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John Echols, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, John Echols might describe his life as follows.

Mr. Milner Echols, who knew a lot about my family, wrote that, “John Echols an Englishman Came to America about the end of the 16th or the beginning of the 17th Century and Settled in Caroline County Verginia and married a tall Redheaded woman named Mary Cave - & by her had 5 Sons & 3 Daughters.”
The Caroline County part might not be true because I was dead before Virginia created it in 1728. I likely lived in King and Queen County, 2 or 3 miles south of present-day Beazley, very near Caroline. Frankly, I may have been born in Virginia. About 15 miles southeast is Exol Swamp named for John Exoll who was in the Colony before 1658. He may have been my father.
Although the governor granted me 100s of acres around King and Queen County beginning in 1685, I held only 220 acres in 1704. 
Milner told some strange things about my family. Son Joseph, “was an afflicted man had what was Called the asphma which prevented him from lying Down, he never lay Down for 40 years.” Our daughters married “outlandish men … one an Englishman named Nicholas Gillintine … one an Irishman named Murphy… one a Scotchman named Marchbanks.”
Of David Bates he said, “he became so fat that it was Supposed by the Doctors that his fat melted in him killed him before he was 60 years old he weighed nearly 400 pounds.” Milner wrote much more, but I cannot cover it all here.
Our children lived in Amelia County from about 1735 to 1750 when they resettled in what is now Halifax and Pittsylvania counties.

Four of John’s sons, William, Joseph, Abraham, and Richard, were permitted to patent 6,000 acres about a half mile below Stock’s Creek or Bent Creek in Spotsylvania County in 1728, although no patent was issued. Partners in the venture were Pierce Butler and brothers Richard Anderson, Roger Anderson, and Paulin Anderson
The Echols sons were dependable Amelia County citizens and served on juries when called. Of 12 good men on the jury of Robert Vaughan vs. Richard Ward 9 Dec. 1737, 3 were Richard, William, and Abraham Echols. 
The Gillintine, Marchbanks, Collins, Hendrick, and Hubbard families, who intermarried with the Echols, moved from Amelia County to Halifax around the same time as the Echols.

Who was John Echols’ father?
Other Echols were in Virginia before John. Yet neither Joyce Echoll of 1652,  Richard Eccles of 1653,  nor Sylvester Echols of 1664,  appear to be his father.

John Eccles of Charles City County
Some have speculated that John Echols was identical to the John Eccles who appeared near Herring Creek in Charles City County 1677-94.  This John Echols married possibly a daughter of Thomas Harris and his wife, Yuet. On 13 Sept. 1677 administration of the estate of Thomas Harris was granted John Echols and John Hardaway.  Thomas Harris, likely the son of the elder Thomas Harris and who had come of age, petitioned the court to summon Echols 2 March 1690/1.  Charles City County awarded Echols 200 pounds of tobacco for two wolves heads in 1691.  We can find no evidence that John Echols of Charles City County was my John Echols. Indeed the former John Echols was killing wolves in Charles City County at the same time the latter was living in New Kent.

John Exoll of King William County
The most likely candidate for John’s father is one John Exoll. John Axoll and Anthony Haines had secured with a patent for 600 acres in New Kent County in July 1658.  In Oct. 1658 a patent to Robert Jones for land on the north side of the Mattaponi River in what was then New Kent County mentioned land of John Exoll.  A patent to Richard Harrison for land next to John Exoll’s swamp included William Exoll as a headright in 1664.  Exol Swamp, which is on present-day maps of King and Queen County, is about 15 from where John Echols later settled.
John Pigg whose descendants were in also Southside Virginia near the Echolls held neighboring land. 

Land patents for John Echols
On 20 April 1685 John Echols and William Morris received 350 acres “behind land formerly of Mr. Giles Moody” in New Kent County, for the transportation of 7 persons,  but after Echols and Morris allowed their right to the land lapse, James Taylor obtained its patent in 1688.  On 23 April 1688 John alone was granted 321 acres next to land he already owned. 
Fifteen years later in 1703, he, Samuel Craddock, John Cave, and William Glover were granted 1,620 acres on the “branches of Tuckahoe Swamp and the freshes of Mattaponi River” in King and Queen and Essex counties, beginning on the east side of Potobago Path.  A patent for Francis Meriwether places Potobago Path on the branches of Hoskins Creek.  Thus the tract was 2-3 miles south of present-day Beazley, Va.
On 23 Oct. 1703 John Echols and John Cave secured a patent for 600 acres in St. Stephen’s Parish in King and Queen County. 

