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John Lilley was likely the grandfather of Margaret Lilley who married Joseph Billups.

John Lilley, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, John Lilley might describe his life as follows.

My wife and I brought along five employees, or servants as we called them then, when we sailed to Virginia. Since I paid the passage for all 7, I was due 350 acres that the governor granted me on the south side of Milford Haven 20 June 1642.  George Billups settled in the neighborhood 13 years later.  Milford Haven, which one can find on maps today, was in Gloucester County until Virginia created Mathews County in 1791. The records of both counties are gone, so little is known of me or my family.
John Lilley, either me or my son of the same name, added 234 acres on Milford Haven 22 December 1682, giving us 584 acres. 
Each year the crown collected quit rents, a form of tax, from all landowners. The 1704 ledger, which remains for Gloucester, lists Richard Glascock - 500 acres, John Lilley - 584 acres, and George Billups - 1,200 acres.  George Billups was my neighbor’s son, and John Lilley was mine because he had every acre of the Lilley plantation. John was either my only son and I willed the property to him, or he was the eldest son who inherited all the land when I made no will.
My old neighbor’s grandson Joseph Billups married Margaret Lilley who was born in 1700. Her father was probably my son John or possibly another son who died before 1704. In either case, Margaret was undoubtedly my granddaughter.
Incidentally, Joseph Billups’ grandfather was Richard Glascock.

Other men named John Lilley
Other men named John Lilley were in the Colony are clearly distinct from John Lilley of Milford Haven.
One John Lilley was a headright when Col. Robert Abrall received a patent on the north side of the Mattaponi River in New Kent County in 1664.  This John Lilley is possibly identical to the man of that name who in 1683 made his mark upon a petition complaining of the state of affairs in St. Stephen’s Parish that served what was then New Kent. 
Merchant George Harris received a certificate for 18 headrights, including John Lilley, in Charles City County in 1633. 
John Lilley was under the guardianship of his stepfather Edmund Chisman in York County 20 Oct. 1646.
John Lilley of Westmoreland County received a Northern Neck grant for 124 acres in Stafford County 26 July 1706.  A grant to Thomas Pace revealed that John Lilley had 180 acres in Stafford County that he had purchased in Aug. 1711. Yet by 29 Jan. 1714/5, John had died and his widow, Mary, had married Pace. 

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