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 7120   Mr. Burton
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Mr. Burton, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Mr. Burton might describe his life as follows.

Since Colonial families did not have street addresses, the names of their homes distinguished them. John Burton of “Longfield” and Thomas Burton of “Cobbs,” as they were known, were very likely brothers, both my sons.
Because few records remain for my lifetime, I cannot reveal exactly who I am. Several men named Burton and Barton were in the Colony and I could have been any of them.
I may have been John Burton who appeared in 17th Century Charles City County where many Henrico County families paused before moving up the James. This John Burton left his imprint on the court records because he was often in debt. 
Alice Edloe, who had land next to “Longfield,” paid the passage of William Barton to the Colony before 1636. 
A 1637 grant to Capt. Thomas Osborne included the names of Isaac Hutchins, Robert Craddock, and Thomas Bartin, among others.  Craddock and Hutchins were later neighbors of my son Thomas near Lily Valley.
Finally Christopher Branch, who owned land on both sides of the James, assigned 600 acres to James Place, who assigned it to John Barton, or Thomas Barton as the name also appeared, in 1636. 

No Barton men appeared later in the county. If one accepts the possibility that Burton could have been taken as Barton, any of these Henrico County men could have been the father of John and Thomas Burton.

Some researchers have concluded that John and Thomas had at least two sisters: Mary who married Edward Hatcher and a thrice-married Jane. We know when Jane wrote her will that she left “my sister Hatcher by damask gown and petticoat.” Below is more about these posited Burton sisters.

Descendants of Mr. Burton
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 John Burton (c.1630-1690),  
 Thomas Burton (-1686) of “Cobbs”,  
Ambrose Cobbs,  Abraham Wood,   John Baugh,  Robert Cobbs,  Michael Masters,  
Susanna (—) Burton,  Abraham Womack,  Thomas Lockett,   
William Hatcher,   
John Stewart,  John Stewart,   
Thomas Burton,  William Hatcher,   
Elizabeth (—) Burton,  John Buchanan,  
Edward Hatcher,   
John Burton,  Elizabeth Fowler,  Samuel Fowler,  
John Bolling,  John Archer,   
John Pleasants,  Michael Michael,  John Wooldridge,   
Elizabeth (Bevin) Elam Paine Shepherd,   
John Baker,  Robert Cayce,  Sarah Baker,  
Arabella Burton,  Judith (Paine) Burton,   
Robert Burton,  Seth Ward,   Seth Burton,   
William Burton,  
John Burton,  
Henry Hatcher,   Henry Hatcher Jr.,   Robert Hudson,  
Elizabeth (—) Burton,  
Caleb Ware,  
Caleb Burton,  
Joseph Burton,  Christopher Robertson,  Elizabeth (—) Burton,  
Elizabeth Burton,  
Sarah Burton,  
Joanna Burton,  
Mary Burton,  
John Burton,  
Christopher Robertson,  
Henry Baker,  
John Burton,  
Nancy Burton,  Miles Gibson,  Miles Gibson,  Hannah (—) Gibson,  
William Finney,  Philip Turpin,   
Elizabeth Gibson,  
Nancy Gibson,  Obadiah Flournoy,  
Hannah Gibson,  William Flournoy,  
Richard Cundiff,  Jacob Flournoy,  
Charles Dubrel,  
John Dubrel,  
Sarah Burton,  Littleberry Sublett,   
Edith Burton,  Abraham Sublett,   
Joseph Burton,  
