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 7092   William Baugh (c.1610-1687)
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William Baugh, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, William Baugh might describe his life as follows.

Born about 1610, I was a widower with son William by 5 June 1639 when I was referred to as “late of London, now gone to Virginia,”  where I married Elizabeth who came to Virginia in the Bonaventure in August 1620,  and was the widow of Sgt. William Sharp and Thomas Packer.
An Henrico County justice, 1656-57,  I likely lived on Elizabeth’s plantation on the north side of the Appomattox River along Piercey’s Toile Creek where the governor granted me 577 acres in 1668 for having paid the passage to Virginia of a dozen individuals including myself, William Baugh Jr., and William Jeffries. 
Elizabeth was the mother of Mary, John, and Thomas, and my third wife, whose name escapes me, was the mother of Katherine and James. Now Mary outdid her mother—she had 4 husbands. Number 2 was Thomas Howlett and they were the parents of three when I executed my will in 1687 mentioning them, sons James and John Baugh, grandson John Baugh, and daughter Katherine Jones. 

Baugh testified both 2 Oct. 1682 and 2 April 1683 that he was aged “about 70 years.” 
Although the text of William’s will said son-in-law John Howlett, it was presumably a clerk’s error for Thomas Howlett. Formally dated 1 April 1687, it was apparently prepared a few years earlier as Thomas Howlett, who was spoken of as though he was living, and Thomas Lockett, who witnessed the will, had both been dead at least a year. Indeed only Peter Ashbrook was living 20 April 1687 to prove the will. 

Baugh was a tithable in Henrico County in 1679. 
The will of William Jeffries, who was an immediate neighbor of William Baugh, named, among others, 3 children of Baugh’s son John: Henry, Hannah, and Mary Baugh (will dated 24 April 1708  and proved 1 June 1708).
We have identified neither the parents of Elizabeth Sharp Packer, nor William’s first and third wives.

