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 888   William Walker II (c.1690-1752)
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William Walker II, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, William Walker II might describe his life as follows.

I was born about 1690, likely a son of William Walker of Henrico County, and his Warren wife. About 1720 I married Judith Baker, a daughter of James Baker, after whom she named the eldest of our 10 children.
I was “William Walker of Henrico County” when I paid £40 for 275 acres on Fine Creek in present-day Powhatan County in 1738.  In 1744 Judith and I sold our Fine Creek plantation and bought 620 acres on the north side of the Appomattox River in what is now Cumberland County from John Patterson.  I added 130 acres 1 April 1749, giving us 750.  Our new plantation, named “High Hill,” was in Southam Parish, right where High Hill Road is today.
In my 60s, I made my will 22 May 1752 and was dead within a month.  I left son James 350 acres on the Appomattox River and gave Warren 400 acres with the home plantation. Our other sons would each receive £80 when they reached their 20th birthday and, similarly, our daughters, £30 each. I ordered that my wife be well maintained, at the expense of my estate.
Warren became guardian for Henry, Benjamin, and Judith, and reported how he was managing their inheritance to Cumberland County at the August Court 1759. 
Judith made her will in Cumberland 19 August 1767 and was dead by 22 February 1768 when the court ordered it recorded. 

William’s will

Will of William Walker
22 May 1752
In the name of God Amen I William Walker of Southam Parish and of Cumberland County do make this my last will & testament as followeth my will & desire is that all my just debts be paid.
Item: I give & devise unto my son James Walker his heirs & assigns forever three hundred & fifty acres of land with the plantation where James Spratlin now lives running from the back line of Edward Davidson to Appomattox river.
Item: I give & demise unto my son Warren Walker his heirs & assigns forever four hundred acres of land together with the plantation where I now live.
Item: I give & demise unto my son William Walker his heirs & assigns forever three hundred acres of land together with the plantation where John Duram now lives.
Item: I give to my five sons Joel, Peter, Robert, Benjamin & Henry eighty pounds current money a peace.
Item: I give to my two Daughters Lucy and Judy thirty pounds Current money a peace to be raised out of my estate but if in case if either or more of my five sons should die before they arrive to the age of twenty one years their part to dye also my two daughters the same and my will & desire is that my well beloved wife Judy Walker should have a good maintenance out of the estate as long as she remains a widow or death which first should happen and I do leave my son Warren Walker in full power to take care of the Negroes & personal estate to fulfill this my last will and my will & desire is that after these sums of money be raised the Negroes & personal estate maybe equally divided among my wife and children and my will & desire Is that there be no appraisement of my estate and lastly I do appoint my well beloved wife Judy Walker & my son Warren Walker and Henry Macon to be Executors of this my last will & testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this 22d Day of April 1752.
William Walker

Judith’s will

Will of Judith Walker
19 August 1767
In the name of God amen I Judith Walker of Cumberland county being sick and weak in body but of perfect mind and memory praised be God for the same do make constitute and ordain this my last will & testament in manner and form as follows.
Item I give and bequeath to my daughter Lucy LeGrand a Negro girl named Patt and one feather bed and furniture to her & her heirs forever.
Item I give and bequeath to my daughter Judah Penix a Negro girl named Tamer and one feather bed and furniture to her and her heirs forever and my desire is that all my wearing clothes shall be equally divided between my two daughters before mentioned.
Item I give to my granddaughter Judah LeGrand my riding saddle to her and her heirs forever.
Item I give and bequeath to my son Benjamin Walker one Negro wench named Sarah and one Negro boy named Ned and likewise five head of cattle, viz. one brindle heifer and a black one and the rest young cattle to him and his heirs forever.
Item I give and bequeath to my son Henry Walker one Negro fellow named Bob and a Negro girl named Fann and one bed and furniture likewise my horse and my desire is that he shall have a share of the crop that is now growing.
Item I give and bequeath to Warren Walker and Benj a Walker all my hogs to be equally divided between them and likewise a bed and furniture to the said Benjamin only to him and his heirs forever.
Item My will and desire is that the residue of my estate all my cash which I have upon interest and my crops that are unsettled shall be equally divided between my sons, viz. James Walker, Warren, William, Joel & Peter Walker by Matthew Nelson & James Allen.
My will and desire is that if Henry Walker should die before he arrives to the age of twenty one that what I have here given to him be divided between all my children that are living.
I order will and desire that my estate shall not be apprais’d nor my executor compel’d to give security for the matters herein contained and lastly I appoint my (son) William Walker executor of this, my last will and testament hoping he will see the same duly performed as my trust in him is repos’d.
In witness I have hereunto set my hand and seal this nineteenth day of August one thousand, seven hundred and sixty seven.
Judah “/” Walker
Matthew Nelson
John Owen
Mack Goode

