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 6648   Christopher Branch I (c.1598-1681)
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Christopher Branch I, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Christopher Branch I might describe his life as follows.

I was born in England in 1598, presumably in County of Kent, the only son of Lionel Branch of London and Valentia Sparke who married at St. Martin, Ludgate, City of London, 7 July 1596. I married Mary Addy in England on 2 September 1619. The daughter of Francis Addy of Darton, County York, England, she had been baptized 16 August 1593.
We departed March 1619/20 for Virginia on the London Merchant and by February 1623/4 were tenants “att ye Colledg Land” in Henrico County. By the Muster of 1624/5, we had a 9-month-old son, Thomas.  The college land was 10,000 acres set aside as part of an endowment for a university to educate the “infidel’s children.”
I eventually acquired a 1,380-acre plantation that I called, “Kingsland,” where today’s Kingsland Road, which runs from Highway 5 across my old plantation to the James, got its name.
As a “viewer” of tobacco in 1639, my job was to ensure the quality of our most important export commodity. When I served in the House of Burgesses in 1640, we dealt with an over-supply of tobacco by ordering the burning of all the bad tobacco and half the good, thus containing production to 1½ million pounds. 
I was nearly 80 with adult grandchildren when I made my will 20 June 1678. I had outlived my wife and sons, William and Christopher.  Beyond land and slaves, my estate included just the bare necessities of life. I left Thomas 2 old Bibles, worth just 5 shillings apiece.

Christopher’s ancestors
Christopher’s grandfather, William Branch, was a Member of Parliament (1593) and his great-grandfather, Richard Branch of Abingdon, was a “wollendraper”—a wool clothing merchant. The complete text of the will of Richard Branch, written in 1554, is included below. For the ancestors of Christopher Branch I, see Pedigree Chart 13.
Three weeks before his daughter was baptized, Francis Addy had taken Margaret Lee as his bride at Darton, Yorkshire. Margaret, the daughter of Raphe Lee, was baptized 5 Sept. 1579. Raphe Lee was a son of Richard Lee and his wife, Alice. Richard was born by 1515 and was buried in Darton 15 July 1545. His brief will, composed by a local attorney the day after his burial, is transcribed below.

Christopher acquires his plantations
In 1634 the Land Office issued to Christopher Branch, “Planter, of Arrowhattocks” a 21-year lease on 100 acres on the north side of the James River.  In 1635 he obtained a patent for 250 acres on the other side of the James River—50 acres for “his own personal adventure” and 200 acres for the transportation of 4 persons.  He renewed this latter patent twice in 1638.  In 1636 Branch had a patent for 100 acres.  He assigned 60 acres to James Place in return for 100 acres belonging to Place.  Branch renewed the 1636 patent and got another 350 acres for 7 headrights in 1638.  In 1665 Mr. Christopher Branch Sr. obtained a patent for “Kingsland” as he now called his estate. The 1,380-acre plantation encompassed his earlier 250- and 450-acre patents and added 50 acres escheated from John Griffin and 630 acres for transporting 13 persons. 
Christopher was a county justice in 1656-57.  Soon before his death, Christopher confirmed the conveyance of 100 acres to his son Thomas. 

Christopher’s makes his will
The full transcript of the last will and testament of Christopher Branch is included below. He was dead by 20 Feb. 1681/2 when the court ordered the will recorded.
On 13 April 1682 the court recorded the inventory and appraisement of his estate of £38.7.10 and ordered the division of his estate to Christopher Branch, Samuel Branch, Thomas Jefferson, and Sarah Branch. 

Disputes over the will
Christopher’s will was twice produced in court to resolve later property issues. In 1691 Christopher Branch III and his uncle and “Kingsland” neighbor Thomas Branch were in heated dispute. Both lived on land that Christopher Branch I had owned and Thomas put a fence across an old cart path blocking Christopher’s way to the creek.
After Christopher several times tore down the fence, Thomas sued him. To help resolve the issue, Christopher’s brothers, Samuel and Benjamin Branch, both now in their mid-twenties, were ordered to give depositions about where a cart path ran.  Christopher III pointed to a clause in his grandfather’s will “that the cart way be not stopped up nor altered that now is to go into the woods for timber or for firewood but to have a clear passage” and the court ordered Thomas to leave a path 15 feet wide. 
Many years later, Benjamin Branch complained to the courts about the division of the Branch land. He was the eldest son of the eldest son of the Benjamin Branch who inherited the land fee tail between Jacks Bottom and Proctors Creek and to this younger Benjamin fell the property after the death of his father—another Benjamin Branch. His complaint was with Christopher Branch who was heir at law to Samuel Branch the beneficiary of neighboring land in the above will.
Samuel Branch and his son of the same name were dead and the right to the land followed the law of primogeniture—first to Christopher Branch III—Samuel’s eldest brother—then to Henry Branch and hence to Christopher. Evidently, the defendant’s father and the plaintiff’s father had marked off the boundary between the properties in a way that benefitted Christopher. Benjamin held that the laws of entail superceded such a transaction and he wanted part of his land back. Although Christopher had even acknowledged publicly that he got the better deal, he claimed it was too late to reverse the action. We do not know the outcome of this suit.

Pedigree Chart 13
Christopher Branch
13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
John Braunche
John Branch
Avise -
Richard Branch, of Abingdon (-1544)
William Branch, of Abingdon, Berkshire (-1601/2 )
Thomas Beauforest
Thomas Beauforest, of Dorchester in Oxfordshire
Elizabeth Beauforest (-1556)
Margaret Bassett
Lionel Branch (1566-1605)
Thomas Jennings
Katherine Jennings (-1597)
Richard Bright, of Culham
Alice Bright
Christopher Branch I
Valentia Sparke (-1600)

