Allied Family Topic A

 A   George Archer I (-1675)
Although I am not a descendant of George Archer I, some of his descendants married into my family. Consequently, I have devoted Allied Family Topic A to his family.

George Archer I, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, George Archer I might describe his life as follows.

I was a servant for Francis Epes who paid my passage to Virginia before 26 August 1635.  In 1655 the governor granted me 500 acres near present-day Colonial Heights where I established my home, “Archer’s Hall.”  I added to my plantation with grants of 250 acres in 1663, 784 acres in 1671, and 1,393 acres in 1673.  Thomas Mudgett sold me 125 acres next to land I already owned on the Appomattox River 22 October 1663. 
Mary and I were the parents of 2 sons and at least three daughters.
I was dying when I made my will 24 November 1675 and was dead by 16 March 1675/6 when Henrico County granted our son George administration of my estate.  Unfortunately, the will no longer remains.
My widow married Joseph Royall II (1646  -1732) who became the guardian of my children. 

Although historians believed George married the daughter of Maj. Gen. Abraham Wood, his will mentioned no Archers.

Descendants of George Archer I
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 George Archer II (1654-1731),  
Robert Glidwell,  
Thomas Chamberlaine,   Mary Wood,   Abraham Wood,   
Elizabeth Harris,  William Harris,  
John Butler,  Jacob Colson,   Edward Chilton,  Peter Field,  
Richard Kennon,   Francis Epes,  Joseph Royall,   Godfrey Fowler,  
Joseph Patterson,  Laurence Hobby,  Timothy Harris,  Timothy Harris,  William Gates,  James Thweatt,  
Francis Merryman,  John Bolling,  Thomas Mampers,  
James Thweat Jr.,  
Mary Basford,  
George Archer III,  Essex Bevill,   Mary Bevill,  John Bevill,  William Bevill,  
Henry Royall,  Joseph Royall II,  Christopher Martin,  William Kennon Jr.,  
John Archer,  Elizabeth (—) Townes,  David Holt,   
Thomas Daves,   John Archer,   Maj. John Archer,   
Richard Townes,   William Archer,   
William Archer,  Joseph Royall,   Prudence Callicott,  James Callicott,  John L. Cooper,  
George Archer IV,  
William Kennon Jr.,  
Rachel (—) Archer,  Christopher Martin,  
Richard Kennon,  David Holt,   
William Archer,  
John Archer,  Mary Bevill,  John Bevill,  
Bevill Archer,  John Graves,  Nancy Perdue,  Ezekiel Perdue,  
Mary Archer,  Washington L. Wyatt,  John Wyatt,  
Lucy Archer,  Francis Fowler,  Fountain Fowler,  
Stephen Archer,  Frances Patram,   
George Archer,  
Mary Archer,  
Rebecca Archer,  
Peter Archer,  
Frances Archer,  
Judith Archer,  
Sarah Archer,  
Jean Archer,  
William Archer,  James Aken,  Ann (—) Archer,  William Gates,  John Hammons,  John Talley,  
John Archer,  James Bevill,   Ann Hall,   Archer Bevill,   
John Archer,  
William Archer,  
William Archer,  
Phoebe Archer,  James Chappell,   
George Archer,  John Rowlett,   Thomas Norton,  William Rowlett,   Sarah Neal,   
Martha Archer,  William Wills Green,   
Martha Archer,  Thomas Dudley,  
John Elam,  
Samuel Elam,  
John Dudley,  
Mary Archer,  James Bevill,  Robert Bevill,  Ann —,  John Bevill,  Peter Ragsdale,  
William Hamlin,  Richard Talley,  Daniel Coleman,  Robert Bevill,  
