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 856   William Clement I (c.1690-1760)
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William Clement I, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, William Clement I might describe his life as follows.

I came to Amelia County from King William County before 1735 when I obtained a patent for 1,225 acres on the Appomattox River and Bent Run. 
My father was likely Benjamin Clements of Gloucester and King William counties. The records of neither county remain, so I cannot be certain. As you noticed, sometimes the records say Clements with an s and sometimes, just Clement.
I was a justice of the court in 1735 and from 1741 until 1755 when I was appointed the county sheriff of Amelia.  Not only did I plant tobacco, I also had a mill on the Appomattox River, which my mill dam stopped in May 1746.  Once I sued John Echols and Richard Anderson because they damaged my mill bringing their canoes through the gate. 
You have heard the term earmark? To identify my cattle and hogs, I put a smooth crop on their right ear and a slit and under keel on their left ear. To be sure no one else used this same earmark, I registered it with the county clerk 15 February 1739/40. 
Colonial wives had a residual right to one-third of their husband’s land, called a “dower right,” which was designed to keep a man from gambling it away or otherwise leaving a destitute widow. So whenever land was sold the wife had to “relinquish her dower.” My wife, Ann, did just that when I deeded land to 2 sons and 2 sons-in-law beginning in 1739.
My will of February 1760 remembered my wife, Ann, and left land, slaves, and other property to our 4 sons and 3 married daughters.

We have yet to identify Ann, William’s wife.

Life in Amelia County
In 1737 William, his son John, and 3 “Negroes” were living above Flat Creek.  On 12 Jan. 1738/9 Amelia County appointed Clement to survey a road to be cleared,  and later that same year, he bought 50 acres on the river from Edmund Franklin. 
William owned a mill by Nov. 1744 when Amelia County appointed him and his son-in-law Hezekiah Ford to clear a road to Clement’s Mill,  which was evidently on the Appomattox River for Henry Cox sold Clement ½ acre on the Goochland County side for a mill.  That same year William made the list of tithables between Flat Creek and the Appomattox River. 
Over the next few years, William deeded land to his sons and sons-in-law. When William made 3 deeds 18 Sept. 1739, Ann, his wife, relinquished her dower right: 200 acres went to Hezekiah Ford for £20, 275 acres went to William Clement for £20, and 300 acres to John Clement for £30.  On 14 June 1743 William Clement sold his son-in-law, Samuel Major, 200 acres in Amelia County for £10.  They recorded this deed in King and Queen County, too. 
On 25 Sept. 1760 William bought 150 acres from George Evans for £60,  which was next to another 150-acre parcel of land he had bought from William Ross 24 May 1759 for £70. 

William’s will
William Clement left a will dated 18 Feb. 1760, which was proved in Amelia County 28 Feb. of the same year.  It named 7 children, to each of whom he left two slaves. After the death of his wife, his remaining estate would be divided equally among his 7 children.

