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 7076   William Hatcher (c.1615-c.1679)
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William Hatcher, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, William Hatcher might describe his life as follows.

I was likely born England about 1615 and came to Virginia by 1 June 1636 when the governor granted me 200 acres on the Appomattox River in what was then Henrico County. 
I was known to speak my mind. In 1654 for calling the speaker of the House of Burgesses, a “Devil,” I had to apologize on my knees and pay a fine. Then in 1677 during Bacon’s Rebellion, a jury found me guilty of “uttering divers mutinous words” and fined me 10,000 pounds of tobacco. After considering my age—I was in my 60s—the court reduced the penalty to 6,000 pounds of dressed pork. 
Not only was I prosperous, I was respected by my Henrico neighbors who elected me to represent them in the House of Burgesses during most sessions from 1644 to 1652. 
Although records revealing the name of my wife have been lost, the names of four sons are known. I outlived William and Henry, leaving Benjamin and Edward to divide the 1,100 acres I owned at my death. The names of my daughters, if I had any, no longer remain.

Hatcher ancestry
The identity of William’s parents is unknown. Although some have connected him to the Hatchers of Lincolnshire, England, there is no evidence. The name “Hatcher,” like the word “hatchet,” was derived from the Norman-French hache, a light battle-ax. After the Norman invasion, they anglicized the name to “Hatcher.”

Other land patents
William Hatcher received two more parcels of land: 850 acres in July 1637 and 150 acres the next year.  His headrights for the 850-acre tract included the 4 he submitted in 1636. After Hatcher failed to settle this territory, Henry Randolph secured patents to it: the 150 acres in 1657 and the 850-acre tract in 1662. 
In 1674 soon before his death, Mr. William Hatcher obtained a patent for 227 acres in Henrico County on the south side of the James River, between the plantations of Henry Lound and Gilbert Elam

The contentious Mr. Hatcher
The following documents reveal William to have been a dissident. 

Order of the House of Burgesses
November 1654
Whereas Coll Edward Hill, unanimously chosen speaker of this house, was afterwards maliciously reported by William Hatcher to be an atheist and blasphemer… And forasmuch as the said William Hatcher… hath also reported, That the mouth of this house was a Devil… It is therefore ordered by this house, that the said William Hatcher, upon his knees, make an humble acknowledgment of his offence, unto the said Coll Edward Hill and Burgesses of this Assembly; which accordingly was performed, and then he, the said Hatcher, dismist paying his ffees.

William Hatcher was again a burgess in March 1658-9. This may have been his last public service. As the following record shows, his rebellious nature got him in trouble again during Bacon’s Rebellion. 

Court of the Governor and Council
March 15, 1676/7
William Hatcher being brought before the court for uttering divers mutinous words tending to the disquiett of this his Majesty’s countrey, and it being evidently made appeare what was layd to his charge by divers oaths, and a Jury being impanelled to assesse the damages, who bring in their verdict that they award the said Hatcher to pay ten thousand pounds of tobacco and caske; but in respect the said Hatcher is an aged man, the court doth order that the said Hatcher doe pay with all expedition eight thousand pounds of drest porke unto his Majestie’s commander of his forces in Henrico county, for the supply of the soldiers, which if he fayle to doe, that he pay eight thousand pounds of tobacco and caske the next cropp, and pay costs.

The contentious Mr. Hatcher reacted harshly to his neighbors poaching fish from his pond. In April 1680 Thomas Burton Jr. declared in court that “he saw Jno. Lantroope strike a piece out of the head of Mr Robert Woodson’s cannoe with an axe, and that ye deponent heard Mr William Hatcher order ye said Lantroope and his other servants to splitt all ye cannoes they found in the swampp and further saith not.” The hatchet-wielding assailant, John Lantroope, was probably the John Lantthorpe, a headright when Benjamin Hatcher and John Milner patented land in 1679. 

William’s will
William made this rather peculiar will 22 Feb. 1676/7. 

Will of William Hatcher
22 February 1676/7
IN THE NAME OF GOD Amen, I William Hatcher being in perfect memory but now stricken in years do make my last Will and Testament in manner and form following. In primus I give and bequeath my spirit to Almighty God who gave it to me whensoever it shall please him to call me out of this sinful world and my body to the ground.
Item: I give unto Thomas Burton, Jr. the plantation between the land of Mr. Henry Lound and the land of Gilbert Elam to wit: two hundred and twenty-six acres, his choice of all my horses or mares, one heifer called blackchops, a young ewe, and a years schooling and clothes, till he reaches the age of seventeen years, to the confirmation of which I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this two and twentieth day of February, 1676/7.
Signed and sealed in the presence of
John Pleasants
Henry Gee
Memorandum before the signing and sealing hereof, I do bequeath unto the above mentioned Thomas Burton Jr. the second choice of all my furniture thereunto belonging.
Will Hatcher

This will, which was not recorded until 1 April 1680, named no executors. Having apparently provided for his children, he left one farm to Thomas Burton Jr. for his lifetime. It was this Thomas Burton who would later testify to the canoe-bashing incident.
It is conceivable that this will was intended as a codicil to a prior will since the memorandum gives Thomas Burton second choice and named none of his children. Presumably the will identified who got first choice. Because William did not name his children in this document, his land would have fallen to Edward only. Yet later deeds make it clear that Benjamin and Edward understood that Benjamin was to inherit half the land. Perhaps William’s desires were expressed in the primary will, which this codicil, constructed as a will, superceded.
Some presume this legacy to Burton means that Susanna, the wife of Thomas Burton, was William Hatcher’s daughter. Yet Hatcher left no property to any of the other Burton children. Nor did Edward and Benjamin, when dividing their father’s property, direct property to anyone other than themselves and the children of their dead brother, Henry.

