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 890   John Burton (-1776)
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John Burton, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, John Burton might describe his life as follows.

My grandfather John Burton acquired “Longfield” in 1665. Named for him, I deeded it to John Anderson in September 1728 and settled on 400 acres on Flat Creek in Amelia County by 28 September 1730.  I added a neighboring 1,160 acres in June 1736.  As “Mr. John Burton of Amelia County,” I appeared in the account book Sheriff John Nash kept to record taxes in Henrico County in 1737,  the same year Amelia County taxed me and “Negroes, Dick and Frank.” 
My first wife was Catherine Cocke, a daughter of William Cocke. Our son, named for me, was born 7 September 1725. Tragically, I lost Catherine 3 days later. 
I soon married Sarah Chappell and the register in Bristol Parish where we attended church has the births of our first three girls, Mary, Martha, and Rachel Burton, 1728 to 1734. A fourth daughter was Sarah, and a fifth, Magdalene.
I was Amelia County’s first sheriff,  a justice of the peace (1735-47, 1750-1),  and a constable in 1769.  Since my job as sheriff was to collect the taxes, I had to put up a £1,000 performance bond. 
I made my will 12 August 1776 remembering my wife, 4 Hudson grandsons, and a granddaughter, Martha Burton.  My estate, including 30 slaves, was valued at £3,973.6.9.  Dick and Frank—or perhaps their sons of that name—were still my property.

Joel Walker, Henry Branch, and Richard Ward witnessed John’s deed selling “Longfield.” John’s daughter, Magdalene Burton would later marry Joel Walker’s nephew Warren Walker. John’s daughter Martha named a son Robert B. Ward, likely Robert Burton Ward, proving further that Sheriff John was a son of Robert Burton.

The Amelia County tithables of 1744 taken near Flat Creek identify John Burton Jr. and Peter Burton living in the household with John Burton Sr.  John Jr., Catherine’s son, would have been of an age to appear in his father’s household in 1744. By 1748 John Jr. is on his own and Peter is still in the household of John Sr.  The 3 appear consecutively on the 1750 list. 
We do not think Peter Burton is John Burton’s son. He is either Peter Burton son of Abraham or Peter Burton the grandson of William Burton of “The Level” and a son of John’s 1st cousin. One of these Peters was witness for Thomas Bowles when he sued John Burton of Flat Creek in 1758. 
This second John Burton is possibly the John Burton Jr. of Amelia County. This John Burton Jr. had a daughter named Martha identified in the wills of both John Burton and Sarah (Chappell) Burton. Further, both John Burtons named daughters Mary, Martha, and Rachel. Yet John Burton Jr. was illiterate in contrast to Sarah’s husband who was a prominent citizen. No other evidence seems to connect the two John Burtons—an oddity for a father and son in the same community.

John’s name in court records
John Burton and neighbors Edward Booker Sr. and Edward Booker Jr. witnessed the will of Thomas Roberts in 1734.  On 8 Aug. 1735 John Burton registered his livestock mark: “swallow fork in right ear and crop and slit in left ear.”  Livestock marks helped to identify free-roaming cattle or hogs. The same day William Hudson registered his livestock mark, which was nearly identical to Burton’s: “swallow fork in right ear and crop in left ear.”  Burton’s daughter Sarah would later marry Hudson’s son Nicholas.
In 1739 Edward Booker was the surveyor of a road to be cleared from his house to the church, and John Burton was ordered to continue his road from Flat Creek to the courthouse.  In 1740 John Burton was ordered to list tithables above Flat Creek.  In 1741 John Burton was fined for not keeping in repair the road from Stocks Creek to Sandy Creek.  Perhaps seeing that he was overburdened with road work, he agreed to keep the road from Flat Creek to the courthouse clear if he could be discharged from working all other roads. 
John Burton appeared in other Amelia County court actions. In Dec. 1738 he was appointed an overseer to replace John Dawson,  and 21 April 1747 it was “ordered by the court that John Burton, Gent. agree with some person to Build or Repair Burton’s Bridge.” They named this bridge across the Appomattox River for Abraham Burton of Deep Creek, one of John’s distant cousins.

Land transactions
On 16-17 April 1744 Amelia County recorded deeds of lease and release by which John Burton conveyed 150 acres on the south side of Neals Branch to Henry Isbell. Sarah relinquished her dower right.  Isbell sold this land to James Chappell in 1745. 
On 17 Jan. 1745/6 John Burton, Gent. deeded 500 acres on the north side of Flat Creek to Thomas Hudson for £60,  who sold it to Nicholas Hudson 21 June 1759 for £300.  On 30 May 1760 John Burton and Sarah, his wife, sold Nicholas Hudson 428 acres on the north side of Flat Creek near Neals Branch in Amelia County for £100.  Burton made a deed to buy 350 acres on the south side of Buckskin Creek from John Smith during Dec. 1754 but it was not recorded and apparently never consummated for Smith later sold the tract to others. 

John’s will
Here is an abstract of his will.