Echols of Amelia
After the Echols family moved from Amelia County, another Eckles family arrived. Edward Eckles, patented 400 acres in July 1738, 548 acres in April 1748, and 364 acres in Sept. 1755.  In 1755 Edward Eckles of Albemarle Parish, Sussex County, Virginia, deeded land to his brother Robert Eckles of Nottoway Parish and his son, Thomas Eckles.  This was perhaps the Edward Eckles who secured a patent for 140 acres in Surry (later Sussex) County in 1727 to which he added 104 acres in 1743.  Thomas Eckles and James Eckles appeared with large families in Amelia County in 1785.  They were not listed in the county in 1782, but were likely there.
Both Edward and Thomas Eccles were later in Albemarle Parish where its parish register records the births of some of their children and Edward Eckles made a will in Sussex County leaving Amelia County land to several sons (will dated 27 Oct. 1757  and proved 21 April 1758).

Milner Echols
In 1850 Milner Echols wrote “The Short History of Our Family” beginning with his earliest known ancestor, John Echols who married Mary Cave about 1688. Milner was not a genealogist and other historians have surpassed his work. Nevertheless, it is informative and entertaining. In this Family Topic, quotations in italics are Milner’s words.

Descendants of John Echols
Information about the children of John Echols, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 John Echols (-1750),  
Samuel Overton,   
 Abraham Echols (-1749),  
David Crenshaw,  George Ham,  
Lawrence Barker,  
Sarah Hubbard,   Joseph Collins,   George Marchbanks,  
Joseph Echols,  Elizabeth King,  Elizabeth Street,  
Edmund King,  Jacob Kelly,  
Leonard Baker,  Hawkins Landrum,  
John Collins,  
Obediah Echols,  
Sarah Echols,  
John Echols,  
Rhoda Echols,  
Drusilla Echols,  
Mary Echols,  Bailey Street,  
Joseph Echols,  Elizabeth F. Lambeth,  Meredith Lambeth,  
Gen. John Echols,  
Edward Echols,  
Abraham Echols,  
Rebecca Echols,  
Tabitha Echols,  Elijah Lacy,  
David Echols,  Diana Tribble,  James Tribble,  
Moses Echols,  Elizabeth Hicks,  
Judith Echols,  Benjamin Gosnell,  
Jeremiah Echols,  Elizabeth Dillon,  
John Dillon,  
John Echols,  
Isaac Echols,  
Joshua Echols,  Margaret (—) Echols,  
Peter Crews,  Francis Moore Petty,   
Rebecca Echols,  James Hodges,  John Tribble,  
Sarah Echols,  John Rowden,  John Rowden,  Elizabeth —,  
Abraham Rowden,  
John Rowden,  Mary Brewer,  
Laban Rowden,  Milley Adams,   
Joseph Rowden,  Susanna Adams,   
Tabitha Rowden,  Glover Crain,  Hopkins Daniel,   
Elizabeth Echols,  Hubbard,  
 William Echols (-1771),  
William Silcock,  Lewis Turner,  
Matthew Talbot,  
Francis Anderson,  
Sarah (—) Echols,  William Branton,  Ann —,  
James Wingo,  Berry Lewis,   Thomas Smith,  
Ruth Echols,  Moses Hendrick,  Adolphus Hendrick,  
Benjamin Hubbard,   William Echols,   Joseph Collins,   William Marchbanks,   
Thomas Watkins,   George Watkins,   Owen Brady,  Griffith Dickenson,   George Wood,  James Smith,  
James Hendrick,  Benjamin Hubbard,   
Thomas Terry,  James Chappell,   James Old,  