William’s sons divide his land
Henrico County deeds of April 1680 reveal how William’s land descended to his two remaining sons.  Benjamin got a tract called “Varina.” Yet Robert Sharpe had claimed this property and he and Benjamin partitioned it.  Although some have concluded Robert Sharpe was a son-in-law of William Hatcher, just 3 years later, when Sharpe sold the land, no wife relinquished a dower right.  Benjamin and Edward Hatcher partitioned the remaining 1,100 acres between them. Edward got 650 acres that included “Neck of Land” and the plantation between Elam and Lound. Benjamin’s 450 acres included “Varina,” “Pigg in the bole,” and “Turkey Island Point.”  That same month, Benjamin and Edward made gifts to the children of their dead brother, Henry Hatcher
On 16 May 1692 brother Edward Hatcher delivered a letter from Thomas Burton’s wife in Boston proving his death and the court granted ownership of the 226-acre property to Edward who sold 200 acres to John Dawson Feb. 1693/4. 

Hatcher’s Run
A patent to Christopher Robertson in Feb. 1652/3 mentioned “Mr. Hatcher’s run.”  Other records mentioned this stream that was near Swift Creek in what is now Chesterfield County. This Hatchers Run no longer appears on present-day maps yet a Hatchers Run in Dinwiddie County does. Among the first mention of “a place known as Hatcher’s Run” in what was then Charles City County, is in the patent to John Banister in 1690.  No records say how this stream derived its name. Yet we presume that William Hatcher or one of his sons somehow lent their name to it.