Will of William Clement
18 February 1760
In the Name of God Amen the eighteenth Day of February In the year of our Lord Christ One thousand seven hundred And sixty I William Clement Sen.or of the Parish of Raleigh In the County of Amelia Planter being sick & weak In body but in Perfect memory of mind thanks be given unto Almighty God therefore Calling to mind the mortality of my body & knowing that it is appointed for all Men once to die Do make and Ordain this to be my last will & Testament that is to say Princibly & first I give And Recommend my soul into the Hands of Almighty God That gave it & my body I recommend to the Earth to be buried at the discretion of my Excrs. not Doubting but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same again by the Almighty Power of God and as touching my Worldly Estate Wherewith it hath Pleased the Almighty God to bless me with in this life I Give & Demise & Dispose of the same in the same in the following manner & Form.
Item I give to my son Benjamin Clement Two Negroes to wit York & Bess all which I give to him & his Heirs Forever.
Item I give to my son Wm. Clement Caesar & Philis all which I give to him & his heirs for Ever.
Item I give to my son John Clement Two Negroes to wit Ned & Judy paying Twenty Pounds back to the Estate all which I give to him & his Heirs for Ever.
Item I give to my son Francis Clement Two Negroes to wit Jemboy & Hannah also the Land & Plantation & Mill where I now Do live containing three hundred Acres by Estimation to him & his Heirs forever. I also give to my son Francis Clement & his Heirs forever one Hundred & fifty Acres of Land which I bought of George Evins whereon the said George Evins Now do live the said Land being not yet Conveyed to me for which my will is that my Estate Pay the Remainder of the Purchase money & Desire that the said Evins convey the same by Deed to my son Francis Clement And that my Son Francis shall pay thirty Pounds to the Estate at the Death of my Wife.
Item I lend to my Daughter Elizabeth Ellyson Two Negroes to wit During her Natural life Gin & Davey & after her Decease I give Gin to Anne Ford Daughter of Hezekiah Ford Deceased & Davey to Hezekiah Ford Son of the said Hezekiah Deceased.
Item I lend to my Daughter Barshaba Major During her Natural Life Two Negroes to wit Peter & Sarah and Five Pounds Current Money & at the decease of the Bathsheba I Give the said Negroes & money to be Equally Divided Amongst all her Children.
Item I give to my Daughter Ann Pigg Two Negroes to wit Ben & Lucy all which I give to her & her Heirs for ever.
Item I lend to my Loving Wife Ann Clement During her Natural Life all my whole Estate as well the Part before Disposed of as the Part not already Disposed of & at her Decease my will is that the Land I bought of Wm. Ross and all my Estate not Given in Legacy be sold to the highest Bidders and Equally Divided Amongst my seven Children.
Item my will & Desire is that there be no appraisment nor no Inventory Returned to the Court.
Item I Constitute & Appoint my Son John Clement and my son Francis Clement my hole & Sole Exrs. of this my last will & Testament & I do hereby Disanul and Revoke & make Void all other Forms Wills and Testaments Legacys and Bequiffs by me any Ways before named Ratifiing and Confirming this and no Other to be my last Will and Testament.
In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and Seal the Day & year Above Ritten further my Will is that no account of mine stand against any of my Children.
Signed Sealed and Delivered
In Presence of William Clements
Thomas Tabb
Benajah Parker
Isaac Clement
David Wilson
At a Court held for Amelia County the 28th. Day of 1760. This Will was proved by the Oaths of Thomas Tabb Benaj.a Parker & Isaac Clement Witnesses thereto, sworn to by John & Francis Clements the Executors therein named and ordered to be recorded and on the Motion of the said Executors who entered into & Acknowledged Bond as the Law directs with Edmund Booker their Security Certificate was granted them for obtaining a Probat in due Form.
Test Griffin Peachy C C

