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 586   Samuel Briggs (c.1672-1737)
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Samuel Briggs, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Samuel Briggs might describe his life as follows.

I was born about 1672, a son of Henry and Mary Briggs, and my wife was Edward Bailey’s daughter Mary Bailey. Mr. Bailey, whose will left daughter Mary Briggs 40 shillings, owned land on Cypress Swamp that flows into Blackwater Swamp near where I lived.
In 1794 I paid taxes on 300 acres in Surry County,  which was probably the land I inherited from my father, Henry, in 1686 and from my brother George who died in 1698.
The governor granted me 290 acres on Blackwater Swamp 16 June 1714, and 250 acres on Hunting Quarter 28 September 1732.  I was also a very early settler along Waqua Creek in Brunswick County where I got 386 acres 13 October 1727 and 284 acres 19 June 1735. 
Surry County records, which mention me little, never show that I held any office. The court once charged me with not keeping the road through my plantation clear,  and, of course, I served in the county militia. 
The father of 12, I made my will in Surry 26 March 1736 giving each son their own plantation and “Negroes.” Married daughters got £5, and I gave 1 or 2 “Negroes” to the other girls. I died sometime the next year.
In October 1745 Mary gave “Negro man Pompeii” to our son Benjamin,  and she was still living on the south side of Blackwater Swamp in November 1752. 
Although most of my children remained in Surry, Robert and Ann moved to Brunswick County and Nathaniel became a Quaker minister in Sussex County. The letter that my grandson Frederick Briggs wrote to his family from prison to acquaint them with his “lamentable fate” conveys his remorse for horse stealing.

In Feb. 1727/8 Briggs petitioned the House of Burgesses that he not be charged for the cost of capturing one of his runaway slaves, because he had escaped from jail where he was being held for burglary. 

Tithable lists
Samuel was working as an overseer for his half-brother Richard Washington when he appeared first in the tithable lists of Surry County first in 1689.  He was in the household of his brother, Charles, in 1691, of his brother Henry Briggs in 1692-6,  and was head of his own household, 1697-99.  William Rogers Jr. was in his household in 1700, and Walter Bailey in 1701. He was a sole tithable from 1702 through 1703 when surviving tithable lists end.  Walter Bailey was later a neighbor of Henry Briggs. 

Land transactions
Samuel Briggs of Southwark Parish bought 150 acres in Lawnes Creek Parish from Alexander Horton 18 Jan. 1724/5 and 100 acres in Lawnes Creek Parish on the south side of Nottoway River and Hunting Quarter Swamp from Richard Woodruff 14 Jan. 1729/30.  He sold 120 acres on Proctors Creek to his nephew George Briggs in Surry County 10 April 1731. 
He may be the Samuel Briggs who secured a patent to 180 acres on the south side of Blackwater Swamp, posthumously, 20 May 1742. 

Samuel’s will
Samuel died by 21 Sept. 1737 when they proved his will, an abstract of which follows. 

Will of Samuel Briggs
26 March 1736
To son, William Briggs, one-half of what land I have in Brunswick County upon a creek called Waqua. I desire he may have the lower half and one Negro man.
To son, Henry Briggs, one Negro man.
To daughter, Faith Gilliam, five pounds sterling.
To daughter, Sarah Collier, five pounds sterling.
To daughter, Mary Edmunds, on Negro, which she has in possession and five pounds sterling.
I give to my son, Thomas Briggs, all my land in Hunting Quarter and all the stock belonging …
I give to my son, Robert Briggs, one-half my land in Brunswick County on Waqua Creek, with the plantation and stock and one Negro, only my wife to have use of the Negro until Robert is 21 years old. To Robert on Negro.
To son, Nathaniel Briggs, one plantation on Bly’s Branch with all the stock and nine hogs which were on Beaver Dam, on Negro girl, on Negro man. My wife to have use of Negroes until son, Nathaniel Briggs, is 21 years old.
To son, Benjamin Briggs, all the land where I now live and one Negro. Wife to have use of Negro during her widowhood. Benjamin to have his estate when he is 18 years old.
To daughter, Ann Briggs, a Negro girl.
To daughter, Lucy Briggs, two Negro girls.
To daughter Hannah Briggs, two Negroes. If Hannah die to daughter, Lucy; if Lucy die to Hannah. If both die to son, Benjamin Briggs.
To wife Mary Briggs, bed and furniture, sidesaddle, and horse.
Remainder of estate I desire to be equally divided betwixt my wife and my four youngest children, and desire that three youngest daughters receive their estate at 18 years old or married.

