Allied Family Topic G

 G   Thomas Green II
Although I am not a descendant of Thomas Green II, some of his descendants married into my family. Consequently, I have devoted Allied Family Topic G to his family.

Thomas Green II, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Thomas Green II might describe his life as follows.

They called me the “Seagull” because I was born on a ship in the Atlantic after my parents, Thomas and Martha Green, left England for America. My two sisters, who were also on the voyage, married in Virginia—one a man named Eaton and the other, one named Blocksom.
I married Martha Filmer, the daughter of Maj. Henry Filmer, a British military officer, and his wife Elizabeth. We were the parents of 5 sons and 3 daughters, most of whom settled in Southside Virginia.

Henry Filmer was a member of the House of Burgesses from James City County (1642-43, 1666-67). 

Descendants of Thomas Green II
Information about the children of Thomas Green II, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 John Green,  
Elizabeth —,  
Thomas Green,  
Elizabeth Green,  Payne,  
 Thomas Green III (c.1665-c.1735),  
Elizabeth Marston,  Thomas Marston,  Elizabeth Marvell,  
Walter Scott,   
William Green,   
Abraham Green,   
Thomas Green,   
Timothy Murrill,  Abraham Green,   Marston Green,   Thomas Green,   
Thomas Cowles III,  James Tucker Sr.,  James Tucker Jr.,  Robert Coleman,  William Bevill,  
John Cowles,  William Edwards,  William Claiborne,  
Edward Walker,  John Tabb,   Cowles Meade,  
Thomas Cowles IV,  
William Marston Cowles,  
Martha Cowles,  William Stith,  William Meade,  Cowles Meade,  
John Coleman,  
Mary Cowles,  William Brodnax,   Mary Ward,   
Mary Brodnax,  Munford,  Mary Munford,  Judge John Schely,  William Schley,  
Elizabeth Green,  Dawson,  Leonard Cheatham,   
Samuel Dawson,  Martha Jones,  Thomas Jones,  
Thomas Dawson,  Mary Ann Clay,   
John Dawson,  
Samuel Jones Dawson,  
Priscilla Dawson,  Irwin Jones,  
Martha Dawson,  Clay,  
William Green,  
Lucy Green,  Henry Clay,   
William Marshall,   
Martha Green,  Charles Clay,   
Thomas Green,  Martha Wills,  Filmer Wills,  Ann Harwood,  William Harwood,  
Robert Taylor Jr.,  John Tabb,   
David Hawks,  John Wills,  
Robert Powell,  John Coleman,  John Old,   
Peter Fontaine,  Abraham Smith,  Robert Mann,  
Richard Apperson,  Abraham Green,   William Wills Green,   Matthew Sims,  
John Bolton,  
Thomas Marston Green,  
Rebecca Green,  Francis Jones,  Philip Jones,  William Marable,  
Harwood Jones,  
Elizabeth Marvell Jones,  Ray,  
Martha Wills Jones,  Thomas Spraggins,  
Francis Jones,  
Capt. Marston Green,  Matthew Ornsby,  Matthew Cabanis,   
John LeGrand,  Richard Brown,  
Elizabeth Apperson,  Samuel Apperson,  Robert Wooding,  
Archibald Yarbrough,   
Lucy (—) Green,  
Col. Grief Green,  Rebecca Mayo,   
Ann Margaret (Gordon) Knox,   
Henry Green,  
Mary Green,  James Harper,  
Marston Green Harper,  
Elizabeth Harper,  
Lucy Harper,  
Joel Brown Harper,  
 Elizabeth (Green) Crawley,  
John Crawley,  
Nathaniel Crawley,  
Martha Crawley,  Thomas Cole,  
Elizabeth Crawley,  Thomas Binns,  
Priscilla Binns,  Thomas Hardy,  
Elizabeth Binns,  Robert Hunnicutt,  
Martha Binns,  John Hunnicutt,  Robert Hunnicutt,  
Ann Binns Hunnicutt,  Rowland Holt,  
Thomas Hunnicutt,  Mary Clinch,  William Clinch Jr.,  
Robert Binns Hunnicutt,  Elizabeth Barham,  Joseph Barham,  
