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 812   William Dickenson
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William Dickenson, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, William Dickenson might describe his life as follows.

Griffith Dickenson, who may have been my father, lived in James City County. After Mother married Thomas Wilkinson, they moved just up the York River to New Kent County, where she died. Across the York from New Kent is King William County where both Thomas Dickenson and I owned 100 acres in 1704.  In 1707 Abraham Mallory and I jointly bought a half-acre lot in Delaware Town (now West Point), King William County, for 482 pounds of tobacco. 
Since records of all 3 of these counties are missing, I cannot be sure of my relationship to Thomas. He could have been my brother, but since I disappear from the scene before Thomas, he is more likely a son. I am possibly the father also of Griffith and William who settled in Caroline County near Thomas, and of Nathaniel who sold some land in King William that might have belonged to me. Mr. Thomas Partridge kept a fine set of account books that show what some of my sons and grandsons bought at his general store in the 1730s and 1750s.
I can reveal neither the name of my wife nor when I died.

Thomas Partridge’s general store
The Dickenson family lived across the North Anna River from Hanover County and patronized Thomas Partridge’s general store there. The Colonial general store was a retail outlet for a variety of goods: clothing, household accessories, kitchen ware, food sundries, tools and nails, primers, books, stationery supplies, hunting and fishing gear, and textiles. Partridge paid his patrons’ taxes, property rents, and even legal fees.
His customers settled accounts generally with tobacco and seldom with cash. Surprisingly, the first appearance of Thomas Partridge in Hanover was in 1734 when he advanced credit to a William Dickason—likely William’s grandson William Dickenson

the 16th Nov. 1734
To Mr. Thos. Partridge
The bearer [of this] is one William Dickason who has agreed with me for an overseers place and is in present want of some necessarys for housekeeping. If youl be soo good to let him have such things as he hath occation off, to the value of three or four pounds, I will see his acct. paid at the finishing of his crops. I am in hopes to see you tomorrow in the afternoon.
Sr. your very humbl servt
John Cosby

