Ancestral Family Topic 7128

 7128   Thomas Chappell II (c.1640-)
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Thomas Chappell II, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Thomas Chappell II might describe his life as follows.

My father was just 23 when he left Gravesend, England, 23 June 1635 on America. I do not know much about him because most records of Charles City County where we lived are lost. 
I do remember my father dying in 1658. Having written no will, he invited Mr. Edward Fitzgerald and Mr. Ferdinando Austin to our home to tell them that he wanted each of my brothers and sisters to have two breeding cattle, and that I, the eldest son, should receive his land. 
Of course the remainder of what my father owned went to Mother who was married to Walter Darnham by 13 September 1658, the day the Charles City County court at Merchant’s Hope ordered Darnham to give me my inheritance and for Mr. Aston to see that my brothers and sisters were educated.  I never heard what happened to any of them.
I obtained a patent for 80 acres next to lands of John Tate in Charles City County 20 October 1665. My plantation was in Weyanoke Parish, near Kittewan Creek, north of where the town of Weyanoke is today. 
I once served on a coroner’s jury—about a dozen upright citizens whom our county coroner would summon when someone died of unusual causes. We concluded on 7 May 1665 that when infant Katherine Lanier fell from her bed, the rail caught her head and she smothered in the bed clothes. 
I was dead by October 1689 when my widow, Huldah, sold 100 acres that I had given her. 

We have been unable to identify more about Huldah whose 1689 deed was acknowledged by Thomas Chappell and his wife, Elizabeth.

John Chappell of Petherton and Capt. John Chappell
Also arriving in America within a month of Thomas was John Chappell, of Petherton, Somersetshire, England. At age 38 he set sail on the Assurance 24 July 1635. If John and Thomas were closely related, we doubt they would have traveled separately to America.
Although some have suggested Thomas was the son of John Chappell, the captain of the Speedwell that made one trip to America in 1635, there is no proof.

Another Thomas Chappell?
Thomas Chappell was a headright for Richard Tye and Charles Sparrow for 2,500 acres in Charles City County 12 Aug. 1659.  Further, Anthony Wyatt paid passage for a Thomas Chappell for which he received a certificate 6 June 1664. 
This suggests another Thomas Chappell in the community. Indeed one Thomas Chappell had been a servant to John Richards. When Richards died, the court of 4 Feb. 1665/6 ordered that corn and clothing customarily paid to indentured servants be given Chappell. 
We have yet to identify Samuel Chappell who left a now-lost will in Prince George County that Ann Bolling, executrix, presented 9 Feb. 1713/14. 

Lt. John Banister (-1661)
Lt. John Banister left 3 cows and one heifer to a daughter of Thomas Chappell in April 1661.  Although many have presumed that Thomas Chappell married a daughter of John Banister, later patent records show Banister died without heirs.
Banister’s wife, Jane, was a midwife who, with Jane Thomas and Dr. John Jacob, testified in 1658 that Fortune Bayley had not been raped.  Jane married 2nd James Wallace.  For more on James Wallace, see John Butler.
Some have incorrectly reported that Lt. John Banister was the ancestor of Rev. John Banister, the naturalist, who married Martha Batte.

Chappell Creek
Chappell Creek, named in a patent for William Barker, the captain of the America, in Nov. 1635,  is said to have been named for Thomas Chappell, who was in the Colony no earlier than Aug. 1635. Considering the lengthy process for securing a patent, the creek is likely named for Merchant’s Hope chapel located nearby.