Descendants of William Clement I
Information about the children of William Clement I, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 William Clement II (c.1715-c.1765),  
 John Clement (-1791),  
Richard Phillips,  John Tabb,   William Hillsman,   George Booker,   
John Hughes,  Frances Booker,   Frances (Booker) Stokes,   
David Asselin,  Elizabeth —,  John Hughes,  Jacob Seay,   
Isham Clements,   Edward Booker,   Jacob Seay,   
Thomas Perkins Overton,   John Eaton Booker,  James Jenkins,   Edward Jenkins,  Nancy Jenkins,   Rebecca Davis Jenkins,   Isabel Scott,   John Langhorne Tabb,   
Jean Clement,  Edward Tabb,  Thomas Tabb,  Lockey Langhorne,  
John Wingo,  
John Langhorne Tabb,  Nancy Anderson,   
Thomas Tabb,  
William Tabb,  
Lockey Tabb,  
Davis Tabb,  
Edward Mallory Tabb,  
Edmund Tabb,  
Frances Booker Hatcher,  
 Francis Clement (-c.1766),  
Elizabeth Cox,   Stephen Cox,   
Robert Hancock,   John Cook,  
Charles Allen,  Sylvanus Stokes,  
William Clement,   Henry Cox,   Isham Clements,   
Lyne Shackleford,  Thomas Forster,  Richard Burks,  
Richard Burks,  John Fisher,  
John Ford,   Josiah Cox,   
William Clement,  
Stephen Clement,  
Judith Clement,  
Mary Clement,  
 Elizabeth (Clement) Ford Ellyson,  
Capt. Hezekiah Ford,  John Foord,  William Foord,  Charles Cannon,  John Eales,  
Richard Jones,  Joseph Hurt,  David Crawford Jr.,  
John Burton,   William Ferguson,  
Samuel Cobbs,   John Burton,   James Anderson,   William Ligon,   
Thomas Tabb,   Francis Clement,   
Gerrard Ellyson,  Thomas Ellyson,  Capt. Robert Ellyson,  
Mary Ford,  
John Ford,  Frances Pryor,  James Pryor,  Mary Cox,  William Cox,  
John Wright,  Ralph Perkinson,   Ambrose Jeter,   
Francis Newton Ford,  Salley Allen,   Ann Eppes Harris,   
Elizabeth Salley Ford,  Archer Allen,   Allen Howard Harris,  
Martha Ford,  
Newton Ford,  Appless Frazier,  
John Ford,  Martha Harris,   William Oliver,  
Lemuel Mead,  
Francis Ford,  
Ann Macon Ford,  John C. Weaver,  
Dr. John Pryor Ford,  Ann Smith Jefferson,  John Robertson Jefferson II,  Sarah Criddle,  
Augustus Harris Ford,  Mary Elizabeth Jones,  
Mildred Croxton Ford,  Croxton Pryor,  Dr. Humphrey Y. Belt,  
Dr. Greenbury Belt,  
Dr. Humphrey Singleton Belt,  Mollie Angeline Daniel,  Hezekiah Goode Daniel,   Benjamin Lloyd Belt,  
Victoria Ann Belt,  John R. Swann,  
Eliza Granville Belt,  Richard A. Swann,  Dr. Sterling Ford,   
John Sterling Swann,  
Col. Thomas Belt Swann,  
George A. Swann,  
Benjamin Lloyd Belt,  Eleanor Sheppard,  Elizabeth Swann,  
Dr. Horace M. Belt,  
Dr. John Singleton Belt,  
Elizabeth Clement Ford,  William C. Smith,  Robert Smith Jr.,  
Frances Pryor Ford,  
Dr. Sterling Ford,  William Jones Barksdale,   
Nancy Ford,  
Hezekiah Ford,  Elizabeth G. Ballow,  
George G. Guerrant,  Dr. James S. Spencer,  Samuel R. Swann,  
Elizabeth A. Ford,  Rev. Thomas Diggs,  Rev. Jacob Shough,  
William Singleton Diggs,  
Jane Diggs,  
Charles Diggs,  
Marston G. Ford,  
Eleanor Ford,  
John Ford,  
Hezekiah D. Ford,  
William Ford,  
June Ford,  
Virginia Ford,  
Daniel Ford,  
Nancy Ford,  
Maria Ford,  
Dr. Newton S. Ford,  
Abner Ford,  
Sarah Ford,  
Anna Ford,  James Cook,  John Cook,  
James Shelton,  
Stephen Cook,  John Crisp,  
Stephen Cook,  
Mary Marshall Booker,   
William Ford,  Sarah (—) Ford,  John Hughes,  Richard Burks,  
John Wiley,  
Hezekiah Ford,  Nancy Muse,   William Wood,   William Robertson,  William Ward Sr.,  Ann Wood,  
Nancy N. Vining,  John Vining,  John Moseley,  
Jeanette P. Ford,  David Moore,  
William Moore,  
James Moore,  
Frances P. Ford,  Kennon Harris,  
William Thomas Ford,  
John Vining Ford,  Eliza Jay White,  
Hezekiah Ward Ford,  
John Ford,  Marianne Roper,  Capt. James Roper,  Mary Simms,  
Virginia Ellen Ford,  John A. Lile,  
Helen Ford,  
Cynthia Ford,  William Robertson,   Rev. James McGleasson,  William Robertson,   
William Ford,  
Prudence Ann Ford,  Samuel Fleming Fuqua,  Rev. John Pollard,  
Saluda Baker Fuqua,  William H.B. Christian,  
Evalina Augustine Fuqua,  
La Marquis Washington Fuqua,  
America Fuqua,  
Elizabeth Ford,  
Paschal Ford,  
Hezekiah Ford,  Hezekiah Ford,   
Reuben Ford,  Nancy E. Smith,  William Ford,  
