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 6980   Thomas Fox (-c.1625)
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Thomas Fox, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Thomas Fox might describe his life as follows.

A member of the London Company in 1608, I owned vessels that sailed from England to the New World. Departing with English goods for our Colonists, we returned with tobacco.
I was dead by 1625 when associates in Virginia arranged to liquidate my operations on that end and send the proceeds to my widow, Elizabeth, in England.

This is the order to the provost marshall.  As these men did not otherwise distinguish Elizabeth Fox, we presume she was the widow of their associate Thomas Fox.

At a Court held Oct. 14, 1625, begin present Sr. Francis Wyatt, Knight, Governor, etc. Capt. Francis West, Capt. Roger Smith, Capt. Ralph Hamor, Capt. Samuel Matthews, Mr. William Cleyborne. It is ordered yt [that] the p’vst Marshall shall receive all such debts and tobacco as shall be dew to Elizabeth ffox, widow, and to take the charge of sendinge of the same to her unto England, and receive bill of ladinge for ye same, and to pay such debts as ffox did owe in this country.

Descendants of Thomas Fox
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Capt. John Fox (c.1620-c.1682),  
 Stephen Fox (-c.1662),  
 Thomas Fox,  
 Peter Fox,  
 William Fox,  
 Mary Fox,  

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