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 864   Thomas Blanton (-1697)
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Thomas Blanton, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Thomas Blanton might describe his life as follows.

I settled near present-day Tappahannock, Virginia, on the Rappahannock River in Essex County. Henry Beverley sold me 200 acres in 1674,  and the royal governor granted me 666 acres of land from 1682 to 1687 in return for paying the passage for 14 people to the New World. 
My plantation was next to that of Francis Graves who married Jane, the widowed mother of my wife, Jane Maguffie. I was a reasonably decent citizen since the justices summoned me three times in 1691 to serve on juries. 
I became very sick in the winter of 1697/8 and made my will leaving livestock to our 2 daughters and land to our 4 sons. The rest of the livestock and a few other old household goods that belonged to me went to my wife while she was a widow. Illiterate, I made my mark on the sheet. I was dead within a month.
Good honest women being in short supply, Thomas Sanders snatched up my wife before she delivered my estate inventory six months later. Jane did the same for his estate in January 1708/9. 
Our grandson Richard Blanton married an Anderson girl from Caroline County just north of my home and they went to live down to Cumberland County.

Thomas Blanton was also a security for Mary Roberts guardianship of the orphans of Patrick Cannell in 1691. 

Thomas Blanton’s will
Thomas made his will 7 Feb. 1697/8,  and died soon afterwards for the court ordered it recorded 10 March 1697/8.
Edmund Pagett, Thomas Munday, and John Graves appraised the Blanton estate in May and June 1698. He owned little more than some livestock, kitchen utensils, two beds, and some old guns. Jane was married to Thomas Sanders by 12 July 1698 when she brought in her late husband’s estate inventory. 

Will of Thomas Blanton
7 February 1697/8
IN THE NAME OF GOD, Amen. The last Will & Testmt. of Thomas Blantonn being very Sick & week yet in parfet sense & memory. First I bequeth my Soul to the Lord that gave it to me & my body to the earth from whence it came.
It. I give to my Dauter, Jone Blanton to hefers one marked allreddy and the other a whit pide hefer about three years old;
I gif to my other Dauter Elizabeth Blanton one hefer marked allreddy and another which is about three yeares old being a brinded hefer and I give one iern gray Mare being about to to years old branded with my Brand and the said Mare to runn & her increas for the benefet for these too Dauters & I give to my Four Sons, Thomas and John, William & Richard Blanton, all my land, it to be equally divided unto them and if either of them shall dy before he shall come of age then his part shall come to the others and soe in case of them all & my Son, Richard Blanton, shall hafe my Plantation in his part & give to my Dauters before meneshed each of them a young Sow and I give my loving Wife, Jane Blanton, all the remaineing part of my Estate so long as shee shall remaine a Widdo and when she shall marry, then the said Estate shall eqelly be divided unto the remaining part of my Children and my Wife shall hafe a Chiles part with them and shall hafe the Plantation for her life; As Witness my hand this Seventh day of Febry: 1697/8.
Thomas I Blanton
John Dougherty
Peter Himan
John Butcher

Genealogical notes
Tracing the descendants of Thomas Blanton is hazardous since many were later in Caroline County where most records have been lost. A pursuit of the English origins of the Blantons revealed arms for a Blanton of Lancashire, but a search of the records of that county turned up nothing.
While one source incorrectly makes the Blantons Huguenots, another tradition is that the surname “Blanton” is a variation of the ancient Scottish name “Ballentine.”
History of Caroline County outlines in a rough fashion a large Blanton family of Caroline County that begins with grandsons of Thomas Blanton.  We are not going to attempt to replicate it here. Paying taxes in Caroline County in 1783 were households of Charles Blanton, John Blanton, and Richard Blanton. 

Descendants of Thomas Blanton
Information about the children of Thomas Blanton, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 Joan Blanton,  
 Elizabeth Blanton,  
 Thomas Blanton,  
Anne (—) Blanton,  
 John Blanton,  
Richard Hill,  Thomas Turner,  
 William Blanton,  
Thomas Turner,  Margaret (—) Blanton,  
 Richard Blanton I (-1734),  
John Blanton,   Joshua Blanton,   William Blanton,   
Richard Blanton Jr.,  Thomas Blanton,  Arthur Blanton,  
 John Blanton,  
Hugh Miller,  George Currie,  Dancy Stanley,  Betty (—) Blanton,  John Stanley,  
Sherwood Bugg,  
George Freeman,  
 George Blanton,  
George Hares,  
Susanna (—) Blanton,  
 Joshua Blanton,  
Ryland Randolph,   
Green Blanton,  Nancy D. Overby,  Wiley Crowder,  
John Nichols,  Benjamin Martin,  Lucy (—) Blanton,  William Booker,  Thomas Flournoy,  
Betty Blanton,  Lewis Hawks,  
 James Blanton,  
John Cole,  William Blanton,   
John Lambert,   Joseph Bennett,  Jarvis Lambert,   
 William Blanton,  
John Patrick,  Dinah (—) Blanton,  James Blanton,   
Jarvis Lambert,   

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