 Anne (Clement) Pigg,  
Capt. John Pigg,  Paul Pigg,  Elizabeth —,  John Pigg,  
Henry Cox,   
Theophilus Lacy,   
Hezekiah Ford Pigg,  Elizabeth (—) Pigg,  
Adin Gray,  
Hezekiah Pigg,  Agnes Owen,   
John Pigg,  Lucretia Payne,  Mary (—) Pigg,  
Payton Pigg,  
Clemons Pigg,  
Hezekiah Pigg,  
Elizabeth Pigg,  
William Pigg,  
John Walker Pigg,  
Ann Pigg,  Jesse Duncan,  
Clement Pigg,  Nancy Elliott,  
Keziah Pigg,  John Hubbard,   
Joseph Hubbard,  Capt. Isaac Clement,   
John Hubbard,  Rachel —,  
Rev. Robert Sadler,  
Lewis Hubbard,  John Jeter,  
Nancy Hubbard,  John Sadler,  
Barnett Hubbard,  
Anne Hubbard,  Benjamin League,   Thomas Mumford,   William Segar Moulson,  John Wiley,   
William Chesser,  
John League,  Polly Butterton,  William Butterton Sr.,  
Elizabeth Hubbard,  David Hodges,  Edmund Hodges,  
Walker Hodges,  
Permelia Hodges,  
Mariah Hodges,  
Tabitha Hodges,  Robert Payne,  
Lucy Hodges,  James Price,  
Ann M. Hodges,  Griffith Dickerson,  
Isham Hubbard,  Sarah Brown,  
Judith Hubbard,  Fontaine Price,  
Samuel Hubbard,  Obedience Alexander,  William Alexander,  
Edith Hubbard,  Reuben Stephens,  
Hezekiah Hubbard,  Susan Fuller,  
Davis Hubbard,  
Sarah Hubbard,  Abel Price,  
Harriet Price,  
Lewis Price,  
Edith Pigg,  William Owen,   
Elizabeth Pigg,  Jesse Robertson,   John Cox,  
Charles Saunders,  
Fielding Robertson,  Millie Dodson,  
 Barsheba (Clement) Major,  
Samuel Major,  
John Hughes,  
George Leseur Webster,  William Hurt,  John Hill,   Richard Jones,  William Major,  James Barding,  Philip Major,  
 Benjamin Clement (1700-1780),  
Susannah Hill,  Col. Isaac Hill,  Temperance Harwood,   
Lewis Thomas,  
Francis Allen,  
John Owen,  
Edmund Walker,   
Francis Pollard,  
Charles Lynch,  
John Lynch,  
John Lynn Hurt,  Nannie Clement,  Charles Clement,   
Nathaniel Terry,   Robert Stokes,  Thomas Robinson,  
Stephen Clement,  John Abston,  
Sarah (—) Clement,  
Capt. Isaac Clement,  Anne Denham,  Hugh Denham,  
Thomas Dillard Jr.,  Jesse Abston,  
Hugh Clement,  
Stephen Clement,  Susanna Palmer,   
Isaac Clement,  
Benjamin Clement,  
Aaron Clement,  
Daniel Clement,  
Rachel Clement,  Stephen Butterworth,   
Adam Clement,  Agnes Clark Johnson,  Benjamin Johnson,  Agnes Clark,  Robert Haristone,  
William Clement,  Mary Dupriest,  
Alexander Clement,  
Johnson Clement,  Scales,  
Benjamin Clement,  
Dr. George Washington Clement,  Stella Smith,  Maj. John Smith,  Sally (Turner) Cook,  
Harry C. Clement Sr.,  Nathaniel Elliott Clement,  Maud Carter,  
Adam Clement,  Nancy Alexander,  
Charles B.J. Clement,  
Charles Clement,  Nancy Hanby,  John Hanby,  
James M. Clement,  Frances Katherine Witcher,  Vincent Witcher,  Nancy Newbill,  
Dr. John Roy Cabell,   
Charles Clement,  Nancy Hunt,  
Juriah Clement,  Theophilus Lacy,   
Susannah Clement,  Constantine Perkins,  
Sally Clement,  Tucker Moore,  
Agnes Clement,  
James Clement,  Martha —,  James Mitchell,  
Benjamin Clement,  Thomas Robinson,  Mary (—) Clement,  
Sarah Bailey,  
Susanna Clement,  
Rachel Clement,  Capt. Joshua Abston,  Francis Abston,  
Mary Carter,  
John Abston,  
Frances Abston,  
Susanna Abston,  
Rachel Abston,  
Elizabeth Clement,  Benjamin Butterworth,  
Isaac Butterworth,  
Stephen Butterworth,  Rachel Clement,   
Jane Butterworth,  
Susanna Butterworth,  
Susannah Clement,  William Evans,  
Jeriah Clement,  James Gilbert,  John W. Gilbert,  Aquilla Gilbert,  
James Gilbert,  
Rachel Gilbert,  
John Clement,  
David Clement,  
Daniel Clement,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
John Sterling Swann - Civil War Thomas Belt Swann - Civil War
Paschal Ford - War of 1812 Joseph Hubbard - Revolutionary War
Hezekiah Hubbard - War of 1812 Benjamin Clement - French and Indian War
Capt. Isaac Clement - Revolutionary War Adam Clement Jr. - War of 1812

Legislators - colonial and state
Robert Ellyson - Virginia John Lynn Hurt - Virginia
Adam Clement - Virginia Harry C. Clement Sr. - Virginia
Nathaniel Elliott Clement - Virginia Vincent Witcher - Virginia

Names on the map
Pigg River, Pittsylvania County, Virginia, named for John Pigg  

Selected sources
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