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 70   William Brown (-1813)
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William Brown, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, William Brown might describe his life as follows.

When freeholders would vote for burgesses to represent us in Williamsburg, we would announce our votes in front of the candidates. In 1768 three men named William Brown voted for Nathaniel Edwards Jr.  I was the one who lived on Wildcat Creek in northwest Brunswick County, near Danieltown. Because the others owned land in the county they could vote here although one lived in Prince George and the other in Surry.
A deed for Bartholomew Dameron on Wildcat Creek in 1773 describes his land as next to me and William Daniel, among others.  Daniel’s son George married my daughter Armon.
Someone named Brown, likely my father, was living on Wildcat Creek before 1744.  This area had been a part of Prince George County where records no longer remain.
I was a parishioner of St. Andrew’s Parish and the vestry paid me for tarring the railing of the Upper Church in 1766.  Mary Brown was in need of welfare and I was among several parishioners who cared for her in 1782. 
I was dead by 1814 when they recorded my will in Brunswick County. 

Other William Browns
We know my ancestor Armon Brown was the daughter of William Brown because it is so stated on the marriage bond her husband made. Distinguishing her father from several men of the same name in Brunswick County is difficult.
Of the 3 men who voted for Nathaniel Edwards in 1768, one William Brown was of the Brown family who lived in the east end of Brunswick County, in that area that was formerly Surry County. Although William resided in Prince George County in 1768, he could still vote in Brunswick County because he held property there.
Capt. William Brown of Surry had land near present-day Lawrenceville by 1721,  and continued to trade Brunswick County land from Surry.
By 1782 4 men in Brunswick County named William Brown were taxed respectively on 25 slaves, 31 slaves, 28 slaves, and no slaves. 
The William Brown who was old enough to purchase land in 1757 may not have been the same man who was consenting for young daughters to marry around 1800, unless he married later in life to a younger woman. William had wife, Elizabeth.
The Census of 1810 in Brunswick County identified one male and two females more than 45 years of age. Living with William was a girl less than 10. He had 21 slaves.
William Brown bought 100 acres more on Wildcat Creek from Peter Moon 14 Nov. 1757.  In 1773 William Brown sold 1 acre on Wildcat Creek below Stone’s mill to Thomas Stone for 5 shillings. William Lindsey, who lived near Wildcat Creek, asked William Brown to witness his 1766 will. 

Descendants of William Brown
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Armon (Brown) Daniel (c.1780-1823),  
George Daniel,   Green Jackson,  
Dennis Barrow,   
 Mary Ann (Brown) Quarles,  
James Quarles,  
 Elizabeth (Brown) Rash,  
William Rash,  John Brown,  
 George Brown (-1840),  
George Daniel,   James Quarles Sr.,  
 Jeremiah Brown,  
 William Brown,  
 Jesse Brown,  
 Angelica Brown,  
 John Brown (-1753),  
Richard Moore,  William Smith,  Richard Brown,  John Davis,  
William Eaton,  Robert Bolling,   
William Eaton Jr.,  
Jane (—) Brown,  
John Brown,  Anne (—) Brown,  Vines Collier,  
Langston Brown,  
Frederick Brown,  Mary Haley,  John Haley,  Mary Anderson,  
Lockey Brown,  Sarah —,  Abraham Cheatham,   
Rebecca Brown,  William Scott,  Rachel Cook Burton,   
Loftin Scott,  
John Grimes Scott,  
Sarah Scott,  
Rebecca Scott,  
Catherine Scott,  George Farley,  
Amy Scott,  
Elizabeth Scott,  
John Brown,  
Richard Brown,  Frances (—) Brown,  Frances Sexton,  Archibald Sexton,  
Henry Bates,  William Vaughan,  Adam Tapley,  Nicholas Hatch,  Col. John Allen,  William Eaton,  John Taylor Duke,  James Loftin,  Major Pryor,  
John Jones,  
Richard Brown,  Major Pryor,  
Mary Brown,  Samuel Saxon,  
John Hardaway,   
Elisha Clark,  
Benajah Saxon,  William Thomas Pennington,   
Susanna Brown,  Butts,  
Lewis Brown,  Elizabeth (—) Brown,  Martha —,  Martha Richardson,  
Rev. Aaron Brown,  Elizabeth Harwell,  Samuel Harwell,  Buckner Harwell,  
Aaron Venable Brown,  
Elizabeth Brown,  Williams,  Chaney Williams,  
Mary Brown,  Samuel Kelly,   
Ann Brown,  James Dugger,   
Thomas Brown,  
Lewis Brown,  Fanny Dugger,  
Richardson Brown,  Rebecca Marks,  Mary Brown,  
Raleigh Brown,  Nancy Abernathy,  
Davis Brown,  Martha Abernathy,  
John Brown,  Elizabeth Davis,  
Frances Brown,  Lester Morris,  
Martha Brown,  Thomas Marks,  
Levicy Brown,  Henry Scoggins,  
Frances Brown,  Frederick Burge,  
Beverly Brown,  Hannah Parham,  Frances Parham,  Batte,  
William Brown,  
William Brown,  
Elizabeth Brown,  Brewer,  
Stephen Brown,  
Beverly Batte Brown,  
Richard Ruffin Brown,  
Frances Parham Brown,  Robert Watson,  William Watson,  
Beverly Brown Watson,  Sarah Ann Locke,  Nancy Ellen Page,  Louisa Ashley,  
William Watson,  Rebecca Trammel,  Eleanor Caldwell,  
Robert Watson,  
John Peddeway Watson,  Sallie Smith,  
Mary Ann L. Watson,  Levi Reed,  
Richard R. Watson,  Eliza Brandon,  
Sarah Lanier Brown,  Abner Hill,  
Sarah Brown,  Daniel,  William Daniel,   Peter Daniel,   Marmaduke Daniel,   
John Brown,  
Joan Brown,  Rev. Gronowy Owen,  Rev. Thomas Lundie,   
William Cocke,   
Arthur Harrison,   
George Washington Owen,  
Robert Owen,  Sarah Richardson,  
Richard Brown Owen,  Susanna Edwards,   
Gronowy Owen,  Elizabeth Simmons,  
John Lloyd Owen,  
William Brown,  
Sarah (—) Brown,  Lewis Parham,  George Brewer Jr.,  
Henry Williams,  
Samuel Russell,  
Nathaniel Edwards Jr.,  
Lewis Parham,  Enos Evans,  Thomas B. Claiborne,   
Elizabeth Brown,  Wright,  
Edna Brown,  Tarpley,  
Manoah Brown,  William Moore,   William Eaton,  
Elizabeth (—) Brown,  
Rebecca Brown,  
Betty Brown,  
William Brown,  
Noah Brown,  Martha Wynne,   
John Brown,  
Lewis Brown,  
Burwell Brown,  
Noah Brown,  
Susanna Brown,  Baugh,  
Martha Brown,  Winfield,  
Jesse Brown,  
Burwell Brown,  Patience Turner,  
Boswell Brown,  
Jesse Brown,  
Mary Brown,  Gerald Winningham,  Abner Wells,  
Valentine Brown,  
John Caulwell Brown,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
John Brown - Revolutionary War Gronowy Owen - War of 1812

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
Aaron Venable Brown - U.S. George Washington Owen - U.S.

Governors - colonial, territorial, and state
Aaron Venable Brown - Tennessee  

Legislators - colonial and state
Aaron Venable Brown - Tennessee George Washington Owen - Alabama

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