Christopher’s will

Will of Christopher Branch
20 June 1678
In the name of God Amen. The twentieth of June 1678. I Christopher Branch, of Kingsland, in the County of Henrico being in years and memory, praised be to God, do make this my Last Will and Testament as follows:
Item. I give my body unto the Earth from whence it came and my Soul unto my Savior Jesus Christ, who has bought it with his most precious blood.
Item. I give unto my son Thomas Branch my great copper kettle and a book called Ursinis Catucis and I do confirm the two hundred and forty acres of land that I have given him by deed gift formerly.
Item. I give unto my grandson Christopher Branch all the land between the river and the long slash, beginning at Proctors Creek mouth, and run upward on the river to the pine tree that parts my land and my son Thomas, and from Proctors Creek at the lower end of long slash on the inside of the slash running upward to my son Thomas’ land unto him and his heirs male forever, provided that he shall help to build for his brother, Samuel Branch a house [with] four lengths of board every length to be five foot with help of the Negro and Job. If they live until Samuel be of ability to help and to seat it, and to help him to clear a cornfield sufficiently fenced to keep out hogs and cattle.
Item. I give unto my grandson Samuel Branch all the land that lies between the long slash and the bottom called by the name Jacks Bottom, beginning at Proctors Creek and running upwards to my son Thomas’ land to him and his heirs male forever provided that he, with the help of Christopher and the Negro and Job, if it pleased God they live, do build Benjamin one house of four lengths of board every length of board to be five foot long, clear and fence him a cornfield so much as they do for Samuel, with his help when he shall be able to seat it.
Item. I give unto my grandson Benjamin Branch all the land that lies between Jacks Bottom and Proctors Creek beginning at Proctors Creek and running upwards to my son Thomas’ land to him and his heirs male forever. It is my will that Christopher do give unto Samuel and Benjamin six locust posts and two elm posts a piece when they shall build them their dwelling houses if they can find none on their own ground. It is my will that any of these—Christopher, Samuel, or Benjamin—do die before they come to the age of one and twenty years then their land shall return to the next brother and the goods that they shall have out of my estate after my decease. It is my will that after my decease, my son Thomas shall pay unto Christopher the rent that shall be due unto his Majesty yearly for his two hundred and forty acres of land when it shall be demanded. Likewise, Mr. Gower, Samuel, and Benjamin when they shall seat their land.
Item. It is my will that neither Samuel nor Benjamin go off the plantation but to live with Christopher and to have housing and ground and to work together until they be able to seat their own land unless they be willing to go off themselves. It is my will that my part of my Job’s labor, so long as he has to serve, shall go to maintain Samuel, Benjamin, and Sarah, and the half of the Negro’s labor go to maintain them.
Item. It is my will that the cart way be not stopped up nor altered that now is to go into the woods for timber or for firewood but to have a clear passage. It is my will that William and John Branch shall have liberty to fish or fowl in the creeks or swamp. If Christopher shall refuse to help to build and clear for Samuel and Benjamin as I have set down in this my will, then he shall pay to Benjamin six hundred pounds of tobacco.
Item: I give unto Thomas Jefferson one hogshead of tobacco of four hundred pounds weight whom I make with my grandson Christopher Branch my full and sole executors of this my last will and testament and I desire them to see my will truly performed, my debts and legacies being paid and burial discharged, all the rest of my estate I give unto my grandson Christopher Branch and Samuel and Benjamin and Sarah and Mary Branch, the wife of Thomas Jefferson to be equally divided among them. Witness my hand and seal the day and year above written.
Christopher Branch
Abel Gower
Richard Ward

Slash denotes a low, wet, and overgrown piece of ground. Posts were “Trees.” A locust tree had compound leaves, drooping clusters of fragrant flowers, and hard, durable wood.

The will of Christopher’s great-grandfather Richard Branch

Will of Richard Branch
27 August 1544
In the name off god Amen the 27 daye of August yn the yere off our lorde god 1544 and in the yere of our soveren and most drade lorde Henry the viij by the grace of god of England fraunce & Irelande kinge of the faithe defensor and in the erthe next under god of the church of England & Ireland supreme hede the xxxvj
y Richarde Branche of Abendon in the dyocese of Sarum wollen draper being hole of mynde and perfyt of memorye (thankes be unto Jhesu) never the lesse sycke in bodye do ordeyne and make this to be my last will and testament as hereafter foloweth that is to saye I bequethe my solle unto almighty god my only Saviour and redemer desirynge my soll to be assosiat and in cumpenye withe the virgyn marye and all thelect people of god and my bodye to be buryede in Saynct Elens churche of Abendon in Saynct Kateryns yle nyghe unto the bodyes of my late wyves Julyan and Margrett.
Item y bequeth unto the highe awlter in Saynct Elens Churche ijs to be prayed for.
Item y bequeth unto Thomas Branche my eldest sonne a federbed a bolster a coverynge with a myter upon it and a peyre off scheetes and xs [ten shillings] in moneye.
Item y bequethe unto my sonne William Branche my gowne that hadde off Mastre Wodwarde and xs in moneye.
Item y bequethe unto Thomas Branche my yongest sonne xxs in moneye.
Item y bequethe unto my sunne John Branche a black gown lyned with saynct Thomas wolsted and xs in moneye.
Item y bequethe unto Mergerye my dowghter a gyrdell with a dymycent of sylver and gyelt a sylverne spone withall her graunfathers bequest unto her a great brasse pott a platter a pottenger and a sawcer of the new fassyon a bell candlestycke & xxs in moneye.
Item y bequethe unto Maryon my dowghter a great brasse potte a brasse pan a peyre of Jett bedis with sylver gandes a sylverne spone besydes the spone that Wodwarde gave unto her a platter a potenger a sawcer of the new facyon a bell candlestycke & xxs in moneye.
And yff it shall cum to passe by godes provysyon that anye off my fore named chyldern shall departe this transitorye lyeff before they cum unto yeris of dyscretion then y will that his or their partes of the bequestes above mentioned so discessed shalbe indifferently distrybuted amongst my chyldern that then shalbe on lyve.
Item the residew of all mye goodes unbequethed (my detes payed my funeralls dishcarged and my legaces fulfylled) I geve and bequethe unto Elysabeth Braunche my wyffe she to pay all the dettes that ye owe and to receve all such dettes as be owinge unto me whom also y make my full and sole executrice she to cause my soll to be prayed for as god shall put her in mynd.
Item y do make Humffrey Bostocke and Thomas Erle the overseers of this my last will and testament to be performed in whome y putt my full trust above all other mortall men to se unto the gydynge of my wyffe and my childern untyll the tyme that god provyde for them unto whome also y do geve for the paynes takynge vjs viijd equallye betwyxt them to be devydyd.
Witnesses hereunto Sir William Druet brotherhed preist Richard Mayot Humffreye Bostocke and Thomas Erle with other moe.

