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 826   John Cross (-1730)
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John Cross, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, John Cross might describe his life as follows.

Born in the Charles City County, I was just a boy when my father, William Cross, died. By October 1689 Mother was married to Edward Woodham who swore in December 1692 that he had a cow and a 2-year-old heifer belonging to me. They apprenticed me to John Hunt to learn a trade, possibly carpentry. 
Father must have owned no land since I paid no real estate taxes in 1704. Not until June 1714 did the governor grant me 138 acres on the north side of the east branch of Herring Creek, which flows southeast into the James at Westover. 
My first wife, a daughter of William Featherstone who also lived on Herring Creek, was the mother of William, Mary, John, Richard, Featherstone, Charles, and Elias Cross. She may have been Mary Featherstone since that was the name of her mother and our only daughter.
I married second Jane who was likely Jane Parrish because our children were Parrish, Judith, Hannah, and Jane Cross.
I was “sick” when I marked my will 29 January 1730/1 leaving Jane “Negro woman Pat,” my riding horse, and saddle, and providing for 11 eleven children including Mary, then the wife of William Craddock. I specifically directed Jane to account for and dispose of all my liquors.
I lived no more than a few weeks because they recorded my will the first Wednesday of March 1730/1 and valued my estate for £166.10.4. 

The identity of the children of John and Jane Cross is revealed in a 1772 chancery court suit in Chesterfield County.  We presume the rest belong to John’s Featherstone wife.

The St. Peter’s Parish Register records the birth of Jane Parrish (20 Dec. 1699 ), daughter of Humphrey Parrish and his wife, Mary,  who may have been John’s 2nd wife.
An illiterate John Cross of Westover Parish, Charles City County, deeded 100 acres to James Johnson 1 Dec. 1730. Jane, wife of John Cross, relinquished her dower right. Francis Hardyman, James Gunn, and Samuel Gregory witnessed the deed. 

Who was John Cross’ father?
Several individuals submitted the name of William Cross as a headright: William Moseley in 1663,  Richard Sturman in 1666,  Thomas Harwat in 1668,  and Richard White and George Vincent in 1671. 
Yet William Cross, father of John Cross, was mostly likely the William Crosse in a list of headrights Howell Price submitted at Charles City County in 1756.  Howell Price was clerk of Charles City County and associated with the Craddocks. Although he proved a right to 4,800 acres, we can find no record that he secured a patent.

John Hunt
John Hunt, to whom John Cross was apprenticed, had several judgements against him including one for some carpenter tools and new clothing, and once the court paid Hunt for some furniture for the courthouse.  Jeffrey Mumford apprenticed himself to Hunt but later complained of his treatment and selected a new master. 
Nothing definitely identifies Hunt as a carpenter. Yet he owned tools of the trade and provided furniture to the county. He paid quit rents on 1,500 acres in Charles City County in 1704. 

John’s will
This is the last will and testament of John Cross. 

Will of John Cross
29 January 1730/1
To my wife Jane, Negro woman Pat, with her first child going to my daughter Hannah; also my riding horse and saddle.
To my son William, bed I lie on, my trooping saddle and furniture.
To my daughter Mary Craddock, grey mare filly, 3 cows, 3 guineas.
I desire my son Featherstone with what I give him by this my last will, may be delivered to the care of his uncle William Featherstone of Prince George Co.
To my son William, 3 cows and £10.
To my son John, 1 young bay mare.
Rest of estate to be divided between my wife, my sons John, Richard, Featherstone, Charles, Elias, Parrish, and my daughters Judith, Hannah, and Jane. All my liquors to be disposed of and accounted for by my wife.
I appoint my wife, Jane, and son William executors.
John (x) Cross
John Stith
John Anderson
Charles Parrish

Widow Jane
Jane married 2nd Francis Hardyman (c.1688- 23 July 1741) of Charles City County, who represented Charles City County in the Virginia House of Burgesses (1718).  Francis Hardyman was the son of Mary Epes (c.1666) and John Hardyman (- 18 Sept. 1711) and was previously married to Sarah Taylor. 
The Charles City County March Court 1741 appointed Jane Hardyman guardian of her two children, James Hardyman and Martha Hardyman,  and at the Aug. Court 1741, Richard Kennon and David Stokes presented her second husband’s will for probate. 
Charles City County ordered Jane Hardyman to deliver some accounting of the estate of her deceased husband, John Cross, in the June Court 1742. 
Jane was dead before the Sept. Court 1743 that granted Richard Kennon and David Stokes administration of her estate and appointed Richard Kennon guardian of James Hardyman.  Martha Hardyman died soon after her mother. The court ordered Richard Kennon to divide her estate among 5 children, including Parrish Cross. Because Kennon died and Stokes moved away before they made the division, James Hardyman sued the executors of Kennon’s estate in Henrico County in 1766—possibly the year he came of age. 
A lawsuit in 1772 brought by James and Jane Gordon confirmed Jane Hardyman was the mother of Parrish, Judith, Hannah, and Jane Cross. The Gordons testified that both John Cross and Jane Hardyman died intestate and that Parrish Cross died intestate leaving no heirs. 