Mary Burton,  Thomas Gibson,  John Crumpton,  
Robert Wooldridge,   
Laban Gibson,  
Thomas Burton,  
Phoebe Foesé,  
William Burton,  Mary (—) Burton,  
Robert Burton,  Josiah Hatcher,   Ann (—) Burton,  Frances Burton,  
Agnes Burton,  Farmer,  
Henry Farmer,  
Isaiah Burton,  Henry Cary,  Obedience (—) Burton,  Nathaniel Burton,  
Ware Rockett,  Abraham Cowley,  
Isaiah Burton Jr.,  
James Burton,  
Judith (—) Burton,  Judith Paine,   Tandy Walker,   John Baker,  
Sylvanus Walker Jr.,   Richard Hudson,  
Thomas Burton,  Anne Perrin,  Joseph Perrin,  
Benjamin Burton,  Elizabeth Sullivan,  James Sullivan,  Sarah Perrin,  
Rebecca Burton,  Thomas Ford,  John Ford,  
Mary Burton,  Ail,  
Agnes Burton,  James Hudson,   
James Burton,  
Thomas Burton,  Ware Rockett,  Joanna (—) Burton,  Joanna Hancock,  
Thomas Burton,  
George Hancock,   
Sarah Burton,  George Hancock,   
John Burton,  
Martha Burton,  Pankey,  
Samuel Hardin Pankey,  Mary Burton,   
Thomas Burton,  
John Burton,  Sarah Horner,  
Benjamin Horner,  Sabrina (—) Horner,  Benjamin Beasley,  
William Burton,  Miles Cary,  Susanna Rigsby,  Henry Rigsby,  
Elizabeth Burton,  
Mary Burton,  Samuel Hardin Pankey,   
Frances Burton,  
Sarah Burton,  John Burton,  
Benjamin Burton,  
William Burton,  
Frances Burton,  
John Burton,  
Mary Burton,  William Gibson,  
Nancy Gibson,  Henry Hancock,  
John Gibson,  
Hannah Burton,  William Cary,   
Elizabeth Cary,  Hickerson Cox,   
Sally Burton,  
Charles Burton,  
Richard Burton,  
Sarah Burton,  
Jesse Burton,  
Hall Burton,  
Jack Burton,  
Judy Montgomery Burton,  
Charles Burton,  
Thomas Burton,  
Henry Burton,  
Robert Burton,  Sarah Perkins,  
Benjamin Burton,  Samuel Hardin Pankey,   John Pankey,  Martha Jennings,  
Abraham Burton,  
John Burton,  
Ann Burton,  
Hardin Burton,  
Samuel Burton,  Judith Nunnally,  Thomas Cheatham,   
Sarah Burton,  Williams Jackson,  Ralph Jackson,  
John Brown,  
Matthew Jackson,  Ann Dunnavant,  William Dunnavant,  Joseph Jackson,  
Moses Jackson,  Rhoda Dunnavant,  
Burwell Jackson,  
Agnes Jackson,  
William Jackson,  Phoebe Seay,   
Matthew Jackson,  
Obedience Jackson,  James Deaton,  
Sarah Jackson,  William Deaton,  
Martha Jackson,  Henry Worsham,  Charles Worsham,  John Rowlett,   John Worsham,  George Rowlett,   
Peter Webster,  
Thomas Dance,   
Green Berry Worsham,  Mary Farley,  Henry Farley,  
Henry Worsham,  Martha Farley,  
Elizabeth Worsham,  Perrin Cardwell,  George Cardwell,  
Ann Worsham,  Francis Boyd,  
Tabitha Worsham,  Sylvanus Morris,  
Sarah Worsham,  Nathan Maxey,  
Mary Worsham,  
Archer Worsham,  Nancy Smith,  
David Worsham,  
Daniel Worsham,  
Agatha Jackson,  
Frances Drinkard Jackson,  
William Jackson,  John Jackson,  
John Jackson,  Alexander Roberts,   Sarah (—) Jackson,  Joseph Billups,   
John Jackson,  
Arthur Jackson,  Mary Jackson,  
Daniel Jackson,  
Abner Jackson,  
William Jackson,  
Henry Jackson,  
Isaiah Jackson,  
Curtis Jackson,  Sarah Bedel,  
Thomas Jackson,  Ralph Jackson,  
Francis Jackson,  
Simon Clement,  Benjamin Lockett,   
Rowland Jackson,  Ann —,  Edmund Booker,   
Joel Jackson,  James Dupuy,   
Josiah Jackson,  
Mary Jackson,  
Elizabeth Jackson,  
Priscilla Jackson,  
Francis Jackson,  Martha Maddera,  
Mark Jackson,  Thomas Franklin Jr.,  William Norris,  George Cogbill,  