The will of Richard Lee

Will of Richard Lee
16 July 1544
In the name of god Amen the xvi daie of July in the yere of our lorde god a ml vc xliv I Richard Lee of Bowghe in the pischurche [parish] of Darton beinge of good memorie mynde maikes and ordains this my last Will in manner and forme following
The ffirst IO give and bequeath my soule unto the mercifull handes of almightie god and to the prayer of owre Blissed ladie saincte Marie and to all the suffraiges of holie churche and my bodie to buried within the churche of Allhallowes in Darton
Also I Bequeath for a place in the same churche to have my body in m[]d
Also I will that Alice my wife shall have my farmholde as longe as she kepeth hir unmaried and if that she marie then I will that Raufe my sone enter and occupy my said farmeholde and yf the saide Raufe die or that he marrie then I will that Richarde my sone enter and occupie my saide farmlande
Also I bequeath to Faufe my sone my best cownter
Also I will that Alice my wife Richard Issabell John and Elisabeth my children by ioyntely to gether my full executors of all my goodes to paie my dettes and so that this my will be fulfilled.
This being witness Sir William Lee Curate Nicholas Sayvell Richarde Vessey Thomas Addie with others noo.
Et septimo die mensis Novembris Anno Dm millimoquingentesimo quinto probatum.

Descendants of Christopher Branch I
Information about the children of Christopher Branch I, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more 
Names found in this topic include the following.
 Thomas Branch I (1624-c.1694),  
Elizabeth Gough,  Capt. Matthew Gough,  
Joseph Tanner,   John Cocke,   
Capt. Thomas Branch II,  Elizabeth Archer,   Joseph Royall,  
Edward Deely,  
Elizabeth Branch,   
John Cocke,   Obedience Branch,   
Henry Wood,  Benjamin Ward,   Seth Ward,   
Thomas Branch III,  Charles Burton,  Richard Ferryman,  
Richard Dennis,   Richard Ward,   Seth Ward,   
William Branch,   John Branch,   Obedience Branch,   James Branch,   Henry Vanderhood,  Henry Branch,   Joseph Ward,   
John Quarles,  Joseph Wilkinson,   Henry Branch,   
Leonard Ward,   Seth Ward,   Josiah Tatum,   Christopher Branch,   Thomas Branch Willson,   Branch Tanner,   Branch Tanner,   
William Branch,  
James Branch,  
Tabitha Branch,  Henry Mitchell III,  John Davis,  
Sarah Cooke,   
Henry Mitchell IV,  Priscilla (—) Mitchell,  Priscilla Jones,  
Samuel Northington,  
Amy Mitchell,  
Mary Mitchell,  
Henry Mitchell V,  Jane (—) Mitchell,  Jane Ambrose,  
Priscilla Mitchell,  Burwell Wilkerson,  
Jones Mitchell,  
Reuben Mitchell,  
Sgt. Repps Mitchell,  Susanna Rives,   
Timothy Rives,   
Martha Mitchell,  Benjamin Turner,  
Paul Mitchell,  Nancy Seward,  
William Rives Mitchell,  
Thomas Branch Mitchell,  
Henry Mitchell,  
Margaret Mitchell,  William Elder,  
Frances Mitchell,  Richard Bonner,  
Tabitha Mitchell,  
Nathaniel Mitchell,  John Pettway,   
Branch Mitchell,  John Pettway,   Elizabeth (—) Mitchell,  
William Cureton,  
Noel Mitchell,  
Thomas Mitchell,  Rebecca Stewart,  William Stewart,  
Thomas Mitchell,  Amy Goodwyn,  
Thomas Eldridge,   
John Raines,   
John Mitchell,  Sarah Thweatt,  
Henry Mitchell,  
Thomas Mitchell,  
Tabitha Mitchell,  
Winifred Mitchell,  
Nathaniel Mitchell,  Elizabeth (—) Mitchell,  William Bishop,  
John Pettway,  
John Mitchell,  Scota Stewart,  William Stewart,  
Elizabeth Sledge,  Peter Cain,  
James Cain Jr.,  Lucy —,  
Elizabeth Mitchell,  
Tabitha Mitchell,  David Golightly,  
Lewis Mitchell,  
Ann Mitchell,  Nicholas Ogburn,  John Ogburn,  
William Ogburn,  
Sterling Ogburn,  
Charles Ogburn,  
Agnes Branch,  Edward Osborne,   
John Worsham,   
William Osborne,  Elizabeth Tanner,   
Edward Osborne III,  Elizabeth Epes,  William Epes,  Lucy Hamlin,  
Edward Osborne IV,  
Lucy Osborne,  Peter Peterson,   
Thomas Batte,   
Elizabeth Peterson,  Peterson Goodwyn,   Dr. James Greenway,  
Walter Allen Watson,   
Capt. Edward Osborne Goodwyn,  Magruder,  
Martha Goodwyn,  Patrick Magruder,  
Amy Eppes Goodwyn,  Daniel E. Allen,  
Eliza H. Goodwyn,  Thomas Whitworth,  
Albert Thweatt Goodwyn,  Martha King,  Elisha King,  Judith —,  Amelia Meade,   
Peterson Goodwyn,  Mary Campbell Powell,  
Lucy A. Goodwyn,  
Lucy Osborne Peterson,  James Thweatt,  
Lucy Osborne Thweatt,  Herbert Gregory,  
Sarah Green Thweatt,  Thomas Thweatt,   
Lucy Osborne Thweatt,  Theophilus Agricola Feild,   
Archibald Thweatt,  Sarah Catherine Fitzgerald,   
Thomas Francis Thweatt,  
Susan Feild Thweatt,  
Francis Fitzgerald Thweatt,  
Thomas Fitzgerald Thweatt,  
Archibald Thweatt,  
Richard Noble Thweatt,  Bettie Green,  
Louise Jones Thweatt,  Albert Theodore Powell,  Dr. William Claiborne Powell,  
Sarah Green Thweatt,  
Isaiah Green Thweatt,  
George Charles Thweatt,  
Mary Thweatt,  
Frances Thweatt,  Charles Henry Zehmer,  
John James Thweatt,  
John James Thweatt,  
Edmund Thweatt,  
Edmund Osborne Thweatt,  
Lucy Catherine Thweatt,  Thomas Castleman Bourdon,   
Sarah Green Thweatt,  Francis Fitzgerald Jones,   
Susan Feild Thweatt,  Dr. George Fitzgerald,   
Agnes Osborne,  Thomas Goode,   
Elizabeth Epes Osborne,  Benjamin Branch,   
Joseph Osborne,  Ann Jones,   
John Worsham III,  Joshua Worsham,   
Mary Epes,   
Edward Worsham,  
Elizabeth (—) Worsham,  Elizabeth Royall,  Catlett Mann,  
Edward Worsham,  John Royall,  John Burton,  
Michal Worsham,  
Sarah Worsham,  Archibald Baugh,   
John Worsham,  
Mary Worsham,  Richard Wilkinson,   Richard Adams,  John Cox,  
Joel Traylor,   
Martha Wilkinson,  
Anne Wilkinson,  John Hill,   
Reuben Howard,  
Lucy Wilkinson,  Thomas Wells,  
John Wilkinson,  Elizabeth (—) Wilkinson,  
Michal Wilkinson,  Peter Worsham,  Peter Worsham,   
Edward Worsham,  Rebecca Hill,  
Mary Worsham,  William Vaden,  
Lucy Worsham,  Field Robertson,   
Prudence Worsham,  Michael Vaden,   
Peter Worsham,  
Michal Osborne Worsham,  Wilson Winfree,  
Sarah Wilkinson,  John Graves Jr.,  
Peter Perdue,  Ezekiel Perdue,  
Mary Graves,  
Richard Wilkinson,  
Martha Wilkinson,  
Elizabeth Branch,  Robert Goode,   
Page Punch,  Edward Curd,  
Robert Goode,  Mary Turpin,   William Byrd,  
Edward Tabb,  
William Byrd,  
Mary Goode,  Seth Ward,   
Col. Robert Goode III,  Sarah Bland,   
Sally Bland Goode,  
Robert Goode,  
Richard Bland Goode,  Sally Hughes Woodson,  
Francis Goode,  Martha Hartwell Hughes,  Robert Hughes,  
Theodorick Bland Goode,  Peter Branch,   
Mary Goode,  John Spotswood,  
Sally Bland Goode,  James Lyle,  Tarleton Saunders,  