Descendants of William Hatcher
Information about the children of William Hatcher, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 Edward Hatcher (c.1635-1711),  
Maj. William Ligon,   Thomas Perrin,  
Thomas Sheppey,   John Davis,   
John Field,  Richard Cox,   William Cox,   Robert Burton,   
Andrew Martin,  Joseph Tanner,   Edward Stratton,   Christopher Branch,   Henry Lound,   Gilbert Platt,   
Richard Embry,  William Lee,  
Joseph Tanner,   William Puckett,  Thomas Jefferson,   Martha (Batte) Jones Banister,   Stephen Cocke,   Peter Jones,   
Mary (—) Hatcher,  Mary Burton,   
Thomas Chamberlain,   
John Adkins,  William Hatcher,   
John Woodson,  Joseph Reynolds,  
Capt. John Worsham,   
Edward Hatcher,  Tarleton Woodson,  
John Jordan,  
Mary Hatcher,  John Jameston,   
Martha Hatcher,  
Priscilla Hatcher,  Edward Griffin,  Joseph Whiteman,  John Griffin,  John Jordan,  
Joseph Tanner Whitehead,  William Willis,  
Frances Hatcher,  
John Hatcher,  Mary Hancock,   
Tarleton Woodson,   John Woodson,   
Seth Hatcher,  John Woodson,   Elizabeth Perrin,  Thomas Perrin,  Anne Porter,  John Perrin,  Thomas Elam,   Allday,  
Elizabeth Ballow,   Charles Ballow,   John Stewart,   
William Hatcher,  Anne (—) Hatcher,  Anne Burton,   John Jameston,   
George Alves,  Timothy Allen,  Thomas Harris,   
Robert Elam,  
John Hatcher,  
John Hatcher,  John Crisp,  
William Hatcher,  
William Hatcher,  William Pride,   Obedience (—) Hatcher,  William LeNeve,  John LeNeve,   Thomas Porter,  John Hill,   
William Elam,  Phoebe —,  William Farlow,  
Cornelius Short,  Thomas Friend,   Margaret (—) Hancock,   
Alexander Marshall,   Branch Turner,   William Turner,  Martin Baker,  
Frances Hatcher,  Jean Hatcher,  
Frances Gates,  Rebecca (—) Gates,  
William Hatcher,  
Lucy (—) Hatcher,  
Nathaniel Hatcher,  
Tabitha Farmer,  Joseph Farmer,  
Obadiah Hatcher,  Mary Beasley,  
Rebecca Hatcher,  Spencer Chalkley,  
Ibra Hatcher,  Moses M. Robertson,  
Abner Hatcher,  Mary Ferguson,  William Ferguson,  
Nancy Hatcher,  
Asenath Hatcher,  John Roper,  Samuel Roper,  
Patsey Hatcher,  Stephen Hobbs,  
William Hatcher,  
Obadiah Hatcher,  
Mary Sadler,  Thomas Sadler,  
Amos Hatcher,  
Nathaniel Hatcher,  
Ruth Hatcher,  
Asenath Hatcher,  Ezekiel Dance,   
Sarah Lawson Dance,  Peter Ivey,  Joshua Ivey,  
Asenath F. Dance,  William Jackson,  
John Willis Dance,  Elizabeth Owen Winfree,   
Lucy Hatcher Dance,  Edward Moore,  
William Spencer Dance,  Lucy Hobson Winfree,   Mary Page Finney Branch,  William Branch,   
Mary W. Dance,  John H. Andrews,  
Uriah Hatcher,  Agnes Hatcher,   
Edward Hatcher,  
Richard Hatcher,  William Elam,  
William Hatcher,  Valentine Winfree,   
Mary Clay,   
Joel Hatcher,  Tabitha Turner,  William Turner,  
Amy Hatcher,  John Franklin,  
Joel Franklin,  Susanna Brintle,   
Jesse Franklin,  Elizabeth Irwin,  Thomas Irwin,  
John Franklin,  Ann Eanes,  
Thomas Varnier,  
James Franklin,  Elizabeth Cousins,  
Mary Franklin,  William Dodson,  
Peter Franklin,  Ann (—) Franklin,  
Sarah Franklin,  John Eanes,  
Agnes Franklin,  
Amy Franklin,  Thomas Wilson,   
Elizabeth Franklin,  Betsy Franklin,  William H. Cousins,  Mary Royall,  
Martha Hatcher,  Turner,  Frederick Farmer,  
Branch Turner,  
Frederick Farmer,  John Milner,  
Elizabeth (—) Farmer,  Nathan Sullins,  
Frederick Farmer,  Mary Boyce,   
David Farmer,  Rachel (—) Farmer,  John Whitworth,  
Jameston Hatcher,  Anne Knibb,   Joseph Wilkinson,   William Adkins,  Gerard Walthall,   Thomas Searles,  
Thomas Hatcher,  Wilmoth Blankenship,  William Blankenship,  Henry Mills,  Jeffrey Robertson,   Robert Elam Jr.,  
Jameston Hatcher,  
Elizabeth Hatcher,  Abraham Bowman,   
Abraham Bowman,  Ann (—) Bowman,  
Pleasant Bowman,  Elizabeth Cheatham,   
John Bowman,  
William Parker,  Katherine (—) Parker Babbicom,  William Parker,  James Babbicom,  
Dr. Richard Parker,  
Edward Stratton,   Robert Bullington,  John Redford Jr.,  James Powell Cocke,   
Martha Parker,  
Sarah Hatcher,  Matthew Turpin,   
John Harwin,  Michael Turpin,   William Farrar,  
Joseph Tanner,   
Samuel Oulton,  Adam Ross,  
Henry Turpin,  William Farrar,   
Ann (—) Turpin,  
Cicely Turpin,  
Matthew Turpin,  
Michael Turpin,  
Henry Turpin,  
Ann Williamson,  Frances (—) Williamson,  Stephen Lockett,   
Francis Cheatham,   
Philip Turpin,  
Henry Turpin,  Elizabeth Robertson,   
Frances Turpin,  William Burton,  
Ann Turpin,  
Mary Turpin,  
Hezekiah Turpin,  Jane Cheatham,   
Obediah Turpin,  
George Turpin,  
Jeremiah Turpin,  Ann Robertson,   
Drusilla Turpin,  Peter Farley,  John Farley,  
Matthew Farley,  Joseph Farley,  Drury Thompson,  
Betsy Farley,  John Roberts,  
Rebecca Farley,  Thomas Smith,  
Mary Farley,  Thomas Wills,  
Nancy Farley,  Dancy Adams,   
Mary Adams,  Chastain Roberts,  
Nancy A. Adams,  
Rebecca Adams,  
Henry T. Adams,  
Peter Farley,  Mary Bowman,  
George W. Farley,  
Phillip Farley,  
Jeremiah Farley,  Diana —,  William Farley Jr.,  
Elizabeth Farley,  John Ellington,   
Elizabeth Farley Ellington,  
Frances Ellington,  Forrest Farley,   William Butler,  
Patience Ellington,  John DeShazer,  
Lenia Ellington,  
Mourning Ellington,  Henrietta Waddill,   
Creed W. Ellington,  Martha Yarbrough,  Joseph Yarbrough,   Temperance Walton,  
John W. Ellington,  Sarah C. Waddill,   
Mary B. Ellington,  Joseph Yarbrough,   
Cassandra Yarbrough,  
Elizabeth Yarbrough,  
Elvira Yarbrough,  
John W. Yarbrough,  Ellen —,  
Susan W. Yarbrough,  Ethelbert J. Hudson,  
William Williams Yarbrough,  
Matthew Turpin,  
Josiah Turpin,  
Thomas Turpin,  Amy (—) Turpin,  
