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 906   John George (1704-1784)
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John George, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, John George might describe his life as follows.

I was born 18 August 1704 in Christ Church Parish, Middlesex County, Virginia, and baptized 3 September 1704 by Rev. Bartholomew Yates,  who was later Professor of Divinity at the College of William and Mary. 
I was married and our infant son dead by 1729 when father gave me 270 acres in Essex County, which he had owned for about 6 years.  I sold out in Essex in the 1730s and lived out my days in neighboring Caroline County where William Dillon sold me land in 1734 and John Powell, in 1745.  The few records of that county that remain reveal that I was a churchwarden of St. Margaret’s Parish,  served on petit and grand juries,  appraised the estates of several neighbors,  helped lay out a new road convenient to the church,  and was ordered to keep some roads in the neighborhood repaired.  Since slaves became taxable at a certain age, I had to take Essex to court in 1745 where the justices concluded he was 10 years old. 
I married first Mary Jordan by 1727 and, before her death in Caroline County around 1750, we had 10 or 11 children, 4 of whom went down to Pittsylvania and Halifax counties.
My second wife was Ursula Dudley, the daughter of John Dudley of Middlesex and his wife, Ursula Beverley. Born 26 September 1720, she was 16 years younger than I. Her mother was the daughter of Robert Beverley Jr. and Ursula Byrd, daughter of William Byrd I of Westover. She gave me 3 children before we separated in 1777.
I was 79 when made my will in February 1784 naming children and grandchildren and died a month or two later “leaving a plentiful estate.” 

The 270 acres that Robert George gave his son John in Essex County in 1729 is probably identical to the tract mentioned in his will. Since only the birth of son Robert in 1727 appears in the Christ Church Parish Register, John must have moved to this plantation soon after his father gave it to him.
John was still a resident of Essex when he bought land in Caroline County in 1734 and when he deeded 373 acres in Essex to Francis Smith in 1735,  both transactions presumably in expectation of moving to Caroline where they were residing 12 Sept. 1765 when they deeded property to John Gatewood. 

Will of John George
John’s will, dated 7 Feb. 1784 and proved May 1784, named sons Reuben, John, and James George, daughters, Sarah George, Elizabeth Baber, Mary Mackhaney, Catey Brown, and Ann Woolfolk, and Robert Woolfolk, presumably Ann’s husband. Grandchildren named were Mary, Daniel, and Nancy Isbell, and John G., Benjamin, and Frances Graves. 

Ursula, the widow
Apparently quite infirm and in financial difficulties, Ursula sued for support from the estate of her late husband, then called alimony, in 1778.  After the court ordered John George to set aside something for Ursula, she was forced to sue him, presumably to enforce the order. 