Descendants of William Baugh
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 William Baugh,  
Jane (Burton) Branch,   
 Mary (Baugh) Crowley Howlett Ascough Byrd (-1710),  
John Crowley,  Thomas Howlett,  
Henry Ascough,  
Thomas Byrd,  
John Crowley,  Anne Sherman,   
Mary Crowley,  
Thomas Howlett,  Susanna (—) England Catlin,  William Catlin,  
William Burroughs,  
Jane (Catlin) White,  
Elizabeth Howlett,  Thomas Bass,  William Bass,   
John Skelton,  
Mary (—) Bass,  William Bass,   Jordan Anderson,   Mary (Watkins) Anderson,  
Thomas Bass,  Judith Watkins,  Edward Watkins,  John Clyborn,   
Thomas Bass,  James Gordon,  Tabitha Cheatham,   
Mary Moseley,   
Edward Bass,  James Elam,   Judith (—) Bass,  
John W. Bass,  Martha (Mayo) Woodfin,   
Thomas H. Bass,  Ann A. —,  
Elizabeth H. Bass,  Robert Elam,   
Martha J. Bass,  Jordan Martin,  
Edward W. Bass,  
Judith H. Bass,  Thomas H. Mann,  James H. Bass,   
Sarah A. Mann,  Gustavus H. Robertson,  
Adeline H. Mann,  William W. Watts,  
Mary Mann,  
Edwin Thomas Mann,  
Alfred Mann,  
Rosa Mann,  
Napoleon Arthur Bass,  
Capt. Richard W. Bass,  Susanna M. Woodfin,  David W. Woodfin,  
Pamelia W. Bass,  Edward Bass,  
George Washington Bass,  
Edwin Howlett Bass,  
Pamelia Ann Bass,  Benjamin E. Goode,  
Benjamin E. Goode,  
Gustavus Adolphus Bass,  
Emily A. Bass,  
Catherine Bass,  
Christopher C. Bass,  
Indiana E. Bass,  
Sarah Bass,  James Gates,  
Judith Gates,  Arthur Bass,   
Sarah Gates,  
James Gates,  
Thomas Gates,  
John Gates,  
William Gates,  
John Bass,  Ann Vaughan,  James Rudd,  
William Bass,  Sarah Shackleford,  Archer E. Bass,   
Elizabeth Bass,  Aaron Purdie,  
Nancy Purdie,  Elijah Robertson,   
Rev. Charles Forsee,  Judith Bass,   Rebecca H. Branch,   
Aaron Purdie Robertson,  
Mary W. Robertson,  
Edmund Purdie,  
Thomas Purdie,  
John Purdie,  Elizabeth Spears,  John Spears,  
William Purdie,  
Sarah Purdie,  
Polly Purdie,  Jeremiah Baugh,  
Susanna Bass,  Thomas Bass,  
Phoebe Bass,  William Goode,   
Col. Robert Goode,  
Jane Goode,  
Judith W. Goode,  Young Condrey,  
Elsie Goode,  Samuel Perdue,  
Col. John B. Goode,  
Spencer R. Goode,  
Phoebe H. Goode,  Rev. Joseph G. Woodfin,  Mary Goode,   Orpah Goode,   
Judith Bass,  Rev. Charles Forsee,  Nancy (Purdie) Robertson,   Elijah Robertson,   
Elizabeth Forsee,  John Pleasants,   
Judith Forsee,  James Gates Jr.,  
Ann Forsee,  Jabez Rucks,   
John Forsee,  Elizabeth Goode,   
Jane Forsee,  
Mary Forsee,  
Archard Bass,  Mary Hughes,  Peter Bass,  William Trabue,  
Thomas Anderson Bass,  Matilda F. Branch,  Thomas Branch,  Judith A. Branch,  
Archard William Bass,  
Mary Bass,  George Fisher,  
Blanks Moody,   Benjamin Lockett,   William Gates,  
Sarah Fisher,  John Cobbs,  Freeman Moore,  
Rebecca Moody,  John Stringer,  
Ann Moody,  Joseph Bass,  
George Moody,  
John Moody,  
Henry Bass,  
Henry Bass,  
Arthur Bass,  Judith Gates,   
Cynthia Bass,  William Worsham,  
Sarah G. Bass,  Archibald G. Leonard,  
Martha O. Bass,  Lawson P. Forsee,  
James H. Bass,  Judith H. (Bass) Mann,   Rebecca (Goode) Archer,   
William A. Bass,  Mary F. Forsee,  
Mary Elizabeth Bass,  William Johnson,  
Alexander Bass,  
William E. Bass,  Lucy Finney Branch,   
Tabitha Bass,  
Mary Bass,  Samuel Temple,  
Rhoda Bass,  
Mary Bass,  Richard Moseley,   
Josiah Bass,  Elizabeth (—) Bass,  Thomas Ellis,   
Alexander Bass,  Elizabeth Robertson,   
Martha Bass,  Matthew Perkinson,   
Thomas Perkinson,  Judith Clough,   
Thomas Jefferson Perkinson,  Martha M. Bland,  John Bland,  
George Washington Perkinson,  
Matthew Richard Perkinson,  Elizabeth —,  Tilmon Ellison Jeter,   
Mary C. (—) Perkinson,  John A. Jeter,  
Mary B. Perkinson,  John Bland,  
Josiah Perkinson,  Lucy Harper,  Samuel Harper,  
Clarissa H. Perkinson,  Nathaniel P. Mims,  
Harriet H. Perkinson,  Henry Walthall,  
Crowley Howlett,  Slaughter,  Sarah (Butler) Slaughter Harrison,  
Ezekiel Slaughter,  
Thomas Howlett,  Martha Wilkinson,   
John Howlett,  
Judith (—) Howlett,  Robert Harris,  
Judith Howlett,  Goodrich Crump,  
George William Crump,  Ann Perratt Macon,   
John Crump,  