Joseph Hendrick,  
Mary Hendrick,  John Slaughter,  Ezekiel Slaughter,  
Anna Hendrick,  Beverly Milner,  
Dudley Milner,  Mary Anderson,   
Anna Milner,  
Catherine Milner,  
Ruth Milner,  Daniel Burgess,  
Moses Milner,  
Beverly Milner,  
Sarah Milner,  
Amos Milner,  
Joseph Milner,  
John Milner,  
Amos Hendrick,  
Chloe Hendrick,  Samuel Welch,  
Sarah Hendrick,  Thomas Terry,  
Judith Hendrick,  John Borum,   
William Parker,  
Sarah Borum,  
Obediah A. Borum,  
Catherine B. Borum,  
Obediah Hendrick,  Elizabeth Farmer,  Archer Farmer Jr.,  
Elizabeth Hendrick,  Robert Bufkin,  
Thomas Burgess,  
Elizabeth Burgess,  
Joseph Burgess,  
Jesse Burgess,  
Moses Burgess,  
Mary Burgess,  
Tacy Burgess,  
Martha Burgess,  
John Tompkins Burgess,  
Jeremiah Hendrick,  
Ruth Hendrick,  Obediah Kirby,   
Moses Hendrick,  
Abner Echols,  
Sarah Echols,  
William Echols,  Rebecca (—) Spradlin,  Susannah (—) Echols,  John Borum,   
William Peters Martin,  
William Allen,  
Larkin Echols,  
William Echols,  Mary Farmer,  
Moses Echols,  Sally Farmer,  
John Echols,  
Elkanah Echols,  Elizabeth Anderson,   Samuel Pannill,  
Joel Echols,  
Betty Echols,  
Sarah Echols,  Brown,  
Ruth Echols,  Brown,  
Judith Echols,  Evans,  
William Wynne,  
Hannah Echols,  Vardry McBee,  
Vardry Echols McBee,  
Judith Echols,  Richard Kirby,  
Esther Anderson,   
Sarah Witt,  Charles Witt,  
William Byrd,  Samuel Harris,  Henry Farley,  
Jesse Davis,  
Elias Dodson,  Thomas Dodson,  
Joseph Kirby,  Orpha Anderson,   
Richard Kirby,  Alice Anderson,   
Meads Anderson Kirby,  Sally Word,  
Benjamin Kirby,  Elizabeth Word,  
William Kirby,  
Ann Echols,  Daniel Williams,  William Mayes,  Sampson Williams,  
Richard Anderson,   
Jane Foster,  
Mary Anderson,  Henry Baker Kirby,  Caleb Townes,  
Archibald Kirby,  
Esther Kirby,  Jeremiah Farmer,  
Obediah Kirby,  Ruth Hendrick,   
Jeremiah Kirby,  Esther Anderson,   
Joel A. Kirby,  Elizabeth Brandon,  Francis Brandon,  
Archibald Kirby,  
Hezekiah Kirby,  
Sarah Kirby,  
Orpha Kirby,  John Hamlin,  
Sarah Orpha Hamlin,  
Mary Kirby,  
Richard Kirby,  Rachel Anderson,   
James Kirby,  
Mary Edith Kirby,  Richard Packwood Anderson,   
Meads Anderson Kirby,   
Anna Anderson,  
Orpha Anderson,  
Mary Anderson,  
John Anderson,  
John Anderson,  Rachel Packwood,  Mary Wilson,  Thomas Lovelace,   George Brown,  
Meads Anderson,  
Sarah Anderson,  
Edith Anderson,  Daniel Easley,   
Sarah Easley,  
Mary Ann Easley,  
Ruth Easley,  
John Easley,  
Daniel Easley,  
Rachel Easley,  
Richard Easley,  
Isaac Easley,  
Mary Anderson,  Dudley Milner,   
Anna Anderson,  Nimrod Ferguson,  
Mary Ferguson,  
Isaac Ferguson,  
Richard Packwood Anderson,  Mary Edith Kirby,   
Rachel Anderson,  Richard Kirby,   
Orpha Anderson,  Andrew Anderson,   
Elizabeth Anderson,  David Terry,  
William Paulin Anderson,  Winifred Chappell,  Joel Chappell,   
Meads Anderson,  
Marker Younger,  John Younger,  Sarah (—) Anderson,  Benjamin Clements,  Joel Tucker,  
Mary (—) Roberts,  
Alice Anderson,  Richard Kirby,   