Descendants of Thomas Chappell II
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Thomas Chappell III (c.1660-c.1703),  
 Sarah (Chappell) Binford,  
James Binford,  
William Randolph,   Robert Bolling,   
Huldah Binford,  William Ladd,  Elizabeth Hamlin,  
Thomas Murrell Sr.,  Thomas Murrell Jr.,  John Pleasants,  William Grice,  John Crew,  Pugh Price,   
Amos Ladd,  John Leed,  
James Ladd,  Judith Ellyson,  Gerard Robert Ellyson,  William Torborn,  
Mary Ladd,  Aquilla Binford,   
Agnes Ladd,  Shadrach Stanley,  
Lydia Ladd,  Thomas Charles,  
Elizabeth Charles,  Samuel Hargrave,  
Thomas Hargrave,  Sarah H. Hubbard,   
Elizabeth Ann Hargrave,  
Anna Hargrave,  Lemuel Crew,   
Margaret E. Crew,  
Samuel H. Crew,  
Walter Crew,  
Tarleton Crew,  
Deborah D. Crew,  
Henrietta Crew,  
Anna Crew,  
Micajah Crew,  
Charles Hargrave,  Lucy Ladd,   
Joseph Hargrave,  Deborah Bates,   Margaret J. Lewis,  
Lemuel Hargrave,  Mary Ann Hubbard,   Elizabeth O. Johnson,  
Thomas Exum Hargrave,  
Sarah Elizabeth Hargrave,  
Deborah Ann Hargrave,  
Mary Hargrave,  Micajah Bates,   
Martha Hargrave,  
Jane Hargrave,  
Henry Charles,  
Mary Charles,  
Martha Charles,  Jeremiah Hubbard,  Joseph Hubbard,  Ann —,  
Margaret Ladd,  Micajah Crew,   
Tace Crew,  Benjamin Bates Jr.,  Benjamin Bates,  Hannah —,  Henrietta Maria Pleasants,  Thomas Pleasants,   Elizabeth Brooke,  
Lucy Bates,  
Micajah Bates,  Mary Hargrave,   Martha Ann Balderson,  Hugh Balderston,  
Charles Frederick Bates,  
Elisha Henry Bates,  
Tace Bates,  Edward S. Pleasants,  Tarleton Woodson Pleasants,  Margaret —,  
Elizabeth Bates,  
Martha Ann Bates,  
Catherine Bates,  
William Savoy Bates,  
Benjamin Bates,  
Samuel Bates,  
Mary Bates,  
Micajah Bates,  
Hugh B. Bates,  
Martha J. Bates,  Joseph Jordan Pleasants,  William Henry Pleasants,  Mary Ladd,  
Tace Crew Bates,  
William Savoy Bates,  
Fleming Bates,  
Lemuel Crew,  Anna Hargrave,   
Unity Crew,  Fleming Bates,  Benjamin Bates,  Hannah —,  
Benjamin Spence Bates,  
Margaret Bates,  
Deborah Bates,  Joseph Hargrave,   
Lemuel Bates,  
Unity Bates,  
Hannah Bates,  
Fleming Bates,  
Edward Bates,  
Mary F. Bates,  
Sally I. Bates,  Dugan Clark Jr.,  Dugan Clark Sr.,  Asenath —,  
Susan F. Bates,  John R. Hubbard,  Joseph Hubbard,  
Walter Crew,  Sarah B. —,  
Talitha Crew,  Tarleton Woodson Pleasants,   
Margaret Crew,  
Susanna Crew,  Barlow,  
Deborah Crew,  
Elizabeth Ladd,  John Butler,   
Lydia Butler,  John Stanton,  
Elizabeth Stanton,  
Elizabeth Butler,  
Jonathon Butler,  Henrietta Maria Bates,   Catherine J. Lewis,  
William Ladd,  Mary Hunnicutt,   
Robert Ladd,  Mary (Terrell) Terrell,  Pleasants Terrell,  Timothy Terrell,  Catherine Terrell,  
Lucy Ladd,  Charles Hargrave,   
Edna Ladd,  Micajah Terrell Johnson,  Jonathon Johnson,  Judith Douglas,  
Anna Ladd,  
William Ladd,  
Robert Pleasants Ladd,  
Mary Ladd,  
Armelia Ladd,  
Ann Ladd,  
Martha Ladd,  
Elizabeth Ladd,  George Hubbard,   
William Hubbard,  
