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 B   Col. Thomas Bouldin (1705-1783)
Although I am not a descendant of Col. Thomas Bouldin, some of his descendants married into my family. Consequently, I have devoted Allied Family Topic B to his family.

Col. Thomas Bouldin, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Col. Thomas Bouldin might describe his life as follows.

Although born in Pennsylvania 15 January 1705/6, I came to Maryland where I married Nancy Clarke 29 June 1733. In 1744 we settled in Lunenburg County where I was a vestryman of Cumberland Parish (1747-57),  county sheriff,  justice of the peace (1749-59),  militia officer (1750, 1767),  lieutenant during the French and Indian War,  and ordinary-keeper (1750). 
In 1765 my land fell into the newly-created Cumberland County where I made my will 1 May 1777 providing for sons James, Thomas, William, Joseph, Wood, and Richard, daughter Francina the wife of John Cox, and the children of my daughter Mary.  I died 1 May 1783 and the court recorded my will 2 June 1783.

He was likely the Thomas Balden who patented 445 acres on the head of Horsepen Ford of Cub Creek in present-day Charlotte County 25 July 1749.  As Thomas Bouldin he was granted 400 acres among the branches of Twittys Creek 12 Jan. 1746/7 to which he added 570 acres 16 Aug. 1756,  and he was Thomas Boulden when he got 490 acres on Spring Creek Fork 1 June 1750, 343 acres on Little Roanoke 15 Dec. 1758, 400 acres on Jones Creek in 1766, and 230 acres on the branches of Horsepen in 1772.  In 1759 in 3 patents, Thomas got 580 acres in Lunenburg County and 765 acres in Halifax County. 
Thomas Bouldin was a tithable in Lunenburg County in 1748-50,  and was charged on 1,703 acres and 11 tithes including sons, Thomas, Joseph, and William in 1764.  He added 436 acres on both sides of Terry’s Run in Lunenburg County in 1767. 
More about Thomas Bouldin may be found in Old Free State

Descendants of Col. Thomas Bouldin
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 James Bouldin (1734-1801),  
Sarah Ann Watkins,  William Watkins,  
Benjamin Bouldin,  Mildred Whitlock,  
Elizabeth Bouldin,  John Breedlove,  
Richard Bouldin,  Elizabeth Parrish,  
Elizabeth Bouldin,  James Collier,  
Ephraim Bouldin,  Jane Flippen Bedford,  Thomas Bedford,  Drucilla Williamson,  
Catherine Jane Bouldin,  Elbert F. Redd,   
Margaret B. Bouldin,  Hillery Moseley,   
Sarah Ann Bouldin,  Thomas F. Spencer,  Mary Lee,  
William Watkins Bouldin,  Mary Osborne,  
Thomas Bouldin,  
James Bouldin,  Elizabeth Green Bouldin,   
Sarah Watkins Bouldin,  Henry Spencer,   
 Ephraim Bouldin (1736-),  
 Francina (Bouldin) Cox (1737-1811),  
John Cox,  
Thomas Cox,  Rebecca Johnston,  Thomas Johnston,  
Mary Bolling Cox,  Richard Smithson,  
John Johnston Cox,  
Charlotte J. Cox,  Thomas Davenport,  
Priscilla Cox,  Thomas Smith,  
Thomas W. Cox,  
Richard Cox,  
Eliza Ann Cox,  
Edwin Fort Cox,  
Mary Cox,  
Nancy Clark Cox,  James Davenport,  
Letitia Cox,  David Ellington,  
John Cox,  
Francina Cox,  Thomas Green,  
Sarah Bolling Cox,  
Elizabeth Cox,  
Martha Baldwin Cox,  
Bouldin Cox,  
 Thomas Bouldin (1738-1827),  
Martha Moseley,   
 Joseph Bouldin (1740-1823),  
Ann Cheatham,   
 Maj. Wood Bouldin (1742-1800),  
Joanna Tyler,  Louis Tyler,  
John Tyler,  
Ephraim Bouldin,   
Mary Bouldin,  
Thomas Tyler Bouldin,  Ann B. Lewis,  Benjamin Lewis,  Eliza Watkins Spencer,   
Martha Bickerton Bouldin,  John Breckinridge Cabell,   
Joanna Tyler Bouldin,  Robert Carrington,   
Anne Lewis Bouldin,  Claiborne Barksdale,   
Benjamin Lewis Bouldin,  Elizabeth McKay,  
Wood Bouldin,  Maria Louisa Barksdale,   
Martha H. Daniel,  
Thomas Tyler Bouldin,  Frances Watkins Flournoy,  Mary Ellen Barksdale,   
Thomas Tyler Bouldin,  
John Lewis Bouldin,  Elizabeth Phaup,  
Robert Bouldin,  
Mary Bouldin,  
Louisa Bouldin,  
Minnie Bouldin,  
Francina Bouldin,  
Rachel Contesse Bouldin,  
Martha Lewis Bouldin,  
Anne T. Bouldin,  
James Wood Bouldin,  Alice Lewis Jouett,  Capt. Robert Jouett,  Ann Lewis,  
Martha Goode,   
Almeria (Read) Kennon,   
Joanna Tyler Bouldin,  Louis Bouldin Spencer,   
Alice Lewis Bouldin,  James M. McCargo,  
Thomas Tyler Bouldin,  
James Wood Bouldin,  
Dr. Robert Jouett Bouldin,  
Louis Contesse Bouldin,  Catherine Crawley Ward,   
 Richard Bouldin (1744-1810),  
Rachel —,  Elizabeth Moseley,   
John Bouldin,  Elizabeth St. John,  Elizabeth St. John,  
Elizabeth Bouldin,  James Turner,  Abraham St. John,  
 William Bouldin (1745-),  
Ann Burgess,  
 Thomasin Bouldin (1748-),  
 Mary (Bouldin) Cox (1750-1794),  
Bartley Cox,  John Cox,  
Bartley Cox,  Susannah Carleton,   
 Jenneke Bouldin,  
 Ann (Bouldin) Vaughan,  
Abraham Vaughan,   

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Col. Thomas Bouldin - French and Indian War Wood Bouldin - Revolutionary War

Selected sources
“The Bouldin Family.” Genealogies of Virginia Families from the Tyler’s Quarterly Historical and Genealogical Magazine. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1981(1):185-188. • Family of Thomas Bouldin.
Bouldin, Powhatan. The Old Trunk. Danville: Blair & Boatright, Printers, 1896. • Recollections of Powhatan Bouldin, son of James Wood Bouldin and Almeria Read.

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