Descendants of John George
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Robert George (1727-1727),  
 Reuben George (c.1730-1799),  
Mildred Rogers,  John Rogers,  Mary Byrd,  William Byrd,  
Phillip George,  
William George,  Nancy Garthright,  William Garthright,  
Samuel George,  
William George,  
Edmund George,  
Reuben George,  
Tabitha George,  
Ann George,  Johnson,  
John George,  
James George,  
Elizabeth George,  
Molly George,  Achilles Rogers,  
Mildred Rogers,  
Reuben Rogers,  
George Rogers,  
Catherine Booker Rogers,  
Achilles Rogers,  
Lucy Rogers,  
Polly Rogers,  
Isaac Rogers,  
Reuben George,  Betsy Sharpe,  
Byrd George,  Mary Crutchfield Garthright,  Catherine Wilson,  Zachariah Wilson,  Catherine Pickett,  
Sarah George,  
Elizabeth George,  
John George,  Anna B. (—) George,  
Rebecca George,  
Dr. Miles George,  Mary F. (—) George,  
Tabitha George,  
William Orville George,  
Wilson George,  
Lucy George,  John Oliver,  
Anna George,  James Gatewood,  William Gatewood,  Amelia Peatross,  
Lucy Ann Gatewood,  William Augustus Moncure,  John Moncure III,  Alice Peachy Gaskins,  
John George,  
 James George (c.1735-c.1799),  
Elizabeth Noden,  Hugh Noden,  Elizabeth Pender,  Thomas Watkins,  
Benjamin Lankford,  John Butler,  Joshua Stone,  
Benjamin Gosney,  William Keatt,  
Mary George,  William Henderson,  James Henderson,  
James Jordan George,  
Frances George,  William Hoskins,  
Hugh George,  Celia McHaney,   
Winston Dalton,  
Millicent George,  John Graves,  
James H. George,  William Shelton,  
Celia George,  
Elizabeth George,  
Ellise George,  
Martha W. George,  
Cornelius McHaney George,  Celia (—) George,  Annie (—) George.,  
Sally George,  
Celia George,  
Mary George,  
Edney George,  
Nolen George,  
William George,  
Hugh George,  William Parker,  
Cornelius George,  Sarah —,  
John George,  Sally Hatchett,  
Mildred George,  
Mary George,  
 John George (c.1725-c.1790),  
Frances (—) George,  
John Ferrell,  Francis Short,  
Joseph Gill Jr.,  William Barksdale,  
 Sarah George (c.1724-),  
 Mary (George) McHaney (-c.1810),  
Cornelius McHaney,  
Thomas Watkins,   
John McHaney,  Elizabeth Mitchell,  James Mitchell,  
Cornelius McHaney,  Patience Hurt,  
Polly McHaney,  Samuel Hubbard,   Robert T. Tucker,  
Samuel Hubbard,  
Cornelius Hubbard,  Mary Dupuy,  John Shields,  
Polly Hubbard,  Richard G. Davenport,  
William Hubbard,  
McHaney Hubbard,  Mary Jane —,  
Samuel Hubbard,  
William Hubbard,  
James C. Hubbard,  
Joseph Hubbard,  
Mary McHaney,  George Gilbert,  Preston Gilbert,  
Celia McHaney,  Hugh George,   
Frankey McHaney,  Turner,  John Turner,  Kitty Lankford,  
Cornelius Turner,  
John Turner,  
William Turner,  
Robert Turner,  
Mary Turner,  
 Frances (George) Isbell Graves,  
James Isbell,   Beverly Graves,  
Mary Isbell,  Col. William Moore Jonson,  
Daniel Isbell,  
Nancy Isbell,  
John George Graves,  Mary Rutland,  
Benjamin Graves,  Sarah Martin,  John Martin,  
Frances Graves,  Samuel Burrus,  Nathaniel D. Mason,  
 Edna (George) DeJarnette (c.1741-1777),  
James Pemberton DeJarnette,   
 Elizabeth (George) Baber,  
James Baber,  
William Smith,  Parmenas Rogers,  Francis Baber,  
George Baber,  Richard Harris,  Sarah Anderson,  
James Baber,  Maria Jordan Lewellyn,  
Thomas Anderson Baber,  Lucy Ann Trevellian,  
Fanny Baber,  Philip Saunders,  
Fanny Baber,  Parmenas Rogers,  
Mary Baber,  William Smith,  
 Ann (George) Woolfolk,  
Robert Woolfolk,  Robert Woolfolk,  Frances Lee,  
 John Dudley George (-1781),  
Lucy Dickinson,  David Dickinson,  
Lewis George,  Agnes Wilson,  Zachariah Wilson,  Catherine Pickett,  
Lucy George,  John Dickinson,  
 Catherine (George) Brown,  
William Brown,  
 Martha (George) Brown (1761-1823),  
John Brown,  
Booth Brown,  
Fleming Brown,  
John Dudley George Brown,  Harriet Sheppard,  
Mildred Woolfolk Brown,  Ambrose Hutchinson,  
Mary Dudley Brown,  John Hutchinson,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
William George - Revolutionary War Edmund George - War of 1812
Reuben George - War of 1812 James Gatewood - War of 1812

Legislators - colonial and state
William Augustus Moncure - Virginia  

Selected sources
“Brown - Sheppard Bible.” The Virginia Genealogist. 6:109-110 (1962). • Bible identifying vital dates for family of Martha George and John Brown.
Wingfield, Marshall. History of Caroline County, Virginia. Reprint edition, Bowie, Md.: Heritage Books, 1998:431-435. • Includes information on ancestors and descendants of John George.
“Winston Dalton’s Register.” Virginia Vital Records from the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, the William and Mary College Quarterly, and Tyler’s Quarterly. Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 1982:529-530. • Birth and death records for the family of Hugh George.

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