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 860   Col. John Scott (-1729)
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Col. John Scott, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Col. John Scott might describe his life as follows.

I was likely born in England and came to Virginia by 1680. Judith and I lived on 300 acres in New Kent County,  and were parishioners of St. Peter’s Parish where 6 of our children were baptized 1708-18. Mr. Harris mentioned my plantation, “Scottsville,” in his book, Old New Kent County.  I was a vestryman of St. Peter’s from 1703 until my death,  and served as county justice 1714-26,  sheriff in 1716,  and coroner 1726-29. 
Since I had some medical knowledge, neighboring Blisland Parish summoned me to cure Mary Shelburne’s lame leg in 1725 and treat Elizabeth Baker in 1727. 
As John Scott of New Kent, I bought 100 acres on Tuckahoe Creek, which forms the line between Henrico and Goochland counties, from Thomas Mims 30 August 1717.  One or two of our sons, all of whom were later in Goochland County, probably managed this tract for us until Judith and I sold it to Phillip Webber 4 April 1727. 
I was dead by 29 October 1729 when William Chamberlaine succeeded me in the vestry, but Judith was still living in September 1734.  One of our great-granddaughters married a congressman, and another, a governor of Virginia. Two sons and a son-in-law were in the Virginia General Assembly.
Our grandson, Revolutionary War Gen. Charles Scott, was a governor of Kentucky. Harry M. Ward wrote a very delightful book about a him called Charles Scott and the “Spirit of 76.” Another book, Scottsville on the James, is about the town in Albemarle County named for our son, Edward.

We have been unable to identify Judith, wife of John Scott. Although Joseph, Edward, John, and Judith Scott, all appear to be their children, their births are not in the St. Peter’s Parish Register, apparently caused by a gap in recording baptisms 1690-99.

Ancestry of John Scott
Although most presume, of course, that John Scott was of Scottish descent, the 1730 will of son John mentioned “goods, moneys, claims, and demands in Virginia and England.”
We do not know if Col. Scott was born in the Colony. The name John Scott appeared as a headright on 4 large New Kent County land patents: Maj. William Wyatt for 1,900 acres during Oct. 1670,  Col. Augustine Warner for 10,100 acres in Rappahannock and New Kent counties in 1672,  Lawrence Bathurst for 5,000 acres in April 1691,  and Moses Davis and John Ree for 2,100 acres in St. Peter’s Parish in Sept. 1683.  With Mary Scott he was a headright for John Prosser for 260 acres in New Kent County in 1663. 
Although some have speculated that John Scott was the son of a Daniel Scott of Charles City County, his children were Elizabeth and Daniel. 

