomas Goode (-1718),  
Francis James,  
 Joseph Goode (-c.1763),  
Francis James,  
Jane Clarke,   
 Frances Goode,  
 Mary (Goode) Wiley,  
John Wiley,  
Daniel Stewart,   
 Martha Goode,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
John Hendrick Osborne - War of 1812 Stith Farley - War of 1812
Philip Goode - French and Indian War Clement Old - War of 1812
Dabney Collier - War of 1812 Grief Barksdale - War of 1812
Mackarness Goode - French and Indian War  

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
Alfred Iverson - U.S.  

Legislators - colonial and state
Alfred Iverson - Georgia Thomas Roberts - Virginia

Selected sources
“Barksdale Family Bible.” The Southside Virginian. 3:106-7 (1984). • Family Bible of Claiborne Barksdale who married Sarah Goode and Jane Morton.
Goode, G. Brown. Virginia Cousins - A Study of the Ancestry and Posterity of John Goode of Whitby. Bridgewater, Va.: C.J. Carrier Company, 1967. • Family of John Goode.
Goode, Rose Chambers. Yesterday When it is Past. Richmond: The William Byrd Press, Inc., 1957. • Includes some very well-presented material on some descendants of John Goode.
“Will of Philip Goode of Amelia County (1821).” Virginia Will Records from the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, the William and Mary College Quarterly, and Tyler’s Quarterly. Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 1982:734-5. • Will of Philip Goode.

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