John Waddill,  John Smith,   
Michael Turpin,  Joshua Adams,   
Edith (—) Turpin,  
Obediah Turpin,  
James Turpin,  Polly Smith,  James Smith,  
John Turpin,  Elizabeth Carter,  
Mary Turpin,  James Powell,  
 Michael Turpin,  
Thomas Osborne,   
Matthew Turpin,  Sarah Hatcher,   
Philip Turpin,  Elizabeth Jones,   Thomas Osborne,   
Thomas Turpin,  Obedience Branch,   
Philip Turpin,  Elizabeth (—) Turpin,  William Bass,  Josiah Hatcher,   George Renyer Turner,  Edmund Logwood,   John Roberts,  Allenson Clarke,   James Miles,  
Josiah Hatcher,   
Elizabeth Burton,   Jane Turpin,  
Josiah Turpin,  Mabel Hill,   Isham Akin,  
Philip Turpin,  Ann (—) Turpin,  
Henry Turpin,  
Ann Turpin,  
Sally Turpin,  William Moseley,  
Thomas Turpin,  
Elisha Turpin,  
Mary Turpin,  John Winfrey,  
Sarah Winfree,  
Martha Turpin,  Ashurst,  Robert Ashurst,  Josiah Ashurst,  Francis Ashurst,  
Elizabeth Ashurst,  
Matthew Turpin,  
Elizabeth Turpin,  Richard James,  
Martha Turpin,  George Carter,  
John Turpin,  
Michael Turpin,  Elizabeth (—) Turpin,  William Farrar,   
Michael Turpin,  Mary (—) Turpin,  John Whitlow,  William Cox,  Richard Reynard,  
John Sutton Farrar,   Mary Farrar,   Mr. Thomas Farrar,   
Alexander Spiers,  William Gay,  
John Turpin,  
Martha Hatcher,  Richard Gower,  
Mary Gower,  
Richard Dennis,  Joseph Royall I,  Dennis,  Katherine Isham,  
Edith Dennis,  
Henry Dennis,  
Richard Dennis,  Richard Royall,  Thomas Branch,   
Dearest (—) Dennis,  Henry Vanderhood,  
Francis West,   
Thomas Williams,  Charles Westbrook,  
Philemon Russell,   Richard Hite,  
Christopher Haskins,   
Henry Dennis,  Jane Haskins,   
Richard Dennis,  
Edward Dennis,  John Royall,  Ann Pryor,   
John Dennis,  
Catherine Dennis,  Owen Haskins,   
Thomas Dennis,  
Lucy Dennis,  
Sarah Dennis,  John L.D. Johnson,  
Jane Halcott Dennis,  Nicholas Joseph Bourdon,  Martha Dennis,   
Richard Dennis,  Martha Haskins,   Charles Haskins,   
Christopher Dennis,  
Richard Dennis,  William Greenhill,   Elizabeth Haskins,   
Francis Dennis,  Nancy E. Roberts,  
Benjamin Dennis,  
Henry Dennis,  
Robert Dennis,  
Martha Dennis,  John Royall,  Nicholas Joseph Bourdon,  
Mary Dennis,  Matthew Figures,  
Edward Haskins Dennis,  
John West Dennis,  
John Dennis,  
Elizabeth Dennis,  Peter Pincham,  
Richard Dennis Pincham,  Nancy Marshall,   
Samuel Pincham,  Sophia Sherwin,   
Jane Pincham,  Richard Winn,  John Winn,  
William Pincham,  
Sarah Dennis,  John Royall,   
Peter Burrow,  Thomas Short,   
John Garrett,  
Samuel Pincham,   
John Dennis Royall,  
Elizabeth Royall,  John Archer Robertson,   James Robertson Sr.,  
John Royall Robertson,  Elizabeth Edmunds Cocke,   
Henry Clinton Robertson,  
Sarah Randolph Robertson,  Robert Macon,  
Ann Elizabeth Robertson,  Asa Barnes Winn,   
Mary Dennis,  John Pryor,  
Nancy Pryor,  Lawrence Wills,  Samuel Pryor,  Frances (—) Meriwether,  William Pryor,  Sarah Wood,   Samuel Pryor,  
Luke Pryor,  Martha Pryor,  Daniel Farley,   
Richard Pryor,  Ann Bland,  Rev. William Bland,  Elizabeth Yates,  
William Bland Pryor,  Jane Atkinson,   
Mary Ann Pryor,  John Atkinson,   
Richard Pryor,  Virginia Boyd,  
Samuel Pryor,  Mary Ann Hamlin,   
Elizabeth Yates Pryor,  Benjamin Jones,  
Rev. Theodorick Bland Pryor,  Lucy Atkinson,   
Frances Epes,  Thomas Freeman Epes,  
Frances Fitzgerald,   Rev. James Henderson Fitzgerald,   
Roger Atkinson Pryor,  William Osborne Goode,   
Sarah Agnes Rice,  Marie Gordon Pryor,  Henry C. Rice,  
Lucy Pryor,  Robert McIlwaine,  
Richard Pryor,  
John Eppes Pryor,  
Frances Pryor,  Thomas Harris Campbell,   
Nanny B. Pryor,  George Jones,  
Archibald Campbell Pryor,  Ann Augusta Banister,  
Theodorick Bland Pryor,  
Luke Pryor,  Martha Scott,  Gen. Winfield Scott,   Ann Batte Lane,  Benjamin Lane,  Sylvia Berry,  
George Pryor,  
Luke Pryor,  
Martha Pryor,  William D. Allison,  
John Benjamin Pryor,  
Ann Batte Pryor,  Frederick R. Shelton,  
Elizabeth Pryor,  Fleming Douglas,  
Mary Dennis Pryor,  Henry W. Campbell,  
Richard Pryor,  
Virginia Pryor,  
Emily Pryor,  Dr. Andrew Jackson McWilhaney,  
Harriet Bolling Pryor,  Dr. Thomas Stith Malone,  
Phillip Pryor,  Susanna Cordle Wilkes,   
Samuel Pryor,  
Ann Pryor,  Edward Dennis,   
Elizabeth Pryor,  John Timberlake,  
Mary Pryor,  Alexander Bolling,   Bolling Hall,   
Gower Dennis,  Jeffrey Robertson,   
Susanna (—) Dennis,  Frances (—) Dennis,  
Christopher Haskins,   Jeffrey Robertson,   
Susanna Dennis,  
Joseph Dennis,  
Sarah Dennis,  William Waddill Jr.,  
Anne Waddill,  Theodorick Carter,  William Carter,  
Matthew Ligon,   Richard Manning,  John Dabbs,  Orson Martin,  
John Watson,   
Thomas Lipscomb,  
John Carter,  Mary (—) Carter,  
Ann Waddill Carter,  William Waddill,   
Elizabeth Carter,  Noel Waddill,   
Mary Carter,  Alexander Kent,  
Judith Carter,  Thomas Whitlock,  
Sally Carter,  
Richard Carter,  Susanna Bigger,  David Powell,  
John Carter,  
Thomas Carter,  
Lemuel Carter,  Martha Powell,  
William Carter,  
Mary Carter,  
Richard Carter,  Margaret —,  
Samuel Carter,  
Nancy Carter,  
Theodorick Carter,  Alexander Moore,  
Robert Carter,  
James Carter,  
Francis Carter,  
Waddill Carter,  Mildred Wade,   
Lucy Carter,  Edward Haskins,   
Nancy Carter,  John Boisseau,   David Street,  
Mildred Wade Carter,  Anderson Wade,   
Mary Carter,  Larkin Anderson,   
Samuel Carter,  Elizabeth McRobert,   
Elizabeth Carter,  Jennings Fowlkes,   
Elizabeth Carter Fowlkes,  John Augustine Clark,  William Clark,  Jane White,  
Elizabeth Clark,  John Hughes,  Col. John E. Hughes,  