Martha Currie Goode,  James Scott,   
Thomas Goode,  
Obedience Goode,  
Elizabeth Goode,  
Maj. Francis Goode,  Alice Harris,   
Robert Goode,  Samuel Flournoy,   
Francis Goode,  
Elizabeth Goode,  William James,  
Mary Goode,  Henry Walker Tatum,   
Louisa Alice Goode,  William H. Harrison,  
Samuel Goode,  
Thomas Goode,  Elizabeth Prosser,  
Samuel Goode,  Mary Armistead Burwell,  Col. Lewis Burwell,  
William Davis,  
Alice E. Goode,  James Harris,  
Lucy Goode,  Col. Charles Baskerville,  Elizabeth Ann Coleman,   
Martha Goode,  James Wood Bouldin,   
Samuel Goode Bouldin,  
Sally Goode,  Hon. Richard H. Baptist,  
Mary Armistead Goode,  Dr. Thomas Williamson Jones,  
Rev. Edwin Burwell Jones,  Cornelia A. Campbell,  Dr. Archibald Algernon Campbell,  Sarah Elizabeth Epes,  Thomas Williamson Jones,  
Thomas W. Jones,  
Samuel Goode Jones,  Martha W. Goode,  Aurie Elmore,  
Lucy Binns Jones,  Dr. George Mason,  John Young Mason,  Harriet Bathurst Barksdale,   
James Ravenscroft Jones,  Audrey Judd,  
James E. Jones,  
Mary Jones,  John J. Williams,  
Mary Armistead Jones,  
Thomas Goode,  Mary Ann Knox,   
Col. Thomas Francis Goode,  
Walter Allen Watson,   
Samuel Hopkins Goode,  Mary E. Price,  Dr. Thomas Dandridge Price,  Mary E. Edmunds,  
Martha S. Jones,  Robert H. Jones,  Mary Frion,  
Francis Goode,  
Lewis Robert Goode,  
Martha Goode,  
Martha Goode,  
Martha Goode,  
Francis Goode,  
Mary Punch,  William Finney,   
Charles Garrett,   Paul Pigg,  Thomas Hardy,  
Martha Finney,  Edward Haskins,   
Rev. John Finney,  Elizabeth Moseley,   
Sarah (Mann) Chappell,  Miles Chappell,   
Rev. John Finney,  Ann (Crawley) Garland,   
William Finney,  
Hannah Watkins,   
Richard Watkins,  
William Finney,  Martha Leigh,   
Benjamin Finney,  
Miles Finney,  Haskins,  
Page Punch Finney,  Gray,  
Thomas Finney,  
Hannah W. Finney,  Joseph Archer Royall,   
Mary Finney,  Daniel Worsham,   
Martha Finney,  Elizabeth (Cary) Watkins,   
Frances Finney,  William Osborne,   
Elizabeth Finney,  Thomas Branch Willson,   
Mary Page Finney,  Branch Tanner,   
Lucy Finney,  Edward Branch,   
Ann Finney,  Daniel Willson,   
John Moseley,   
Sarah Finney,  Haskins,  
Frances Branch,  Lodowick Tanner,   
Mary Branch,  Henry Tatum,   
Amy Branch,  Henry Branch,   
Martha Branch,  Daniel Willson,   
Margery Branch,  Margery Archer,   John Goode,   
Jacob Bugg,  
John Goode IV,  Thomas Branch,   
John Ruffin,   John Gaines,  
Benjamin Bugg,  
Sir Peyton Skipwith,   
Jane Gordon,  John Burton,   Anne Gordon,  William Leigh,  
Martha Moore,  Rebecca J. Pully,  John Short,  
John Goode V,  
Jane Goode,  John Bolling,  Alexander Bolling,  
Dr. Alexander Goode,  Sarah Worthington,  Minerva Jackson (Rawlings) Harrison,  Mortimer Harrison,  
Lucy Goode,  Abner Adams,  
Bennett B. Goode,  Sarah L. Rolfe,  
Elizabeth B. Goode,  Jackson Yancey,  
Bennett Goode,  Isabella Lewis,  William Bilbo,  
Swepson Jeffries Sr.,   Samuel Hopkins Jr.,  
Ann Branch Goode,  
Elizabeth Willis Goode,  Joseph Taylor,  Joseph Taylor,  Frances Anderson,  
John Bennett Goode,  Permelia B. Hendricks,  William Hendricks,  
Lucy Ann Goode,  Richard Boyd Jr.,  Robert Boyd,   Sarah Anderson Jones,  
Elizabeth Willis Goode,  William Henry Embry Merritt,   Elizabeth Walker,   Rev. Henry Merritt,   
Elizabeth W. Merritt,  
Isabella Lewis Merritt,  George Cabell Rives,  George Rives,   Mary Eliza Carter,  Mary E. Rives,  Isabelle Lewis Rives,  
Henry Embry Merritt,  
Sophia W. Merritt,  John Harding Jr.,  Gen. William G. Harding,  
Lucy Ann Merritt,  William G. Burton,  
William Thomas Merritt,  
John Bennett Merritt,  
James Love Merritt,  
Howell Jeffries Merritt,  
Francis Gibbon Merritt,  
Mary Virginia Merritt,  Jacob Morton Flournoy,  
Thomas Goode,  Agnes Osborne,   
Thomas Goode,  
John Chesterfield Goode,  Lucy Herbert Claiborne,   
Mary (Smith) Nuttall,  
William Osborne Goode,  Sarah Bolling Tazewell,   
Sarah Maria Massie,   
Walter Allen Watson,   
John Thomas Goode,  Edward Branch Goode,  
Agnes E. Goode,  James Williamson,  
Elizabeth O. Goode,  Thomas J. Bailey,  
Martha Goode,  William Brown Hamlin,  
Mary Ann Hamlin,  Samuel Pryor,   
Elizabeth Eppes Goode,  
Agnes Eppes Goode,  Col. John Tucker,  Rev. Wright Tucker,  Elizabeth Tucker,  
Lucy Goode Tucker,  Edward R. Chambers,   
Thomas Francis Goode,  Rosa C. Chambers,  
Thomas Goode Tucker,  
Elizabeth Lewis,  Louisa R. Tatum,  
Heartwell Tucker,  
Edward Bennett Tucker,  Mary Eliza Cumming,  
John H. Tucker,  
Maria E. Tucker,  Dr. John Alexander Feild,   
William C. Tucker,  Helen L. Scott,  Dr. John L. Scott,  
Thomas Goode Tucker,  
Dr. Sterling H. Tucker,  Martha Rebecca Feild,   
John Eppes Tucker,  Mary Hubbard,  David Hubbard,  
Elizabeth Osborne Goode,  
Edward Goode,  
Jacob Bugg,  
Lucy Bugg,  Mark Alexander,  
Mark Alexander,  Sarah Park Turner,  
Elizabeth Branch Bugg,  Samuel Hopkins Jr.,  
Sarah Pettus Hopkins,  Maj. John B. Bibb,  
Matthew Branch,  John Tullit,  
Frances Ware,  Caleb Ware,  William Burroughs,  Thomas Taylor,  Sarah Smith,  Phoebe Branch,   
Thomas Harris,   
Matthew Branch,  Henry Cary,  
John Wood,  
Matthew Branch III,  Ridley Jones,   Charles Turnbull,  
Edmund Smyth,  
Matthew Branch IV,  
Peter Branch,  Judith Jones,   Pauline (Cheatham) Branch,   
Ridley Branch,  William Wills,  
Peter Jones Branch,  Rachel Findlay,  
Alexander Reeves Branch,  
Farris M. Branch,  
Elizabeth Branch,  
Mary Branch,  Benjamin Moseley,   
Samuel Branch,  
Winifred (—) Branch,  
Edward Branch,  Margaret (—) Branch,  Mary Ann (—) Branch,  
Stephen Branch,  Tabitha Cocke,   
Edward Branch,  
Matthew Branch,  
Mary Ann Branch,  Robert Cary,   
Jane Cary,  
Samuel Cary,  
Judith Branch,  Joseph Warren Robertson,  
Elizabeth Branch,  Charles Burton,  
Thomas Branch,  Mary Eldridge,   
Maj. Bolling Branch,  Rebecca Graves,   Mary H. Bell,  
Mary Susan Branch,  John Fleming Wiley,  
Dr. Sterling Ford,   
William Arthur Branch,  
Sarah Graves Branch,  Capt. Edward Gregg,  
Robert Bolling Branch,  
Thomas Branch,  
Wiley Harrison Branch,  
Matthew Branch,  Martha Cox,   Rebecca Bell,  
John Branch,  Johan Hancock,   Henry Cary,  
John Branch,   
Johanna Branch,  Abraham Sandifer,  
Matthew Sandifer,  
Diana Sandifer,  
Frances Sandifer,  George Stokes Stovall Smith,  
Elizabeth Ridley Sandifer,  John Deane,  
Susanna Sandifer,  
Samuel Branch,  Henry Cox,  Archibald Cary,  
Elizabeth Jackson,  John Jackson,  Rachel Jackson,  Chandler Jackson,  Lucy Jackson,  Arthur Moseley,   
