Allied Family Topic BK

 BK   Capt. Richard Booker I
Although I am not a descendant of Capt. Richard Booker I, some of his descendants married into my family. Consequently, I have devoted Allied Family Topic BK to his family.

Capt. Richard Booker I, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Capt. Richard Booker I might describe his life as follows.

In February 1686/7 as Capt. Richard Booker, I secured a patent for 740 acres in Gloucester County.  On 20 April 1694 I got an additional 180 acres there and, on 20 October 1704, was granted 613 acres in Essex County.  I was a militia captain of Gloucester County and a justice of the court in 1698-1702. 
I married first Rebecca Leake, the daughter of John Leake of York County, and we were the parents of Edmund, Judith, twins Edward and Richard, Ann, Richard, and John.
I married second Hannah Hand, the daughter of Richard Hand (c.1689) and Frances Purefoy. Hannah was then the widow of Capt. William Marshall who was killed in 1692. We had two children, Frances Booker and George Booker. Hannah was the mother also of William Marshall remembered in the 1751 will of her daughter Frances (Booker) Stokes.

Descendants of Capt. Richard Booker I
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Edmund Booker I (-c.1758),  
Jane (—) Booker,  Jane Stokes,  
Edward Booker,  
William Booker,  Mary Flournoy,  Jean Jacques Flournoy,  Mary Elizabeth Williams,  David Flournoy,  Matthew Flournoy,  
Gideon Booker,  
Jane Davis Booker,  Jacob Morton,   
Mary Williams Booker,  
William Flournoy Booker,  
John Booker,  Martha Jane Watkins,  William Watkins,  
Thomas Booker,  
Elizabeth Julia Booker,  Thomas Embry Green,   
Frances Booker,  Nathaniel Price,   
Rebecca Booker,  Robert Smith,  
Nancy Booker,  
Frances Booker,  John Clement,   
Edmund Booker II,  
Edith Marot Cobbs,   Richard Eggleston,  
James Mitchell,  Thomas Porter,  Joseph Boswell,  Henry Farley,  Benjamin Ward,   Thomas Porter,  
Robert Vaughan,   John Turner,  
Henry Farley,  John Pride,   Thomas Tabb,   
John LeNeve,   
Benjamin Hubbard,  Hector Truly,  William Cassels,  James Hill,   John Spenser,  
John Pride,   William Farley Sr.,   Daniel Walthall,  Henry Lacy,  
Charles Lovell,  William Ray,  William Farley Jr.,   
John Smith,  Charles Thorpe Sr.,  
Benjamin Hendrick,  Bernard Hendrick,  Jonas Jordan,  Joel Meadow,  
Peter Berry,  Prudence (—) Booker,  John Forsythe Smith,  William Munford,  John Booth,  Nicholas Vaughan,   Joel Motley,   
John Baldwin,  William Flood,  William Segar Moulson,  Thomas Davis,  
Alexander Roberts,   James Foster,  Rowland Jackson,   
Lewis Taylor,  Richard Taylor,  
David Vaughan,  
Edmund Booker III,  Mary Pride,   James Hill,   
Mary Harwood Clements,   
Capt. Davis Booker,  Ann Bibb,   
Sarah (Cobbs) Booker,   
Austin Seay,   
Sarah Bibb Booker,  Peter Rison,   
Ann Davis Booker,  Richardson Booker,   
Margaret Davis Booker,  
Polly Bibb Booker,  
Richard Davis Booker,  Mary Jane Ford,  Samuel Ford,   Dr. Sterling Ford,   Emily Smith,  
Joseph P. Booker,  
Samuel Booker,  
Rachel Jones,   
Nancy A. Nantz,  