Jane Augustine Clark,  Henry Meriwether Fowlkes,   
Mary Letitia Clark,  Robert Tredway,  William Tredway,  Nancy Millner,  
Virginia Clark,  
William Thomas Clark,  Betty Johnson,  Col. Tarpley White,  
Theodorick Carter,  Judith Cunningham,  
William Carter,  Mary Stamps,  
Townes Carter,  
Thomas Carter,  
Jesse Carter,  Susanna Adkins,  
Elizabeth Carter,  William Richardson,  
Charles Carter,  
Samuel Carter,  Elizabeth Holcomb Bibb,  
Nathaniel Carter,  Ann Oliver Stevens,  Martha Stevens,  
Susanna Carter,  Matthew Cabanis,   
Ann Carter,  Richard E. Bennett,  
John Carter,  
Judith Carter,  
Alexander Carter,  Margaret B. Stevens,  Margaret Stevens,  
Sarah Carter,  Samuel Love,  
Richard Carter,  Daniel Easley,   Mary Ann (—) Carter,  Francis Moore Petty,   
Frances (—) Carter,  
Nancy Waddill Carter,  Thomas Thompson,  
Samuel Carter,  
Sarah Waddill,  
William Waddill,  
Elizabeth Waddill,  
Richard Waddill,  
Frances Waddill,  John Ellington,   
Lucy Waddill,  Jacob Lockett,   
John Hutcherson,  Alexander Guill Jr.,   
William Waddill,  Mary Shepherd,   
Demaris Waddill,  Armes,  
Mary Waddill,  Aken Armes,  
Edward Waddill,  Nancy Osborne,  
Richard Waddill,  
Elizabeth Waddill,  
John Waddill,  
Martha Waddill,  
Noel Waddill,  John Burton,   William Byrd,  William Wiley,  
William Womack,  Elizabeth Nunn,  Henry Barksdale,  Joseph Nunn,  Francis Anderson,   
Charles Wall,  Samuel Watkins,  Levin Carter,  Martha (—) Waddill,  John Cook,   
Noel Waddill,  Elizabeth Carter,   
Frankey Waddill,  Joseph Gholson,  
William Waddill,  Ann Waddill Carter,   
Nancy Waddill,  John Bennett,  
Polly Waddill,  Thomas Stanfield,  
John Waddill,  Marshall,  Charles Waddill,  
Nancy Waddill,  
Noel Waddill,  
Marshall Waddill,  
Jacob Waddill,  
Sarah (Marchbanks) Hawkins,   
Henrietta Waddill,  Mourning Ellington,   
Sarah Waddill,  Beverly Fleming,  
Martha Fleming,  Francis Drinkard,  
Elizabeth Fleming,  Edward Lewis,  
Lucy Fleming,  Skearm Osborne,   Elijah Jones,  
John H. Osborne,  
Mary Osborne,  
Edward Osborne,  
Frances Osborne,  Allen Preston,  
Burwell Osborne,  
Parky Osborne,  George Thomas,  
Joanna Osborne,  Robert Jones,  
Dennis Waddill,  Elizabeth Hawkins,   
Sarah C. Waddill,  John W. Ellington,   
Mary Ann Waddill,  Ambrose Pollard,  
Jacob Waddill,  Drusilla League,   
Francis Waddill,  
Ann Waddill,  Jackson,  
Nathaniel Waddill,  Mary Dunnavant,  
Carter Waddill,  Frances Armes,  John Armes,  
Walker Waddill,  Susan Smith,  Owen Smith,  
Miller Waddill,  
Shadrach Waddill,  
Elizabeth Dennis,  William Hayes,  
Richard Hayes,  
Stephen Beasley,   Rebecca Sturdivant,   
David Holt,   
Rebecca Hayes,  Philip Goode,  Samuel Goode,   
Judge Patrick Gaines Goode,  
George Brown Goode,  
Sarah Hayes,  John Mann,  
James Hayes,  Martha Grigg,   
Martha Hayes,  Matthew White,  
Catherine Isham White,  Thomas Rudd,   
Clarissa White,  John Armistead,  
Elizabeth Green White,  Henry Madison,  
William Hayes,  
Richard Hayes,  Mary Ann Smith,  George Smith,  Rev. John Chappell,   
George Hayes,  
Mary Ann Hayes,  Robert Patillo,  
Samuel Smith Hayes,  
Mary Hayes,  Thomas Branch,   
Mary Hayes,  
Henry Hayes,  Ann (—) Hayes,  
Elizabeth Hayes,  
William Hayes,  
Sarah Hayes,  Edmund Dailey,  
Ann Hayes,  Charles Cabanis,   
Henry Hayes,  
Mary Hayes,  John Rudder,  Christopher Robertson,  
Thomas Hayes,  Agnes May,   
Richard Hayes,  
Robert Hayes,  Sarah B. Winn,   
James Hayes,  
Mary Dennis,  John Waddill,  
Dennis Waddill,  
Mary Waddill,  
Elizabeth Waddill,  
Martha Waddill,  
Martha Dennis,  Thomas Hales,  Pridgin Waddill,  
Richard Hales,  John Hales,  
Ann Dennis,  
Tabitha Dennis,  
Mary Hatcher,  John Burton,   
Gilbert Elam,   Edward Ward,   
Charles Roberts,  Edward Ward,   
John Faile,  Mary Russell,  Mary Faile,  William Bass,  Cicely Branch,   
Elizabeth Burton,  
Gilbert Elam III,  Robert Hancock,   
Elizabeth Ward,   
Mary (—) Elam,  
Mary Elam,  
Elizabeth Elam,  
Gilbert Elam IV,  Elizabeth (—) Elam,  Archelaus Nunnally,  James Elam,   Branch Elam,   
Elizabeth Farguson,  Moses Farguson,  Martha —,  
Job T. Nelson,  
Josiah Elam,  Sarah Porter,  
Keziah Elam,  
Capt. James Elam,  Sarah Elam,   Lucy (—) Elam,  Lucy Blankenship,  William Blankenship,  John Condrey,  
William Elam,  Catherine Green,  
William Elam,  William Roberts,  
Richard Elam,  
Hannah Wooldridge,   
James Elam,  Elizabeth H. Rudd,   
Elizabeth Green Elam,  Matthew Cheatham,   Josiah Flournoy,  
Polly Elam,  John Snellings,  
Phoebe Elam,  Francis Walthall,   Samuel Flournoy,  Josiah Flournoy,  Ann (—) Flournoy,  
Hannah Wooldridge Walthall,  Higginson Hancock,  
Sarah Catherine Hancock,  
Horace H. Hancock,  
Philip Hancock,  
James Francis Flournoy,  Julia A.P. Bass,  
Richard W. Flournoy,  Mary Parke Poindexter,  Mary P. (—) Flournoy,  
Mary A. Flournoy,  
Samuel A. Flournoy,  
Elizabeth T. Flournoy,  Edmund W. Lockett,  
Josiah Flournoy,  
John E. Flournoy,  Emelia Bowles,  Pleasant Bowles,  
Robert D. Flournoy,  
William G. Flournoy,  Mary R. Clay,  Phineas Clay,  
Phoebe E. Flournoy,  Mark F. Flournoy,  
Edmund H. Flournoy,  Sarah A. Elam,  Richard Elam,  
Richard Elam,  Winifred Walthall,   
Henry Elam,  
Mary Ann Elam,  Peter Baugh,   
Robert Baugh,  Peter Pride,   
Phoebe Elam,  Isham Cheatham,   
Sarah Elam,  William Gordon,  
Patience Elam,  Joseph Smith,  Francis Walker,   William Fleming,  
Elizabeth Elam,  James Clyborn,   
Robert Elam,  Dorothy Blankenship,  William Blankenship,  John Brown,  
John Condrey,  Archibald Blankenship,  Joshua Condrey,  
