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 614   John Oldham III (c.1687-1762)
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John Oldham III, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, John Oldham III might describe his life as follows.

My father was just 41 years old when he died in 1705. Richard Rout, one of our neighbors, kept my inheritance until I could claim it at age 21. I was evidently born about 1687 because I gave him a receipt for 4,330 pounds of tobacco 1 January 1708/9. 
Sarah and I settled on Totuskey Creek in Richmond County, south of Northumberland where my father had lived. Women surrounded me. Five of our seven daughters were baptized in North Farnham Parish where we were parishioners. Our only son, Peter, and his wife, died leaving a 4-year-old girl for us to rear.
The James Tarpley family were North Farnham parishioners too, and his son James married my daughter Mary. They and Mary’s sister Jean, who married Austin Hightower, went to live in Brunswick County around 1745.
I was a grandfather in my 70s when I died in Richmond County in 1762.

John discharges his guardian
This is a transcription of the receipt John Oldham gave Richard Rout.

January the first day 1708
These are to Certifye to all persons to whom it may Concerne that I john Oldum of the County of Richmond have received of Richard Rout Jr. of the same County the Just sum of four thousand three hundred and thirty pounds of tobacco it being my full part and share of my father’s estate and I the said John Oldum do by these presents acquit and discharge the aforesaid Richard Rout from all debts dues and demands due unto me from the beginning of the world unto this day as Witness my hand and seal the day and year first written above.

Land transactions
Lord Fairfax granted John Oldham of Richmond County two tracts of land 23 May 1712. A parcel of 401 acres was on Totuskey Creek and the other was 140 acres next to Col. Travers, William Fauntleroy, and George Glascock. Charles Barber, had surveyed the latter tract. 
In 1739 John got another grant of 401 acres next to William Glascock, Richard Rout, Robert Bryan, and Moses Oldham John voted in the election for burgesses in 1758. 

John prepares his will
John made his will in Richmond County 29 Jan. 1762 mentioning daughters and one grandson Thomas Harford, son of Elizabeth, and was dead by 6 Sept. 1762 when they ordered his will recorded. 

Descendants of John Oldham III
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Margaret (Oldham) Connally (1709-),  
John Connally,  
John Connally,  
Charles Connally,  Katherine Stone,   William Jackson,  Robert Williams,  
George Connally,  Lucy Harper,  John Harper,  
George Connally,  John Hightower,  
Thomas Connally,  
Oldham Connally,  
Ann Connally,  
Margaret Connally,  
Frances Connally,  
 Mary (Oldham) Tarpley (1712-),  
James Tarpley,   
 Elizabeth (Oldham) Harford (1715-),  
John Harford,  
Thomas Harford,  
Mary Harford,  William Packett,  William Webster,  
Elizabeth B. Harford,  Robert Jesper,  
Darkey Harford,  
 Sarah Oldham (1718-),  
 Jane (Oldham) Hightower (1721-),  
Austin Hightower,  Hugh Williams,  
James Tarpley,   Andrew Lister,  
 Ann (Oldham) Brown,  
George Brown,  
Charles Brown,  
John Oldham Brown,  
 Jane (Oldham) Brigsbey,  

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