James Otway Crump,  Maria Clarke,  William Clarke,  
Richard Crump,  Elizabeth R. Holt,  Philip Holt,  
Henry Hammond Crump,  
Elizabeth Crump,  Daniel Mayo,   
Judith Anderson Crump,  Jacob Michaux Mosby,   Joseph Michaux,   
Susanna Howlett,  
Sarah Howlett,  John Fore,   
William Fore,  
John Fore,  
James Fore,  
Thomas Fore,  Paulina Fowler Branch,   
Anderson Fore,  
Henry Fore,  
Albert Gallatin Fore,  
Thomas Howlett,  
Betty Povall,   Thomas Ligon,   
Sarah (—) Howlett,  
John Howlett,  
Elizabeth Howlett,  James Hunter,  
Mary Howlett,  
Mary Howlett,  
 John Baugh (c.1643-1726),  
Elizabeth (—) Baugh,  George Freeman,  James Baugh,   
Margaret (—) Baugh,  William Pride Jr.,   
James Phillips,  
John Baugh,  Elizabeth Akin,  James Akin,  
Lewis Baugh,  
Francis Baugh,  Frances (—) Baugh,  
Elizabeth Baugh,  
Isabel Baugh,  
Nancy Baugh,  
Phoebe Baugh,  Robert Williamson,  
Sarah Baugh,  Farmer,  
John Baugh,  Jane Walthall,   
Martha Baugh,  Stewart,  
Mary Stewart,  
Nancy Wells Stewart,  Irby Fuqua,  
William Stewart,  Cynthia Farmer,   
John Stewart,  Jane Farmer,   
William Baugh,  Martha Walthall,  
Sarah Baugh,  Akin,  Thomas Akin,  
John Baugh,  
Bartlett Baugh,  Barbara (—) Baugh,  Royall Brummall,  
William Baugh,  
Martha Baugh,  
Edward Fleming Baugh,  Martha —,  
Peter Baugh,  
Joseph Baugh,  Martha Ashbrook,   
Horatio Baugh,  
Arthur Baugh,  
Archibald Baugh,  
Elizabeth Baugh,  Burwell DeSear,   
Elizabeth Baugh,  
Henry Baugh,  
Hannah Baugh,  Thomas Roberts,  William Pride,   
Thomas Cocke,   John Pleasants,  
John Nash,   
Richard Clarke,   
William Kennon,   Lodowick Tanner,   John Martin,  
Joseph Scott,   
Alexander Roberts,  Branch Tanner,   Sarah (—) Roberts,  
Martha (—) Smith,  Luke Smith,   Thomas Branch Willson,   Jesse Brown,  
Thomas Howerton,  
Mary Magdalene Roberts,  William Rawlings,  
John Rawlings,  Neff Terrill,  
Sarah Roberts,  
Pattsherm Roberts,  Stephens,  
Hannah Roberts,  Obediah Wright,  
John Roberts,  Richard Clarke,   Sarah Baldwin,  William Baldwin,  
Daniel Llewellyn,  John Young,  
Moses Overton,   Bartholomew Dupuy,   
William Roberts,  Priscilla (—) Roberts,  
John Roberts,  Peter Farrar,   
Thomas Roberts,  John Hatchett,   
James Roberts,  Mason (—) Roberts,  James Cole Jr.,  Nicholas Vaughan,   Stephen Cocke,   Francis Anderson Jr.,   
Alexander Roberts,  John Foster,  Edmund Booker,   
Samuel Roberts,  John McLacklen,  
Jacob Roberts,  Josiah Jackson,  Magdalene Hudson,   
Abigail Roberts,  David Spain,  Thomas Spain,  Martha —,  Francis Spain,  John Gray,  George Burks,  John Baldwin,  William George,  
Sarah Roberts,  Lawson,  
Jane Roberts,  George Ragsdale,  Peter Ragsdale,  
Mary Roberts,  
Thomas Roberts,  Daniel Willson,   Alexander Brown,  Mary Pincham,   
Elizabeth Roberts,  
Samuel Roberts,  
Rebecca Roberts,  
Jane Roberts,  
Sarah Roberts,  
Francis Roberts,  Daniel Willson,   Robert Ferguson,  Martha Hatchett,   
Joel Jackson,  William Read,  Stephen Neal,   
John Roberts,  Susanna Pettus,  
Francis Roberts,  Jane Herndon,  Joseph Herndon,  
Bartlett Roberts,  Rebecca M. Fears,  William Fears,  
Jane Roberts,  William Hatchett,  
Prudence Roberts,  James McCargo,  
Martha McCargo,  John J. Watson,  
Jane McCargo,  Thomas Colgate Palmer,   
Mary Magdalene McCargo,  William Price White,  
Frances McCargo,  John C. Booth,  
Cicely McCargo,  George W. Elliott,  
Thomas Roberts,  Nancy May,  Daniel May,  Sallie Herndon,  Joseph Herndon,  
Mary Baugh,  Henry Walters,  
Ann Baugh,  
Martha Baugh,  
Sarah Baugh,  
 Thomas Baugh,  
 Katherine (Baugh) Jones,  
 James Baugh (c.1655-1723),  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Edward Bass - Revolutionary War Thomas H. Bass - War of 1812
Edward W. Bass - War of 1812 Thomas H. Mann - War of 1812
Richard W. Bass - War of 1812 Edward Bass - War of 1812
John Bass - Revolutionary War William Bass - Revolutionary War
Col. William Goode - Revolutionary War Col. William Goode - War of 1812
Francis Roberts - French and Indian War  

Legislators - colonial and state
Thomas Perkinson - Virginia  

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