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 800   Henry Robertson (c.1656-1718)
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Henry Robertson, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Henry Robertson might describe his life as follows.

I was born about 1656, the son of Christopher and Marie Robertson. My home was on Jones Hole Swamp about 10 miles down I-95 from Petersburg. Records of Prince George County have been lost so there is little for me to say.
I am likely the father of Christopher who went to Amelia County and Henry who died in North Carolina. I was dead by 1718.

Henry Robertson did not appear on quit rent rolls in 1704 presumably because he was living on land belonging to others, as we know he was residing on the north side of Jones Hole Swamp on land belonging to William Stainback Sr. in 1713.  His name appeared in Prince George County court orders in 1717 and 1718,  and he was dead by Dec. 1718 when the justices dismissed the suit that William Batte brought against a defendant then styled “the estate of Henry Robertson.” 
Apparently this literate Henry Roberson appraised the estate of William Grigg Jr. in Prince George in 1727.  The second Henry Roberson was likely a son of the elder Henry Robertson and is identical to the Henry Robertson who had son Higdon Robertson, held land on White Oak Swamp in Dinwiddie County near the Griggs, moved to Amelia County, and died in Edgecombe County, N.C. Also on White Oak Swamp and in Amelia County was Christopher Robertson who we have placed as the second son of Henry Robertson.

Where did Henry live?
On 8 March 1720/1 William Stainback Jr. sold 100 acres on the north side of Jones Hole Swamp in Prince George County to John Hill,  which was half his father’s patent of 2 May 1713.  The deed then described the tract as “whereon Henry Roberson formerly lived” and Henry Roberson witnessed it. Jones Hole Swamp is immediately south of Joseph Swamp placing Henry within two miles of where Henry’s posited brother Christopher Robertson lived. When William Stainback sold 100 acres on Jones Hole Swamp to John Hill Jr. in 1716, Daniel Higdon had been one of the witnesses. 

Descendants of Henry Robertson
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Christopher Robertson (c.1685-c.1748),  
Henry Robertson,   
 Henry Robertson (-c.1751),  
William Stainback,  William Westbrook,  Stephen Dewey,  
Elizabeth (—) Robertson,  Daniel Higdon,  Sarah Higdon,  John Higdon,  Elizabeth Higdon,  Ann Higdon,  Robert Moody,  
Abner Grigg,   Charles Westbrook,  James Murray,  Richard Hill,  
Stephen Dewey,  
Higdon Robertson,  John Lidderdale,  
William Hudson,  John Presnell,  Hannah —,  
John May Sr.,  
Henry Robertson,  Robert West,   Harris,  Featherstone,  John Sturdivant,   
Susanna (—) Wallace,  
Ann Robertson,  
Peter Robertson,  
Lewis Robertson,  
Deborah Robertson,  
Temperance Robertson,  Robert West,  

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