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In 1685 William Giles and Bethania, “his wife, only daughter and heiress of Capt. John Knowles,” sold 125 acres to John Crowley for 2,200 pounds of tobacco. Then a minor, Bethania appointed “loving friend Henry Sherman” her attorney to relinquish her dower right in the land.  Henry Sherman and John Sherman witnessed the deed. John Crowley was then Henry Sherman’s son-in-law, the husband of Ann Sherman.
The phrase “loving friend” then suggested a non-blood relation. The most likely connection would be for Henry Sherman to be Bethania’s uncle, the husband of John Knowles’ sister. Since we know Henry Sherman was married to Cicely, she would then have been Cicely Knowles, or Nowell as the name sometimes appeared.
This is indeed the case. Among the legatees of the will of Cicely Sherman was her granddaughter Susannah Trent. Susannah married 2nd Daniel Nunnally and was the mother of not only Sherman Nunnally but also Nowell Nunnally.
Another posited Knowles daughter is Mary Knowles, who is said to be the wife of Robert Burton of “Longfield.” Among their children was Nowell Burton.
We do not know the name of the father of John, Mary, and Cicely Knowles, although it may have been John, as Henry Sherman and Robert Burton both had a son of that name.

Other men named John Nowell
We have some information about men named John Nowell. Yet none can be positively identified as the father of these children.
John Nowell, who came in the Margaret & John, was living at Mulberry Island when the Muster of Inhabitants was made 25 Jan. 1624/5. 
John Nowells was a headright when Capt. Francis Farrar got a patent for 1,700 acres in the Charles City County in 1635.  When Capt. Francis Epes got a patent for 1,800 acres in Charles City County in 1638, he listed “Jno. Nowell” among his 30 servants. Possibly none of these men was the father of Capt. John Knowles who appeared in the Colony a generation later.

Descendants of Mr. Knowles
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Cicely (Knowles) Hutchins Sherman (-1703),  
Isaac Hutchins,  Capt. Thomas Osborne,   
Robert Craddock,  William Cox,  Matthew Gough,  Peter Lee,  Henry Sherman,   
Robert Hutchins,  
 Capt. John Knowles (-1676),  
Capt. Matthew Gough,  
Richard Ward,   
Rebecca Gyles,  John Everett,  
Gilbert Elam Sr.,   
Lydia Perkins,  Nicholas Perkins,  Mary —,  Mr. Stephen Hamlin,  
Dr. Richard Parker,  
Capt. Henry Isham,  William Byrd,  John Burton Jr.,   Robert Burton,   
Edward Ellerby,  Thomas Bobby,  
David Jones,  Henry Hill,  
Hercules Flood,  Capt. Henry Batte,   Jane Isham,  John Nowell,  Jane Nowell,  William Nowell,  Henry Nowell,  
Bethania Knowles,  William Giles,  
William Byrd,  John Crowley,  John Woodson Jr.,  
William Giles,  
Perrin Giles,  Lucy Trent,   
John Giles,  William Byrd,  Mary Moseley,   
Nicholas Giles,  Phoebe Hancock,   
Mary Giles,  Thomas Harding,  Ambrose Cobbs,  Benjamin Woodson,  
Thomas Hughes,  
John North,  
William Harding,  René Laforce,  
Sarah Laforce,  
Giles Harding,  Amy Morris,  
George Harding,  
Mary Harding,  
Giles Harding,  
Patsy Harding,  
Sally Harding,  
Lucy Harding,  
John Harding,  
William Harding,  Obedience Hutchins,   
Thomas Harding,  Jane Farrar,   
Elizabeth Bibb Harding,  Alexander Underwood,  Thomas Underwood,  Ann Taylor,  John Cockrill,  
Thomas Harding,  
Judith Harding,  Robert George,  
Thomas Harding,  Richard Day,  
Mary Harding,  Edward Thomas,  Daniel Morrow,  
Bethania Harding,  Nicholas Perkins,  
George Russell,  Isaiah Watkins,  
Col. Peter Perkins,  Agnes Wilson,  Peter Wilson,  
Jeremiah Ward,  
James Perkins,  
Elizabeth Perkins,  John Pryor,  
Bethania Perkins,  Lemuel Smith,  
Elsie Perkins,  Peter Hairston,  
Charles Perkins,  Mary Tate,  
Bethania Perkins,  Absalom Bostick,  
Nicholas Perkins,  Leah Pryor,  John Pryor,  Margaret Gaines,  
Constantine Perkins,  Agatha Marr,  Gideon Marr,  
Susanna Perkins,  Green Pryor,  John Miller Marr,  Thomas Hardeman,  
Anna G. Perkins,  Joseph S. Scales,  John Beck,  
Mary Harding Perkins,  Thomas Hardeman,  John Hardeman,  Dorothy Edwards,  
Thomas Harding Perkins,  Mary Magdalene O’Neal,  
Elizabeth Perkins,  William Letcher,  George Hairston,  
William Knowles,  
 Robert Hughson,  
Henry Sherman,   
Henry Bailey,  
John Goode,   Joan (—) Hughson,  
Thomas Chamberlain,   John Theobald,  
Henry Ascough,  William Blackman,   
Bethania Hughson,  Charles Douglas,  
Caleb Ware,  
Henry Cary,  
Joan Hughson,  
 Mary (Knowles) Burton,  
Mary Nowell,  
Robert Burton,   

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Col. Peter Perkins - Revolutionary War Thomas Harding Perkins - Revolutionary War

Legislators - colonial and state
Peter Perkins - Virginia Constantine Perkins - Virginia

Selected sources
Hall, William K. “Perkins Families of Goochland County, Virginia.” Genealogies of Virginia Families from the Tyler’s Quarterly Historical and Genealogical Magazine. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1980(2):814-835. • Descendants of Nicholas Perkins of (-c1664) of Henrico County. Covers families of Philemon Perkins who married Obedience Cox and Nicholas Perkins who married Bethania Harding.

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