John Elam,  Elizabeth McCoy,  Thomas Brackett,  Marley Walthall,   
Nancy Elam,  John Whitmore,  
Charles Elam,  Phoebe Farmer,  
Mary Elam,  Archibald Rudd,   
Robert Elam,  Phoebe (Cheatham) Elam,   Claiborne Condrey,  
Ann Elam,  Henry Burton,   
Lucy Elam,  
Judith Elam,  
Robert Elam,  Francis Carter,  John Dawson,  Abraham Womack,  
Jeffrey Robertson,   
Robert Elam,  
Mary (—) Elam,  
Robert Elam,  Elizabeth Gordon,  Alexander Gordon,  Jane —,  William Leigh,  
Henry Winfree,  
Robert Elam,  John Brush Foesé,  
Josiah Tatum,   
Alexander Augustus Elam,  
Peter Elam,  Martha Elam,  
Martha B. Elam,  James M. Hix,  William Green Elam,   George Chalkley,  
Branch Elam,  Dinah Elam,   Elizabeth Flournoy,  Mary Snelling,  Alexander Snelling,  
Phoebe Branch Elam,  Thomas Godsey,   Phoebe Baugh Elam,  
Richard Elam,  Sarah (—) Elam,  John Archer,   
James DeSear,   Henry Batte,   
Martin Elam,  Mary Phillips,  George Phillips,  
John Elam,  
George Elam,  
William Elam,  Mary Cheatham,   
John Elam,  
Richard Cheatham Elam,  
Mary Elam,  Josiah Daley,  
Elizabeth Elam,  William Skinner,  
Sarah Elam,  John Burton,  
Patience Elam,  
Lodowick Elam,  
Francis Belcher,  
Jane (—) Elam,  
George Williamson,  
Mary Elam,  
Elizabeth Elam,  Alexander Nunnally,   
John Elam,  Femariah Bevill,   Field Perkinson,   
Essex Elam,  Lavinia Crowder,  
Polly Townes Elam,  Samuel Hunter,  
Martha Frances Elam,  Isaac N. Wooldridge,  
Jane Elam,  James Mickle,  
Joel Elam,  
Lucy Elam,  William Lee,  Robert Elam,  
Martha Elam,  James North,  
Mary Elam,  Richard Richardson,  
Martha Elam,  Jones,  
Obedience Elam,  Joseph Binns,  
Lucy Elam,  Stuart,  
Robert Elam,  
Stephen Elam,  George Williamson,  
Gilbert Elam,  Jane Nunnally,  John Nunnally,  
Susannah Hill,   George Robertson,   
James Elam,  
Jesse Elam,  
Lodowick Elam,  Judith Blackwell Powell,  John Powell,  
Gilbert Elam,  Sally Sims,  
Susanna Elam,  Daniel Wooldridge,  
Godfrey Elam,  
Ann Elam,  John Godsey,  Abraham Chappell,   
Mary Godsey,  
Ann Godsey,  Thomas Boles,  
Henry Godsey,  Polly Chappell,   
Solomon Godsey,  Phoebe Hancock,  
William Godsey,  Obedience Hall,  
Thomas Godsey,  Phoebe Branch Elam,   
John Godsey,  Polly Moore,  William D. Moore,  
Elizabeth Godsey,  Langhorne Simpson,  
Martha Godsey,  
Sarah Godsey,  David Stanford,  
Frances Godsey,  Jeremiah Hobbs,  
Martha Elam,  
Betty Ann Elam,  Eli Elam,  
Susan Elam,  Hill,  
Burwell Elam,  Mabel Lockett,   
Jenny Elam,  
William Kennon Elam,  Susanna Raines,  
Francina Elam,  
Benjamin Elam,  Elizabeth Stamford,  
Robert Elam,  Polly Martin,  John Martin,  Jesse Cogbill,   Thomas Nelson Cogbill,   
Elizabeth H. Bass,   
Walter Elam,  Nancy Raines,  
Susannah Elam,  
Jeremiah Elam,  Jane —,  
Mary Elam,  
William Elam,  
Elizabeth Elam,  Thomas Stratton,   
Obedience Elam,  Christopher Walthall,   
Martha Elam,  
Anne Elam,  William Walthall,   
William Elam,  
William Elam,  Frances Cox,   
Daniel Elam,  Valentia Wooldridge,   
Daniel Elam,  Mary Flournoy,  Jacob Flournoy,  
William Flournoy,  Francis Flournoy,  Robert Wooldridge,   
Sallé Elam,  Magdalene Sallé,  
William Elam,  
Robert Elam,  
Thomas Elam,  
Peggy Wooldridge Elam,  Seth Wooldridge,   
Elizabeth Elam,  Benjamin Hill,   
Valentia Elam,  Saunders,  
Richard Elam,  Phoebe Wooldridge,   
Polly Elam,  John Porter,   
Betsy Elam,  
Edward Wooldridge Elam,  
William Green Elam,  Sally Cox,  Henry Cox,  Jane A. Wooldridge,   
Eliza Elam,  Silas Cheatham,  
Catherine Elam,  Gustavus V. Clarke,  
Pleasant Elam,  
Nancy Elam,  Richard K. Bass,   
Phoebe W. Bass,  John Toney Jr.,  
Thomas A. Bass,  Lucy A. —,  
Roland G. Bass,  
Edward Wesley Bass,  Mary L. Martin,  Royall Martin,   Frances A. Bass,  John Toney,  
Colin Bass,  Judith Ann Cardoza,  Aaron N. Cardoza,  
Patsy Elam,  
Richard Elam,  
John Elam,  
Joseph Wooldridge Elam,  Caroline Wooldridge,   
Barkley Elam,  Mary Israel Willson,   
Sarah Elam,  James Elam,   
Obedience Elam,  Matthew Farley,  
Barkley Farley,  Judith Rucks,  Lucy Adams,  William Adams,  
Elizabeth Farley,  Thomas Bowler Jr.,  Major Tinsley,  
Mary Farley,  Godsey Elam,  
Arthur Farley,  Ann Berry Tinsley,   
Nancy P. Farley,  John Howard,  
William Elam Farley,  Mary G. Atkinson,  William W. Atkinson,  
Serena Berry Farley,  Woodson Winfree,   
Pleasant Farley,  Elizabeth Toney,  John Toney,  
Sarah O. Farley,  Jeffrey T. Davis,  
Elizabeth Elam,  Henry Cheatham,   
Mary Elam,  Lockett,  
Nancy Elam,  Edward Bass,   
Dinah Elam,  Branch Elam,   
Frances Elam,  Baker,  
Frances Cox,  Henry Cox,  
William Elam,  
Mary Elam,  
Anne Elam,  
Martha Elam,  
Sarah Elam,  
Elizabeth Elam,  
Obedience Elam,  
 Gilbert Elam I (c.1630-1696),  
Ann Elam,  Robert Elam,  Christopher Branch,   Thomas Sheppey,   Richard Johnson,  
Elizabeth Elam,  
Thomas Elam,  Elizabeth Perrin,  Thomas Perrin,  Anne Porter,  Seth Hatcher,   
Gilbert Elam II,  Mary Hatcher,   
Edward Ward,   
Robert Broadway,  Dorothy (—) Broadway,  Dorothy Blackman,   
Mary Elam,  Henry Gee,  
Henry Gee,  Elizabeth (Sherman) Trent,   
Gilbert Gee,  Catherine (Goode) Roberts,   
 Henry Hatcher I (-c.1677),  
 Benjamin Hatcher (c.1645-1728),  
Elizabeth Greenhaugh,  John Greenhaugh,  Susan (—) Greenhaugh,  
Robert Woodson Jr.,  
Edward Goode,   
Joseph Pleasants,  
John Hamblin,  John Puckett,  
John Milner,  
Jeremiah Brown,   John Pleasants,  
John Woodson,  
Thomas Holmes,  Lewis Watkins,  Edward Lester,  
Capt. William Randolph,   Edward Chilton,  
Giles Carter,  
Edward Lester,  John Woodson,  Richard Newcomb,  
Mary Hobson,  William Palmer,  Samuel Bugg,  