James Hubbard,  Unity Ladd,   
Joseph Hubbard,  
Maria Hubbard,  
Martha Ann Hubbard,  
Mary Ladd,  James Ladd Binford,   
Sarah Ladd,  Benjamin B. Hockaday,  John Hockaday,  Susanna —,  
John Ladd Hockaday,  
James Ladd,  Sarah Binford,   Samuel Fuqua,  
Peter Ladd,  Sarah —,  
Henry Ladd,  
Delila Ladd,  
Levi Ladd,  
Elizabeth Ladd,  
Deborah Ladd,  Daniel Crew,   
Peter Ladd,  Catherine Crew,  Robert Crew,  Nancy Terrell,  
Ledbetter Ladd,  
Mary Ladd,  Benjamin Crew,   
Rebecca Ladd,  
James Binford Ladd,  Margaret Ladd,  
Rebecca Ladd,  Waddy Stanley,  
Samuel Stanley,  
Priscilla Stanley,  
Lucy Stanley,  
Anne Stanley,  
Joel Stanley,  
Nancy Stanley,  
Thomas Crew Stanley,  
Deborah Stanley,  
Waddy Stanley,  
Rebecca Stanley,  
Ann Ladd,  James Bates,  James Bates,  
Joseph Denson Bates,  
James Bates,  
Henrietta Maria Bates,  Jonathon Butler,   
Joshua Bates,  
Elizabeth Bates,  
Jesse Ladd,  Margaret Whitfield,  
Mourning Ladd,  Abidan Bailey,  Benjamin Bailey,  Elizabeth Briggs,   
Margaret Whitfield Bailey,  
Elizabeth Bailey,  
Sarah Ladd,  John Crew,  
James Crew,  Ann Crew,   
Judith Crew,  John Crew,   
Jacob Crew,  Elizabeth Leadbetter,  
Sally Leadbetter Crew,  
Henry Crew,  
James Crew,  Elizabeth Maule,  Thomas Maule,  Margaret —,  
Micajah Crew,  
Susannah Crew,  
Jacob Crew,  
Cornelius Crew,  Mary Ann —,  
Joel Crew,  
Elizabeth Ann Crew,  
John Crew,  Judith —,  
Charles Crew,  
Martha Crew,  
Caleb Crew,  
Joshua Crew,  
Sarah Ladd Crew,  
Anna Crew,  
Joshua Crew,  
John Ellison Crew,  
Joseph Crew,  
John Ladd,  Unity Harris,  Benjamin Harris,  
Gulielma Ladd,  James L. New,  
Rachel Ladd,  
Elizabeth Ladd,  Charles Anthony,  Christopher Anthony,  
Benjamin Harris Ladd,  Sarah Binford,   
Margaret Ladd,  Benjamin Vaughan,  William Shields Vaughan,  
Unity Smith Ladd,  Thomas Harris Sr.,  
Benjamin Harris,  
Mary T. Harris,  William S. Figg,  Benjamin Figg,  Sarah —,  
Thomas Harris,  
Lucy Ann Harris,  
Mary Ladd,  James Vaughan,  William Shields Vaughan,  John Bell,  Nathan Bell,  
Sarah Ladd,  Warner,  
John Ladd,  
Anna Ladd,  
Judith Ladd,  Thomas Binford,   
William Ladd,  Ursula Ellyson,  Gerard Robert Ellyson,  Joseph Ladd,   
Agatha Ladd,   
Thomas Ladd,  Ann Ellyson,  Thomas Ellyson,  Elizabeth Crew,  
David Holt,   
Gerard Ladd,  William Taylor,  Sarah (—) Ladd,  
Agatha Ladd,  William Ellzey,  
Keziah Ellzey,  
Easter Ellzey,  
Elizabeth Ladd,  William Patterson,  
Priscilla Ladd,  
Huldah Ladd,  Anderson Simmons,  Tabitha Butler,  Huldah Hunnicutt,   
Paul Sears,   
Deborah Simmons,  Mordecai Peebles,   
Jacob Ladd,  Miriam Marimoon,  Elizabeth Reames,  
Tabitha Ladd,  
Jeremiah Ladd,  
Sarah Ladd,  Joseph Patterson,  
Ursula Ladd,  Samuel Butler,  
Mourning Butler,  
Nathan Butler,  
Lucy Butler,  
Lydia Butler,  
Tabitha Butler,  
Gerard Ladd,  
Priscilla Ladd,  
Lydia Ladd,  
Esther Ladd,  
Ursula Ladd,  
William Ladd,  Howell Collier,   
Jacob Ladd,  Sylvia —,  John Lloyd,  Elizabeth (—) Ladd,  