Parham Booker,  Parham Booker,   Elizabeth Lewis Overton,   Mary Harris Spencer,   
Efford Booker,   
Edmund Morton,  
Richard Randolph,  
Dr. Sterling Ford,   
William Lewis Booker,  Lavinia Wilson Hobson,  Mary T. Mumford,   Joseph Hobson,  
Thomas E. Booker,  
Mary Ann R. Booker,  
Jane Booker,  Robert Hudson,   Richard Booker,  Davis Booker,   
Rachel Booker,  Edmund Morton,  
Edmund Morton,  
Frances Booker,  James Hill,   
John Booker,  James Mitchell,   Elizabeth (—) Booker,  
Ann Booker,  James Hill,   
Sherwood Walton,  
Rebecca Booker,  Samuel Overton,  
John Echols,   
Capt. James Overton,  Mary Elizabeth Garland,  Moses Overton,   
James Jenkins,  James Hill,   
Joshua Chaffin,   William Foster,  Ambrose Jeter,   Isham Clements,   Allen Jeter,   
John Clement,   Frances Booker,   Thomas Perkins Overton,   Edward Jenkins,  
Samuel Overton,  
Jacob Seay,   
Thomas Perkins Overton,  
Mary Ford,   
John Hurt,  James Hurt,  
Samuel Overton,   William Meriwether,  
Mary Booker Overton,  Joseph W. Ayers,  Parham Booker,   
Elizabeth Lewis Overton,  Parham Booker,   Rev. John Skurrey,  
William Garland Overton,  Ann Stokes Jones,   
Martha Clough Vick,  Thomas E. Booker,  
Martha Garland Overton,  Robert G. Shepherd,  
Thomas Perkins Overton,  
Samuel Overton,  Edward Booker,  
Mary Jenkins,  John Walton,  Sherwood Walton,  Matthew Walton,  
Nancy Jenkins,  
Rebecca Davis Jenkins,  Jacob Seay,   Zachary Ford,  James Hillsman,   
 Judith Booker (1678-),  
 Edward Booker I (1680-1750),  
Edmund Booker,   
John Ellis,  James Hunt,  John Stovall,   
Mary Goode,  Judith Archer,   Daniel Worsham,   
Stith Hardaway,   Martha Worsham,   
Edith (Marot) Cobbs,  Samuel Cobbs,   William Archer,   
Rebecca Booker,   John Tabb,   Richard Booker,   Edward Booker,   Edward Booker,   Hannah (Clarke) Booker,   James Clarke,   Mary Booker,   
Lucy Booker,  Richard Clarke,  James Clarke,  
Robert Clarke,  Ann Richardson,  
James Clarke,  Samuel Tarry,   
Susanna Bibb,   
Susanna Clarke,  William Robinson,  
Betsy Clarke,  Griffin Lampkin,  
John Clarke,  
Richard Clarke,  Susanna Elizabeth (—) Scott,  John Scott,  
Thomas Clarke,  
Lucy Clarke,  
Hannah Clarke,  Edward Booker,   
William Bibb,   
Elizabeth Bibb,  
Ann Bibb,  Davis Booker,   
 John Bibb (-1769),  
Thomas Joplin,  Joseph Farrar,   
Susanna (—) Bibb,  William Bigger,  Susanna Bigger,  John Watson,   John Bigger,  
Richard Bibb,  Lucy Booker,   
Capt. John Bibb,  Elizabeth Holcomb,   
James Bibb,  Sarah Farrar,   
Capt. William Bibb,  Hannah (Clarke) Booker,   
Sarah Smith Wyatt,  
William Wyatt Bibb,  Thomas Wyatt Bibb,  
Elizabeth Bibb,  William Farrar,   
Susanna Bibb,  James Clarke,   
Col. Richard Booker,  Rachel Marot,  Jean Marot,  Samuel Cobbs,   Anne (—) Marot,  Timothy Sullivan,  
John Ellis,  William Westbrook,  
Hector Truly,  
Edward Booker,  Henrica Bowcock,  Henry Bowcock,  Elizabeth Tyler,  
Thomas Tabb,   John Esdale,  Thomas Yuille Sr.,  Thomas Yuille Jr.,  
Benjamin Lankford,  
Elizabeth Mary Ann Booker,  Joseph Scott,   William Marshall Booker,   Allen Burton,   
Richard Edward Booker,  