James Bevill,  Susannah (—) Bevill,  
Woodleif T. Bevill,  Judith W. Brackett,  
Archer Jones Bevill,  Polly C. Webster,  
Archer Bevill,  George Brooks,  Alexander McNabb,  John Bottom,  
Ann (—) Bevill,  
Liza Bevill,  Archer Coleman,  
Lucy Bevill,  Burwell Coleman,  
Ann Archer,  
Frances Archer,  Thomas Neal,   
Daniel Allen,  John Ellington,   Jeremiah Perkinson,   
John Neal,  William Howlett,   Robert Bevill,   
Anne Coleman,  John Neal,   
Thomas Neal,  Elizabeth Crowder,  
Joel Neal,  Ursula Coleman,  
William Neal,  
Archer Neal,  
Polly A. Neal,  John Pollard,  
Frances Allen,  John Clay,   
Blanch Archer,  Lewis Epes,  Edward Epes,  Mary Green,  Lucy Gates,  William Gates,  Susannah Epes,  
George Epes,  William Gates,  Mary Lundy,  
Ann Epes,  
Edward Epes,  Frances Moore,   
Judith Archer,  William Traylor,  Martha (—) Traylor,  John Porter,  George Ford,  John Dickerson,  William Haskins,  
Joseph Traylor,  Elizabeth Neal,   
Jesse Traylor,  Sandal (—) Traylor,  William Traylor,   Daniel Dishman,  
Micajah Traylor,  Jenny Chastain,  
Sarah Traylor,  Thomas Fowler,  
Mary Traylor,  Edward Traylor,  
Elizabeth Traylor,  
William Neal Traylor,  Elizabeth Winfree,   
Laremoth Traylor,  Joel Bevill,   
Elizabeth Traylor,  Ralph Jackson,  Simon Jackson,  
Elizabeth Jackson,  
Archer Traylor,  Judith Markham,   
Catherine Traylor,  John Robertson,   
Joseph Traylor,  
Mary Traylor,  Maj. Henry Cox,  
Elizabeth Traylor,  
Archibald Traylor,  Judith Webster,  Anthony Webster,  
Judith Traylor,  William P. Burton,  
Thomas Matthews Traylor,  
Robert Burton,   
John Traylor,  
Martha (—) Traylor,  Mary (—) Traylor,  Thomas Neal,   
John Traylor,  
John Traylor,  
Edward Traylor,  
Blanch Traylor,  Littleberry Traylor,   Eleck Moore,  
Wilmouth Traylor,  Moore,  
Frances Traylor,  Amos Lipford,  Edmond Lipfrot,  John Hobson,  
Josiah Tatum,   
Edward Lipford,  
Nancy Lipford,  
Lucretia Traylor,  West,  
Edward Woodom,  
Archer Traylor,  Ann (—) Stringer,  John Stringer,  
Sarah Stringer,  Peter Rowlett,   Mary Ann Stringer,  William Rowlett,   
Daniel Traylor,  
Archer Traylor,  
Rev. Boswell Traylor,  Sarah Goode,   
Mial Traylor,  Phoebe Fowler,  
William Traylor,  Sandal (—) Traylor,  Jesse Traylor,   
Judith Traylor,  Cashion,  
Tabitha Traylor,  Cashion,  
Judith Traylor,  
Humphrey Traylor,  Elizabeth Cousins,   
George Traylor,  Mary Rowlett,   
Humphrey Traylor,  Sarah Montgomery,  
Margery Traylor,  Thomas Daves,  
Thomas Daves,  
Armistead Daves,  
Robert Daves,  
Nathan Daves,  
John Daves,  
Joel Daves,  
Nancy Daves,  
Polly Daves,  Archibald Traylor,   
Thomas Daves,  
Richard Daves,  
William Daves,  
Elizabeth Daves,  Matthew Gibbs,  
Dolly Daves,  
Frederick Traylor,  Ann Edwards,  
Archibald Traylor,  Polly Daves,   
Robert Traylor,  John Cousins,   
George Traylor,  
Elizabeth (—) Traylor,  
Littleberry Traylor,  Blanch Traylor,   
Buckner Traylor,  
Prudence Traylor,  Thomas Eanes,  Edward Eanes,  
Elizabeth Eanes,  
Judith Traylor,  Eanes,  Thomas Eanes,  Daniel Eanes,  
Ephraim Eanes,  Aggy Vaden,   
Anne Eanes,  Drury Dishman,  Margaret Totty,  
Anne Dishman,  
Martha Eanes,  
Sarah Traylor,  George Vaden,   
Martha Traylor,  
Elizabeth Traylor,  