Huldah Ladd,  Starling Moore,  
James Ladd,  
Elizabeth Ladd,  
Millicent Ladd,  
Mary Ladd,  Samuel McGehee,  David Crew,  John Crew,  Mary Stanley,  
Huldah McGehee,  Maddox Stanley,  Thomas Stanley,  
John Stanley,  Milley Stanley,  John Stanley,  
Huldah Stanley,  Littleberry Crew,  James Crew,  Sarah Harris,  
James Crew,  
Benjamin Crew,  
John Crew,  
Milley Crew,  
Elizabeth Stanley,  
William Stanley,  
Obediah Stanley,  
Mary Stanley,  
Rachel Stanley,  
Huldah Stanley,  
Maddox Stanley,  
Elizabeth McGehee,  Gatley Crew,  John Crew,  
Elizabeth Crew,  
John Crew,  
Gatley Crew,  
Andrew Crew,  
Sarah McGehee,  Pleasants Stanley,  Thomas Stanley,  Elizabeth —,  
Pleasants Stanley,  Delphia Hunter,  
Susanna Stanley,  Jesse Bradley,  
Priscilla Stanley,  John Goff,  
Samuel Stanley,  
Sarah Stanley,  William Holloway,  
Betsy Stanley,  Abner Holloway,  
George Stanley,  Mary Crew,  
Martha McGehee,  Thomas Hogg,  
John Hogg,  
Samuel Hogg,  
Lydia McGehee,  
Ann McGehee,  
Samuel McGehee,  
John McGehee,  
Rebecca McGehee,  
John Ladd,  Mary Crew,  John Crew,  Sarah —,  
Elizabeth Ladd,  Archelaus Stanley,  Joseph Stanley,  Mary —,  
Amos Ladd,  Sarah Binford,   
Mary Ladd,  Jesse Terrell,  Pleasants Terrell,  Catherine —,  Mary Bailey Johnson,  
John Kinsey Ladd,  
Thomas Ladd,  Ann Bell,  Nathan Bell,  
Priscilla Ladd,  George Hubbard,   
John K. Hubbard,  
Exum S. Hubbard,  
Amos Ladd Hubbard,  
Sarah H. Hubbard,  Thomas Hargrave,   
Robert Hubbard,  
Elizabeth D. Hubbard,  Matthew P. Terrell,  
Mary Ann Hubbard,  Lemuel Hargrave,   
George Hubbard,  
Sarah Ladd,  Ebenezer Maule,  
Amos Ladd,  Mary Bell,  Nathan Bell,  
Elizabeth Ladd,  Samuel Pleasants Parsons,  Samuel Parsons,  Sarah Pleasants,  Elizabeth M. Crew,  Thomas Crew,  Margaret —,  
Susanna Ladd,  
Deborah Ladd,  
Joseph Ladd,  Mary Binford,   William Ladd,   
Sarah Ladd,  
Betty Kinsey Ladd,  
William Ladd,  
Creed Haskins,  
John Ladd,  Hannah (—) Ladd,  
Thomas Ladd,  Mary Crowder,  
Judith Ladd,  
John Ladd,  Jane Cleaton,  
Amos Ladd,  Elizabeth Crowder,  
Joseph Ladd,  
Noble Ladd,  Mary Rottenberry,  
Sarah Ladd,  Nicholas Hutchins,   
Huldah Ladd,  Peter Peebles,  
William Peebles,  Susanna Butler,   
Huldah Peebles,  
Butler Peebles,  
Huldah Ladd Peebles,  
Anna Peebles,  
Susanna Peebles,  William Hollowell,  
Peter Peebles,  Mourning Hargrave,  William Hargrave,  Sarah —,  
Mordecai Peebles,  Abigail Brock,  James Brock,  Sarah Bailey,  Deborah Simmons,   
Josiah Peebles,  Mary Hargrave,   Elizabeth Hunnicutt,   
William Ladd Peebles,  
Sarah Peebles,  Burwell Rawles,  
Peter Peebles,  
Sarah Peebles,  John Sears,  James Hunnicutt,  Barnaby Nixon,   
Paul Sears,  Huldah (Ladd) Simmons,   
Miriam Sears,  Crafton,  
Elizabeth Sears,  John Maddox,  
Huldah Sears,  
John Sears,  
Sarah Sears,  Francis Walthall,   
Martha Sears,  James Brock,  
Samuel Sears,  
Peter Sears,  Anna Doudna,  
Ann Sears,  Exum Bailey,  
Sarah Ladd,  Robert Hunnicutt Jr.,   