Col. Richard Booker,   
Elizabeth Moore,  
Frances Booker,  
Henrietta Booker,  John Harvey,  
John Booker,  
Elizabeth Booker,  
Patsy Booker,  
Sarah Booker,  
Richard E. Booker,  
George Booker,  
Hannah Booker,  
Parham Booker,  John Harvey,  
Rebecca Marot Booker,  William Dix,  William DeJarnette,  
Richard Marot Booker,  Elizabeth Palmer,  John Palmer,  Catherine Palmer,  Mary Barsadall Palmer,  
Parham Booker,  
Frances Martin,  Thomas Yuille,  Elijah Hunt,  Richard Forrest,  
James Booker,  Susanna Price,  Daniel Price,   
Richard Booker,  
Susannah Booker,  Williamson Price,   
John Booker,  Francis Anderson,   Susanna Pride,   
William Marshall Booker,  John Tabb,   Elizabeth (—) Booker,  
Rachel Marot Booker,  James Townes,   
Judith Booker,  Joseph Smith,  
Ann Booker,  William Taylor,  
Rebecca Booker,  Col. Thomas Tabb,  John Tabb,  Martha Hand,  Elizabeth Mayo,   
Robert Munford,  
John Tabb,  
Elizabeth Marianna Mayo,   
Frances Cooke Peyton,  Sir John Peyton,  Frances Cooke,  
William Royall,  
Marianna Tabb,  
Martha Peyton Tabb,  William Branch Giles,   
Frances Cooke Tabb,  Dr. John Randolph Archer,   
Mary Tabb,  Dr. Bathurst Randolph,  Dr. Sterling Ford,   
Thomas Tabb,  Martha Tabb Bolling,   
John Yelverton Tabb,  Mary Cary Peachy,  Dr. Sterling Ford,   
Benjamin Harrison Coupland,   
Harriet Tabb,  Robert C. Jones,  
Thomas Yelverton Tabb,  Marianna Elizabeth Bertrand Archer,   
Seigniora Peyton Tabb,  Theodorick Blair Banister,   
Harriet Peyton Tabb,  
Marianna Elizabeth Tabb,  William Jones Barksdale,   
Marshall Tabb,  Frances (Booker) Stokes,   
Mary Marshall Tabb,  Robert Bolling,   John Hall,   
Capt. Edward Booker II,  Ann Cobbs,   
Thomas Smith,  
Joseph Eggleston,   John Catlin Cobbs,   William Marshall Booker,   
Col. Edward Booker III,  Alexander Spotswood,  
Mary Bentley,  Samuel Bentley,  
Efford Bentley,  Benjamin Overstreet,  
Daniel Booker,  Mary Winston,  
Mary Booker,  Moses Overstreet,  
Nancy Booker,  
Rebecca H. Booker,  Armistead T. Townes,   
Henry Booker,  
Ann Booker,  John W. Selden,  
Statira Booker,  Samuel Baskerville,   
Peter Booker,  Nancy Fowler,  John Fowler Jr.,  
Mary Marshall Parham Booker,  James Henderson,  
Kitty Booker,  John Halcomb Overstreet,  
Statira Booker,  
Mary Booker,  Samuel Tarry,  George Tarry,  Frances —,  
Mary Crawley,   
Frances Tarry,  
Mary Booker Tarry,  Rev. James Craig,  Philip Craig,  Rev. John Cameron,   
James Craig,  
George Craig,  Ann Walthall Chambers,   
Martha Anderson Craig,  Thomas Stevenson,  
Thomas Lowry,  
William Stokes,  
Thomas Lowry,  Susan C. Bruce,  
Mary Tarry Lowry,  William A. Stokes,  
Mary Booker Craig,  John Stevenson,  David Greenhill Leigh,   
Frances Craig,  Richard Claiborne Gregory,   
George Tarry,  Sarah Taylor,  
Edward Tarry,  Lucy (—) Tarry,  
William Taylor Tarry,  
Samuel Tarry,  
George Tarry,  Mary W. (—) Tarry,  
Edward Tarry,  
Rebecca Tarry,  Robert Chilton Masters,  
Judith Booker,  Peter Randolph Bland,   
Edward Bland,  Lettice (Greenhill) Jones,  Nelson Jones,  
Rebecca Jones,   
Richard Bland,  Elizabeth Ridley Dickens,  
