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Although I am not a descendant of John Ellington, some of his descendants married into my family. Consequently, I have devoted Allied Family Topic EL to his family.

John Ellington, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, John Ellington might describe his life as follows.

After Godfrey Fowler and George Archer paid my fare to Virginia, perhaps around 1700,  I settled in present-day Dinwiddie County. Because most records of Prince George County, which preceded the creation of Dinwiddie, are missing, no deeds revealing my land purchases remain.
With plans to acquire another plantation, I had Robert Bolling survey 200 acres on both sides of Ellington Creek, named for me of course, 8 May 1712.  The process for securing land with an official patent being complicated, the tract wasn’t mine until 15 July 1717.  I added 347 acres 5 September 1723 that Bolling had surveyed 27 January 1720/1. 
From 1727 to 1739 I was a resident of Bristol Parish, teaming with William Spain to walk the boundary of farms along Whipponock and Namozine creeks to head off boundary disputes, called processioning
Since mine burned with the other Prince George County wills, the names of my children no longer remain. Yet I am likely the father of David and John Ellington whose names appeared together on a deed and had land on Deep Creek in Amelia County. 
I was alive in 1746 when my son was still called Jr. but likely dead by 1755, when he wasn’t.

On 28 Sept. 1730 Ellington added another patent of 300 acres on the upper side of Whipponock Creek in present-day Dinwiddie County, which Bolling had surveyed 19 Feb. 1723/4.  Godfrey Ragsdale and John Tucker were neighbors by 1722. 
For killing one wolf, Prince George County paid John Ellington 100 pounds of tobacco. 

Descendants of John Ellington
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 David Ellington (-c.1774),  
Daniel Ragsdale,  Christopher Martin,  
Edward Thweatt,   
John Wilkinson,  John Thomas DeJarnett,   
Martha (—) Ellington,  Peter Bailey,  
Jeremiah Ellington,  Frances Jones,  Benjamin Jones,  
Adam Jones,  Thomas Ball,  John Wilkinson,  
David Walker,  
John Motley,   John Yates,  
David Ellington,  
Dewey Ellington,  
Fanny Ellington,  
Ann Ellington,  Dudley Jones,  
Sarah Ellington,  Francis Drinkard,  
Lucy Ellington,  Benjamin Waldron,  
Leonard Ellington,  Mary Susan Boyd,  
Obedience Ellington,  Royall N. Lipford,  
John Ellington,  
Adam Jones Ellington,  
Martha Ellington,  Joel Wooldridge,  
David Ellington,  Jerusha Fowlkes,   
Josiah Ellington,  William Mullins,  Elizabeth Bruce,   Simeon Walton,   George Walton,   David Thompson,  
Simeon Ellington,  Woodson Bruce,   Elizabeth W. Pettus,  John Pettus,  
Hezekiah Ellington,  Ridley Bruce,   Joseph Motley,  
Elizabeth Ellington,  William Richard Borum,   
Rebecca Ellington,  Richard A. Miller,  
Nancy Ellington,  John Miller,  
Prudence Ellington,  William Bailey,  Elias E. Carter,  
Hezekiah Ellington,  Obedience Hatcher,   Armistead Bruce,   
Enoch Ward Ellington,  Thomas Gunn Jr.,   
Sarah Woodson,  Tucker Woodson,  Judith Woodson,  Tucker Woodson,  Nancy Blankenship,  
Stephen Ellington,  Nathan Fletcher,  Ann (—) Ellington,  
Frances Williams,  
Lucy Ellington,  Joel Tanner,   
Martha Ellington,  Joseph Motley,   
Obedience Ellington,  Stephen Evans Jr.,  George Cabanis,   Cabiness Ellington,  
Sarah Ellington,  John Page,  Elizabeth (—) Wilkerson,  
David Ellington Page,  
 John Ellington (-1783),  
Robert Cryer,  Sabina (—) Ellington,  
John Talley Sr.,  Peter Rowlett,   Thomas Smith,  
Samuel Goode,   Thomas Vaughan,   Amos Ellett,  
James Chappell,   Robert Marshall,   Abel Mann,  
Elizabeth Roberts,  
David Ellington,  Amy Morgan,   
Jane Harrison,  William Harrison,  John Hendricks,  
William Ellington,  Mary Neal,   
Daniel Ellington,  Sarah Tucker,   
Peter Ellington,  Milarett Newman,  Richard Newman,  George Cabanis,   William Osborne Sr.,   Peter Irby,  Archer Farley,   
Mary Ellington,  
Mary Ellington,  Joseph Farley,  John Farley,  Forrest Farley,  
John Marshall,   Joshua Hundley,  Anthony Hundley,  
Martha Farley,  William Butler,  
Forrest Farley,  John Marshall,   Frances Ellington,   
William Farley,  John Marshall,   
John Farley,  Elizabeth (—) Farley,  Rice Newman,  
Mary Farley,  Abraham Hatchett,   
Daniel Farley,  Martha Pryor,  Abraham Hatchett,   
Joseph Farley,  Peggy Mason,  Joseph Mason,  
Rebecca Farley,  Daniel Parham,  
Sabella Ann Farley,  
Ann Ellington,  William Marshall,   
Rebecca Ellington,  Farley,  Francis Farley,  
John Morgan,   Martha Ellington,  
John Ellington,  Elizabeth Farley,   
Jesse Ellington,  
Elizabeth Ellington,  Roberts,  
Elizabeth Roberts,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Stephen Evans Jr. - Revolutionary War  

Selected sources
“Ellington Family.” Genealogies of Virginia Families from the Tyler’s Quarterly Historical and Genealogical Magazine. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1981(1):683-686. • Recap of some court and military records of the Ellington family of Virginia and North Carolina—descendants of John Ellington.
“Ellington.” Genealogies of Virginia Families from the William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1982(2):265-269. • A collection of military records, primarily from North Carolina, of the descendants of John Ellington.

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