Descendants of Samuel Briggs
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 William Briggs (-1748),  
Mary Cooke,   
 Henry Briggs (-1738),  
Hinchia Gilliam,   
 Thomas Briggs (-1776),  
Frances (—) Briggs,  
Richard Avery,  
Agnes (—) Washington,  Thomas Washington,   Ephraim Knight,  
Michael Nicholson,  
Lucretia Briggs,  Peter Jones,   
Joel Briggs,  Ann —,  David Roper,  
Jane Briggs,  
Frederick Briggs,  
Sarah Briggs,  
Rebecca Briggs,  
 Capt. Robert Briggs,  
Drury Stith,   
Ruth (—) Briggs,  
John Parker,   
Elisha Rucker,  John Flood Edmunds,   
Elizabeth (—) Briggs,  Harriet Briggs,  Gray Briggs,  Thomas Briggs,  John Briggs,  
Howell Briggs,  John Quarles,  Moses Quarles,  David Roper,  
Betsy Briggs,  
Thomas Briggs,  Elizabeth (—) Briggs,  John Gilliam,   Reuben Wright,  
Jesse Briggs,  Jesse Penn,  Charity Banner,  
Samuel Briggs,  Betty (—) Briggs,  
Henry Briggs,  
Robert Briggs,  
Gray Briggs,  
William Briggs,  
Frederick Briggs,  Mary Goodrich,   
David Vaughan,  
William McElhaney,  
Nancy Goodrich Briggs,  
Howell Briggs,  
Edward Briggs,  
Clarimon Briggs,  
Dolly Briggs,  
Thomas Briggs,  
Mary Briggs,  
 Nathaniel Briggs (-1788),  
Mary (—) Briggs,  
John Barker,  
Lydia (—) Briggs,  
George Briggs,  
Sarah Briggs,  Joseph Rosser,  
Samuel Briggs,  
Nathaniel Briggs,  
Elizabeth Briggs,  Abidan Bailey,  Sarah Sears,  Mourning Ladd,   
Mary Briggs,  
Nancy Briggs,  Joseph Moore,  Joseph Rosser,  
James Briggs,  Rhoda Hicks,  Joseph Rosser,  
Samuel Briggs,  
Nathaniel Briggs,  
Frances Briggs,  
Benjamin Phillips,  
Priscilla Briggs,  Jordan Clary,  
 Benjamin Briggs (-1751),  
 Faith (Briggs) Gilliam Roberts,  
Hinchia Gilliam,   
Willard Roberts,  Richard Fletcher,  
William Roberts,  
Mary Roberts,  
Sarah Roberts,  
Willard Roberts,  
Benjamin Roberts,  
 Timothy Roberts,  
Willard Roberts,  Sarah Jones,   
Benjamin Roberts,  Catherine Jones,   
Mary Roberts,  William Lashley,  Samuel Jones,   
Sarah Roberts,  
Ann Roberts,  Samuel Jones,   
John Gilliam,  
 Sarah (Briggs) Collier,  
John Collier,  Joseph Collier,  Jane Halso,  Jane (Halso) Lother,  
William Carpenter,  
Mary Collier,  Moses Johnson I,  
William Johnson,  Elizabeth —,  
Elizabeth Johnson,  Martha Johnson,  
William Johnson,  Elizabeth (—) Johnson,  
James Johnson,  
Rebecca Johnson,  Edmunds Jones,   
James Jones,   
Charles Lucas,  
Martha Lucas,  
Mary Lucas,  
Benjamin Lucas,  
Charlotte Johnson,  
Elizabeth Johnson,  
Nathaniel Johnson,  
Moses Johnson II,  Edward Clanton,  
David Johnson,  
Moses Johnson III,  Agnes Battaile,  Charles Battaile,  Sarah Soward,  
David Johnson,  Winifred Sledge,  John Sledge Jr.,  Sally —,  
Moses Johnson IV,  Mary Jones,  Richard Jones,  
Jones Johnson,  
Moses Johnson V,  
Philip Johnson,  
Sarah Johnson,  
Dolly Johnson,  
Nathan Johnson,  
Sarah Johnson,  James Moore,  
Elijah Moore,  
Nathan Johnson,  
Sarah Johnson,  
Richard Johnson,  Lucy Gilliam,   Robert Bailey,  
Elizabeth Johnson,  Cornelius Loftin,  
Mary Loftin,  
John Loftin,  
Moses Loftin,  
Sarah Loftin,  
Moses Loftin,  
William Loftin,  
David Loftin,  
Patty Loftin,  
Elizabeth Loftin,  
Ann Johnson,  Burwell Gilliam,   
Martha Johnson,  Anselm Gilliam,   
Lucy Johnson,  
Sarah Johnson,  
Mary Johnson,  Hinchia Gilliam,   
Lewis Johnson,  Elizabeth Moore,  Thomas Moore,  Mary —,  
Mary Hearn,  Lucy Ezell,  Isham Ezell,  
Mary Johnson,  Sylvanus Bell,   
Jemima Johnson,  William Stuart,  
Peggy Johnson,  
Rebecca Johnson,  Benjamin Thomas,  