Samuel Branch,  Jane Martin,  Anthony Martin,  Sarah Holman,  Anthony Martin,  Thomas Whitworth,  
Sarah M. Branch,  Clement A. Jennings,  
Mary Jennings,  Peter Hales,  
Arthur Branch,  Catherine Moseley,   
Elizabeth Branch,  Matthew Baker,  
Elizabeth Branch,  John Harris,  
Hannah Branch,  William Hopkins,  
Mary Branch,  Samuel Marshall,  
William Branch,  Sarah Martin,  Anthony Martin,  Sarah Holman,  
Charles Branch,  Elizabeth (Porter) Porter,  Thomas Porter,  
Thomas Branch,  
Matthew Branch,  Ann Walthall,   
Matthew Branch,  
Francis Branch,  Nancy Sublett,  William Sublett,  
Ann Spencer Branch,  
Archibald Branch,  
Thomas Spencer Branch,  
Mary Branch,  Archibald Walthall,  
Elizabeth Branch,  
Frances Branch,  
Elizabeth Branch,  
John Branch,  Charles Stuart,  Samuel Branch,   Matthew Branch,   
Daniel Weisiger,  
Olive Branch,  Valentia Branch,   William Byrd,  Thomas Branch,   
Jacob Bugg,   
James Branch,  
Olive Branch,  
Verlinche Branch,  Benjamin Parks,  Arthur Moseley,   
Samuel Branch,  
Pleasant Branch,  Jenny Mastin,  
Anderson Branch,  
Olive Branch,  
Judith Branch,  Matthew Anderson,  
Daniel Mann,  
Susanna Moore,   George Hunt Moore,   
Olive Mann,  Prissy Berry,  Rigsby Mann,  
Branch Mann,  
Virginia Mann,  Alexander Snellings,  
Gilley Mann,  James Lockett,  Dickerson Wyatt,  
Winifred Mann,  George Snellings,  May Ann Mann,  
Daniel Mann,  
Claiborne Mann,  
Susannah Mann,  
Mary Mann,  
Lucy Mann,  
Masey Mann,  
William Moseley,  
Olive Moseley,  
David Moseley,  
Daniel Branch,  Stephen Woodson,  
Elizabeth Porter,  Thomas Porter,  Isaac Dutoy,  
Daniel Branch,  Anderson Britton,   
James Branch,  
Olive Branch,  Sally Ash,  John Ash,  
Daniel Branch,  Mary Britton,  James Britton,  Sally Clarke,  
Elizabeth Branch,  Beverley Stanard,  Robert Mallory,  
Mary Ann Branch,  William Stanard,  
Sarah Branch,  John Frazier,  
Valentia Branch,  
Washington Branch,  Polly Brachan,  Josiah Brachan,  
Thomas Branch,  Nancy Clements,   
Dutoy Branch,  
Matthew Branch,  
Mary Branch,  John Cocke,  John Cocke,   
Elizabeth Barbara Branch,  Henry Holman,  
Mary Holman,  Philip Deane,  
William Holman,  
Jane Holman,  Joshua P. Hunnicutt,  
James Holman,  
Sarah Holman,  Puryear,  
Frances Holman,  
Daniel B. Holman,  
Edwin Holman,  
Matilda Holman,  
John Henry Holman,  
Elizabeth Holman,  Samuel Pleasants,  
Frances Branch,  John Price,   
Thomas Branch,  Stephen Pankey,  
Mary (—) Branch,  
Edward Branch,  William Sowell,  Tabitha Horner,  
Nelson Branch,  
Thomas Branch,  
Mary Branch,  
Arthur Branch,  Maria —,  
Martha Branch,  
Garner Branch,  
Edward Branch,  
James Branch,  
Garner Branch,  Elizabeth Branch,  Frances Hill,   
Edward Hill,   
Edward Branch,  Edward Branch,   William Burton,  Judith Langdon,  
Jonathon Branch,  
Phoebe Branch,  Lockett,  
Martha Branch,  
Mary Branch,  
Elizabeth Branch,  
Thomas Branch,  Mary Hayes,   
Mary Branch,  Drew,  
Sarah Branch,  
Elizabeth Branch,  
Thomas Branch,  
Richard Hays Branch,  
Catherine G. Branch,  
Ann Branch,  
Rebecca H. Branch,  Charles Forsee,  
William Hays Branch,  
Phoebe Branch,  
Elizabeth Branch,  Stephen Woodson,   
Charles Bates,   
Matthew Woodson,  Elizabeth LeVillain,  John LeVillain,  Phillipa Dupuy,  
John Stephen Woodson,  Ann Woodson,   
Matthew Woodson,  
Benjamin Woodson,  
George Woodson,  
John Woodson,  
Stephen Woodson,  
Mary Woodson,  William Porter,  
Dolly Woodson,  
Nancy Woodson,  
Elizabeth Woodson,  Josiah Woodson,   
Mary Woodson,  James W. Moss,  
Elizabeth Woodson,  
Caroline Woodson,  
Martha Woodson,  
Mary Woodson,  Jesse Redd,  
Samuel Woodson,  Sarah Mills,  
William Fountain Woodson,  
John LeVillain Woodson,  Nancy Redford,  
Spotswood Woodson,  
Samuel Woodson,  
Matthew Woodson,  
Daniel Woodson,  
Elizabeth Woodson,  
Maria Woodson,  
Sally Woodson,  Gideon Flippo,  
Fountain Woodson,  
Tabitha Woodson,  
Frances Woodson,  Robert Farrar,   
Jacob Woodson,  Dorothy Peers,  Anderson Peers,  
Addison Woodson,  
Nancy Woodson,  
Virginia Woodson,  
Philip Woodson,  Sarah Woodson,   
Philip M. Woodson,  
Tarleton Woodson,  
Paulina Woodson,  Matthew Woodson,  
Daniel Woodson,  Nancy Cartwright,  
Marshall Woodson,  
Tarleton Woodson,  
Benjamin Woodson,  
Thomas Woodson,  Sally Saunders,  
Robert Woodson,  
Jane Woodson,  William Gathright,  
Tabitha Woodson,  John Brown,  
Elizabeth Woodson,  Alexander Trent,   
Stephen Woodson,  Lucy Farrar,   
Stephen Woodson,  Mary Holman,  
Mary Woodson,  
Daniel Bates,  
Molly Bates,  
Charles Fleming Bates,  Mary Heath Miller,  
 John Woodson (-1715),  
Judith Tarleton,  Stephen Tarleton,  
Thomas Randolph,  
Tarleton Woodson,  Ursula Fleming,   
Charles Evans,  
Charles Woodson,  Mary Pleasants,  John Pleasants,  
Agnes (Parsons) Richardson,  Joseph Parsons,  Samuel Richardson,  
Charles Woodson,  Ann Trotter,  Thomas Trotter,  
George Woodson,  Sarah Friend,   
Tarleton Woodson,  Anne Van der Veer,  Ann Friend,   
Charles Woodson,  
Tarleton Woodson,  
Capt. Frederick Woodson,  Charles Woodson,  
Agnes Woodson,  John Ellyson,  
Sarah Ellyson Woodson,  James Clark,  Archibald Bolling,   
Carolina Matilda Woodson,  Thomas Fleming Bates,  
Edward Bates,  
Frederick Bates,  
James Woodson Bates,  
Tarleton Bates,  
Charles Bates,  
Fleming Bates,  
Susanna Bates,  Thomas H. Walton,  
Ursula Woodson,  Francis Luddington,  
Tarleton Woodson,  
Susanna Woodson,  John Pleasants,   
Sarah Woodson,  Henry Terrell,  William Terrell,  
Mary Woodson,  John Pleasants,  
Judith Woodson,  Thomas Cheadle,  
Mary Cheadle,  James Harris,  
John Cheadle,  
George Cheadle,  
Thomas Cheadle,  
Judith Cheadle,  
Jacob Cheadle,  
Lucy Cheadle,  
Judith Cheadle,  
Elizabeth Cheadle,  
Ursula Cheadle,  
Sarah Cheadle,  Henry Chiles,  
Jacob Woodson,  
John Woodson,  Susanna (Fleming) Bates,   John Bates,  
Robert Woodson,  Sarah Womack,  Thomas Randolph,  William Womack,  
Jacob Woodson,  
Josiah Woodson,  Mary Royall,   
Stephen Woodson,  Elizabeth Branch,   
Judith Woodson,  Stephen Cox,   
Elizabeth Woodson,  Joseph Pleasants,   
James Branch,  Walter Squire,  Abell Gower,  
Thomas Turpin,  Obedience Branch,   Henry Vanderhood,  
Mary (—) Branch,  Thomas Branch,   John Markham,   
Elizabeth Branch,  John Wooldridge,   
William Mayo,   
Margaret (—) Wooldridge,  
Richard Wooldridge,  Elizabeth —,  
John Wooldridge,  James Farley,  
William Wooldridge,  Mary Harrison,  Sarah (Butler) Slaughter Harrison,  
Mary Wooldridge,  John Martin,  
Elizabeth Martin,  Viers,  
Elizabeth Wooldridge,  John Wooldridge,   William Langsdon,  