James Franklin,  
Ruth Jackson,  
Agnes Jackson,  
Elizabeth Burton,  Philip Turpin,   
Jane Turpin,  
Phoebe Burton,  Johnson,  
Susanna Burton,  Tanner,  John Tanner,   
Ann Burton,  
Isaac Burton,  John Bolling,  Abraham Burton,  
Abraham Burton,  Anne Featherstone,   
Anne Burton,  Bartholomew Stovall,  Richard Kennon,  John Stewart Jr.,  John Wooldridge,   
John Saunders,  
George Stovall,  Elizabeth (—) Stovall,  
Elizabeth (—) Stovall,  Elizabeth Landon,  
George Stovall,  
Mary (—) Stovall,  
Ruth Stovall,  Abraham Penn,  
Martha Stovall,  John Staples,  
Mary Stovall,  Josiah Ferris,  
Elizabeth Stovall,  David Clark,  John France,  
Sarah Stovall,  John Dillard,  
Brett Stovall,  Nancy Hughes,  
James Stovall,  Mary Bradley,  
George Stovall,  Anne Mitchell,  Jeremiah Taylor,  
Thomas Stovall,  Elizabeth Cooper,  
Joseph Wilson Stovall,  
Ruth Stovall,  Robert Hairston,  
Rebecca Stovall,  David Lewis Jr.,  Benjamin Taylor,  
Frances Stovall,  Thomas Smith,  
Elizabeth Stovall,  William McBride,  John Ramsey,  
Bartholomew W. Stovall,  
Rachel Stovall,  William Henry Turner,  
George I. Stovall,  Sarah Ogilsby,  
John Stovall,  Jane Patterson,  
Martha Stovall,  William Penn,  
Ann Stovall,  Jacob Stemmons,  
James B. Stovall,  
Dorothy Stovall,  John Candler Jr.,  
William Stovall,  Allen Howard,  Judith (—) Stovall,  
Thomas Stovall,  Betty —,  George Owen,  
Hannah Stovall,  John Learwood,  
Bartholomew Stovall,  Thomas Walker,  Mary (—) Stovall,  James Hill,   
Abraham Stovall,  Mary Geddy,  
Bartholomew Stovall,  Tabitha Moss,  William Moss,  
Ann Stovall,  George Geddy,  
Mary Stovall,  Chandler,  
John Stovall,  
Margaret Stovall,  Luke Wiles,  Thomas Atkinson,  
Hagar Stovall,  William Tabor,  Allen Howard,  Isham Randolph,   
Thomas Holmes,  Peter Indian,  
William Tabor,  John Hughes,  Rachel (—) Tabor,  Christopher Hudson,  
John Roberts,  
John Tabor,  Robert Pleasants,  Robert Wade,  
Elizabeth (—) Tabor,  
Elizabeth Tabor,  
William Tabor,  
Hezekiah Tabor,  Keziah —,  Samuel Edmondson,  
Zachariah Tabor,  
Judith Tabor,  
Susanna Tabor,  
Mary Tabor,  
John Tabor,  Mary —,  Isham Randolph,   
John Stovall,  Dorcas Stovall,  Thomas Holmes,  Dorcas Holmes,  John Hughes,  Thomas Dupre,  Philip Poindexter,  
Edward Booker,   Isaac Hudson,  Hutchins Burton,   
David Stokes,  
 Mary (Burton) Hatcher,  
Edward Hatcher,   
 Jane (Burton) Branch Baugh Gower (c.1640-1710),  
William Branch,   
William Baugh,   
Abel Gower,  Richard Ward,   Henry Sherman,   
Mary Baugh,  John Cox,   
William Cox,  Sarah Cocke,   
Thomas Jordan,  
John Cox,  Elce (—) Cox,  Noel Burton,   
John Bullock,  
John Cox,   
Mary Cox,  
Martha Cox,  Richard Wilkinson,  George Cardwell,  Thomas Cardwell,  Martha Cardwell,  Matthew Bridgeman,  
Richard Wilkinson,  
Sarah Wilkinson,  
Mary Wilkinson,  James Barnes,  Abraham Salle,   
Joseph Crumpton,  
John Barnes,  
James Barnes,  Janet Stevenson,  John Stevenson,  
William Stokes,  
Francis Barnes,  Ann Brackett,  Anne Osborne,   James Holloway,  
Judith Barnes,  Martin Elam,  
George Barnes,  Susanna (Banks) Lockett,  Thomas Lockett,   
Brackett Barnes,  Jane Jeffries,   
Francis Barnes,  Lucy D. Cargill,  
Cornelius Barnes,  Ann Osborne Gilliam,   
Ludwell B. Barnes,  