Descendants of William Walker II
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 James Walker,  
Capt. Henry Walker,  Martha Jones,  
Lucy Walker,  Micajah Woods,  
Dr. James Walker,  
John Walker,  Elizabeth —,  
James Walker,  
John Walker,  
Capt. David Walker,  Elizabeth Watkins,  Joel Watkins,  
Agnes Walker,  William Jones,  Thomas Lewis,  
James Jones,  
Joel Watkins Jones,  Agnes Gibson,  Thomas Gibson,  
David Jones,  
John Jones,  
William Jones,  
Henry Lewis,  Elizabeth Morton Woodson,   
Agnes Lewis,  Davidson,  
Thomas Lewis,  
Edmund Lewis,  
Stephen Walker Lewis,  
 Warren Walker (c.1730-c.1785),  
 Joel Walker,  
Sarah Bowen,  
 Lucy (Walker) LeGrand,  
Alexander LeGrand,  Peter LeGrand II,  Jane Madeleine Michaux,  
Richard Morton,  John Harvey,   
Judith LeGrand,  Abraham LeGrand Jr.,  
Lucy LeGrand,  John Watkins Cox,  
Drusilla LeGrand,  John Lancaster,  
Nancy Snead LeGrand,  Joseph Binford,  
Josiah LeGrand,  Elizabeth Anderson,   
James Foster,  
Nancy H. LeGrand,  
Elizabeth A. LeGrand,  Thomas Watkins,  
James A. LeGrand,  
Josiah B. LeGrand,  
Samuel B. LeGrand,  Rebecca (—) LeGrand,  
Mary A. LeGrand,  David Walker,  
Jane M. LeGrand,  
Thomas A. LeGrand,  
Peter L. LeGrand,  Senah O. LeGrand,   Mary (—) LeGrand,  
Lucy B. LeGrand,  Clement Foster,  
John R. LeGrand,  
Madison P. LeGrand,  
Archer Alexander LeGrand,  Caroline Matilda Hunter,  
Susanna A.B.C. LeGrand,  John Sears,  
Sarah D. LeGrand,  
Baker LeGrand,  Mary Walker,   
Jane LeGrand,  
Susan LeGrand,  William Woodson,  
Alexander LeGrand,  Frances Walker,   Ethelbert M. LeGrand,  
Ethelbert LeGrand,  Lucy Douglas Stratton,  Dante Stratton,  
Senah O. LeGrand,  Peter L. LeGrand,   
Sarah LeGrand,  Benjamin Scott,  
 Peter Walker,  
Elizabeth Harris,  
 Robert Walker,  
Robert Morgan,  
 Judith (Walker) Penick (-1828),  
William Penick,   
Watson Brumfield,   John Harrison,  Ann Fain,  Robert Chappell,  
Nancy Penick,  Thomas Tuggle,  
Frances J. Tuggle,  Thomas Anderson,  
Amplias Tuggle,  Susan T. Ritchie,  
Thomas Turner Tuggle,  Betsy Maxey,  
Ebenezer Tuggle,  Elizabeth Penick,  
Nancy T. Tuggle,  James Saunders,  
John Tuggle,  Susan L. Thornton,  
Sally Tuggle,  Zenas Maxey,  
William P. Maxey,  
Frances Penick,  Philemon Southerland,  
Judith Penick,  Abraham McGehee,   
Nancy Penick McGehee,  Edmund Borum,   
Fanny McGehee,  Richard Ligon,   
James McGehee,  Jemima Powell,  
Josiah P. McGehee,  
Judith Walker McGehee,  F. Pettypool,  
Abraham F. McGehee,  Lavinia Williamson,  
Lucy Penick,  Reuben Boatwright,  
Elizabeth Penick,  Robert Bagby,  
William Penick,  Anne Hester Walton,   
Col. R.M. Johnson,  
Tabitha Penick,  John Morton,  
Nathaniel Penick,  Zilla Allen,  Daniel Allen,   
Jerusha Penick,  John Boatwright,  
Polly Walker Penick,  Charles Baldwin,  
Capt. Josiah Penick,  Elizabeth Sims Allen,   
Thomas Turner Tuggle,   
Keziah Penick,  Wyatt Arnold,  
Hope Ann Penick,  Thomas Saunders,  
Sarah B. Penick,  Francis Saunders,  
 Benjamin Walker,  
Sarah Hudson,  Thomas Hudson,  
Sarah (—) Walker,  William Walker,   
Mary Walker,  
Sarah Elizabeth Walker,  James Vaughan,   
Elizabeth Walker,  Thomas Doswell,  
Judith Walker,  
Magdalene Walker,  Francis Vaughan,   James Vaughan,   James Craddock,   
 Henry Walker (-c.1799),  
Magdalene Judith Walker,   
 William Walker III,  
William George,  
Drusilla Walker,  Money Gannaway,  
Judith W. Walker,  Charles Fitch,  
Elizabeth W. Walker,  Samuel Fitch,  
Washington Walker,  
Frances Walker,  Alexander LeGrand Jr.,   
Martha Walker,  Robert Self,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Capt. Henry Walker - Revolutionary War David Walker - Revolutionary War
William Jones - Revolutionary War Alexander LeGrand - French and Indian War
Josiah LeGrand - Revolutionary War Thomas Tuggle - Revolutionary War
William Penick - War of 1812 Josiah Penick - War of 1812

Selected sources
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“LeGrand Bible Records.” Magazine of Virginia Genealogy. 31:61 (1993). • Family Bible of Alexander LeGrand and Lucy Walker.
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Tuggle, Vivian S. The Tuggle Family of Virginia—Thomas Tuggle of Middlesex County, Virginia, and His Descendants 1630-1967. Baltimore: Gateway Press, 1970. • Includes the families of Nancy Penick who married Thomas Tuggle and Lucy Jane Oliver who married Dr. Richard Baxter Tuggle.

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