Field Traylor,  Sandal (—) Traylor,  
Field Traylor,  
Arbin Traylor,  
Frances Traylor,  
Rebecca Traylor,  John Wiatt,  
Anna Traylor,  
Martha Traylor,  
Elizabeth W. Traylor,  George Woodfin,  
William Traylor,  Mary Ann Cross,  
Lodowick Traylor,  
Isham Traylor,  Elizabeth C. Lockett,   
Archer Bedford Traylor,  Sophia Perdue,  
Joseph Traylor,  Polly Andrews,  
William Traylor,  Sarah (—) Traylor,  
Mary (—) Traylor,  
Joel Traylor,  Richard Wilkinson,   Robert Floyd,  
Katherine (—) Traylor,  David Wells,  
William Traylor,  Roger Atkinson,   
Mary Traylor,  Hood,  
Ann Traylor,  Moore,  
Isabella Traylor,  
Agnes Traylor,  
Elizabeth Traylor,  
Martha Traylor,  
Edward Traylor,  Mary (—) Traylor,  
William Traylor,  
Elizabeth Archer,  Joseph Grainger,  
Daniel Jackson,  Ralph Jackson,  
John Worsham,   
Margery Archer,  Charles Cousins I,  Rosamond (—) Cousins,  Cousins,  Thomas Webster I,  Philemon Jones,  
Henry Hill,  Elizabeth Webster,  Mary Webster,  Thomas Webster II,  Rosamond Webster,  Richard Ligon,   
Elizabeth Gill,  
Charles Cousins II,  Rosamond Webster,  Thomas Webster II,  Robert Bolling,   Peter Webster,  William Adams,   
Richard Eggleston,  
Thomas Cousins,  Stephen Dance,   Fanny (—) Cousins,  
William Cousins,  
Martha Ann Cousins,  Peter Burton,   
Mary Cousins,  James Bevers,  
John Bevers,  
William Bevers,  
Francis Bevers,  
Sally Bevers,  
Ann Cousins,  Abel Burton,   
Phoebe Cousins,  
Frances Cousins,  
George Cousins,  Ann Hill,   
William Cousins,  Anne Walthall,   
John Cousins,  
Elizabeth Moore,   George Hunt Moore,   
Frederick Traylor,   Archer Traylor,   Humphrey Traylor,   
Robert Cousins,  Peter Irby,  John Powell,  Frances (—) Cousins,  
Frances Rowlett,  
William Adams,  
John Cousins,  
Elizabeth (—) Cousins,  Peter Robertson,  
Richard Cousins,  
John Cousins,  
Robert Cousins,  Sarah Allen,  Samuel Allen,  
Robert L. Cousins,  
Julia Cousins,  
Everett S. Cousins,  
Mary E. Cousins,  
Mary Ellisa Cousins,  Thomas Burfoot,  
Ann Cousins,  Capt. Grief Talley,  William Talley,  
Frances Rowlett Cousins,  John Judd,  
Robert Cousins,  Elizabeth (—) Cousins,  
John Clark Cousins,  Henry Cousins,  Elizabeth Allen,  William Allen,  
Willis Cousins,  
Lawrence West Cousins,  
Frances Rowlett Cousins,  Jeremiah Bailey,  
Robert Cousins,  
Mary Ellisa Cousins,  
Peter Cousins,  William Cousins,  Elizabeth Walthall,   
Elizabeth Cousins,  William Willson,   William Hardy,  
Peter Cousins,  John Hardy,  
Frances Cousins,  William Willson,   
Judith Cousins,  Webster,  
Rose Cousins,  Grant,  
Amy Cousins,  Vaughan,  
Elizabeth Cousins,  Humphrey Traylor,   
Mary Cousins,  John Willson,   
Ann Cousins,  Overby,  
Mary Archer,  Capt. William Worsham,   Godfrey Fowler,  Alexander Marshall,   
John Hodges,  
William Worsham,  Amy Epes,  Isham Epes,  Amey (Goodwyn) Scott,  
John Archer,   Hay Turnbull,  
William Worsham,  
Elizabeth Epes Worsham,  John Hodges,  John Hodges,  
Mary Isham Worsham,  Robert Hodges,  
John Worsham,  James DeSear,   
Elizabeth Branch,   
Obedience Worsham,  
William Howson,  Lawrence Brown,  Thomas Lee,  George White,  John Hudson,  William Graham,  John Copeland,  Thomas Brooks,  
Edward Booker,  John Hudson,  William Willson,  