Descendants of William Dickenson
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Thomas Dickenson (c.1680-c.1734),  
 Griffith Dickenson (-c.1730),  
Elizabeth (—) Dickenson,  
Jeremiah Dickenson,  
Griffith Dickenson,  Sarah (—) Dickenson,  Samuel Luck,  
Isaac Winston,  
Nathaniel Terry,   David Terry,  Andrew McCool,  
Col. John Lewis,  James Henry,  
Griffith Dickerson,  David Terry,  
Amos Dickerson,  
Thomas Dickenson,  Mary —,  
Thomas Dickenson,  Jemima Wells,  
Robert Dickenson,  Mary Purnell Dupuy,   John Purnell Dupuy,   Asa Dupuy,   
Mary Ann Dickenson,  John Archer Bland,  
Thomas Harris Dickenson,  
James Robert Dickenson,  
Asa Dupuy Dickinson,  Thomas Dickinson,   
J.W. Clapp,  Frances Jane Michaux,  Jesse Michaux,   
Sarah Cabell Irvine,   
Clement Cabell Dickinson,  
Elizabeth Guerrant Dickinson,  Col. William Carter Knight,  John Hughes Knight,   Sallie Everett Carter,  
Cleverine Thomas,  
Carter Dupuy Knight,  
Robert P. Knight,  
Jinnie Wickliffe Knight,  Capt. Henry Delplane Danforth,  
Col. Charles Triplett O’Ferrall,  
Emmett Carter Knight,  Josephine Mayo,  
William Purnell Dickinson,  Lavalette Barksdale,  Magdalene M.D. Venable,  Rosamond Smith,   
William Dupuy Dickinson,  
Mary Putzel,  Schuyler Otis Bland,  
Sarah Jane Dickinson,  
Lucy Dickerson,  Abraham Spencer,  Matthew Cox,  Griffith Spencer,  
Moses Dickerson,  
John Dickerson,  
Obadiah Dickerson,  Patience Terry,  Henry Terry,  
Vicarious Dickerson,  
Nathaniel Dickenson,  Dorothy (—) Dickenson,  
James Dickenson,  Benjamin Terry,   John Griffin,  Mary (—) Dickenson,  John Griffin,  
Thomas Cooper Dickenson,  
John Dickenson,  
 Capt. James Dupuy (1758-1823),  
John Bartholomew Dupuy,  Esther Guerrant,  Mary Purnell,  William Purnell,  
Ann Lefevre Dupuy,  Dabney Morris,  Elisha Jeffress,   T. Wootten,  
Mary Purnell Dupuy,  Robert Dickinson,   
T. Jeter,  
Asa Dupuy,  Emily Howe,  
Dr. William Jones Dupuy,  Jane S. Ruffin,   
Elizabeth Guerrant Dupuy,  B. Osborne,  
Elizabeth Catherine Osborne,  Joel Johns,   
John Purnell Dupuy,  
Joseph Dupuy,  Mary Dupuy Edmunds,   
Sarah Watkins Walker,  
James Henry Dupuy,  Elizabeth G. Dupuy,   
Elizabeth Catherine Dupuy,  
Elvira Dupuy,  Richard Beverly Eggleston,  Mary Chastain Farrar,   
 Nathaniel Dickenson (-1753),  
Rich Watts,  
Benjamin Brown,  William Pulliam,   Joseph Moutray,  
Mary (—) Dickenson,  
Richmond Terrell,  
Griffith Dickenson,  Sarah (—) Dickenson,  John Snelson,  
William Dickenson,  William Dickenson,   Sarah (—) Dickenson,  Absalom Browning,  
John Dickenson,  
William Dickenson,  
Sarah Dickenson,  James Gentry,  
Elizabeth Dickenson,  David Sims Jr.,  
Griffith Dickenson,  
John Dickenson,  
Nathaniel Dickenson,  Lucy —,  Elizabeth (—) Luck,  Tarlton B. Luck,  
Noton Dickenson,  Mary Foster,   
Williamson Dickenson,  Agnes O. Bennett,  
John Dickenson,  
Prudence Dickenson,  
Sally Dickenson,  John Fowlkes,  
Polly Dickenson,  
Judith Dickenson,  Mastin Hawkins,  
Lucy Dickenson,  
John Dickenson,  Isabel Woods,  
Nathaniel Dickenson,  David Spicer,  
Dabney Dickenson,  
Garland Dickenson,  Betsy Snelson,  Nathaniel Snelson,  
Nancy Dickenson,  Joseph Hancock,  
Martha Dickenson,  George Wilkinson,  
Elizabeth Dickenson,  Benjamin Terry,   
Sarah Dickenson,  William Snelson,  
Mourning Dickenson,  Nathaniel Barksdale,  John Hill,  
Maj. Peter Barksdale,  Elizabeth Watlington,  Armistead Watlington,  
Nancy (Sydnor) Logan,   
Capt. Nathaniel Barksdale,  Martha Hurt,  Philemon Hurt,  Dr. William Peter Barksdale,  
Lt. Armistead Barksdale,  Judith Williams Sydnor,   Alice Sydnor,   
William Sydnor Barksdale,  
William Sydnor Barksdale,  Mary Elizabeth Morton,   
Nathaniel Barksdale,  Clarissa Ann Scott,   
John Barksdale,  Hannah Cary Watkins,  Thomas Watkins,   Rebecca Selden,   
Elizabeth A. Barksdale,  Benjamin Watkins Leigh,  
Judith Armistead Barksdale,  Elisha Barksdale Jr.,  Nathaniel Barksdale,   
Alfred Dickinson Barksdale,  
Susanna Coleman Barksdale,  William Sydnor,   
Polly Barksdale,  John Sydnor Logan,   
Frances Barksdale,  William M. Williams,  
Col. Elisha Barksdale,  Elizabeth Logan,   
Rebecca F. Spraggins,  
Cornelia M. Barksdale,  John W. Quarles,  Bettie S. Quarles,  Richard Thomas Edwards,   
Elizabeth Armistead Barksdale,  Elijah Baker,  Leonard Baker,  
Dr. William Peter Barksdale,  
Elvira Henry Morton,   
Nathaniel Barksdale,  
Anne Garden,  James Garden,  Alex Garden,  
Mary Barksdale,  Maj. John Nash Read,   
William Barksdale,  
Nancy Harvey Lester,  Henry Lester,  Elizabeth McConnico,  
Lt. Harrison Barksdale,  Laura Caroline Read,  Sion Spencer Read,   Hardenia Jefferson Spencer,   
Fountain Barksdale,  Josephine Parisot,  
Gen. William Barksdale,  
Narcissa Smith,  
Virginia Barksdale,  Levi Wade,  
Ethelbert Barksdale,  
Sarah Barksdale,  Thomas Mabry,  
Nancy Barksdale,  Alexander Howard,  
Elizabeth Barksdale,  Thomas Barnard,  Walter Barnard,  Ruth Hill,  
Randolph Barksdale,  Polly Hill Read,   
Susan C. Williams,  Jacobina Norfleet,  
Catherine Barksdale,  
James Garden Barksdale,  Mary Holman,  
Nathaniel Barksdale,  
Mildred Barksdale,  
Martha Barksdale,  Spencer,  
Julia Barksdale,  
William Barksdale,  Nancy Jones,  Peter Jones,  
William Jones Barksdale,  
