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 794   Henry Pew (c.1634-1711)
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Henry Pew, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Henry Pew might describe his life as follows.

I was born about 1634 since I testified that I was age 45, or thereabouts, in 1679,  the same year my name appeared on the county tax list. 
My wife was Jane Pew whose only mention in the few remaining records of Henrico County where we lived was when a grand jury indicted her for swearing once.  We had two daughters, both of whom married twice.
Robert Sharpe sold me 100 acres in 1680,  and the governor granted me 411 acres on Four Mile Creek, north of the James, in 1688.  Since I could not write my name, I formed a conjoined HP when I marked the deed giving 100 acres to my grandson Abraham Childers Jr. in 1702.  By 1704 I was taxed on just 350 acres. 
I was about 75 years old in 1709 when I made my will leaving a shilling each to my two daughters, my land to four grandsons, and my big sealskin trunk to a granddaughter. I lived a couple of more years.

Will of Henry Pew
Here is the will of Henry Pew, which was proved 3 March 1711/2. 

Will of Henry Pew
5 May 1709
To grandson Abraham Childers Jr. the land and plantation I live on.
To grandsons Daniel Price, John Childers, and Joseph Adkins each 100 acres out of my tract at Four Mile Creek, and if any land left, this does to my grandson Abraham Childers Jr. and this should be adjacent to what is already in his possession.
To granddaughter Jane Childers, a sealskin trunk.
To daughters Jane Price and Anne Adkins, one shilling each.
All the rest to grandson Abraham Childers Jr. and he to be executor.

Descendants of Henry Pew
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Jane (Pew) Price Ligon,  
John Price,   
Hugh Ligon,   
 Ann (Pew) Childers Atkins,  
Abraham Childers,  
John Atkins,  
Abraham Childers,  Elizabeth Cannon,  William Cannon,  
Lucy (—) Childers,  
William Cannon Childers,  
Abraham Childers,  
Sophia Childers,  Samuel Taylor,  
Samuel Taylor,  
Richard Taylor,  Susan Carter,  
Joseph Taylor,  Judith Gilliam,  Sarah Moseley,   
Sarah Taylor,  
Archibald Taylor,  Letitia Cunningham,  
Zachariah Taylor,  Elizabeth M. Armistead,   
Elizabeth Taylor,  Abraham Venable,  
Mary P. Taylor,  Edward Booker,  
Judith Taylor,  Thomas Anderson,  
Thomas Taylor,  
Mary Taylor,  Henry Bagby,  
Frances Taylor,  Thomas Crump,  
Creed Taylor,  
Lucretia Childers,  Matthew Tucker,  
Elizabeth Childers,  James Thomas,  
Sophia Thomas,  Peter Parrish,  
Lucy Thomas,  Dawson,  
Jesse Thomas,  Jane Bowles,  
Elizabeth Haskins Thomas,  Tanner,  
James Thomas,  
Jane Thomas,  Anderson Bowles,  
Sally Thomas,  James Boatright,  
Abraham Thomas,  
Joseph Thomas,  
Joshua Thomas,  
Mary Ann Childers,  Carter,  
David Pryor,  
David Pryor,  
Creed Childers,  
Henry Childers,  Lucretia Jones,   
John Childers,  Matthew Hutcheson,  Hutchins Burton,  
Philemon Childers,  Elizabeth —,  
Robert Childers,  Catherine —,  
Robert Childers,  Susanna —,  Joseph Childers,  
Richard Childers,  Samuel Goode,   Samuel Pincham,   
Jane Childers,  John Smith,  
Abraham Smith,  
Childers Smith,  
James Smith,  Mary Worley,  
Alexander Smith,  
Joseph Smith,  
John Smith,  
Humphrey Smith,  Judith Worley,  John Worley,  
Mary Smith,  Blankenship,  
Joseph Atkins,  

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