Benjamin Hatcher,  John Pleasants,  
Jeremiah Hatcher,   
Valentine Hatcher,   Frederick Hatcher,   Benjamin Hatcher,   
Henry Hatcher,  Susanna Williamson,  Thomas Williamson,  Daniel Price,   
John Coles,  John Pleasants,  
James Hatcher,   
John Wayles,  John Pleasants,  John Cole,  
William Stone,   
Elisha White,  
Frederick Hatcher,  Sarah Woodson,  Mary Miller,  John Woodson,  
John Hutcheson,  
Lt. John Hatcher,  Nancy Gentry,  Simon Gentry,  
Nancy Hatcher,  Robert French,  
Sally Woodson Hatcher,  Benjamin Hobson,   
Samuel Hatcher,  Elizabeth Booker,  Edward Booker,  Maria L. Watkins,  
Henry Hatcher,  Susan Matilda Ann Spears,  
Frederick Hatcher,  Mildred Talley,  
Josiah Hatcher,  
John Hatcher,  Mary M. Flippen,  William Flippen,  
Elizabeth Hatcher,  Hugh French,  
Martha Ann Hatcher,  Benjamin Harris Powell,  
Mary M. Hatcher,  James W. Flippen,  
Sarah H. Hill,  Samuel H. Talley,  
Susannah Hatcher,  John Hobson,   
Benjamin Hatcher,  Polly Crump,  Elizabeth Woodson Fowler,   
Elizabeth Hatcher,  John W. Nash,  
Sarah B. Hatcher,  Blair Burwell,  
Mary Hatcher Burwell,  
Charlotte Hatcher,  Frederick Bransford,  
John Hunter Hatcher,  Mary W. Cunliffe,  John Cunliffe,  Esther —,  
William Taylor Hatcher,  
Emily Taylor Hatcher,  
Frederick Hatcher,  
Henry Hatcher,  
Mary Hatcher,  
Elizabeth Hatcher,  
Sarah Hatcher,  Francis Bransford,  Dr. Sterling Ford,   
Nancy Hatcher,  Thomas Gordon,  
Lucy Hatcher,  Benjamin Bransford,  
Mary Bransford,  Henry C. Patterson,  
Benjamin H. Bransford,  Martha J. Swepson Burfoot,   Hannah E. Walke,   
Archibald Hatcher,  
Drury Hatcher,  Elizabeth Hobson,   
Elizabeth Hatcher,  
Susanna Hatcher,  Bartlett Thompson,  Robert Thompson,  Ann (—) Hambleton,  William Hambleton,  
Susanna Thompson,  
Elizabeth Thompson,  
Judith Hatcher,  Isham Miles,  
Judith Miles,  
Elizabeth Miles,  
John Miles,  
William Miles,  
Valentine Hatcher,  Jemima Bostick,  John Bostick Sr.,  
William Bostick,  Absalom Bostick,  Nathan Bostick,  Sylvester Adams,   
John Hatcher,  
Sarah Hatcher,  James Hatcher,   David Staples,  James Patteson,  John Staples Jr.,  Michael Taylor,  
Elizabeth Hatcher,  Thomas Childers Jr.,  Thomas Childers Sr.,  
Thomas Robinson,  
James Atwood,  
Benjamin Childers,  
Thomas Childrey,  
Jeremiah Childers,  
Martha (—) Childers,  
Jeremiah Childress,  Nancy Vaughan,   
William Childress,  
Benjamin Childress,  
Emily Childress,  
Mary Childress,  Richard Slythe,  
Lucy Childress,  Thortis,  
Thomas Childers,  
Elizabeth Childers,  William Stone,   
Mary Hatcher,  Tindall,  
Martha Hatcher,  Joseph Hobson,  William Hobson,  Henry Cary,  Tarleton Woodson,   
John Hobson,  
William Hobson,  Elizabeth Merryman,  
Mary Hobson,  Robert Walton,  
Agnes Walton,  William Flippen,   
Frances Walton,  Robert Alexander Flippen,  Robert Johns,  
Elizabeth Hobson,  Drury Hatcher,   
Henry Hatcher,  Theodosia Richardson,  Polly K. Edwards,  Melissa Hatcher,  
William Hatcher,  Rebecca —,  
Benjamin Hatcher,  Lucinda B. Flippen,  John Murray Flippen,   
Fanny Hatcher,  William H. Jenkins,  
Elizabeth Hatcher,  James P. Adams,  
John Hatcher,  William H. Jenkins,  
Susanna Hatcher,  Josiah Goodman,  Polly (—) Goodman,  
Judith Hatcher,  John Cocke,  
Frederick W. Hatcher,  Jane T. Ferguson,  Robert Ferguson,  Benjamin Hatcher,  
Lucy Hatcher,  
Polly Hatcher,  John Brown,  
John Hobson,  Susannah Hatcher,   
Elizabeth Greenhaugh Hobson,  Jacob Bransford,  
Josiah Hobson,  Pamela McRae,   
Frederick Hobson,  Elizabeth Morton,  Thomas Anderson Morton,   
Benjamin Hobson,  Sally Woodson Hatcher,   
William Hatcher Hobson,  Catherine Binford,  
John Cannon Hobson,  Mary Shaw Maben,  
William Hobson,  
Frances Hobson,  
John Hobson,  
Jeremiah Hatcher,  John Pleasants,  Sarah (—) Atkinson,  Margaret (—) Hatcher,  Margaret Goode,   
Pugh Price,   
William Randolph,  
Joseph Gill,  
John Adams,   Richard Parsons,  
Benjamin Hatcher,  Benjamin Hatcher,   Edward Parker,  William Stone,   Hutchins Burton,  Joseph Fenn,  Matthew Hay,  Lucy —,  William Hunt,  Charles Burton,   Hugh Franklin,   
Robert Hatcher,  Ann Sanders,  Isham East,  Joseph East,  Jacob Bugg,  Lewis Burwell,  Richard Booker,   
Samuel Young,  Hutchins Burton,   Edmund Bugg,  
Mary Hatcher,  
Obedience Hatcher,  Bugg,  Samuel Bugg,  
Edward Goode Hatcher,  Robert Malone,  Joseph Gill,  Edward Goode,   
William Hatcher,  William Watkins,  
William Hatcher,  
John Burton,   Rachel Burton,   William Hatcher,   
James Cocke,   William Hobson,  Philemon Childers,  Thomas Childers,  Sarah (—) Hatcher,  
James Hatcher,  
William Hatcher,  
Sarah Hatcher,  Thomas Richardson,  William Hancock,  
 William Hatcher,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Obadiah Hatcher - War of 1812 Obadiah Hatcher - Revolutionary War
Ezekiel Dance - Revolutionary War Henry Turpin - War of 1812
Richard Winn - Revolutionary War John Royall - Revolutionary War
William Bland Pryor - War of 1812 Theodorick Bland Pryor - Civil War
Luke Pryor - War of 1812 John Boisseau - Revolutionary War
Jacob Lockett - Revolutionary War Josiah Elam - Revolutionary War
Richard Elam - Revolutionary War James Elam - War of 1812
Charles Elam - War of 1812 Robert Elam - War of 1812
Branch Elam - Revolutionary War Lodowick Elam - Revolutionary War
Godfrey Elam - Revolutionary War William Green Elam - War of 1812
Barkley Elam - Revolutionary War Barkley Farley - War of 1812
Pleasant Farley - War of 1812 John Hatcher - Revolutionary War
Benjamin Hatcher - Revolutionary War Frederick Hatcher - Revolutionary War
Benjamin Hatcher - War of 1812  