John Howson,  Martha Freeman,  Sarah (—) Howson,  
John Howson,  
Peter Howson,  
Ann Howson,  
Lucy Howson,  
Richard Howson,  
William Howson,  
Thomas Howson,  
Elizabeth Howson,  Henry Ligon,   
Phoebe Howson,  William Clark,   
Agnes Clark,  Littleberry Clark,  
Phoebe Clark,  John White,  
William Clark,  
John Clark,  Susanna Royall,  Priscilla Sims,  
David Clark,  Betsy Sims,  Mary Hardwick,  
David Lewis Sims,  Thomas Read,   
Phoebe Clark Hardwick,  John Smith Jr.,  
Patsy Clark,  
Joel Clark,  
Howson Clark,  
Thomas Clark,  
 Margery (Archer) Bullington (-1691),  
Nicholas Bullington,  James Blair,  Jeremiah Brown,   Capt. William Soane,  
John Willson,   
Bartholomew Fowler,  John Bolling,  
John Bullington,  
Temperance (—) Bullington,  George Combs,  
John Bullington,  John Bolling,  
 Elizabeth (Archer) Branch,  
Thomas Branch II,   
 Ann (Archer) Walthall Morris,  
William Walthall I,  
Richard Walthall,  Elizabeth —,  Dinah Walthall,  Raphael Throckmorton,  Elizabeth Walthall,  Clayton,  
John Stewart Jr.,   
Charles Featherstone,   Rev. Richard Morris,  Samuel Morris,  
William Walthall,   
William Walthall,   
William Walthall,   
William Walthall,   
William Walthall,   
William Walthall Sr.,   
William Walthall Jr.,   
William Walthall,   
Richard Walthall,  
Henry Walthall,  Phoebe Ligon,   
Francis Walthall,  Martha Lockett,   
Richard Walthall,  Mary Branch,   
Gerard Walthall,  Elizabeth (—) Walthall,  
Gerard Walthall,  Elizabeth Featherstone,  
Gerard Walthall,  
Catherine Walthall,  Richard Walthall,  
Ann Walthall,  Alexander Marshall,   
Mary Walthall,  Daniel Hatcher,   
Sarah Walthall,  Bass,  
Elizabeth Walthall,  Peter Cousins,   
John Cook,  
Jarratt Walthall Cook,  Elizabeth Carter,  Frances Carter,  
Ann Cook,  William A. Clark,  
Jarratt Walthall Cook,  Rebecca Edwards,  Sarah Edwards,  
Frances G. Cook,  Memican Hunt,  
Julia Benson Cook,  John Swanson,  Elizabeth Muse,   Col. William Graves Swanson,   
Sarah R. Cook,  Alexander Moore Jr.,  Alexander Moore,  
Richard Walthall Cook,  
Elizabeth Featherstone Cook,  
Nancy Cook,  
Rebecca Cook,  Layton Yancey,  
Sarah Cook,  Stephen Edwards,  
Edward Walthall,  
Anne Walthall,  Vaughan,  William Vaughan,  
Elizabeth Walthall,  Peter Baugh,   
Mabel Walthall,  William Puckett,  
Catherine Walthall,  Richard Lockett,  
Mary Walthall,  
Diana Walthall,  
Elizabeth Walthall,  Hugh Ligon,   
William Walthall II,  
Henry Walthall,  
Mary (—) Walthall,  William Kennon,  Capt. Richard Kennon,  
William Walthall,  Mary Bass,   
Burwell Green,  Martha (—) Bass,  
Henry Walthall,  John Nash,   
Ann (—) Walthall,  
Henry Walthall,  Frances Bass,   
Ann Walthall,  Matthew Branch,   
Archibald Walthall,  Archibald Walthall,   
Sarah (—) Walthall,  Elizabeth (—) Cox,  James Moody,  Elizabeth W. Walthall,  
Rev. John Cox,  
Nancy Gibbon Walthall,  Samuel Hart,  
Sarah Edwards Walthall,  Charles Kent,  
Mary Lawrence Walthall,  Jabez Smith,  
Susanna Walthall,  
Thomas Spencer Walthall,  Jeremiah Walthall,   Rhoda Cheatham,   
Elizabeth Archer Walthall,  John Phaup,  
Sarah Petill Phaup,  John Word Phaup,  
Mary Archer Phaup,  
Martha Walthall,  
William Walthall,  Sophia Farley,  Forrest Farley,  
Henry Walthall,  