Esther Anderson,  Jeremiah Kirby,   
Orpha Anderson,  Jeremiah Milner,  
Hannah Milner,  
Judith Milner,  
Sarah Anderson,  Joseph Ferguson,  
Richard Anderson,  
William C. Anderson,  
Judith Anderson,  Braxton Wall,  
John Anderson,  
Paulin Anderson,  Margaret (—) Anderson,  William I. Boyd,  
Andrew Anderson,  Orpha Anderson,   
Eliza Anderson,  Parkes J. Chaney,  
Rachel Anderson,  William W. Powell,  
Parthenia Anderson,  Samuel D. Tune,  
John Anderson,  Elizabeth Farguson,  
Richard Anderson,  Polly Graves,  
Elizabeth Anderson,  Moore,  
Esther Anderson,  Richard Kirby,  Judith Echols,   
Sarah Anderson,  John Ferguson,  
Beverley Ferguson,  
Edith Ferguson,  
Elizabeth Ferguson,  Thomas Lovelace,   
Anderson Ferguson,  
Nimrod Ferguson,  Frances Anderson,  John Anderson,  
Rachel Ferguson,  
William P. Ferguson,  
John Ferguson,  
Rebecca Ferguson,  
Orpha Anderson,  Joseph Kirby,   John Lawson,  
Sarah Kirby,  Leonard Fitzgerald,  
Judith Kirby,  Herman Miller,  
Richard Kirby,  
Mary Kirby,  John Borum,  
John Echols,  Robert Wade,  Sarah Robertson Vaughan,   
William Mayo,   
Elizabeth Echols,  Daniel Easley,  
Ann David,  Peter David,  Ann (—) David,  Mary Ann Easley,  Daniel Parker,   Martha Easley,  
John Easley,  
Robert Easley,  
Elizabeth Easley,  William Stone,  
Phoebe Easley,  Joshua Adams,   
Daniel Easley,  Edith Anderson,   
Isaac Easley,  John Murphy,  Judith Easley,  William Easley,  John Mills,  
Isaac Easley,  
John Easley,  
William Easley,  
Daniel Easley,  
Ann D. Easley,  Richard A. Cook,  
Judith B. Easley,  Fountain Scates,  
Martha Easley,  Joel Hubbard,   
Phoebe Easley,  Albert N. Scates,  
Elizabeth Easley,  
Mary Easley,  Thomas Donohoe,  
 Joseph Echols,  
James Seay,   John Smith,  
Richard Booker,   
Abraham Echols,  
Isaac Echols,  
 Richard Echols (c.1706-),  
Catherine Evans,  Walter Evans,  Betsy Holcomb,  John Burton,   
Anthony Griffin,  William Austin,  
Joseph Grainger,   William Hendrick,  
Samuel Bentley,  Joseph Hubbard,   Rice Williams,  Nicholas Gillintine,   John Chisum,  Matthew Hillsman,   John Kendall,  
William Byrd,  
Robert Chappell,   Hugh Curren,  
Moses Echols,  Elizabeth Wynne,   Henry Hopson,  
William Peters Martin,  
John Echols,  Fanny Formby,  
Obadiah Echols,  Elizabeth Terry,  
Moses Echols,  Elizabeth Terry,  
Evans Echols,  Anna Terry,  
Rebecca Echols,  Edward Akin,  
Priscilla Echols,  David Bates,   
Tabitha Echols,  Nathan Formby,  
Betsy Echols,  Martin Farmer,  
Lucy Echols,  Jonas Meadows,  
Frances Echols,  Levi Shelton,  
Robert Echols,  Betsy Davis,  
John Echols,  Lucy Anna Moore,  William Moore,  George Watkins,   
John Nelson,  
James Echols,  Nancy Winbush,  
John Echols,  Moore,  
Samuel Echols,  Jane Holloway,  
Prudence Echols,  Christopher Irvin,  
Temperance Echols,  John Rodgers,  
Dr. James Rodgers,  
David Rodgers,  
Caty Echols,  
Patsy Echols,  William Ellis,  
Lydia Echols,  Skelton Sandifer,  
Lucy Echols,  Nathan Williams,  
James Echols,  Elizabeth Milner,  John Palmer,  Luke Milner,  John Milner,  
John Neal,  
