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 986   Thomas Raines (c.1705-)
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Thomas Raines, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Thomas Raines might describe his life as follows.

In 1715 my father, William Raines, made a deed giving me 76 acres on the north side of Jones Hole Swamp that flows from Prince George County to present-day Sussex County. Of course a deed, like any contract, required some form of consideration, so the attorney who drew it up put in, “for natural love and affection I bear my son.”  I apparently lived here until 1733 when the governor granted me a nearby 400 acres, which my son John eventually sold in 1787. 
Elizabeth and I were the parents of three children born in Bristol Parish, 1726-33. We evidently moved from that parish before the births of Phoebe and Sylvania. Since I spent most of my life in Prince George County, where most county records are missing, I can say little about our family.
I can tell you that Elizabeth died 8 February 1773 in Albemarle Parish where she was living with our son John who just a month before lost his first wife in childbirth.  Daughter Phoebe, who never married, lived out her days in Prince George County where her will of 1790 gave slaves to John’s children and to her sister Sylvania.

We have been unable to identify Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Raines.

Descendants of Thomas Raines
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 John Raines (1726-),  
Amy (Goodwyn) Mitchell,  Thomas Mitchell,   
Maj. Robert Raines,  Sarah Hamilton,  John Hamilton,  Tabitha Thweatt,   
Cadwallader Raines,  Lucretia Parham,  
Thomas Raines,  Sarah Abercrombie,  
Amy Goodwyn Raines,  Robert Stewart,  
 Alice Raines (1733-),  
 Thomas Raines (1734-),  
 Phoebe Raines (-1790),  
 Sylvania (Raines) Cook,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Robert Raines - Revolutionary War  

Legislators - colonial and state
Robert Raines - Georgia  

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