Nancy Walthall,  Henry Walthall,  
Jeremiah Walthall,  
Thomas Walthall,  
Mary Walthall,  William Bass,  Martha Clay,   
Elizabeth Bass,  Joseph Friend,   
Lucy Bass,  Hatcher,  William Hatcher,   
William Hatcher,  
Archard Bass,  Archard Bass,   Charlotte Stone,  
Archard Bass,  
Edward Bass,  Nancy Elam,   
Elizabeth Jeffries,  Rebecca Ann Moseley,   
Richard K. Bass,  Nancy Elam,   
Sarah Watkins,  
Daniel Bass,  Sarah H. Carter,  
Phoebe Bass,  William Forsee,  
Walthall Bass,  Caroline Sims,  Edward Sims,  
Mary W. Bass,  Porter,  
Elam Bass,  Mary Elizabeth F.L. Oliver,   
Elizabeth Bass,  Jeptha Leet,  
Ann Bass,  John Jordan,  
Rebecca Ann Bass,  William R. Moseley,   
Martha Ann Bass,  Robert M. Moseley,   
Benjamin E. Bass,  Mary V. Claiborne,  
Lucy Ann Bass,  John Goode,   
Martha Bass,  Peter Jackson,  
Elizabeth Jackson,  
Mary Walthall Jackson,  
Martha Bass Jackson,  
Miranda Jackson,  Marley Walthall,   
Rebecca Ann Jackson,  
Thomas Bass,  Thomas Bass,   Sarah Povall Bradley,  John Friend,   John Royall Bradley,  John Varnier Sr.,  
Thomas Bass,  Phoebe Cheatham,  
Sarah Povall Royall Bass,  William E. Turner,  
Mary Bass,  
Michal Worsham Bass,  
Joseph Bass,  Joseph Bass Friend,   Richard K. Bass,   William Hatcher,   
Jeremiah Walthall,  Philemon Holcomb,  
Joseph Farley,  
John Walthall,  
William Archer,   
Anne Morris,  Samuel Morris,  
 John Archer I (-1718),  
Frances Sheppey,   Martha Field,  Peter Field,  Judith (Soane) Randolph,  Thomas Jefferson,   
George Archer,   
Michael Turpin,  John Burton,   Joseph Royall,  
William Bowman,   John Cannefax,  Richard Kendall,   
William Randolph,  Thomas Oliver,  
Thomas Turpin,   Thomas Jefferson,   
Joseph Royall,  
John Archer II,  William Worsham,   Richard Eppes,  
Sarah Randolph,  Henry Randolph III,  Elizabeth Epes,  
James Long,  John Fitzgerald,   
Mary Isham,  
John T. Archer,  
Richard Manning,  
Elizabeth Trent,   
Henry Archer,  Mary Randolph,   
Sarah Archer,  John Archer,   
Judith Archer,  
Anne Archer,  James Robertson,   
Martha Archer,  Christopher Branch,   
Col. William Archer,  William Pride,   Henry Batte,   John Knibb,   William Archer,   
Edward Osborne,   Ann Mayo,   
William Pride,   Edward Goode,   Edward Goode,   Elizabeth (Woodson) Morton,   Richard Morton,   
James Bell,  Martha Watson,   Thomas Tabb,  Christopher Hudson,  John Mann,  Stephen Watkins,  Sally —,  
Elizabeth Royall,   
Lt. Joseph Archer,  Capt. John Worsham,  
Maj. John Archer,  Charles Mann,  John Scott,   Mary (Eggleston) Ward,  John Ward,   John Archer,   
Thomas Bailey,  
Elizabeth Eggleston,   
William Segar Archer,  Henry Clay,   Gen. Winfield Scott,   
Sterling Ford,   
William Segar Archer Work,  
Elizabeth J. Archer,  Sterling Ford,   
Martha J. Archer,  
Anna Marie Archer,  
Joseph Eggleston Archer,  
Sarah Meade Archer,  
Richard Franklin Archer,  
David Everard Archer,  
John Field Archer,  
Maj. Peter Field Archer,  
Frances Tanner,   
Judith Eggleston Cocke,   
Martha Field Archer,  Chastain Cocke,   
Judith Archer,  William Bentley,  
Lucy Gaines Turpin,   
Richard Archer,  
Joseph Royall,   
Mary Magdalene Chastain Cocke,   
Elizabeth Archer,  James Powell Cocke,   
Field Archer,  Elizabeth (—) Archer,  Elizabeth Royall,   James Thompson,  Thomas Dance,   