Milner Echols,  Gen. Robert Milner Echols,  Mary Melton,  Eliel Melton,  
Benjamin Echols,  Sabra Hendrick,  Benjamin Hendrick,  
Rev. Obediah Echols,  Catherine McDaniel,  William McDaniel,  John Milner,  
Lucy Atkinson (Jackson) Jones,  Elizabeth Claiborne,  Isaac Jackson,  Abraham Jones,   
William Rainey,  
William Echols,  
Benjamin Echols,  Betsy Milner,  
James Echols,  Sally Rutledge,  
Obediah Echols,  Franklin,  
Elijah Echols,  Willingham,  
Betsy Echols,  Thomas Rutledge,  
Philip Jackson Echols,  Mary Elizabeth Jackson,  
Samuel Brame Echols,  Sally Booker,  
Mary Claiborne Echols,  Thomas Raney,  
Rev. Joseph Echols,  Polly Stamps,  John Stamps,  
Mary Echols,  Thomas Wynne,   
Obediah Wynne,  Lucy R. —,  
Levi Marshall,  
Rhoda Wynne,  William Arnold,  
Lucy Wynne,  William Booker,  
Kitty Wynne,  John Bolton,  
Thomas Wynne,  
Drucilla Echols,  William Owen,  
Sally Echols,  John Milner,  
Anna Echols,  James Daniel,   
Moses Daniel,  
Hopkins Daniel,  Tabitha (Rowden) Crain,   
Jeremiah Daniel,  Martha Parker,   
Echols Daniel,  
Catherine Daniel,  
Elizabeth Echols,  William Rainey,  
Elizabeth Hunter Rainey,  Edward Dandridge Jones,   
Homer Rainey,  
 Richard Daniel (-1782),  
Agnes (—) Daniel,  
James Daniel,  Anna Echols,   
Terry Daniel,  Frances Parker,   
William Daniel,  
Richard Daniel,  
David Daniel,  Polly Warring Day,  Thomas Day,  
Drusilla Daniel,  James Daniel,  
Royall Daniel,  Nancy Wilingham,  Gerard Willingham,  Robert Blackwell,  
Royall Daniel,  Lucinda Edmondson,  Samuel Edmundson,  Elizabeth Owen,   
Johnson Daniel,  Susan Borum,   
Richard Daniel,  
Wiley Daniel,  
William Daniel,  
Thomas Terry Daniel,  Thomas Tuck,  John Nash,  
Christiana Daniel,  Joseph Perrin,  
 Mary (Echols) Gillintine,  
Nicholas Gillintine,   
 Ann (Echols) Marchbanks,  
George Marchbanks,  
Michael Camper,  Daniel Croom,  Elizabeth —,  William Chamberlayne,  Thomas Dickens,  
Andrew Lester,  
Benjamin Hubbard,   Edward Hubbard,   William Hurt,  Joseph Collins,   John Hampton,  Hezekiah Ford,   William Clement,   William Echols,   Richard Echols,   John Gillintine,   William Barkson,  
John Bentley,  Stephen Dewey,  
Samuel Bentley,  Benjamin Hubbard,   Joseph Hubbard,   
Edward Booker,  Abraham Echols,   David Bell,  Thomas Dawson,  John Carter,  
John Marchbanks,  
Joseph Marchbanks,  
George Marchbanks,  Benjamin Hubbard,   
Francis Rowen,   John McDowell,  
Robert Rowland,  Thomas Foster,  
William Marchbanks,  Andrew Lester,  John Tabb,   
Sarah Marchbanks,  Joseph Hawkins,  William Ferguson,  Frances (—) Williamson,  Jacob Williamson,  
Jacob Waddill,   
Laban Hawkins,  Catherine McGehee,  
Joel Hawkins,  Susanna Deshazer,  John Deshazer,  Judith Penick,   
Mastin Hawkins,  
Nancy R. Hawkins,  Jennings,  
Elizabeth B. Hawkins,  
Sarah M. Hawkins,  Parkes Fowlkes,  
Frances W. Hawkins,  Miles Womack,  
Martha M. Hawkins,  Renna Jones,  
Tazewell M. Hawkins,  
Royall Hawkins,  
John Hawkins,  
Nancy Hawkins,  
Isaiah Hawkins,  
William Hawkins,  
Abner Hawkins,  
Elizabeth Hawkins,  Dennis Waddill,   
