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 7248   Lt. Col. John George (1603-1678)
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Lt. Col. John George, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Lt. Col. John George might describe his life as follows.

I was born in 1603 in Writtle, Essex County, England. Before leaving for Virginia, I married by 1623 Jane Cole, who was born about 1605, the daughter of Humphrey Cole and Hester Cole of Tillingham, Essex County.
Jane and I sailed to the colony before 1635 and settled first on 1,200 acres along Bailey Creek south of present-day Hopewell, Prince George County. By 1643 we were living on Cypress Creek in Isle of Wight County near present-day Smithfield, the town known for its hams.
Jane and I were the parents of 3 known children before I married second Ann.
I represented Isle of Wight in the Virginia House of Burgesses in 1647-48 and 1652,  and during Bacon’s Rebellion, remained loyal to Governor Berkeley. The Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography includes a profile of me. 
I made my will in Isle of Wight County 2 August 1678 and was dead by 9 January 1678/9. 

Was John George the son-in-law of Humphrey Cole?
Although there is no evidence that Humphrey had a daughter named Jane, he did identify John George as a son-in-law. We presume that the John George who appeared in Isle of Wight was that same John George. Yet Humphrey Col’s will describes John George as a “yeoman,” which is a commoner—a freeholder under the rank of a gentleman, whereas John George of Virginia was a gentleman and member of the House of Burgesses. Records call him Mr. John George as an indication of his prominence. On the other hand John George of Isle of Wight was connected to the Coles as his 2nd wife married John Lear whose daughter Martha Lear married William Cole.
It remains possible that Jane was not the mother of John’s children as she would have been along in years when they were born. As Col. Lear, Ann’s 2nd husband, was so generous to his stepchildren, they may have been hers.

John’s land patents
John secured a patent to 900 acres on Bailey Creek in Charles City County 7 Nov. 1635 in consideration of having transported his wife, Jane, and 17 other individuals to the colony.  Lt. John Upton submitted the name of John George when he secured a patent to land in Isle of Wight in 1638. 
John added 300 acres to his original patent in 1640, giving his own name among his headrights, suggesting he made a return trip to England.  In 1642 John got 144 acres next to Capt. Francis Eppes,  and sold 200 acres on Bailey Creek to Hector Williams. 
John moved to Isle of Wight County in 1643 when Justinian Cooper deeded him two parcels of land in return for 1,500 pounds of tobacco and two steers. He was Lt. Col. John George when he got 360 acres at Castle Creek, Warrosquyoake Parish, Isle of Wight, in 1667. 

Will of John George
The following is the will of John George. 

Will of John George
2 August 1678
In the name of God, Amen, I JOHN GEORGE of the Isle of Wight County in Virginia being sick and weak in body but of sound mind and memory do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following vis.I bequeath my soul into the hands of almighty God my maker, hoping through his mercy and the Merits of Jesus Christ to obtain forgiveness for all my sins and my body to the earth to be decently buried without guns or much drink and for my worldly estate I dispose of as followeth:
Item I give and bequeath to my son ISAAC GEORGE all that part or parcel of land I now hold and enjoy from the mouth of Castle Creek, running up the creek to the spring commonly called the Quarter Spring being near this dwelling house and from thence running westerly to the extent of my land including all my land on the North side of the said Castle Creek and Run to my said son ISAAC GEORGE and his heirs of his body lawfully begotten forever, with all housing, orchards and appurtenances thereunto appertaining or belonging provided that my loving wife have full liberty and privilege to make use of my land at or upon the quarter now intended to be planted by me either with corn or tobacco for two crops after the finishing of this crop.
Item I give and bequeath to my son ISAAC GEORGE my horse Jading, with my plush saddle and bridle, with all my wearing apparel both linen, wool or Etc., with my Rapier and new Spanish leather belt and a long gun and also one new feather bed.
Item I give to my grandchild JOHN GEORGE, one Negro woman called DIDO to be delivered to my son ISAAC for the child’s account two years after the finishing of the present crop, and also one young mare with the whole increase both male and female of the Negro and mare to the property account and benefit of my said grandchild and his heirs forever and my will is that said grandchild after he is six years old be brought up to reading and writing with my wife at her charge and to her best convenience so far as writing and accounts may here be taught.
Item I give to my two daughters, REBECCA and SARAH to each of them forty shillings a piece to be paid them in money or goods within six months after my decease.
Item I give to my grandchildren JOHN and JOYCE LEWIS to each of them a heifer of two years old and to the and the children of PHILIP PARDOE one heifer of two years old to run in a joint stock betwixt them and the survivors of them to be paid to my said grandchildren’s account in 1680.
Item I give to my daughter SARAH PEDDINGTON’s two children she had by my son MORGAN LEWIS a cow and a cow calf to run in a joint stock betwixt them or the survivors of them and to be paid them in Anno 1681.
Item I give my kinswoman MARY BAUGH twenty shillings to buy her a ring.
Item I give and bequeath to my loving wife ANN GEORGE all the remainder of my whole estate viz my land I now live upon lying upon the south side of the Castle Creek and Quarter Spring with all houses fences orchards and appurtenances thereunto belongings, or in any wise appertaining, with all the rest of my lands goods and money or tobacco or whatsoever else it be herein not bequeathed, being properly mine in Virginia or England to my said loving wife ANN GEORGE and her heirs forever and I do hereby nominate and appoint my loving wife to by my whole and sole executrix of this my last will and testament revoking all former wills by me made.
Desiring all my just debts may be fully paid and I do hereby request my friends Major JAMES POWELL and THOMAS TABERER to see this my Last Will and Testament fully performed and I do hereby give my said friends as a legacy twenty shillings a piece as a token of my love, confirming this my Last Will and Testament with my hand and seal this 2nd day of August Anno Domini 1678.