Francis G. Barnes,  Ann A. Hawkins,  
Boyle H. Barnes,  Martha A.R. Robertson,  
Susan F. Barnes,  William R. Elliott,  
Polly Ann Barnes,  Thomas Silas Gregory,  Rebecca S. Doggett,  
Amanda Elizabeth Barnes,  Wilson D. Hurt,  
Martha Cox Barnes,  Allen Gilliam,   
Polly Goode Gilliam,  William Marshall,  
Ann Osborne Gilliam,  Cornelius Barnes,   
Martha A. Gilliam,  John F. Barnes,  
Elizabeth Gilliam,  John O. Pettus,  
Sarah Gilliam,  Martin Pettus,  
Dr. James Henry Gilliam,  
Dr. Francis B. Gilliam,  
William Gilliam,  
Robert Gilliam,  
Mary Goode Barnes,  Henry Cheaney,  Henry Robertson,  Betsy Hailey,  Samuel F. Barnes,  
Anne Osborne Barnes,  Nathaniel Fowlkes,   
James Barnes,  
Daniel R. Barnes,  Mary A.B. Marshall,  
Reps Barnes,  Mary B. Hutchinson,  
Peggy Wilkinson Barnes,  William S. Norman,  
Matilda Barnes,  Francis Barnes,  
Henry Barnes,  Lucy B. Puryear,  
George Barnes,  
Sarah Barnes,  
Mary Barnes,  Chandler,  
Martha Barnes,  Lenoah,  
Judith Crumpton,  Toney,  
Martha Wilkinson,  
Richard Wilkinson,  Martin Wilkinson,  
Mary Worsham,   
James Cox,  James Daniel,  
Priscilla Baugh,  William Farrar,   Thomas Lockett,   
William Farrar IV,  Sarah (—) Farrar,  Sarah Farrar,   Thomas Randolph,  
Thomas Farrar,  Elizabeth —,  Elizabeth Farrar,   
William Farrar,  John Woodson,  Elizabeth Bibb,   
Robert Farrar,  Frances Woodson,   
Elizabeth Farrar,  John Webber,   
Mary Farrar,  William Harding,  
Jane Farrar,  Thomas Harding,   
Ann Farrar,  William Morrisett,  
Elizabeth Farrar,  Daniel Trabue,  
Sarah Farrar,  James Bibb,   
Christina Farrar,  Joseph Ellis,  
Joseph Farrar,  John Crouch,  Sarah Farrar,   
Sarah Farrar,  
Thomas Farrar,  Susanna —,  Matthew Woodson,  
Barrett Farrar,  Sarah Harris,  Joseph Farrar,  
Mary Ann Farrar,  Charles Johnson Jr.,  
Ann Johnson,  
Charles Jones Johnson,  Sarah H. Hughson,  
John Farrar,  Sarah (Adams) Harris,  Henry Harris,  
Elizabeth Farrar,  Robert Barnett,  
William Farrar V,  Mary Williamson,  
Nathaniel Farrar,  
Ann Farrar,  
Sally Farrar,  Reuben Ford Jr.,  John Flournoy,  
Joseph Farrar,  Susanna Jordan,  
Susanna Farrar,  
Charles Farrar,  Mary Fore,  
Josiah Farrar,  
Susanna Farrar,  John Fore,  
Perrin Farrar,  Sarah Lacy,  
Mary Ann Farrar,  
Matthew Farrar,  Martha Murrell,  
Stephen Farrar,  Elizabeth Rice,  
Sally Farrar,  Matthew Anderson,  
Lucy Farrar,  Landy Jones,  
Elizabeth Farrar,  John Lee,  
Fanny Farrar,  John Hancock,  Major Hancock,  Ann Thomas,  
Richard Farrar,  
Elizabeth Sanders,  
Abel Farrar,  Henry Woodcocke,  
Priscilla Farrar,  Robert Burton,   
George Farrar,  Judith Jefferson,   
William Baugh,  
Tabitha Gower,  Robert Grigg,  Richard Dennis,   
William Womack,  Thomas Womack Sr.,  Mary (—) Womack,  
Mary Womack,  
Judith Womack,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Caleb Burton - French and Indian War Samuel Hardin Pankey - War of 1812
Henry Hancock - War of 1812 William Cary - Revolutionary War
Charles Burton - War of 1812 Abraham Burton - War of 1812
John Burton - War of 1812 William McBride - Revolutionary War
Bartholomew W. Stovall - Revolutionary War Barrett Farrar - Revolutionary War
Matthew Farrar - Revolutionary War Stephen Farrar - Revolutionary War

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