Peter Bland,  Elizabeth Morrison,   
Ann Bland,  Elizabeth R. Bland,  Peter R. Bland,  
 Richard Booker (1680-),  
 Ann Booker,  
 Capt. Richard Booker II (1688-1743),  
Margaret Lowry,  William Lowry,  Frances Purefoy,  
Samuel Cobbs,   
Martha (—) Booker,  
Richard Booker III,  
William Booker,  Mary Condon,   
Thomas Tabb,   
Richard Booker,  John Booker,   Frances Patterson,  
James Tucker Jr.,  Holman Freeman,  Paschal Wells,  
Jonathon Booker,  Lucy Simmons,  
Mary Conden Booker,  John Northington,  
Martha Booker,  James Hazelwood,  
John Booker,  
William Booker,  Francis Cooper,  Edith Booker,   
Lowry Booker,  Phoebe Cox,  James Hazelwood,  
Martha Booker,  John Bigger Jr.,  
Mary Bigger,  William Steger,  
Elizabeth H.C. Bigger,  Samuel Scott,   
Mary Booker,  Leonard Cheatham,   
Capt. John Booker,  Phoebe Worsham,   Col. Edward Booker,   
Richard Borum,   
Richard Booker,  John Booker Jr.,   
Richard Booker,  Margaret McFarland,  
Richard Booker,   
James Scott,   James B. Scott,  
Judith Booker,  
John Booker,  Elizabeth Giles,   
Frances Booker,  Warburton,  
Rebecca Booker,  John Coulthard,  
Martha Booker,  Barrett,  
Thomas Barrett,  John Booker,   
Purefoy Barrett,  Thomas Branch Willson,   Purefoy Booker,   
William Barrett,  
Elizabeth Barrett,  
Martha Barrett,  
Tabitha Barrett,  John Graves,  
Alice Barrett,  
Mary Barrett,  
Purefoy Barrett,  
Ann Barrett,  
Purefoy Booker,  Stith Hardaway,   Martha Worsham,   
Daniel Hardaway,   Stith Hardaway,   Thomas Branch Willson,   
John Hoy,  
John Booker Hoy,  Madeline (Bedford) James Mosby,  Francis James,   Micajah Mosby,  
 John Booker (1690-),  
 Frances (Booker) Stokes (-1752),  
 George Booker I (c.1698-),  
Grace Richeson,  Peter Richeson,  Sarah —,  
George Booker II,  Sarah Cobbs,   
John Catlin Cobbs,   Peter Field Archer,   
George Booker III,  
Sgt. Richardson Booker,  
Efford Booker,  Mary Hudson,   
Edith Booker,  William Booker Jr.,   Samuel Haggard,  David Dearden,  Lowry Booker,   
Mary Cobbs Booker,  David Hudson,  
Grace Booker,  Absalom Farmer,  
Judith Booker,  Blackburn Hughes,  
Sarah Booker,  John Childress,   
Elizabeth Booker,  Burton Hudson,   
John Morris,  
Richard Booker,  Martha Brunskill,   
Thomas Mumford,   
Capt. Samuel Booker,  
Martha Mumford,   
Peter Richeson Booker,  
Capt. Edward Booker,  Edith Cobbs Anderson,   Edmund Walker,   
Thomas Branch Willson,   
Mary Marshall Booker,  Stephen Cooke Jr.,   
Richard Anderson Booker,  Elizabeth Davis,  
Edward Marshall Booker,  Elizabeth —,  
James Anderson Booker,  
Martha Brumfield Booker,  John Thompson,  
Samuel Booker,  
William Booker,  Nancy Dudley Agee,  
William Booker,  
Marshall Booker,  Patsy Gaines,  Maj. Bernard Gaines,  
George Booker,  
Richard Booker,  Lucy Hobson,  Adcock Hobson,  Joanna Lawson,  
Peter R. Booker,  
Merritt H. Booker,  
German Booker,  Martha W. Ballow,  Anne F. Woodson,  
Richard L. Booker,  
Albert Booker,  
Grace Booker,  Thomas B. Crenshaw,  
Harriet Booker,  Edward Ford,  
Moses Tredway,  
Grace Booker,  John Walthall,   William Marshall Booker,   