An overseer was then a form of estate administrator.

The widow, Ann
John’s widow, Ann, became the 2nd wife of Col. John Lear about 1678-80.  By his 1st wife Lear, an attorney and trustee of the College of William and Mary,  was the father of Martha Lear who married 1st William Cole and 2nd, Lewis Burwell.
Ann was dead by 1691 when John Lear and Rebecca, his wife, secured a patent to land in Elizabeth City County. 
John Lear of Nansemond County made his will in Henrico County that was probated in Nansemond (will dated 5 Nov. 1695  and proved 12 Dec. 1695). He left “to John George, Negroes to use on the land he has until land give by Col. George comes in his possession.”

Nicholas George of Lancaster
Also in the Colony was Nicholas George, who was likely not John’s brother. With John Grymsditch, Nicholas secured a patent to 300 acres in Isle of Wight in 1638.  Years later both John and Nicholas George appeared as headrights for a patent of Capt. Francis Potts.  Nicholas George moved to the Northern Neck ahead of Isaac George.
Nicholas died in Lancaster County before May 1661 when the court granted administration on his estate to his wife, Margaret, and his son of the same name. A daughter was Sarah George. Margaret was dead by 1669 (will dated 8 Sept. 1669).
In 1694 William George received a patent for 81 acres in Lancaster County, which revealed the first Nicholas had been granted the land in 1652 and mentioned two more consecutive men of that name. 
The junior most Nicholas died in 1700 and William in 1710.