Zachariah Bell,  Neill Buchanan Jr.,   
Field Archer,  
Martha Field Archer,  William Walthall,   
John Archer,  
Sarah Archer,   Daniel Vaden,   Molly Archer,  
John H. Archer,  
Edward J. Archer,  
Branch O. Archer,  
Eliza Archer,  Roger Scott,  
Mary Archer,  William Goodwin,  
Field Archer,  
Sarah R. Archer,  
William Epes Archer,  
Edward Archer,  Mary Walthall,   
Agnes Archer,  William Downman,  Robert Downman,  Elizabeth Porteus,  Henry Cousins,   
Elizabeth Osborne Downman,  John Hood,  
Ann Porteus Downman,  
Dr. Robert P. Downman,  Lucy Massenburg Mason,   
William Downman,  
Martha Field Downman,  
Martha Field Downman,  
Agnes Archer Downman,  Thomas Blunt Jr.,  
Michal Archer,  George Robertson,   
James Robertson,  Martha Field Archer,   
Martha Field Robertson,  John Brander,  
Cornelius Buck,  
William Brander,  
John A. Brander,  Lucy Claiborne Archer,   Matilda Caroline Pegram,  
Sarah Parke Archer,   
Matilda Caroline Pegram Brander,  
Maria M. Brander,  Sir Archibald Moore,  John Thompson Robertson,  
John Robertson,  
Archibald Robertson,  
Stanhope Robertson,  
Lelia Robertson,  
Eliza Brander,  Hector Brander,  
Archer Robertson,  Frances Brooking,   Frances B. Fowlkes,   
Jervis Robertson,  
John Ballard Holmes,   
George Robertson IV,  Mary (—) Robertson,  
Elizabeth Robertson,  
Ann Robertson,  William McCraw,  
Harriet McCraw,  
Mary Robertson,  Joseph Bass,  Rev. John Cameron,   Jane Manlove,   
Elizabeth Archer,  Blackman Moseley,   
Mary Archer,  
Judith Archer,  Daniel Worsham,   
Edward Booker,   
Stith Hardaway,   John Worsham,   
Phoebe Worsham,  John Booker,   
Elizabeth Worsham,  John Royall,   
Littleberry Royall,   
Edward Osborne,   John Kendall,  Thomas Tabb,  Christopher Hudson,   Charles Mann,  
Richard Eppes,  John Gammon,  
Ralph Crawforth Anderson,   
Col. John Royall,  Elizabeth Townes,   
Mary Allen Royall,  Thomas Anderson Holcomb,  
Judith Archer Royall,  William Royall,   
James Townes Royall,  Frances T. —,  
Joseph Edwin Royall,  Mary Elizabeth Gwatkin,  
Joseph Royall,  Mary Elizabeth Townes,   Richard Townes,   John Archer,   
Abraham Green,   
John Robertson,  Joseph Scott,   Richard Archer,   John L. Cooper,  
Elizabeth Royall,  
John Royall,  William Archer,   
Richard Royall,  Mary Cobbs Hudson,   
James T. Royall,  
Joseph Archer Royall,  Lt. Joseph Archer,   Hannah W. Finney,   
Mary Garland Mosby,  Capt. Wade Mosby,  Susanna Trueheart,  
Brockenbrough S. Morrison,  
Augustine Royall,  
Joseph James Wade Royall,  
William Royall,  Judith Archer Royall,   Richard Everard Meade,  
Elizabeth Royall,  John Robertson,   
Martha Worsham,  Stith Hardaway,   Richard Winn,  John Townes,  
Purefoy Booker,   
Daniel Hardaway,  Anne Eggleston,   Joseph Hardaway,   
Dr. Daniel Hardaway,  Sarah Tanner Jones,   
Martha Hardaway,  Edwin Harvie,  William Old,  Seth Ward Jones,   
Lewis Edwin Harvie,  
James Robertson,   Rev. George Robertson,   
Sarah Blair,  John G. Blair,  
Dr. John Burwell Harvie,  Mary Elizabeth Blair,  John G. Blair,  
William Old,  
Maj. Charles Old,  
Maria A. Hardaway,  Seth Ward Jones,   
Richard Eggleston Hardaway,  Mary Rutherford,  Thomas Rutherford,  
Dr. Sterling Ford,   
