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 612   Capt. James Tarpley II (-1713)
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Capt. James Tarpley II, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Capt. James Tarpley II might describe his life as follows.

Although the will my father-in-law made in old Rappahannock County was lost, an agreement I had with James Biddlecomb Jr. concerning its meaning establishes me as the husband of Biddlecomb’s daughter, Mary Biddlecomb.
I lived in Richmond County where I was captain of a militia company that numbered 122 men in 1698, the largest in the Colony. 
The will I made in Richmond County 12 December 1711, which does remain, gave land to three sons and a gold ring to William and each of my 3 daughters—John was already dead. I left my still to James, provided he let his brothers distill their liquor in it and appointed “my loving wife, my brothers, John Tarpley, William Barber, and Charles Barber, my whole and Sole Executors.” William and Charles were more precisely my half-brothers. 
I was dead by 5 August 1713 when the Richmond County Court ordered my will recorded. That year Mary lost her widowed mother also leaving her alone to rear our children—the oldest of whom was only 21. Mrs. Mary Tarpley presented the inventory of my estate 2 September 1713. 
Our children left Richmond County, and, but for James who was in Brunswick County, I know where none went.

Tarpley Point
Tarpley Point in the Rappahannock River at Lancaster Creek in Richmond County was undoubtedly named for this family.

The will of James Tarpley

Will of James Tarpley
12 December 1711
In the Name of God Amen: I, James Tarpley of ye parish of Farnham and County of Richmond being Sick and weak of body but of perfect mind and Memory, Thanks be to God for [the same]—do Nominate and Appoint this my Last Will and Testament Revoking and Annulling all other Will or Wills Test-ament or Testaments Whatsoever.
IMPRS: I bequeath my Soul to God who Gave it and my body to be Buryed as my Executors hereafter mentioned Shall think fitt.
ITEM: I give and bequeath to my two Sons Thomas and Charles Tarpley two hundred and Sixty acres of Land Lying on the head of Farnham Creek to them and their heirs for ever Equally to be divided.
ITEM: I give unto my Son James Tarpley ten Shillings and his heirs for Ever the land where I now live, he not molesting his Mother So long as She lives, but that he many have liberty to Seat on any part of the land, and to have one tobacco house and my Still &c. Only his brothers to Still their owne liquor in it.
ITEM: I give to my Son William Tarpley ten Shillings to buy a Ring.
ITEM: I give to my Daughters Mary, Eliza: and Lucy each of them a Gold Ring.
ITEM: All the Rest of my Estate I Order to appraised in tobacco and to be Equally divided betweene my loving wife and all my Children, and each childs part to be paid him or her, meaning all my Sons att the age of eighteen, and my Daughters att ye age of Sixteene or Marriage.
ITEM: I do nominate and appoint my Loving wife, My Brothers John Tarpley, William Barber and Charles Barber, my whole and Sole Executors: of this my Last Will,
In Wits: Whereof I have hereunto Sett my Hand and Affixed my Seal this 12th day of December published in presence of us.
James (x) Tarpley (Seal)
Stephen S. (x) Gupton
William (x) Clarke
William W. (x) Gupton

Descendants of Capt. James Tarpley II
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 Thomas Tarpley (1698-),  
John Hipkins,   
 Charles Tarpley,  
 James Tarpley III (1693-c.1781),  
 William Tarpley (1696-),  
Mary (—) Tarpley,  
Mary Tarpley,  George Taylor,  Simon Taylor,  
William Taylor,  
Tarpley Taylor,  
Simon Taylor,  
George Taylor,  
Lucy Taylor,  
John Tarpley,  
James Tarpley,  
Hannah Tarpley,  
 Mary Tarpley (1692-),  
 Elizabeth Tarpley (1701-),  
 Lucy (Tarpley) Stephens,  
Daniel Stephens,  
 John Tarpley (1690-),  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Names on the map
Tarpley Point, Richmond County, named for family of James Tarpley  

Selected sources
“The Tarpley-Taylor Family.” Genealogies of Virginia Families from the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1981(5):383-5. • Background on the family of Mary Tarpley and George Taylor.

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