William Hunnicutt,  Elizabeth Smally,  John Smally,  
Hannah Crawley,  
Mary Crawley,  Samuel Tarry,   Mary Booker,   
Robert Crawley,  William Townsend,  
Gracey Tarry,  Gideon Flournoy,   
Elizabeth Tarry,  
Thomas Tarry,  
Samuel Tarry,  
 Rebecca (Green) Condon Marston,  
Condon,  Thomas Marston,  Thomas Green,   
Mary Condon,  William Booker,   
William Cary,  
William Marston,  
Elizabeth Marston,  Thomas Duke,  
Marston Duke,  Charles Henry Cox,  Sarah (—) Duke,  
Susannah Duke,  Michael Sherman,  
Marston Duke Sherman,  Judith (—) Sherman,  
Joyce Duke,  
Elizabeth Sherman,  
Joseph Sherman,  
Sarah Duke,  John Lloyd,  
Mary Duke,  John Crawford,  
Thomas Marston,  Rebecca —,  
Martha Marston,  
John Marston,  
 Mary (Green) Wilkerson Walker,  
James Wilkerson,  Thomas Walker,  
Priscilla Wilkerson,  
Sarah Wilkerson,  
Thomas Walker,  
Elizabeth Walker,  
 Abraham Green (c.1705-c.1783),  
John Tally,  Judah Israel,  William Harrison,  John Willson,   
John Tucker,  Nicholas Dyson,  
Elizabeth Cowles,  Thomas Cowles I,  
Richard Timberlake,  Ann (—) Blunt,  Richard Blunt,   
Thomas Green,   
Lawrence Wills,  
Sarah Green,  Jeremiah Keen,  Henry Clay,   
Abraham Green Keen,  Tabb,  
William Keen,  Mary Pleasants,   
Col. Abraham Green,  Elizabeth Browne,   
Martha Armistead,  Gill Armistead,  Elizabeth Allen,  
Abraham Armistead Green,  Elizabeth Aubion Cocke,  James Powell Cocke,   Mary Lewis,  
Rosalie Martha Green,  Dr. Richard Field Taylor,  
Walter Allen Watson,   
Elizabeth Allen Ambler Green,  Dr. Richard Herbert Cocke,   William Booth,  
Susanna Green,  John Winn,  Henry Vaden,  Judith (Old) Hawks,   
William Wills Green,  Martha Archer,   
Samuel Whitworth,  Michael Watson,  David Watson,  Edward Bevill,   James Southall,  John Humphries,   James Oliver,   Peter Oliver,  Mary —,  Asa Oliver,   James Tucker,  John Hightower,  Robert Tucker,  
John Humphries,   Francis Moore Neal,   James Westbrook,  Asa Oliver,   John Keeton,  William Wills,   
Mary (Hinton) Poindexter,  Philip Poindexter,   
Elizabeth (—) Sydnor,  
William Green,  
Lewis Green,  
Capt. Archibald Green,  Judith Taylor,  Howell Taylor,  
Howell Green,  
Armistead Green,  
James Green,  
Elizabeth Green,  
Abram Green,  
Lewis Green,  
Rebecca W. Green,  David Almond,  
Abraham Green,  Ann Coleman,  James Wray Oliver,   
Sally Archer Green,  William R.B. Clements,  
John Coleman Green,  
James Lewis Green,  
Abraham Keen Green,  Martha F. Jordan,  
Sarah Green,  Neal,  
Martha Green,  James Hayes,  
Elizabeth Hayes,  
Martha Hayes,  
Susan Green,  Thomas Anderson Feild,   Abraham Green Keen,   
Mary Green,  Edward Dodson,  
Rebecca Cowles Green,  
Elizabeth Green,  Col. James Wray Oliver,   
Obedience Obey Green,  William Green,   
Richard Foster,  Capt. Samuel Overton,   Wilmoth Worsham,   
Lt. Willis Green,  
Cowles Green,  
Elizabeth Cowles Green,  Alexander McNabb,  Col. George Pegram,  
Matthew Green,  John Willson,  
Ann Dowson,  Joseph Bilbo,  
Elizabeth Rebecca Green,  Filmer Wills,  
Jeremiah Keen,   Susanna (—) Wills,  William Davis,  
William Wills,  May Watkins,  William Wills Green,   Lucy (Green) Dunn,  
Elizabeth Wills,  Thomas Whitworth,  
Filmer Wills,  
 Filmer Green,  
Mary Walker,  
Susannah Green,  
Mary Green,  
Edmund Green,  
Henry Filmer Green,  
Ann Green,  Solomon Hood,  Abraham Green,   
Elizabeth Green,  