John Segar Hardaway,  
Sally G. Stegar,  Maj. John H. Stegar,  
Jane Elizabeth Hardaway,  Benjamin Lincoln Meade,   
Dr. Sterling Ford,   
Benjamin Hardaway Meade,  Jane Catherine Fontaine,  
Everard Benjamin Meade,  
Hodijah Meade,  Walter Allen Watson,   
Marianne Meade,  Dr. John Gifford Skelton,  Mrs. John Williams,  
Charlotte Randolph Meade,  Gen. James H. Lane,  
Dr. John Segar Hardaway,  Martha Anne Fletcher,   
Dr. George Langston Griffin Bacon,   
Jacqueline Segar Hardaway,  Thomas Freeman Epes,  John Epes,  Frances Campbell,  Rev. Theodorick Bland Pryor,   
Rebecca Dupuy,  
James Fletcher Epes,  Rebecca Poague,  
Walter Allen Watson,   
Thomas Freeman Epes,  Rebecca Robinson,  Burwell Robinson,   Ann Clack,  
John Segar Epes,  Fannie Washington Epes,   
Dr. Theodorick Pryor Epes,  Joanna Tyler Spencer,   
Fannie H. Epes,  
Francis Epes,  
Sally Ann Hardaway,  Horace F. Hardaway,   
James E. Hardaway,  
Judith Segar Hardaway,  
Joseph Stith Hardaway,  
Stith Hardaway,  
Judith Archer Hardaway,  William Lewis,  
Dr. Stith Hardaway Lewis,  
Judith Archer Lewis,  John Randolph Jr.,   
Caroline Matilda Lewis,  James Powell Cocke,   
Martha Ann Lewis,  James Powell Cocke,   
Martha Archer,  Samuel Allen,  
Sanborne Woodson,   
Robert Payne,  Richard Pearne,  Samuel Richardson,  
Archer Allen,  Elizabeth Allen,   William Rowden,  
Christopher Almond,  
Salley Allen,  Francis Newton Ford,   
William Archer Allen,  
Samuel Allen,  
James Allen,  
John Archer Allen,  
Daniel Allen,  
Elizabeth Allen,  
Merritt B. Allen,  
Cary Calvin Allen,  America Evans,  
Samuel Allen,  
Mary Allen,  
Elizabeth Allen,  Peter Field Jefferson,   
Judith Allen,  Massey,  
Martha Field Allen,  William Daniel,  
Obedience Allen,  William Townes,  Richard Booker,   
Frances Allen,  John Muse IV,   
Ann Allen,  
Field Allen,  
William Allen,  
Frances Archer,  Alexander Trent II,   
Mary Archer,  Richard Ogilby,  Robert Stoker,  
Henry Anderson,   
Capt. Edward Wilkinson,   Peter Jones,   
John Ogilby,  Alexander Brown,  Reuben Ford,  Peter Farrar,   Ann (—) Ogilby,  George Robertson,   
Richard Ogilby,  Judith Farrar,   
Elizabeth Archer,  
 William Archer (-1694) of Charles City,  
Justinian Cooper,  George Archer,  William Duke,  
Hannah Grendon,  Col. Thomas Grendon,  Elizabeth (—) Stegge,  Col. Thomas Stegge,  Grace Stegge,  John Byrd,  William Byrd I,  Thomas Jennings,  William Bird,  
Capt. William Archer,  
John Coats,  Sarah (Greene) Bland,  John Bland,  Benjamin Harrison,   Thomas Greene,  
Sampson Wilson,  
John Terry,  
Henry Baker,  Capt. Henry Tooker,  Henry Hartwell,  
Abraham Archer,  
 Roger Archer of Surry,  
Benjamin Archer,  
John Clay,   
 John Archer of Amelia,  
John Archer,   William Archer,   John Archer,   
James Bevill,   John Hastings,  Godfrey Coleman,  Godfrey Coleman,  Archer Coleman,  Liza Bevill,   
Ann Hall,   Ann Bott,   Thomas Bott,   
Instant Hall,   Elizabeth Archer,  
John Archer,   
William Moulson,  Mary Segar,  Joseph Eggleston,   Oliver Segar,  
Maj. Maurice Langhorne,  Polly Langhorne,  John Hobson,  John Archer,  
 George Archer of Prince George County,  
Roger Archer,  
James Pittillo,  Sarah (—) Archer,  Elizabeth (—) Archer,  
