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 992   Thomas Petty II (c.1705-)
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Thomas Petty II, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Thomas Petty II might describe his life as follows.

There is little for me to say. I married Elizabeth Moore in North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, 24 August 1727. 
When Elizabeth’s mother made her will in 1743, she left £4 to each of our daughters Ann, Lavinia, and Elizabeth Petty,  but unfortunately, I don’t know what happened of them.
I was a resident of Lunenburg County when I deeded 150 acres in St. Thomas Parish, Orange County, to my brother-in-law Francis Moore 16 February 1756. 
The four men named Petty who settled in part of Lunenburg County that became Charlotte County were likely our sons: Francis Moore Petty, William Petty, Joseph Petty, and John Petty. Since John and William were Baptists, I may have been, too.

The marriage record for Thomas Petty in North Farnham Register says his wife was Elizabeth Doon, and, indeed, a Dunn family was in the parish. Yet everything else points to her being Elizabeth Moore.

Descendants of Thomas Petty II
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Francis Moore Petty (1728-1802),  
 William Petty,  
Lettice (—) Petty,  Robert Williams,  
 Ann Petty,  
 Lavinia Petty,  
 Elizabeth Petty,  
 Joseph Petty,  
Elizabeth (—) Petty,  
 John Petty,  
Hannah (—) Petty,  

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