 William Green (-c.1747),  
Amey Clay,   
 Thomas Green (-1794),  
Joel Meadows,  James Loving,  
Joseph Freeman,  Mary (—) Green,  Abraham Green,   William Parker,  Peggy —,  William Green,  
Abraham Burton,   Thomas Trice,  Edmund Taylor,  
William Wills Green,   Peter Overby,   
Henry Green,  Molly Vaughan,  
Lewis Green,  Elizabeth Crawley,  
 Thomas Green,  
Nancy Wood,   
 Thomas Green (-1792) of Amherst County,  
Zachariah Compton,  
Anna Green,  
Elizabeth Green,  Benjamin Meador,  
Claiborne Foster,  Edward Green,  Nancy Green,  
Leroy Meador,  
Benjamin Meador,  
Hezekiah Meador,  Mary Avery,  
William Meador,  
Thomas Meador,  Nancy Johnson,  Richard Johnson,  
Byearn Meador,  
Willson Meador,  
Amey Meador,  Joshua Noble,  
Mannah Meador,  John M. Smithey,  
Betsy Meador,  Jeremiah Atkinson,  
Nancy Meador,  William Burton,  
John Green,  
Thomas Green,  
 Thomas Green of Prince Edward County,  
Peter Davis,  John Popham,  William Green,  
Ann Berryman,  Lucy Davis,  
Berryman Green,  Thomas Read,   Ann Pritchard,  Anthony Pritchard,  
Owen London,  
Nancy Terry,   
Anthony Green,  
Ann Pritchard Green,  John Barksdale,  Dudley Barksdale,  
Hulda Green,  
Lucy M. Green,  Stephen Davenport,  
Hannah Jones Green,  
Thomas Embry Green,  Elizabeth Julia Booker,   
William Booker Green,  Anne Elizabeth Read,   
Anne (Carrington) Fontaine,   
Judge Berryman Green,  
Albert Gallatin Green,  Sarah E. —,  
Carlos Green,  
Ann Flournoy Green,  
Rosanna Green,  James Omohundro,  
Lucy Davis Green,  Daniel Wade,  
Elizabeth Green,  Hampton Wade,  
Davis Green,  Ann Towler,  Joseph Towler,  
Parrish Green,  Martha Wade,  
Liberty Green,  Peggy Brent,  
Peter Green,  Elizabeth Terry,   
James Green,  Martha Medley,  Mehetabelle Medley,  
 Henry Green (-1776) of Hurricane Swamp,  
Lucy Stone,   
John Ware,  
Elizabeth Green,  Hammond,  
Anne Green,  Lawson,  
John Green,  
Martha Green,  John Jones,  
Mary Green,  Whitehead,  
Milly Green,  Harper,  
Fanny Green,  
George Green,  
Lucy Green,  Knacy Howard Andrews,  
Ephraim Andrews,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Thomas Green - French and Indian War Henry Green - Mexican War
Henry Green - Civil War William Wills Green - Revolutionary War
Richard Foster - French and Indian War Willis Green - Revolutionary War
Benjamin Meador - French and Indian War Benjamin Meador - Revolutionary War
Berryman Green - Revolutionary War Davis Green - War of 1812

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
Cowles Meade - U.S. Thomas Marston Green - U.S.

Governors - colonial, territorial, and state
Cowles Meade - Mississippi  

Legislators - colonial and state
Maj. Henry Filmer - Virginia Cowles Meade - Mississippi
Thomas Cowles I - Virginia Dr. Richard Field Taylor - Virginia
Armistead Green - Virginia Lewis Green - Virginia
Berryman Green - Virginia  

Officers and trustees of Hampden-Sydney College
Richard Foster  

Names on the map
Meadeville, Mississippi, named for Cowles Meade  

Selected sources
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Southall, Rev. S.O. “Green Family.” Genealogies of Virginia Families from the Tyler’s Quarterly Historical and Genealogical Magazine. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1981(3):130-136. • Families of Abraham Green and of William Green who married Amey Clay.
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