Will of John Burton
12 August 1776
To wife Sarah Burton, Negroes Frank, Fanney, Liddy, Stiry, Sary & Fanny’s youngest child at her disposal. Also two beds and furniture.
To grandson Robert Hudson, new survey my land and Negroes York, Prince, Abraham, David, Phibb, Jenney, Betty, Julius, Patt and Lucy. Also two beds, furniture, and livestock.
To wife Sarah Burton, for life, old survey of land that I now live on, and Negroes Toney, Ned, Will, Jem, Peter, Ben, Bob, Nan, Lucy, Judy, Dick & Milley. Also lend wife for life all livestock and household furniture not yet mentioned and all remaining part of my estate not already mentioned.
To grandson Samuel Hudson 100 pounds to be paid at my wife’s death, the money to be raised out of that part of the estate lent to my wife. Should he die before age 21 or without lawful heirs, then to go to my grandson Robert Hudson.
To granddaughter Martha Burton, sufficient money to buy a young Negro at my wife’s death, the money to be raised in manner as above legacy.
To grandson Robert Hudson, at wife’s death, all land & slaves & increase lent her; should he die without lawful heirs, then to go to his brother Edward Hudson. Should Edward die without lawful heirs, then to go to his brother William Hudson.
To grandson Robert Hudson all remaining part of my estate lent my wife after legacies and debts are paid.

Sarah’s will
Sarah Burton’s will mentioned her daughter Magdalene Walker, William Ward, William Walker, and Mary Walker, a daughter of Warren Walker. Sarah also identified Mary Burton as a granddaughter of her husband, John Burton, but omitted any mention of Hudson grandsons, presumably because her husband had provided for them. 
Sarah was dead by 22 Nov. 1781 when her will was recorded. 

Will of Sarah Burton
18 August 1781
To daughter Martha Ward, Negroes Milly, Janey, Liddy, and Tye
Grandson William Ward.
Daughter Magdalene Walker, Negroes Fanny, little Frank, and Lowrey.
Grandson William Walker.
Granddaughter Mary Walker, a daughter of Warren Walker.
Martha Burton granddaughter of my husband John Burton, deceased, a Negro named Sarah.

Descendants of John Burton
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 John Burton (1725-1762),  
John Booker,  Henry Farley,  Mary (—) Burton,  
Nicholas Vaughan,   
Edmund Booker,  William Cross Craddock,   
John Burton,  Martha Cocke Farley,  
Rachel Cook Burton,  Robert Scott,  
Mary Burton,  Fletcher,  
Martha Burton,  
Henry Burton,  
 Mary Burton (1728-),  
 Martha (Burton) Ward (1732-),  
Joseph Ward,   
 Rachel Burton (1734-),  
 Sarah (Burton) Hudson,  
Nicholas Hudson,  
William Hudson,  Thomas Hudson,  
James Chappell,   Edmund Booker,  Obadiah Clement,  Obadiah Hendrick,  
Burton Hudson,  Elizabeth Booker,   
Sally Richardson Hudson,  Walter Keeble Jr.,  Richardson Booker,   Samuel Ford,   
Humphrey Keeble,  
William Hudson,  
William Munford,  Martha (—) Hudson,  John Chappell,   Davis Booker,   Sally Richardson Hudson,   John Mason,  
John Hudson,  
Samuel Hudson,  James Chappell,   William Hudson,   Jacob Roberts,  John Chappell,   
Davis Booker,   
Mary Hudson,  Efford Booker,   
Thomas Samuel,  
Sally Marshall Booker,  Rev. John Skurrey,  Austin Seay,   
Richard Terrell Seay,  
Efford Booker Seay,  
George Nicholas Seay,  Petronella S. Hatchett,  
Louisa Marshall Seay,  James Chappell,   
William Eldridge Seay,  
Samuel Richard Seay,  Missouri P. Eanes,  Mary (—) Seay,  Jane S. (—) Brackett Eanes,  
Austin Selden Seay,  Maria L. —,  
Junius Hardin Seay,  
Sally Amelia Virginia Seay,  Thomas R. Letellier,  
Richardson Booker,  Ann Davis Booker,   Henry Drewry,  
Nancy C. Booker,  Henry P. Eanes,  
Theodosia Cobbs Booker,  Thomas Montague,  
Magdalene Hudson,  
Jacob Roberts,   
Elizabeth Roberts,  William M. Osborne,   
Mary T. Roberts,  John D. Angell,  
Nancy C. Roberts,  Jesse Goodwin,  
Thomas S. Roberts,  
John Roberts,  Sally Jeter,   
Harriet P. Craddock,   
Jacob Roberts,  Lucy Jeter,   
Mary E. Roberts,  Thomas P. Lambert,  
Judith Roberts,  Robert J. Angell,  
Robert Hudson,  Jane Booker,   John Catlin Cobbs,   
Davis Booker,   Henry Ward,   Parham Booker,   
George Booker,  John Chappell,   
Richard Booker,  Davis Booker,   
John Millner Hudson,  
Mary Cobbs Hudson,  Richard Royall,   
Bennett Brown,  
Edward Hudson,  
Sarah Hudson,  
 Magdalene (Burton) Walker,  
Warren Walker,   

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Austin Seay - War of 1812 Richardson Booker - War of 1812
Henry P. Eanes - War of 1812 Jacob Roberts - Revolutionary War
Robert Hudson - Revolutionary War  

Legislators - colonial and state
Samuel R. Seay - Virginia  

Selected sources
Harrison, Francis Burton. Burton Chronicles of Colonial Virginia. Privately published, 1933, 267-279. • Family of John Burton.

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