Marianna Elizabeth Tabb,   Dr. Sterling Ford,   
Rev. William F. Lee,  
Frances Peyton Barksdale,  Dr. John Munro Banister,   
Dr. George Ainsley Barksdale,  Elsie Florence Warwick,  Edmonia Powers,  
Elise Warwick Barksdale,  Henry Taylor Wickham,  Williams Carter Wickham,  Lucy Penn Taylor,  
Clarence Barksdale,  
Harriet Bathurst Barksdale,  John Young Mason,  John Young Mason,   
Conway Barksdale,  Augusta Peachey,  
Nancy Jones Barksdale,  
John Tabb Barksdale,  
Robert Jones Barksdale,  Elizabeth L. Robertson,  Judge John Robertson,   Ann Montgomery Trent,   
Emma Mason,  
William Barksdale,  
Bolling Barksdale,  
Dr. Randolph Barksdale,  
Elizabeth Bierne McFarland,  
Mittie Patterson,  
Marianna Tabb Barksdale,  Benjamin Huger Heyward,  
Hamilton McFarland Barksdale,  
Ethel du Pont,  Victor du Pont,  Alice Hounsfield,  
Susan Barksdale,  Willis W. Shackleford,  
Elisha Barksdale,  
Sarah Barksdale,  Giles Thweatt,   Bartholomew Stovall,   Thomas Stovall,  
Betty Thweatt,  William Britton,  
Susan Thweatt,  Samuel Quarles,  
Sarah Thweatt,  Charles Fisher Nash,   
Nancy Thweatt,  John S. Pleasants,  
Frances Thweatt,  Abraham Sydnor,   
Mary Thweatt,  William Verser,  
Lucy Claiborne Thweatt,  Beverley Sydnor,   
Henry Thweatt,  Mary A.E. —,  
Randolph Barksdale,  
Frances Barksdale,  William Vaughan,  David Garrison,  Mourning Garrison,  
Elizabeth Barksdale,  Drury Vaughan,  William Vaughan,  
Nehemiah Garrison,  
Frankey Vaughan,  Moses Palmer,   
John Barksdale,  
Susannah Barksdale,  Thomas Thweatt,   
Rachel Dickenson,  Samuel Parris,  Nathaniel Dickenson Parris,  
Agnes Dickenson,  Nathaniel Austin,  
 William Dickenson,  
John Snelson,  
William Dickenson,   
Ann —,  William Howlett,  
Nathaniel Dickenson,  Elizabeth Mansfield,  Samuel Rice,  John Robinson,  Lucy —,  William Hutcherson,  
Frances Dickenson,  Elijah Garton,  John Brown,  
Elizabeth Dickenson,  James Pulliam,  
Nathaniel Dickenson,  
William Dickenson,  
Richard Dickenson,  Ann Quarles,   
William Dickenson,  
Nathaniel Dickenson,  Mary Gray,  
Richard Dickenson,  
Charles Dickenson,  
Elizabeth Dickenson,  Powell,  
Ralph Quarles Dickenson,  Ann Francis Quisenberry,  
Mary Mills Dickenson,  Joseph Atkins,  
Elijah Dickenson,  Mary Ann Burrus,  
Elijah Dickenson,  Susannah Smith,  
William Dickenson,  
Thomas Prosser,  
 Benjamin Terry (-1771),  
Elizabeth Dickenson,   
Nathaniel Terry,  
Sarah Royall,  Joseph Royall,  
William Terry,  Susannah Thompson,  William Thompson,  
Elizabeth Terry,  Peter Green,   
Thompson Terry,  
William Terry,  Polly Thompson,  John Thompson,  
Nathaniel Dickerson Terry,  
Sarah Royall Terry,  Wooding,  
Ann Wooding,  Branch,  
Susan Wooding,  
Rachel Coleman Terry,  Nathaniel Farris Hall,   
Royall Terry,  Susanna F. Thompson,  
Henry Dickerson Terry,  Sarah Hill,  
Joseph Terry,  Sarah C. Williams,  John Williams,  Capt. James Hill,  
Nathaniel Dickinson Terry,  Ann Thompson,  
Nancy Terry,  Berryman Green,   
Elizabeth Dickerson Green,  Col. Joseph Coleman Terry,  Elizabeth Green,  
Berryman Green,  Ariana Vaughan,  
Mary Green,  
Sarah Green,  
Thomas Jefferson Green,  Frances Keeling Burton,  James Minge Burton,  Elizabeth Ridley,  
Dr. Nathaniel Terry Green,  Anne Colquhoun,  
Elizabeth Dickenson Terry,  John Martin,  
Sarah Terry,  Keeble Terry,  
Royall Terry,  
Mary Terry,  James Thompson,  
Edward Moody Thompson,  
Susannah Foster Thompson,  
Royall Terry Thompson,  
Henry Thompson,  
Sarah Royall Thompson,  
Henry Terry Thompson,  
Polly Saterwhite Thompson,  
Elizabeth Dickerson Thompson,  
John Thompson,  
Robert Terry,  Nancy Hopkins Smith,   
Benjamin Terry,  Elizabeth Parker,  William Parker,  Drucilla Colquitt,  Richard Brown,  
Elizabeth Dickerson Terry,  Samuel Motley,   
Daniel Terry,  Mary Clopton,  
Drucilla Terry,  David Fuqua,  
Polly Terry,  John Bennett,  
Nathaniel Terry,  Mary Stone,  
Obediah Parker Terry,  
Sarah C. Terry,  William S. Terry,  
Nancy R. Terry,  Robert B. Fontaine,  
Robert Irby Terry,  Diana Royall Terry,  
Lucy G. Terry,  William Parker,  
Benjamin Terry,  Delilah Motley,   
Peter Terry,  
Joseph Terry,  Judith Crawford,  Samuel Meredith Jr.,  
Thomas Dodson,  
Robert Terry,  Susannah Sanders,  
Keziah Terry,  James Scott,  
Richard Murphy,  Welcome William Hodges,  Thomas Hodges,  
Thomas Robertson,  
Lavinia Terry,  Cheslen Terry,  Elijah King,  
Grace Terry,  Elijah King,  
Sarah Terry,  Champness Terry,  
James Terry,  Luke Williams,  James Henry,  
David Terry,  
William Terry,  
Joseph Terry,  
Thomas Terry,  
William Dickenson,  
Elizabeth Terry,  Buckingham,  
Mary Terry,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Robert P. Kinght - Civil War Henry Delplane Danforth - Civil War
Maj. Peter Barksdale - Revolutionary War Nathaniel Barksdale - Revolutionary War
William Barksdale - War of 1812 Lt. Harrison Barksdale - Civil War
Gen. William Barksdale - Mexican War Gen. William Barksdale - Civil War
John Young Mason - Civil War Dr. Randolph Barksdale - Civil War
Nathaniel Dickenson - Revolutionary War William Dickenson - Revolutionary War
Nathaniel Terry - French and Indian War William Terry - Revolutionary War
Nathaniel Dickinson Terry - Revolutionary War Berryman Green - Revolutionary War