Descendants of Col. John Scott
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Joseph Scott (c.1696-c.1748),  
 Edward Scott (c.1700-1738),  
Henry Wood,   
Ann Cox,   Joseph Scott,   Phillip Hoggatt,  Peter Chastain,  
Anthony Hoggatt,  Thomas Randolph,   Joseph Bingley,  
Stephen Hughes,  
James Spears,  John Pleasants,  
Joseph Scott,   
Daniel Scott,  Joshua Fry,  Samuel Weaver,  
Anne Randolph,   
John Scott,  Orlando Jones,  David Meriwether,  
Edward Scott,  
Charles Alexander Scott,  Elizabeth L. (—) Scott,  Samuel Dyer,  
Daniel Scott,  
John Scott,  
Frances Scott,  
Frances Scott,  Alexander Trent,   
 Col. Joshua Fry (-1754),  
George Bingley,  
Mrs. Martha Fry,  
Mary (Micou) Hill,  Dr. Paul Micou,  Margaret (—) Micou,  
Robert Brooke,  Peter Jefferson,   
John Fry,  Sarah Adams,   
Rev. Henry Fry,  Susanna Walker,   
Martha Fry,  John Nicholas,  George Nicholas,  
William Fry,  
Margaret Fry,  John Scott,  John Christian,  
 John Scott (c.1702-1730),  
Stephen Hughes,  Nicholas Cox,  
 Samuel Scott (1708-1755),  
Frances —,  Jane —,  Anne —,  
Maj. Joseph Scott,  John Scott,   
Edward Scott,  Sarah Haines,  
John Scott,  
Littleberry Mosby,  
Edward Scott,  Gideon Patteson,  
Gen. Charles Scott,  
John Scott,   Frances Sweeney,  
Edward Carrington,   
Judith Cary (Bell) Gist,  Nathaniel Gist,  
Elizabeth Scott,  Gen. Littleberry Mosby,  Elizabeth Netherland,  
Mary Page Haskins,   
Elizabeth Scott Mosby,  Bartholomew Trueheart,  Mary Seabrook,  Marcia A. Burton,  
Martha Storrs Trueheart,  Jesse Scott Armistead,   
Bartholomew Trueheart Armistead,  
Eliza Trueheart Armistead,  Archibald Bolling,   
Nannie Miller Armistead,  Dr. Philip Southall Blanton Sr.,   
Maria Page Armistead,  John R. Bolling,   
Charles James Armistead,  
Julianna H. Trueheart,  Dr. George Wythe Tinsley,   
Elizabeth Scott Trueheart,  John Brown Tinsley,   
Charles Scott Trueheart,  Mildred Rose,  Virginia Crump,  
Ann Trueheart,  
Mary Garland Trueheart,  
Jefferson Trueheart,  
Augusta G. Trueheart,  
Maria A. Trueheart,  Dr. Aaron Burton,  
Merritt Scott,  
Samuel Scott,  
Daniel Scott,  Martha Mosby,   Robert Carter Nicholas,  
Judith Scott,  Moseley,  
John Nicholas Scott,  Anne Trent,  
Robert Carter Scott,  Orilla Bigelow,  
George W. Scott,  
Littleberry Scott,  
Charles Scott,  Frances Cook,  John Cook,  
Mary Scott,  John Postlethwaits,  
Martha Scott,  George Mortimer Bibb,  
Nancy Scott,  
Martha Scott,  Thomas,  Littleberry Mosby Sr.,  
 Sarah Scott (1710-),  
 Mary Scott (1711-),  
 Jane Scott (1713-),  
 Martha (Scott) Flippen (1716-1794),  
Ralph Flippen,  Elizabeth (—) Flippen,  William Walton,  
John Flippen,  Nancy —,  
Thomas Flippen,  
John Murray Flippen,  
Martha Flippen,  Thomas Johns,   
Hannah Flippen,  
Betty Flippen,  
Sally Elcan Flippen,  
Nancy Murray Flippen,  Baughan,  Baugh,  
Lucy Flippen,  Hill,  
Jane Flippen,  James Baughan,  
Judith Scott Flippen,  
Francis Flippen,  Mary Hudgins,  John Hudgins,  Martha Holloway,  
Jane Flippen,  Josiah Walton,   
David Carter,  
William Scott Walton,  
Mary Walton,  Thomas Mosby,  
Jesse Walton,  
Josiah S. Walton,  
Elizabeth Flippen,  William Hudgins,  
John Hudgins,  
Jane Hudgins,  Samuel Toler,  
Mary Hudgins,  
Sarah Hudgins,  
Mary Flippen,  John Merryman,   
Jesse Hix,  
Thomas Flippen Merryman,  Martha Bauldin,  
Ralph Merryman,  
Philip Hix,  
Jesse Scott Hix,  
Edward Hix,  
Martha Hix,  
John Hix,  
Francis F. Hix,  
James Hix,  
Archibald Hix,  Jane H. —,  
Philip Flippen,  Martha (Cox) Powell,   William Powell,  
William Flippen,  Agnes Walton,   
Judith W. Flippen,  
Arrenia Flippen,  George Bondurant,  
Polly Flippen,  Edward Stratton,  
Robert Scott Flippen,  Mary Rice,  
Elizabeth DeJarnett,   Sarah R. Bradshaw,  Benjamin Bradshaw,  
Elizabeth Flippen,  Richard Holt,  
Hulda M. Flippen,  
Francis Flippen,  
Robert Scott Flippen,  Nancy (—) Flippen,  
Mildred H. Flippen,  Samuel S. Hawkins,  
Nancy Flippen,  
Lavidia C. Flippen,  John W. Marshall,  
Catherine W. Flippen,  John E. Holt,  
Benjamin F. Flippen,  Sarah —,  
Louisa B. Flippen,  Bennett M. Bagley,  
James E. Flippen,  Sarah Frances Childress,  
Jacob Flippen,  Frances Armistead,  
 Jesse Scott (1718-1771),  
 Judith (Scott) Ware Jordan (c.1710-1785),  
Peter Ware,  
Col. Samuel Jordan,   
Judith Ware,  Jones,  
Judith Jones,  Robert Cary,   
John Ware,  
Henry Ware,  
Jane Ware,  
Sarah Ware,  
Paulina Jordan,  Col. John Cabell,   
Wilhelmina Jordan,  Col. John Wyatt,  
Susanna Wyatt,  Dr. George Cabell,   
Caroline Matilda Jordan,  Col. Hugh Rose,  Rev. Robert Rose,  Anne Fitzhugh,  
Judith Scott Rose,  Landon Cabell,   
Caroline Matilda Rose,  Dr. Philip Turpin,   
Susanna Lawson Rose,  James Pleasants,   
John Wayles Epes,   Walter Allen Watson,   
John Hampden Pleasants,  Mary L.P. Massie,  Henry Massie,  
Douglas H. Gordon,  
Basil B. Gordon,  
J.Q. Lovell,  
James Pleasants,  
Mary Massie Pleasants,  
Hugh Rose Pleasants,  
Ann M. Pleasants,  Dr. Albert M. Elam,  
James Charles Pleasants,  
Susanna Pleasants,  Dr. John Morris,  
Marcella Pleasants,  Marcellus Smith,  
Caroline Pleasants,  Thomas Curd,  
Mary Anna Lilburne Pleasants,  Dr. William Granville Smith,  Henry Smith,  Sarah —,  
Emily Rose,  William Rickman Coupland,   
Lucinda Rose,  Alexander Spotswood Garland,  
Landon Cabell Garland,  
Hugh A. Garland,  
Caroline Garland,  Maurice Garland,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Col. Joshua Fry - French and Indian War Charles Scott - French and Indian War
Littleberry Mosby - Revolutionary War Charles James Armistead - Civil War
John Murray Flippen - War of 1812 William Hudgins - Revolutionary War
Robert Scott Flippen - Revolutionary War Col. John Wyatt - Revolutionary War