Seth Wooldridge,  Peggy Wooldridge Elam,   
Rev. John Wooldridge,  Martha Winfree Magruder,  Karen Hughes,  Elizabeth Sublett,  
Frances Wooldridge,  
Phoebe Wooldridge,  
Thomas Wooldridge,  
Hannah Langsdon,  Ellis G. Bowler,  
Rebecca Langsdon,  Walker Bowler,  
Benjamin Langsdon,  Anna Magruder,  
Nancy Langsdon,  John Maxey,  
Henry Wooldridge,   
Rev. Edmund Wooldridge,  Elizabeth Watkins,   
Valentia Wooldridge,  Daniel Elam,   
Robert Wooldridge,  Susanna Major,  
Phoebe Wooldridge,  Richard Elam,   
Thomas Wooldridge,  Sarah Ann Barnes,  Cheriah Davis,  
Frances Branch,  
Valentia Branch,  Olive Branch,   
Mary Branch,  
Phoebe Branch,  William Hill,   
Edward Hill,   
John Branch,  John Branch,   John Markham,   
Thomas Branch,   James Lyle,  
Susanna (—) Branch,  
James Branch,  Frances Terry,  Martha Minor,  
Sarah Branch,  Edmund Goode,   Jeremiah Hatcher,   
John Goode,  Ann M. Leftwich,  
John Goode Jr.,  
John Breckinridge Goode,  
Susan Goode,  Samuel Hobson,  
Elizabeth Branch,  Melchizedek Richardson,  
Thomas Chamberlaine,   
Martha Branch,  Richard Ward,   
 William Branch (c.1640-c.1670),  
Jane (—) Branch,  
William Baugh,   Abell Gower,  
William Branch,  
John Branch,  Martha (—) Branch,  Robert Grigg,  
Thomas Osborne,   
Thomas Edwards,  
Priscilla Branch,  Edward Skerme,   
Edward Harris,   
Joseph Wilkinson,  
Jameston Hatcher,   Matthew Turpin,   William Byrd,  
William Isbell,  Rosamond Isbell,  
William Archer,   
Joseph Wilkinson,  Mary (—) Wilkinson,  
Priscilla Wilkinson,  Henry Embry,   Edward Wilkinson,   
William Hill,  
Katherine (—) Hill,  John Hill,  Isaac Hill,  Thomas Hill,  Major Hill,  Elizabeth Hill,  Burwell Lanier,   
Sarah Lanier,  
Isaac Hill,  Margaret Jennings,  
Francis Bressie,  Henry Ward,   Valentine Mullen,  Richard Stith,   
Harwood Jones,  John Potter,  
William Hill,   Thomas Hall,  
James Skelton,  Samuel Wimbush,  Richard Hill,  
Mary Embry,  John Coleman,  
Henry Embry Coleman,  Ann Gordon,   
John Coleman,  Elizabeth S. Clark,  John Clark,  Love,  Mary J. (—) Coleman,  Mary J. Love,  
Thomas Gordon Coleman,  Ann S. Clark,  
Elizabeth Ann Coleman,  Col. Charles Baskerville,  Lucy Goode,   
Henrietta Maria Coleman,  Rev. John Clark,  
Margaret Murray Coleman,  Richard Logan,  
Sarah Embry Coleman,  David Chalmers,  
Ethelbert Algernon Coleman,  Elizabeth Sims,  Martha Frances Ragsdale,  
Jane Catherine Coleman,  
Henry Embry Coleman,  Turner,  Bester,  
Charles Baskerville Coleman,  Eaton,  Sydnor,  
Sarah Embry,  Isaac Read,   
Thomas Scott,  Richard Elliott,  
Clement Read,  Clarissa Jane Edmunds,   
Isaac Read,  Anne Mayo Venable,   
Priscilla Read,  Col. Charles Scott,  
Isaac Read Scott,  
Mary Embra Scott,  Nathaniel E. Venable,   
Catherine Tomkies Scott,  
Sarah Embra Scott,  William Allen Carrington,   
Henry Edward Scott,  
Harriet Scott,  Thomas Edmunds Read,   
Col. Anderson Cocke Morton,   
Mary Louisa Scott,  
Louisa Maria Scott,  Dr. Samuel Venable Watkins,  William Morton Watkins,   Elizabeth Woodson Venable,   
Charles Scott,  
John Baytop Scott,  Mary (Redd) Pointee,  
Elizabeth C. Scott,  Nathaniel S. Morton,  
Alice Maria Scott,  
Thomas Scott,  
James Scott,  
William Scott,  
Henry Embry Scott,  Sarah Edmunds,   
Sarah Embry Scott,  Thomas Read,   
William T. Scott,  Susan W. Morton,  John Morton,  Sarah E. Read,  
Henry Embry Scott,  Sarah E. Edmunds,   
Clarissa Ann Scott,  Nathaniel Barksdale,   
James Scott,  
Henry Embry,  
Joseph Hill,  Margaret Wallace,  Richard Wallace,  Ann Starkey,  
Priscilla Hill,  Miles Williams,  David Williams,  
William Williams,  
Henry Williams,  
Miles Williams,  Nancy Newsom,  
Mary Williams,  William Clayton,  
Joseph Williams,  
Capt. John R. Williams,  Martha D. Jones,  Robert Jones,  Mary C. Jones,  Green W. Jones,  
Robert Miles Williams,  
John H. Williams,  
Pvt. Green W. Williams,  
Rebecca Jane Williams,  William E. Drummond,   
Georgiana C. Williams,  Thomas S. Davis,  
Henrietta S. Williams,  Anderson Elmore,   
Elizabeth S. Williams,  Thomas S. Davis,  
Mary Augusta Williams,  William Francis Elmore,   
Sgt. Embry E. Williams,  
Thomas F. Williams,  
Pvt. Leonidas Fenton Williams,  
Mitty Williams,  
Tignal Williams,  
William Williams,  
Fletcher Williams,  
Elizabeth C. Williams,  Robert Scoggins,  
Martha Williams,  Peter Ragsdale,  
Mary Wilkinson,  
 Henry Embry (-1763),  
Martha (—) Embry,  
Mary Embry,   
William Embry,  Elizabeth Allen,  
Tscharner deGraffenried,  
William Embry,  William Stokes,   Thomas Edwards,  
Henry Embry,  Ann Peterson,  
Elizabeth Embry,  
Ermine Embry,  Thomas Simmons,   
Sterling Edmunds,   
Frances Embry,  Elisha Brooks,  John Pugh,  
Henry Embry,  Priscilla Wilkinson,   
Mary Embry,  John Merritt,  
Martha Merritt,  Richard Elliott,  Ann (Read) Jameson,   
Mary Elliott,  David Walker,   
John Easter,  
Edward Allmand,  
Iry Asbury Easter,  
Sarah Elliott,  Alexander Walker,   
Elizabeth Elliott,  Clement Read Jameson,   
Martha Elliott,  John Dennis,  
Robert Elliott,  
William Elliott,  Mary Jameson,   
Rev. Henry Merritt,  Elizabeth Walker,   
Mary Merritt,  Col. George Elliott,  
Thomas Colgate Elliott,  Margaret Jennings Jameson,   
Henry Elliott,  
Nancy Peete Elliott,  
William Merritt,  John Robinson,   
Martha Embry,  Benjamin Simmons,   
John Goode,   
Capt. Edward Wilkinson,  Ann Eppes,   Rowland Ward,   
Mary (Archer) Ogilby,   Richard Ogilby,   John Hill,   
John Ogilby,  Richard Ogilby,  Joseph Wilkinson,   
Angelica Wilkinson,  Peterfield Trent,   
Joseph Wilkinson,  Elizabeth Bass,   
Martha Wilkinson,  Thomas Howlett,   
Thomas Howlett,  
Sarah Howlett,  Baugh,  
Joseph Howlett,  
William Howlett,  Martha Chappell,   
Mary Wilkinson,  
Obedience Branch,  John Cocke,   
John Branch,   Thomas Branch,   
Thomas Edwards,  Robert Burton,   Thomas Osborne,   John Davis,   
Alexander Trent,   
Thomas Turpin,   James Branch,   
Thomas Jefferson,   Thomas Harris,   Matthew Branch,   William Gaddy,  Thomas Jefferson,   John Archer,   
William Mayo,   
John Cocke,  Elizabeth (—) Baxter,  Edward Baxter,  
William Moseley,   Robert Goode,   Richard Clark,  
Martha Cocke,  Arthur Moseley,   
Edward Friend,  Andrew LaPrade,  Ann (Anderson) Ward,   
Thomas Turpin,  Mary Jefferson,   
Mary Turpin,  Robert Goode,   
William Turpin,  
Obedience Turpin,  Benjamin Branch,   
 Christopher Branch II (c.1627-1665),  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
European Notables
William Branch Member of Parliament  

Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Repps Mitchell - Revolutionary War Peterson Goodwyn - Revolutionary War
Edward Osborne Goodwyn - War of 1812 Daniel E. Allen - War of 1812
Francis Fitzgerald Thweatt - Civil War Archibald Thweatt - Civil War
Robert Goode III - Revolutionary War Tarleton Saunders - War of 1812
Maj. Francis Goode - Revolutionary War Francis Goode - War of 1812
Samuel Goode - Revolutionary War Thomas Williamson Jones - Civil War
James E. Jones - Civil War John J. Williams - Civil War
Thomas Francis Goode - Civil War Henry Embrey Merritt - Civil War
William Thomas Merritt - Civil War John Bennett Merritt - Civil War
James Love Merritt - Civil War Howell Jeffries Merritt - Civil War
Jacob Morton Flournoy - Civil War William Osborne Goode - War of 1812
Col. John Tucker - War of 1812 David Hubbard - War of 1812
Samuel Hopkins - Revolutionary War Maj. John B. Bibb - War of 1812
Matthew Branch - War of 1812 John F. Wiley - War of 1812
Olive Branch - Revolutionary War Thomas Branch - War of 1812
Charles Forsee - Revolutionary War Tarleton Woodson - Revolutionary War
Charles Woodson - War of 1812 Capt. Frederick Woodson - Revolutionary War
Thomas Wooldridge - Revolutionary War Edmund Goode - Revolutionary War
John Goode - War of 1812 John Goode Jr. - Civil War
Isaac Read - Revolutionary War Green W. Williams - Civil War
Embry E. Williams - Civil War Leonidas Fenton Williams - Civil War