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
Roger Atkinson Pryor - U.S. Roger Atkinson Pryor - Confederate
Luke Pryor - U.S. Patrick Gaines Goode - U.S.

Legislators - colonial and state
William Hatcher - Virginia John D. Royall - Virginia
Henry C. Rice - Virginia Thomas Harris Campbell - Virginia
Luke Pryor - Alabama William Clark - Virginia
Samuel Carter - Virginia Patrick Gaines Goode - Ohio
James Elam - Virginia John Hatcher - Virginia
John W. Nash - Virginia  

Names on the map
Hatchers Run, Dinwiddie County, Virginia, was named for family of William Hatcher  

Selected sources
Bockstruck, Lloyd D. “Thomas Elam.” Privately published. • Includes the family of Gilbert Elam.
Campbell, Leslie Lyle. The Dance Family in Virginia. Lexington, VA. 1951. • Focus on family of Asenath Hatcher who married Ezekiel Dance, and includes a topic on William Spencer Dance and Lucy Hobson Winfree.
Dennstedt, Alberta Marjorie. “Progenitors and Kinfolk of Abraham Childers III.” The Virginia Genealogist. 34:3-13, 97-109, 180-194, 266-280 (1990); 35:43-54, 109-118, 199-207 (1991). • Includes the family of Thomas Chiders and Elizabeth Hatcher.
Elam, Harvey W. The Elam Family. Privately Published, 1933. • A focus on the family of Josiah Elam, including his Colonial ancestors.
Maloney, James Hallett. “Drury Hatcher of Cumberland County, Virginia.” The Virginia Genealogist. 49:243-56 (2005), 50:51-59 (2006). • Family of Henry Hatcher with a focus on Drury Hatcher and Elizabeth Hobson.
“The Pryor Family.” Genealogies of Virginia Families from the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1981(4):898-906. • Includes family of Mary Dennis and John Pryor and that of Sarah Wood and William Pryor.
Symmonds, Francis Campbell, D.D. “The Hatcher Family.” Genealogies of Virginia Families from the William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 2:870-881 (1982). • Early work on the family of William Hatcher.

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