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
George Mortimer Bibb - U.S. James Pleasants - U.S.

Governors - colonial, territorial, and state
Charles Scott - Kentucky James Pleasants - Virginia

Legislators - colonial and state
Edward Scott - Virginia Col. Joshua Fry - Virginia
John Nicholas - Virginia George Nicholas - Virginia
Samuel Scott - Virginia Charles Scott - Virginia
Littleberry Mosby - Virginia George Mortimer Bibb - Kentucky
Col. Samuel Jordan - Virginia Col. Hugh Rose - Virginia
James Pleasants - Virginia Douglas H. Gordon - Virginia
Basil B. Gordon - Virginia Hugh A. Garland - Virginia

Officers and trustees of Hampden-Sydney College
Dr. Jesse Scott Armistead  

Names on the map
Scottsville, Albemarle County, Virginia, was named for family of Edward Scott Scottsville, Powhatan County, named for Gen. Charles Scott
Scott County, Kentucky, was named for Gen. Charles Scott  

Selected sources
Harris, Malcolm H. Old New Kent County. Some Account of the Planters, Plantations, and Places in New Kent County. 2 vols. Malcolm Hart Harris, 1977:1:153-154. • “Scottsville”—settled by Col. John Scott in early 1700s.
Moore, Va. Scottsville on the James - An Informal History. Richmond: The Dietz Press (1994). • Very well done 150-page book on Scottsville, Albemarle County, named for Edward Scott.
Ward, Henry M. Charles Scott and the “Spirit of 76.” Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia, 1989. • An outstanding story of the life and times of Charles Scott, Revolutionary War general, Indian fighter, and governor of Kentucky.

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