Edward Archer,  Alexander Newsum,  John Archer,  Cadwallader Archer,  David Archer,  Mrs. Millicent Archer,  
Sarah —,  
Mary Archer,  
 Thomas Archer of Prince George County,  
James Pittillo,  William Newsum,  Alice (—) Archer,  
Thomas Archer,  
Frederick Archer,  
 Richard Archer of Prince George County,  
Richard Darden,  Mary Jones,   Nicholas Butterworth,  Tabitha (—) Archer,  
George Archer,  
William Archer,  
Roger Archer,  
 William Archer (-1795) of Prince George County,  
William Newsum,  Mary (—) Archer,  
Sarah Archer,  
Mary Archer,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Archer Jones Bevill - War of 1812 Edward Traylor - War of 1812
Joseph Traylor - War of 1812 Henry Cox - War of 1812
Archibald Traylor - War of 1812 Thomas Matthews Traylor - War of 1812
Isham Traylor - War of 1812 Archard Bass - War of 1812
Edward Bass - Revolutionary War Lt. Joseph Archer - Revolutionary War
Maj. John Archer - Revolutionary War William Bentley - Revolutionary War
Richard Archer - Revolutionary War John Royall - Revolutionary War
Brockenbrough S. Morrison - War of 1812 James Fletcher Epes - Civil War
Thomas Freeman Epes - Civil War Merritt Allen - War of 1812

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
William Segar Archer - U.S. James Fletcher Epes - U.S.

Legislators - colonial and state
Isham Epes - Virginia Howson Clark - Virginia
William Segar Archer - Virginia Col. John Royall - Virginia
Wade Mosby - Virginia William Old Sr. - Virginia
Lewis Edwin Harvie - Virginia William Old Jr. - Virginia

Vestrymen of Bristol Parish
George Archer  

Names on the map
Walthall, Chesterfield County, was named for William Walthall Brandermill, Chesterfield County, was named for John Brander

Selected sources
Batte, R. Bolling. R. Bolling Batte Papers Biographical Card Files. • Library of Virginia. Includes about 400 index cards depicting family vital records for the descendants of George Archer.
Bockstruck, Lloyd D. “Who was Mary, the Wife of George Archer?” The Virginia Genealogist. 43:42-47 (1999). • Study of wife of George Archer III.
Randolph, Wassell. George Archer I of the Umberslade Archers of Henrico County, Virginia and his Descendants, Memphis: Memphis Public Library, 1965. • The indispensable genealogy of the descendants of George Archer. Yet it is dated and perpetuates some significant errors that a more thorough examination of available records would make apparent.
Randolph, Wassell. Henry Randolph I (1623-1673) of Henrico County, Virginia and His Descendants. Memphis: Memphis Public Library, 1952:52-60. • Descendants of John Archer II who married Sarah Randolph.
“Record of the Allen Family.” Genealogies of Virginia Families from the William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1982: 1:65-67. • Bible for the family of Archer Allen.
Stutesman, John Hale. Some Watkins of Virginia and their Kin. Baltimore: Gateway Press, Inc., 1989:527-537. • Family of William Walthall who married Ann Archer.
“Tyler-Bouldin-Epes.” Genealogies of Virginia Families from the Tyler’s Quarterly Historical and Genealogical Magazine. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1981(3):817-8. • Authored by Joanna Tyler Spencer who married Theodorick Pryor Epes.

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