Miriam Hunnicutt,  Joseph Butler,   
Sarah Butler,  John Andrews,  Jane Hunnicutt,  Joseph Wilson,  
Joseph Andrews,  Mary Hunnicutt,  Ann Maria Binford,   
Robert Andrews,  
Martha Andrews,  Robert Binford,   
Elizabeth Andrews,  Robert Hunnicutt,   
John Andrews,  Edna Crew,   
Daniel Andrews,  Sarah Crew,   
William Butler,  
Margaret Butler,  Jeremiah Hubbard,  
Robert Hunnicutt Butler,  
Micajah Butler,  Ann Chappell,  
Samuel Butler,  
Edward Butler,  
Martha Butler,  
Joseph Butler,  Charlotte Ann Binford,  James Binford,   
John Hunnicutt,  
Margaret Hunnicutt,  Benjamin Crew,  Andrew Crew,  
Robert Hunnicutt Crew,  
Sarah Crew,  
Margaret Crew,  Isaac Ratcliff,  William Ratcliff,  
Martha Ratcliff,  
Elwood Ratcliff,  
Mary Ratcliff,  
Miriam Crew,  John Crew,  
Eleazer Crew,  
Edna Crew,  John Andrews Jr.,   
John Hunnicutt Crew,  
Miriam H. Crew,  Aquilla Binford,   
Sarah Crew,  Daniel Andrews,   
Elizabeth Crew,  Samuel Ladd,  Jesse Ladd,  
Samuel Whitfield Ladd,  
Margaret Ladd,  Joseph Binford,   
Michal Ladd,  Snelling,  
Jesse Ladd,  
Elizabeth Ladd,  
Joshua Ladd,  
Joseph Ladd,  
Benjamin Crew,  
Hannah Crew,  Hunnicutt,  
Joshua Crew,  
Benjamin Crew,  Sarah Wright,  Thomas Wright,  Sarah —,  
Narcissa Crew,  
Sarah Crew,  
Hannah Crew,  
Eliza Jane Crew,  
Sarah Hunnicutt,  Barnaby Nixon,  
Mary Copeland,  Aquilla Binford,   
Samuel Nixon,  
David Nixon,  
Huldah Hunnicutt,  William Simmons,  
Edmund Bailey,  
William Hunnicutt,  Mary Binford,  
Jesse Hunnicutt,  
Susanna Hunnicutt,  
Benjamin Hunnicutt,  
Robert Wyke Hunnicutt,  Priscilla Binford,   
Elizabeth Ladd,  Matthew Ellyson,  Robert Ellyson,  Andrew Crew Jr.,  Andrew Crew,  
Joseph Crew,  Mary McMannus,  
Clary Crew,  
Andrew Crew,  
Mary Crew,  
Raney Crew,  
Elizabeth Crew,  Nance,  
Joseph Crew,  
Ezra Crew,  
Benjamin Crew,  Mary Ladd,   
Chappell Crew,  
Rebecca Crew,  Ladd,  
Exum Crew,  
Daniel Crew,  Deborah Ladd,   
Isaac Crew,  
Andrew Crew,  Mary Binford,   
Hannah Crew,  James Binford,   
Elizabeth Crew,  John Binford,   
Lydia Ladd,  Ellyson Crew,  John Crew,  Agatha Ellyson,  
Ruth Crew,  Thomas Binford,   
Ann Crew,  James Crew,   
Elisha Crew,  
Jacob Crew,  
Isaac Crew,  
Henry Crew,  
John Crew,  Judith Crew,   
Charles Crew,  
Martha Crew,  
Caleb Crew,  
Joshua Crew,  
Ellyson Crew,  
Mary Crew,  Joseph Patterson,  
William Ladd,  Ursula Ellyson,  
Thomas Binford,  Benjamin Foster,  
Elizabeth (—) Binford,  
John Binford,  Susanna Ellyson,  Robert Ellyson,  
Robert Binford,  
Thomas Binford,  Margaret —,  
Mary Binford,  Andrew Crew,   
John Binford,  
Martha Binford,  
Sarah Binford,  Amos Ladd,   
Mary Binford,  Joseph Ladd,   
Thomas Binford,  Judith Ladd,   
Thomas Binford,  
Jesse Binford,  Sarah Harrison,  Robert Harrison,  
James Binford,  Hannah Crew,   
Joshua Binford,  
Micajah Binford,  
Angelina Binford,  
James Ladd Binford,  Mary Ladd,   
Benajah Binford,  
John Binford,  Elizabeth Crew,   Martha (—) Binford,  
