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 EP   Francis Epes
Although I am not a descendant of Francis Epes, some of his descendants married into my family. Consequently, I have devoted Allied Family Topic EP to his family.

Francis Epes, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Francis Epes might describe his life as follows.

I was born in Prince George County, the son of William Epes and his wife, Elizabeth. Father was made sheriff of Prince George 27 April 1710,  but died 16 November 1710. 
My plantation was “Causons” in Prince George where I was sheriff in 1723. My wife was Sarah Hamlin, a daughter of Richard Hamlin and Ann Harnison, and the widow of William Hatt who left a will in Prince George County in 1720.  Since few records of Prince George remain, I can tell you little of my life.
Sarah and I were the parents of nine children and my widow was still alive in June 1773 when our daughter Martha Edwards prepared her will.

Epes secured a patent to 375 acres on Cellar Fork of Deep Creek in Amelia County 28 Jan. 1733/4.  In Dec. 1740 Francis patented a neighboring 400 acres on Cellar Fork and, with his brother Isham Epes, got 694 acres on Gravelly Run in Prince George County. 

Descendants of Francis Epes
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Martha (Epes) Edwards (c.1726-1773),  
William Edwards,  William Judkins,  
 Francis Epes (-1789),  
Mary Williams,  Thomas Williams,  Rachel Freeman,  
Covington Hardy,  
Freeman Epes,  Jane Winn,  John Winn,  Susanna —,  
Peter Branch Jones,   
Sarah Epes,  Dr. Archibald Algernon Campbell,   
Martha Epes,  Peter Branch Jones,   
Dr. Archibald Algernon Campbell,   
Thomas Harris Campbell,  Frances Pryor,   
Dr. Algernon Epes Campbell,  Eleanor Jones,  Capt. Richard Jones,  
Sarah Epes,  William Fitzgerald,   
Martha Epes,  Charles Irby,  Mary Williams,   
Francis Epes,  
Mary Epes,  Francis Fitzgerald,   
Thomas Epes,  Catherine Williams,   Frances Branch (Scott) Jones,   
William Dandridge Epes,  Frances Scott Jones,   
John Freeman Epes,  Mary Ann Scott,  Samuel Scott,  Nancy Willson,  
Thomas Roper Epes,  
Ann C. Epes,  
Samuel Epes,  Mary Elizabeth Poythress Williams,  Elizabeth (Adams) Maben,  Robert David Maben,  
Lilburn Bland Epes,  
Anne Epes,  
John David Epes,  
Samuel Freeman Epes,  Mrs. Aden,  
Vivian Lee Epes,  Mrs. Taylor,  
Harrison Bland Epes,  Bena Haskins,  
Martha Williams Epes,  Irby Moncure,  
Poythress Roper Epes,  Bessie Jones,  
Richard Adams Epes,  Lucy L. Tuggle,   
Thomas Roper Epes,  
Francis Epes,  
Catherine Williams Epes,  William B. Green,  
Lettice Ann Epes,  Thomas E. Scott,  
Lucy Epes,  Edmund Wills,  
John Epes,  Rachel Williams,   Frances Harris Campbell,   
Catherine Grace Epes,  William Bowie Cowan,   
John Epes,  
Mary W. Epes,  Bartlett Pollard Todd,  
Rachel Williams Epes,  William Taylor Wills,  
Lucy Epes,  
Elizabeth C. Epes,  Richard Jones,  
 Col. Peter Epes (-1807),  
Mary Poythress,  
Martha Epes,  
William Epes,  Mary (Batte) Green,   
Peter Epes,  Peggy Baker Cowan,   
Rebecca Cross,   
Francis Epes,  Sarah Greenhill Williams,   
Richard Epes,  Martha Greenhill Williams,   
Ann Elizabeth Epes,  
Sarah Epes,  Thomas Peterson,   
Mary Elizabeth Poythress Epes,  John Doswell,  
John Doswell,  
Frances Susan Doswell,  Harry Stanard Beverley,  Francis Washington Epes,   
Robert Henry Beverley,  Virginia Epes McCormick,  
Martha Anne Beverley,  William Haynie Hatchett,   
Maria Rosalie Beverley,  Isaac Oliver Epes,   
Mary E. Beverley,  Tscharner Woodson,  
Mary Epes Poythress Doswell,  David Greenhill Williams,   
Sarah Epes Doswell,  Benjamin William Sheridan Cabell,   
Martha Doswell,  Collins Buckner,  
Elizabeth Epes,  
 William Epes,  
 Hamlin Epes (-1774),  
Rebecca (—) Epes,  William Dabney,  
Francis Epes,  Elizabeth Pegram,  
Patsy Epes,  
Peter Epes,  Rebecca Bonner,  
Sarah Epes,  Jesse Hargrave,  
Ann Epes,  Edward Branch,   
William Cabanis,  
Frances Epes,  William Cabanis,  Sophia (Sherwin) Pincham,   
 Elizabeth (Epes) Jones,  
Frederick Jones,   
 Mary (Epes) Worsham Branch Branch,  
John Worsham,   
Christopher Branch,   
Benjamin Branch,   
 Rebecca (Epes) Royall,  
Joseph Royall,   
 Lucy (Epes) Royall,  
Joseph Royall,   
 Thomas Roper Williams (-1798),  
Thomas Williams,  Rachel Freeman,  Elizabeth Watson,   
Thomas Anderson,   Peter Johnson,  Robert Powell,  Joseph Waldrop,  Joseph Burnett,  Alexander Erskine,   
Catherine Greenhill,  
Elizabeth Williams,  William Irby,   
David Greenhill Williams,  Mary Epes Poythress Doswell,   
Fayette Claiborne Williams,  
Catherine Williams,  Thomas Epes,   
Rachel Williams,  John Epes,   
John Freeman Williams,  
Sarah Greenhill Williams,  Francis Epes,   
Martha Greenhill Williams,  Richard Epes,   
Joseph G. Williams,  Catherine Crawley Fitzgerald,   
Samuel Greenhill Williams,  Grisel Bowie Cowan,   
Lettice Greenhill Williams,  William Fitzgerald,   
Anne Roper Williams,  Thomas Fitzgerald,   
Philip Greenhill Williams,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Bartlett Pollard Todd - War of 1812  

Legislators - colonial and state
Freeman Epes - Virginia Archibald Algernon Campbell - Virginia
Francis Epes - Virginia Col. Richard Epes - Virginia
David G. Williams - Virginia  

Selected sources
Dorman, John Frederick. Adventurers of Purse and Person Virginia 1607-1624/5, Fourth Edition. Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 2004. Volume One, pages 854-919. • Includes the family of Francis Epes.
Dorman, John Frederick. Claiborne of Virginia. Descendants of Colonel William Claiborne. Baltimore: Gateway Press, 1995, pages 103-105, 122-133 • Families of Thomas Roper Williams who married Catherine Greenhill.

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