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
Peterson Goodwyn - U.S. Patrick Magruder - U.S.
Samuel Goode - U.S. James Wood Bouldin - U.S.
William Osborne Goode - U.S. David Hubbard - Confederate
David Hubbard - U.S. Mark Alexander - U.S.
Samuel Hopkins - U.S. Edward Bates - U.S.
James Woodson Bates - U.S. John Goode Jr. - Confederate
John Goode Jr. - U.S.  

Governors - colonial, territorial, and state
Frederick Bates - Missouri  

Legislators - colonial and state
Christopher Branch I - Virginia Capt. Matthew Gough - Virginia
Edward Osborne III - Virginia Peterson Goodwyn - Virginia
Thomas Whitworth - Virginia Robert Goode III - Virginia
Francis Goode - Virginia Samuel Goode - Virginia
James Wood Bouldin - Virginia Richard H. Baptist - Virginia
Thomas Francis Goode - Virginia Bennett Goode - Virginia
John Bennett Goode - Virginia William Henry Embry Merritt - Virginia
John Chesterfield Goode - Virginia William Osborne Goode - Virginia
John Thomas Goode - Virginia Edward Branch Goode - Virginia
Col. John Tucker - Virginia Edward R. Chambers - Virginia
David Hubbard - Alabama Mark Alexander - Virginia
Samuel Hopkins Sr. - Virginia Samuel Hopkins Jr. - Kentucky
Maj. John B. Bibb - Kentucky John F. Wiley - Virginia
William Arthur Branch - Virginia Tarleton Woodson - Virginia
Charles Woodson - Virginia Frederick Woodson - Virginia
Edward Bates - Missouri James Woodson Bates - Arkansas
Tarleton Bates - Virginia Fleming Bates - Virginia
John Goode Jr. - Virginia Henry Embry Jr. - Virginia
John Coleman - Virginia Henry Embry Coleman - Virginia
Thomas Gordon Coleman - Virginia Richard Logan - Virginia
Henry Embry Coleman - Virginia Isaac Read - Virginia
Thomas Scott - Virginia Charles Scott - Virginia
Joseph Hill - North Carolina Richard Wallace - North Carolina
Thomas F. Williams - Virginia Henry Embry Sr. - Virginia
William Embry - Virginia  

Names on the map
Kingsland Road, Henrico County, named for plantation of Christopher Branch Bates County, Missouri, named for Frederick Bates

Selected sources
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“Woodson Family Bible Records” Genealogies of Virginia Families from the William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1982(5):557-9. • Family Bible of Elizabeth Branch and Stephen Woodson.

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