Obediah Hawkins,  Sally Hudgins,  William Hudgins,  
Mary Hawkins,  Abraham McGehee,   
Benjamin Hawkins,  Nancy Perkinson,   Elizabeth (Phillips) Fowlkes,   
Mary Ann Marchbanks,  James League,   James Singleton,  William Ferguson,  
Benjamin League,  Anne Hubbard,   
Joab League,  
Drusilla League,  Jacob Waddill,   
Oney League,  John Chapman,  
Joel League,  Mary Holt,  
Lucy League,  
Rachel League,  
George League,  
Joshua League,  
 James League,  
Woodson,  Thomas Tabb,   
James League,  Mary Ann Marchbanks,   
William League,  Elias Downs,  Thomas Tabb,   Mary (—) League,  
Bartholomew League,  Ann Greenwood,  William Greenwood,  George Booker,  
Robert Fargus League,  Richard League,  Martha League,  Sarah League,  Nancy League,  
Richard League,  
Aaron League,  William Compton,  
Mary League,  Jacob A. Lockett,   
Mary Ann League,  Benjamin Lockett,   
Milly League,  
Nancy League,  
Elizabeth League,  William Foster,  William Jesse,  Abner Osborne,   
Anthony Webster,  
Rhoda League,  Joel Cheatham,   
Edmund League,  Mary Beadle,  John Beadle,  Rhoda Morris,  
Ursula Marchbanks,  Charles Dean,  
Lucy Marchbanks,  Joseph Collins,  Benjamin Hubbard,   William Southall,  
Daniel Hamblen,  John Davidson,  
William Jennings,   
 Eleanor (Echols) Murphy,  
William Murphy,  
Shubal Stearns,  
Samuel Harris,  
Gideon Smith,  
Maria Byrd,  Charles Carter,  
Daniel Smith,  
Rev. Joseph Murphy,  
Rev. William Murphy,  
Mary Hodges,  Sarah Barton,  
Thomas Smith,  George Watkins,   
Tidence Lane,  
Mary Murphy,  
John Murphy,  
Keziah Murphy,  Isaac Barton,  
William Murphy,  Rachel Henderson,  
Joseph Murphy,  
Mary Murphy,  
Keziah Smith,  John Dean,   
Penina Smith,  Thomas Robinson,  William Byrd,  John Lewis,  George White,  
William Hall,  
Eleanor Robinson,  
Martha Robinson,  
Keziah Robinson,  James Robinson,  Holloway Pass,  
Rebecca Robinson,  
Penina Robinson,  
Gideon Robinson,  
Joab Robinson,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Abraham Rowden - Revolutionary War Vardry McBee - Revolutionary War
John Echols - French and Indian War Moses Echols - War of 1812
Nathan Formby - Revolutionary War Gen. Robert Milner Echols - Mexican War
James League - Revolutionary War Bartholomew League - Revolutionary War
Edmund League - Revolutionary War  

Legislators - colonial and state
Gen. John Echols - Virginia Edward Echols - Virginia
Sampson Williams - Tennessee David Bates - Virginia
David Bates - Georgia Dr. James Rodgers - Georgia
David Rodgers - Georgia Gen. Robert Milner Echols - Georgia

Names on the map
Meadville, Halifax County, named for Meads Anderson Echols County, Georgia, named for Robert Milner Echols
Smith River named for Gideon and Daniel Smith Smith Mountain named for Gideon and Daniel Smith

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Southerland, Henry deLeon Jr. “A Marshall-Wynne-Echols Connection.” The Virginia Genealogist. 22:163-167 (1978). • Information on some descendants of Mary Echols and Thomas Wynne.

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