Elizabeth Binford,  
Keziah Binford,  
Judah Binford,  
James Binford,  
Priscilla Binford,  Benjamin Watkins,  Benjamin Watkins,  Jane Watkins,  
Robert Watkins,  Mary Osborne,  Edward Osborne,  
Edward Osborne Watkins,  Harriet Tabb Trevillian,   
Benjamin Watkins,  Anna Riddle,  Thomas Riddle,  
Thomas Binford Watkins,  Nancy Ragland,  
Elizabeth Watkins,  Elijah Johnson,  Ashley Johnson,  Martha Woodey,  
Sarah Watkins,  
Mary Watkins,  William Johnson,  Jesse Johnson,  Elizabeth Watkins,  
Elizabeth Kinsey Binford,  
William Binford,  Martha (—) Binford,  
William Binford,  William Hulme,  
John Binford,  Agnes Mosby,  Edward Mosby,  Joseph Mosby,  
Mary Binford,  Joseph Ellyson,  Robert Ellyson,  
Mary Ellyson,  Robert Jordan,  Benjamin Jordan,   Lydia Pleasants,   
Agnes Ellyson,  Moore Bell,  George Bell,  Rebecca —,  
Martha Bell,  
Rebecca Bell,  Clark,  
Susanna Ellyson,  Thomas Jordan,  
Agnes Binford,  Benjamin Chappell,   
James Binford,  Martha Chappell,   
John Binford,  Sarah —,  William Gunn,  
Ambrose Day,  
James Binford,  
Agnes Binford,  
Mary Binford,  
Peter Binford,  Rebecca Chappell,   
John Hamlin,  
Charles Irby,  
William Binford,  Mary (Barker) Peebles,  Joseph Peebles,  
Robert Hunnicutt,  John Hunnicutt,  
Sarah Binford,  James Ladd,   
Priscilla Binford,  Robert Wyke Hunnicutt,   Robert Hunnicutt,   
Samuel Hunnicutt,  Pharaby Brock,  James Brock,  Sarah Bailey,  
James Hunnicutt,  Rachel Wright,  Thomas Wright,  Sarah —,  
James Binford,  Elizabeth Simmons,  Anderson Simmons,  
Ann Pretlow,  Samuel Pretlow,  
Gulielma Binford,  
Mary Binford,  Daniel Hunnicutt,  Jane Walthall,   
Sarah Binford,  Benjamin Harris Ladd,   
James Harris Ladd,  
Samuel Ladd,  
Elizabeth Binford Ladd,  
Nancy H. Ladd,  Matthew Jones Hargrave,   
Unity Ladd,  James Hubbard,   
Benjamin Franklin Ladd,  
John Milton Ladd,  
Thomas Elwood Ladd,  
Isaac Newton Ladd,  
Rebecca Binford,  
Gulielma Maria Binford,  Staunton Butler,   
Jonathon Binford,  
Chappell Binford,  Martha Hunnicutt,   John Chappell,  
Samuel Binford,  Mary Hunnicutt,  
Lemuel Binford,  
Robert Binford,  Martha Andrews,   Elizabeth Cook,  Josiah Cook,  
Peter Binford,  
Chappell Binford,  
Jane Binford,  
Martha Binford,  
Ann Maria Binford,  Joseph Andrews,   
Elizabeth Binford,  Staunton Butler,   Gulielma Maria Binford,   
Peter Binford,  Martha Fowler,  Simmons Fowler,  Elizabeth Sears,  Martha Brock,  James Brock,  Sarah Bailey,  
Aquilla Binford,  Penelope Hare,  Penelope Watkins,  John Hare,  Miriam H. Crew,   
Mary Binford,  Micajah Peebles,  John Peebles,  Mary —,  
Peter Binford,  
Martha Binford,  Robert Hunnicutt,   
Mary Hunnicutt,  
James Binford,  Peninah Peebles,  
John Binford,  
Michal Binford,  Timothy D. Johnson,  
Samuel Binford,  
David Binford,  
Joseph Binford,  Margaret Ladd,   
Samuel Alfred Binford,  
Aquilla Binford,  Mary Ladd,   
Thomas Binford,  Ruth Crew,   
 Robert Hunnicutt (c.1675-),  