Descendants of Lt. Col. John George
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Isaac George (1635-1689),  
 Sarah (George) Lewis Peddington,  
Morgan Lewis,  
Thomas Peddington,  
Abigail (—) Peddington,  Thomas Middleton,  
Robert Andrews,  
Sarah Lewis,  
Jane Lewis,  Thomas Sidway,  William Stringer,  Benjamin Sidway,  Mary (—) Harrison,  Benjamin Harrison,   Col. Benjamin Harrison,   John Griffin,  
Ann Lewis,  Robert Andrews,  
Joseph Andrews,  
William Andrews,  
Bartholomew Andrews,  
Benjamin Andrews,  Sarah Bailey,   
Susanna Andrews,  Ray,  
Sarah Andrews,  Barker,  
Catherine Andrews,  Barker,  
Elizabeth Andrews,  Battle,  
Ann Andrews,  
Amy Andrews,  
Thomas Pennington,  Mary (—) Pennington,  Elizabeth (—) Allen,  Thomas Allen,  
Thomas Pennington,  
Thomas Tatum,   William Ezell Jr.,  
Rebecca Pair,  William Pair,  
Faith Pennington,  Pierce Vaughan,   
William Vaughan,  
Louisa Vaughan,  
Priscilla Vaughan,  
Thomas Vaughan,  
Pierce Vaughan,  
Rebecca Vaughan,  
Dixon Vaughan,  Susanna —,  
Joel Vaughan,  
Joshua Vaughan,  
Mary Pennington,  
Hannah Pennington,  John Whittington,  
Lewis Whittington,  
Willie Whittington,  
Martha Whittington,  
Rebecca Whittington,  William Weaver,  
Howell Pennington,  John Hood,  Peter Tatum,   
Joel Pennington,  
William Thomas Pennington,  Elizabeth Northington,   Mary Brown,   
William Pennington,  Mary Averis,  William Averis,  Cornelius Cargill,  
Hannah Pennington,  Howell Collier,   
Lucy Pennington,  John Bugg,  
Benjamin Bugg,  Anne E. Andrews,  Ephraim Andrews,  
Mary Bugg,  William Walker,  George Andrews,  
Zachariah Bugg,  
John Bugg,  
William Bugg,  
Frances Bugg,  John Nance,  
Jesse Bugg,  Martha Andrews,  
Martha Bugg,  Samuel Oslin,  
Sarah Bugg,  Nicholas Lanier,  
Holmes,  William Holmes,  Samuel Holmes,  Elizabeth Holmes,  Sarah (Merriott) Warren,  John Warren,  Thomas Marriott,  
Pennington Holmes,  Rebecca Daws,  
Elizabeth J. Holmes,  John Fitzackerly,  
Mary A. Holmes,  William Eubank,  
Betty Pennington,  
Sack Pennington,  Anna (—) Pennington,  
Lucy Pennington,  Lucas Gee,  
William Pennington,  Nancy Murrell,  
Mary Anne Pennington,  John Davis,  
Dionetia Murrell Pennington,  John Young,  
Mary Pennington,  Hutchins Farrell,   
Edward Pennington,  
John George Pennington,  Mary (—) Pennington,  
Jane Pennington,  James Connell,  Robert Connell,  
William Pennington,  
David Pennington,  
Martha Pennington,  John Harper,  John Harper,  
Susanna Pennington,  James Nash,  
Anne Pennington,  
Mary Pennington,  Matthew Hubbard,  Ann (—) Hubbard,  
Faith Hubbard,  Joseph Lett,  Daniel Nance,  
Francis Lett,  Thomas Hardaway Jr.,   John Watson,  
Robert Ruffin,   Mary (—) Lett,  
William Holmes,   
Hardaway Lett,  Mary Burton,  
Joseph Lett,  Polly Jeffries Burnett,  Thomas Burnet,  
Edward Lett,  Elizabeth Cook,  
Drury Lett,  Mary Simmons,  
Pennington Lett,  Frances Pennington,  Josiah Floyd,  
Mary Lett,  Matthew H. Davis,  
Dolly Lett,  Daniel W. McDaniel,  
Jane Lett,  Charles Hutcherson,  
Mary Dixon Hubbard,  William Davis,  
John Davis,  Rebecca Davis,  Charles Lynn,  Robert Lynn,  Ann —,  
Lucy Davis,  
Matthew Hubbard Davis,  Sally Gilbert,  James Gilbert,  Lucy —,  
William Davis,  Rebecca Blow,  
Thomas Pennington Davis,  Lucretia Cain,  James Cain Jr.,  Lucretia —,  
James Hubbard,  
Elizabeth Hubbard,  
Sarah Hubbard,  
Lucy Hubbard,  James Lett,  David Adams,  
Matthew Hubbard Lett,  
Ambrose Lett,  
Sally Lett,  
John Lett,  
Lucy Lett,  
Robert Lett,  Suckey Burrus Lett,  
James Lett,  
John Hubbard,  
James Pennington,  
Benjamin Pennington,  Walter Bailey,  Lucy Bailey,  Dennis Lark,  William Baskerville,  
Nathaniel Johnson,  Christopher Mason,  
Edward Pennington,  Nettie Lark,  Dennis Lark,  Walter Bailey Pennington,  
Benjamin Pennington,  
Edward Pennington,  Tabitha (—) Pennington,  John New,  
Edward Pennington,  Elizabeth (—) Pennington,  
John Pennington,  Mary Pair,  William Pair,  John Cargill,   
Marcus Pennington,  Ann Graves,  Solomon Graves,  
Elizabeth Pennington,  
