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 88   John Meanly (c.1750-1818)
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John Meanly, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, John Meanly might describe his life as follows.

My father, Samuel Meanly, left me 60 acres on Crooked Creek, which flows from Lunenburg County, across the northwest corner of Brunswick County, and into the Nottoway River.
I appeared on Lunenburg County tax rolls in 1782 and 1783,  but by 1796 was in Brunswick County, which taxed me on two whites tithables and two horses in 1798 and one male tithable and three horses in 1800.  I owned no slaves. A tithable was a person, white or black, of an age to be taxed.
I was already the father of James and John Meanly when I married Mary P. who was born about 1780 and much younger than I. We were the parents of Archibald Manly.
On 29 March 1808 I sold 10½ acres on Crooked Creek to Robert Jones for £30.10, leaving me 52 acres. 
Since I died before 1818 leaving no will, the court let James to administer my estate. In 1821 he and his wife, Milly, and my widow, Polly Meanly, sold the last 52 acres on Crooked Creek to Robert Jones for £98.16 “current money of Virginia.” 
On 5 January (bond) 1825 Mary married John Hammock, whose first wife had died,  and whose sister was married to my brother Samuel. In 1850 John and Mary Hammock, ages 83 and 68, were living in Lunenburg County and Archibald’s daughter Mary Manly was living with them.  In 1860 Mary, who then said she was 85, was living with Archibald.  She died before 1870.

When John sold the land in 1808, Capt. James Pritchett, John Bridgeforth, John G. Rives, and Henry Keatts witnessed the deed.

Although the court appointed James to administer his father’s estate in 1818, he may have been dead as early as 1810. The census of both 1810 and 1820 of the household of James Meanly shows that a female of the age of Mary and a male of the age of Archibald were living with him. After Mary married John Hammock, she moved to Lunenburg, apparently taking Archibald with her because he married there.
Archibald grew up in his half-brother’s home and would have been close to Mary Meanly the wife of James Peace who was surety when Archibald married in 1829.

Descendants of John Meanly
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 John Meanly,  
Harriet Stone,   
 James Meanly,  
Permelia Meanly,   Rev. Peter Wynne,  James Pritchett,   
Allen Hammonds,  
Jane Manly,  
Charles Richard Hamlet,  
Martha Manly,  Puryear,  Charles Richard Hamlet,  
Benjamin F. Manly,  Lucy Ann Stone,   
Virginia A. Murrell,  
Henry Manly,  Ann R. Elmore,   
Peter Henry Daniel,   
James Edward Manly,  
Mary Henry Edmunds,  Goodwyn Edmunds,  Susan —,  Venable Hammond,  Rev. Willis Harris Peace,   
Robert J. Hammonds,  Thomas Hammonds,  Lucy —,  
James Edward Manly,  Lucy (—) Hammonds,  
Eola Frances Manly,  Daniel V. Duck,  
 Archibald Manly (c.1805-c.1885),  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
James Meanly - War of 1812 James Edward Manly - Civil War
James Edward Manly - World War I  

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