John Hunnicutt,  Margaret Wyke,  Peter Wyke,  John Lanier,  William Peebles,  Thomas Chappell,   James Jones,   
Elizabeth Duke,  
Cornelius Cargill,  John Holloway,  Robert Bolling,   Peter Peebles,   
Thomas Chappell,   Thomas Chappell IV,   Thomas Chappell V,   Margaret Hunnicutt,   
Huldah Ladd,  
Huldah Hunnicutt,  Francis Newby,  
William Hunnicutt,  Miriam Murdaugh,  John Pleasants,  Margaret Jordan,   Mary Woodson,  
Jesse Hunnicutt,  
Robert Hunnicutt,  
Thomas Hunnicutt,  Miriam —,  Elizabeth Peebles,  John Peebles,  Mary —,  
Sarah Hunnicutt,  
Mary Hunnicutt,  Micajah Bailey,  Edmund Bailey,  Elizabeth Womble,  
Deborah Hunnicutt,  
Thomas Hunnicutt,  
Mary Linn Hunnicutt,  
Miriam Hunnicutt,  
Margaret Hunnicutt,  Jonathon Terrell,  
Elizabeth Terrell,  
Chiles Terrell,  
Nanny Terrell,  
John Terrell,  
Miriam Terrell,  
Matilda Terrell,  
Caleb Terrell,  
Thomas Terrell,  
Ann Hunnicutt,  
Joseph Hunnicutt,  
John Hunnicutt,  
Peter Hunnicutt,  Sarah Haig,  
Robert Hunnicutt,  Ann Simmons,  William Simmons,  Huldah Hunnicutt,   
Mary Hunnicutt,  William Ladd,   
Martha Hunnicutt,  Chappell Binford,   
Jane Hunnicutt,  
Jane Hunnicutt,  Hatch,  
Peter Hunnicutt,  
Elizabeth Hunnicutt,  
Sarah Hunnicutt,  
Thomas Hunnicutt,  Mary —,  
James Hunnicutt,  
William Hunnicutt,  Mary Butler,   
Wyke Hunnicutt,  Sarah Glaister,  James Gee,   
Sarah Hunnicutt,  Samuel Bailey,  Anselm Bailey,  
Glaister Hunnicutt,  Jane Pleasants,   
Mary Hunnicutt,  
Robert Hunnicutt,  
Ruth Hunnicutt,  Anselm Bailey Jr.,  
Robert Hunnicutt,  Priscilla Binford,   
Wyke Hunnicutt,  Ann Bailey,  Anselm Bailey,  
Margaret Hunnicutt,  Thomas Chappell,   
Robert Hunnicutt,  Sarah Ladd,   
John Hunnicutt,  Elizabeth (—) Hunnicutt,  
John Hunnicutt,  Mary Butler,  
Elizabeth Hunnicutt,  
Edward Hunnicutt,  
Ephraim Hunnicutt,  
Ruth Hunnicutt,  
Daniel Hunnicutt,  
Mark Hunnicutt,  
Robert Hunnicutt,  
Sarah Hunnicutt,  
Robert Hunnicutt,  
Martha Hunnicutt,  
Mary Hunnicutt,  
James Hunnicutt,  Rebecca Pretlow,   
Elizabeth Hunnicutt,  James Bates,  
Mary Hunnicutt,  Jesse Newby,  

Selected sources
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Chappell, Joseph M. A Genealogical Outline of the Chappell and Kindred Families. Salem, Or.: The Joseph M. Chappell Family, 1995. • Corrects and extends the work of Phil Chappell, beginning with Thomas Chappell.
Chappell, Phil E. A Genealogical History of the Chappell, Dickie, and Other Kindred Families of Virginia, 1635-1900. Kansas City, Missouri: Hudson-Kimberly Publishing Company, 1900. • A very early work on the family of Thomas Chappell including his son, Thomas Chappell, and grandson Robert Chappell. Although it errs in the early generations, it contains some very useful information on subsequent generations of the Chappell family.
Childs, James Rives. Reliques of the Rives (Ryves). Lynchburg, Va.: J.P. Bell Company, Inc., 1929:454-455. • Excursus devoted to family of Thomas Chappell.

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