William Pennington,  
James Pennington,  Polly Loftin,  
Sarah Pennington,  Edward Marable,  
Polly Pennington,  Solomon Graves,  
Rebecca Pennington,  
Agnes Pennington,  Waddell Johnson,  
Mary Pennington Johnson,  
John Johnson,  
Collins Johnson,  Sally Gilliam,   
James Johnson,  
Betsy Johnson,  
Sarah Johnson,  William Clark,  Carter Gilliam,   Anselm Gilliam,   
Nancy Clark,  Lewis Jolly,  
Mary A.C. Jolly,  
Martha A.C. Jolly,  
William Thomas Jolly,  Martha Ann Epes,  Richard Epes,   Martha Greenhill Williams,   Virginia Iowa Lucy,  
James Lewis Jolly,  
Sarah Elizabeth Jolly,  John Wesley Doyle,   
Joseph Commander,  
George H. Jolly,  
John Randolph Jolly,  
Mildred Johnson Jolly,  
Mary Lucy Jolly,  Thomas Jett Nicholson,  
Edward Gillum Jolly,  
Susan Elizabeth Jolly,  Thomas Jett Nicholson,  
Lucy Johnson,  
William Johnson,  
Richard Johnson,  
Benjamin Johnson,  
Sarah Pennington,  Joshua Moss,  
Alfred Moss,  Susanna Hawthorne,  
Joshua Pennington,  
John Pennington,  
Phyllis (—) Pennington,  
John Pennington,  Ann —,  
Jesse Pennington,  
Lucy Pennington,  Edward Lee,  Robert Newman,  
Mary Lee,  
Sally Lee,  
Betsy Lee,  
Lilley Lee,  
Lewis Pennington,  
Sarah Pennington,  John Carter,  Ursula (Meredith) Pennington,  David Pennington,   
Frederick Pennington,  Ann Williamson,  
Betty Pennington,  William Clark,  
Lucretia Pennington,  
Joseph Pennington,  Elizabeth —,  Thomas Eskridge,  Lucy Eskridge,  
David Pennington,  Ursula (—) Pennington,  John Carter,  Sarah Pennington,   Ursula Meredith,   
Rebecca Pennington,  
Frederick Pennington,  
Joseph Pennington,  
Elizabeth Pennington,  
Rebecca Pennington,  
John Pennington,  Sally Graves,  Solomon Graves,  Sarah —,  
Patsey Pennington,  
Mary Pennington,  Paschal Tucker,   
Elizabeth Pennington,  John Meredith,  
Edward Pennington,  Sarah Judkins,  
Moses Pennington,  Lucy —,  Benjamin Lanier,  
Hannah Pennington,  Thomas Wrenn,  
Hannah Wrenn,  Henry Porch,  
Mary Porch,  
Hartwell Porch,  
Nancy Porch,  
Ann Porch,  
Seth Porch,  Nancy Pair,  
Sarah Porch,  
Lucy Porch,  
Henry Porch,  Sarah Wrenn,  
Thomas Porch,  Patsey Booth,  
Sarah Wrenn,  Isaac Bendall,  
Elizabeth Bendall,  Jesse Ezell,  
John Bendall,  
Sarah Bendall,  Benjamin Smith,  
Isaac Bendall,  Sarah Rose,  Richard Rose,  
Judith Bendall,  Weathers Adams,  
Anna Wrenn,  Peter Porch,  Henry Porch,  Mary —,  
Peter Porch,  
William Porch,  Polly Carroll,  
Huldah Wrenn,  Adams,  
Mary Wrenn,  Edmund Weathers,  Benjamin Weathers,  
Jesse Wrenn,  Mary Hall,  James Hall,  
Nathan Wrenn,  
Sarah Pennington,  Joseph Wrenn,  Henry Wrenn,  Sarah Wrenn,  Ann —,  
Howell Wrenn,  
Joseph Wrenn,  
Moses Wrenn,  
Elias Wrenn,  
Howell Wrenn,  
 Rebecca (George) Lewis Pardoe,  
Thomas Lewis,  Philip Pardoe,  
John Lewis,  
Joyce Lewis,  Phillip Brantley,  Edward Brantley,  John Seward,  Mr. Robert Blakey,  
Edward Brantley,  
Philip Pardoe,  Robert Kae,  John Brantley,  
Elizabeth Pardoe,  
 son George,  
John George,  Frances Servant,  Bertrand Servant,  
Matthew Jones,  
Frances George,  
 William George (-1720),  
Sarah Thorpe,  Thomas Thorpe,  John Thorpe,  
Thomas Lane,  William Batts,  
William George,  John Allen,  Rebecca (—) George,  William Phillips,  
Robert Savage,  John Spratley,   
William George,  James Jordan,  Ann (—) George,  
Elias George,  John Porter,  Martha (—) George,  Nathaniel James,  

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Soldiers of colonial and American wars
James Lewis Jolly - Civil War George H. Jolly - Civil War
John Randolph Jolly - Civil War Edward Gillum Jolly - Civil War

Legislators - colonial and state
John George - Virginia  

Selected sources
Boddie, John Bennett. “George and Blakey of Isle of Wight and Middlesex County, Virginia.” Historical Southern Families, 2:243-248. • Descendants of John George.
Boddie, John Bennett. “George.” Historical Southern Families, 11:263-264. • A garbled and doubtful rendition of the George genealogy of Descendants of John George.

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