John Booker,  
Edward Booker,  Hannah Clarke,   
George Booker,  
Lucy Booker,  Richard Bibb,   
Sarah Booker,  Thomas Mumford Sr.,   
 Col. Samuel Cobbs (-1757),  
William Cobbs,  Mary (—) Cobbs,  Edith Marot,  Jean Marot,  
Joseph Scott,   Wood Jones,   
Thomas Griffin Peachy,   
John Catlin Cobbs,  Rachel Smith,  Thomas Mumford,   Thomas Smith,  
Edith Cobbs,  Francis Asselin,  
Sarah Cobbs,  Richard Booker,  
Davis Booker,   
Samuel Cobbs,  
Thomas D. Harris,  Col. William Woodford,  
Thomas M. Cobbs,  
John Catlin Cobbs,  
Edward S. Cobbs,  
Samuel Cobbs,  John Bentley,  Thomas Griffin Peachy,   
Ann Cobbs,  Capt. Edward Booker,   
Edith Marot Cobbs,  Edmund Booker,   
Sarah Cobbs,  George Booker,   
Theodosia Cobbs,  
Judith Cobbs,  John Bentley,  
Samuel Bentley,  William Bentley,  Efford Bentley,  
Joseph Eggleston,   
Mary Cobbs,  John LeNeve,  Thomas Porter,  John Harrison,  Hugh Nixon,  
Susanna Dawson,  Henry Dawson,  Peter LeGrand,  
Samuel Cobbs LeNeve,  
 Christopher Ford (-1788),  
Lucy Lewis,  Zachary Lewis,  Mary Waller,  Benjamin Ruffin,   
Thomas Griffin Peachy,   John Hubbard,   Moses Morris,  John Cooke,  Henry Street,  Thomas Ousley,  Charles Hutcheson,  Uriah Jones,   
Milton Ford,  Robert Ferguson,  
Mary Ford,  Thomas Perkins Overton,   
Col. Samuel Ford,  Martha Booker,  Joshua Chaffin,   
Lewis Ford,  
Lucy Ford,  Thomas Morris,  
Dorothy Ford,  John Chappell,   
Anna Ford,  John Booth,  John Booth,  
Elizabeth Ford,  
Waller Ford,  Davis Booker,   
Zachary Ford,  Mary Gordon,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Edmund Booker - Revolutionary War Capt. Davis Booker - Revolutionary War
Samuel Booker - Revolutionary War James Jenkins - Revolutionary War
Samuel Overton - Revolutionary War Thomas Perkins Overton - Revolutionary War
Jacob Seay - Revolutionary War William Bibb - Revolutionary War
John Bibb - Revolutionary War John Tabb - Revolutionary War
Daniel Booker - War of 1812 Samuel Baskerville - Revolutionary War
John Booker Sr. - Revolutionary War Richard Booker - Revolutionary War
George Booker - Revolutionary War Richardson Booker - Revolutionary War
Capt. Samuel Booker - Revolutionary War Richard Booker - Revolutionary War
Samuel Cobbs - Revolutionary War John Catlin Cobbs - Revolutionary War

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
William Wyatt Bibb - U.S.  

Governors - colonial, territorial, and state
William Wyatt Bibb - Alabama Thomas Wyatt Bibb - Alabama

Legislators - colonial and state
Edmund Booker Sr. - Virginia William Booker - Virginia
John Booker - Virginia Davis Booker - Virginia
Edward Booker Sr. - Virginia William Bibb - Virginia
William Wyatt Bibb - Georgia Col. Richard Booker - Virginia
Edward Booker - Virginia Benjamin Lankford - Virginia
John Tabb - Virginia Bathurst Randolph - Virginia
John Stevenson - Virginia Edward Tarry - Virginia
George Tarry - Virginia Peter Bland - Virginia
Richard Bibb - Virginia Col. Samuel Cobbs - Virginia

Officers and trustees of Hampden-Sydney College
William Booker John Booker

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