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
Clement Cabell Dickinson - U.S. Charles Triplett O’Ferrall - U.S.
Schuyler Otis Bland - U.S. Gen. William Barksdale - U.S.
Ethelbert Barksdale - Confederate Ethelbert Barksdale - U.S.
Williams Carter Wickham - Confederate  

Governors - colonial, territorial, and state
Charles Triplett O’Ferrall - Virginia  

Legislators - colonial and state
Amos Dickerson - Virginia Asa Dupuy Dickinson - Virginia
Clement Cabell Dickinson - Missouri Col. William Carter Knight - Virginia
Charles Triplett O’Ferrall - Virginia Capt. James Dupuy - Virginia
Asa Dupuy - Virginia William Peter Barksdale - Virginia
Elisha Barksdale Jr. - Virginia Alfred Dickinson Barksdale - Virginia
Williams Carter Wickham - Virginia Henry Taylor Wickham - Virginia
Nathaniel Terry - Virginia William Terry - Virginia
Berryman Green - Virginia Thomas Jefferson Green - Virginia

Officers and trustees of Hampden-Sydney College
Asa Dupuy Dickinson  

Selected sources
Barksdale, Capt. John A. Barksdale Family History and Genealogy (With Collateral Lines). (1940). • Excellent publication on the Barksdale families in Virginia and the south. Main source of information on the family of Mourning Dickenson and Nathaniel Barksdale.
Dupuy, Rev. Benjamin Hunter. The Huguenot Bartholomew Dupuy and His Descendants. Reprint edition, Salem, MA: Higginson Book Company, 1997. • Comprehensive work on the descendants of Bartholomew Dupuy. Includes families of Magdalene Dupuy and Thomas Watkins, Mary Purnell Dupuy and Robert Dickinson, Mary Magdalene Chastain and James Powell Cocke, and Olympia Dupuy and John James Trabue.
Schroeder, Gwendolyn Ruth (Hicks). Search for My Ancestors. Richmond: Gateway Press, Inc., 1979:461-479. • Relates the families of Griffith Dickenson, William Dickenson, and Thomas Dickenson.

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