Descendants of John Cross
Information about the children of John Cross, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 William Cross (-c.1782),  
Thomas Williams,  
William Batte,   Sheriff Samuel Jordan,  Charles Parrish,  
Abraham Cocke,   John White,  Thomas Cocke,   Henry Batte Sr.,   Moses Hurt Jr.,  
Jane Smith,   John Hardy,  Henry Buford,  
Thomas Jordan,  
Agnes Cross,  Robert Chappell,   
John Cross,  
Elizabeth Cocke,   Adam Jones,  
Elizabeth Cross,  Thomas Hamlin,   
William Cocke Cross,  Rebecca Cocke,   
John Cross,  
Maria Jones Cross,  
Martha Cross,  John Chappell,   
Reuben Rogers,  
Mary C. Rogers,  Jacob White,  
Martha Elizabeth Rogers,  James W. Hudson,  
William C. Rogers,  
George Lewis Rogers,  
Rebecca Cross,  Peter Epes,   
John Cross Epes,  Sarah A. Smith,  
Mary S. Lavinia Epes,  William E. Randolph,  
Francis Washington Epes,  Frances Susan (Doswell) Beverley,   
Norman Epes,  Virginia Hurt,  
Emmett Epes,  Prudence McGee,  
Fannie Washington Epes,  John Segar Epes,   
Francis Washington Epes,  
T. Freeman Epes,  Agnes Sturgis,  
Fannie Harris Epes,  Benham Morris,  
John Segar Epes,  
Rebecca Dupuy Epes,  W. Moncure Gravatt,  
Theodorick Pryor Epes,  
Mary Epes,  Farley Rainey,  
William Peter Epes,  Elizabeth Ann Epes,  Francis Epes,   Sarah Greenhill Williams,   
Richard Junius Epes,  Sarah Epes Cabell,   
Rebecca E. Epes,  Thaddeus C. Jones,  Charles Smith,  
Virginia A.M. Epes,  Col. William Haynie Hatchett,   
Mary Poythress Epes,  Daniel H. McCormick,  
Mary Cross,  Ashley Davis,   William Batte,   
Thomas Hamlin,  
Ashley Davis,  
Mary Cross Davis,  Peter Stainback,  
Mary Elizabeth Stainback,  William Edmundson Robertson,   
Peter Stainback,  Ann Eliza Moore,  
Sarah V. Stainback,  
John Moore Stainback,  
Peter F. Stainback,  
Robert Alexander Stainback,  
Emmett Stainback,  
Ida Stainback,  George G. Gouldman,  
Herbert Stainback,  Martha P. Pritchett,   
Anna Stainback,  
Dorothy Stainback,  Francis T. Jackson,  
Ashley Davis Stainback,  Catherine E. Palmer,  
John Cross Stainback,  Indianna J.C. Mason,  
Mary A. Stainback,  Benjamin Davis Clayton,  
Charles H. Stainback,  
John Mason Stainback,  
Louisa Stainback,  
Indianna Stainback,  Martin V. Bird,  
Virginia C. Stainback,  John Lundy,  
Fannie Lee Stainback,  James Gilliam Bacon,  William Munford Bacon,  
Ella E. Stainback,  John W. Samford,  
William Ruric Stainback,  Mary Caroline Mason,  
Peter Nathaniel Stainback,  
Henrietta Louise Stainback,  William Henry Hudson,  
William Walter Stainback,  
Ashley L. Stainback,  Mary Forrest Burnett,  
David Edward Stainback,  Minnie Bell,  Ella Cheek,  
Nannie Mason Stainback,  Rev. Daniel B. Austin,  
Lucy Alice Stainback,  George Littleton Harrison,  
Joseph Ruric Stainback,  Etta Bell Short,  William Albert Short,  
Virginia Stainback,  
Charles Stainback,  
Elizabeth Davis,  Neblett,  
John Cross Batte,  Jane Nicholson,  
Catherine Maria Batte,  William Jett,  
Jane Cross,  Peter Lamkin Jr.,  
John Taylor,  
Petronella Lamkin,  Edmund F. Taylor,  
Mary L. Lamkin,  James Bagley,  
Elizabeth Lewis P. Lamkin,  Nicholas Edmunds Davis,   
Jane Cross Lamkin,  William G. Pettus,  
 Copeland Davis,  
Jane (—) Davis,  James Scott,  
Copeland Davis,  Mary Garland,   
Ashley Davis,  Mary Cross,   
Richard Cross,  Stephen Jones,   John Maynard,  
Ann Maclin,   Thomas Batte,   
Sally Clack Cross,  William Gunn,   
Charles Cross,  Phoebe Tomlinson,  Benjamin Tomlinson,  
Elizabeth Cross,  
Thomas Cross,  Thomas Cocke,   
 Mary (Cross) Craddock,  
William Craddock,   
 John Cross,  
 Richard Cross,  
Frances Still,  
William Cross,  
 Featherstone Cross (-1804),  
Elizabeth Reynolds,  Nancy Cross,  George Cross,  
 Charles Cross,  
 Elias Cross,  
 Parrish Cross,  
Charles Bayless,  
 Judith Cross,  
 Hannah Cross,  
 Jane (Cross) Gordon,  
James Gordon,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Reuben Rogers - Revolutionary War Reuben Rogers - War of 1812
John Segar Epes - Civil War Ashley Davis - War of 1812
Peter Stainback - War of 1812 John Moore Stainback - Civil War
Robert Alexander Stainback - Civil War Benjamin Davis Clayton - Civil War
Charles H. Stainback - Civil War John Mason Stainback - Civil War
William Munford Bacon - Civil War Peter Nathaniel Stainback - Civil War
William Walter Stainback - Civil War William Jett - War of 1812
James Bagley - War of 1812  

Legislators - colonial and state
Francis Hardyman - Virginia T. Freeman Epes - Virginia
Peter Nathaniel Stainback - North Carolina Peter Lamkin Jr. - Virginia
Edmund F. Taylor - Virginia  

Selected sources
Bell, Landon C. Cumberland Parish Lunenburg County, Virginia, 1746-1816, Vestry Book, 1746-1816. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1994:223-225. • Family of Copeland Davis.
Dorman, John Frederick. Claiborne of Virginia. Descendants of Colonel William Claiborne. Baltimore: Gateway Press, 1995, page 129. • Family of Elizabeth Ann Williams and William Peter Epes.

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