Benjamin Johnson,  Judith Chambliss,   
Elizabeth Johnson,  Absalom Flowers,  Carter Gilliam,   
Edmund Johnson,  Elizabeth Magee,  
Robert Johnson,  Rebecca Betts,  
John Johnson,  
Swan Johnson,  Patsy Ezell,  
William Collier,  
Joseph Collier,  
Elizabeth Collier,  David Lucas,  
Ephraim Lucas,  
Edith Lucas,  
Howell Collier,  Charles Lucas,  Hannah Pennington,   John Hall,  
Rebecca Collier,  Theodorick Birchett,  
Sarah Collier,  Benjamin Farrell,  Mary Burton,   
Hutchins Farrell,  Mary Pennington,   
Martha Farrell,  David Tanner,  
William Collier,  
Howell Collier,  Hannah Cheedle,  
Lewis Collier,  
Betsy Collier,  
Frederick Collier,  John Morgan Jr.,  
Ann Lark,  Robert Lark,  
Hutchins Farrell,   
Edward Collier,  
Lewis Collier,  Elizabeth Hagood,  John Hagood,  Drury Collier,   
Nathaniel Collier,  
Sarah Collier,  James Harrison,  
Rebecca Harrison,  
Dolly Harrison,  
Thomas Harrison,  
Moses Collier,  Nancy Blank,  William Fanning,   
Ingram Collier,  Susanna Browder,   
Charles Collier,  
Moses Collier,  Nancy Gee,  
Charles Collier,  Elizabeth Hudson,  
Drury Collier,  Elizabeth —,  John Maclin Jr.,  
Frederick Collier,  
Capt. William Collier,  Martha Thweatt,  Miles Thweatt Jr.,  
Mary Gee,  William Gee,  
Anne Collier,  John Goodwyn,  
Martha Collier,  William Berry,  
Thomas Collier,  Elizabeth Ricks,   
William Collier,  
Mary Collier,  
Hannah Collier,  George Grimes,  
Faith Collier,  John Moore,  
Benjamin Collier,  
Lucy Collier,  
John Collier,  
Martha Collier,  
Thomas Collier,  
Grace Collier,  
Benjamin Collier,  
Charles Collier,  Lucretia (—) Collier,  Littleberry Robinson,   
Ann Collier,  Moody,  
Elizabeth Collier,  Harris,  
Henry Collier,  
John Collier,  
George Collier,  
Henry Collier,  Diana (—) Collier,  
John Collier,  
Sarah (—) Collier,  
 Mary (Briggs) Edmunds,  
Howell Edmunds,   
 Ann (Briggs) Goodrich,  
Edward Goodrich,   Margaret Wynne,   
John Jones,  
John Walker,  Henry Duke,  Lemuel Cocke,   
Briggs Goodrich,  Mary Camp,  
John Camp,  
Nancy Camp Goodrich,  Bowler Harris,  John Williamson,  
Rebecca Goodrich,  John H. Chapman,  
Mary Goodrich,  Howell Harris,  
Sarah Goodrich,  Edward Branch,  
John Goodrich,  Rhoda Goodrich,   
Thomas Goodrich,  Elizabeth Warwick,  
Benjamin Goodrich,  Nancy S. Claiborne,  
William Camp Goodrich,  Martha Smith,  
James Courtney Goodrich,  
Frances Elizabeth Briggs Goodrich,  Edmund W. Goodrich,   
Mary Goodrich,  Frederick Briggs,   
Dorothy Goodrich,  McDaniel,  
Sarah Goodrich,  William Thornton,   
Edward Goodrich,  
Benjamin Goodrich,  Lucy Butler,   
Wilkins Goodrich,  
Washington Goodrich,  Frances Beverly Batte,   
Rhoda Goodrich,  John Goodrich,   
Edmund W. Goodrich,  Frances Elizabeth Briggs Goodrich,   
Amy Washington Goodrich,  Edmund Lanier,   
Frances Goodrich,  William Thornton,  
Robert H. Goodrich,  Sarah H. Spencer,  Robert Spencer,  
 Lucy (Briggs) Lanier,  
Richard Lanier,   
Richard Lanier,  Catherine Quarles,  Hubbard Quarles,  Bolling Dunn,  
Mary Lanier,  
Benjamin Briggs,   
 Hannah (Briggs) Jones (-1774),  
James Jones,   

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
Thomas Briggs - French and Indian War Robert Briggs - French and Indian War
Edward Goodrich - French and Indian War Benjamin Goodrich - War of 1812
William Camp Goodrich - War of 1812  

Legislators - colonial and state
Hutchins Farrell - Virginia Edward Goodrich - Virginia
Benjamin Goodrich - Virginia  

Selected sources
Boddie, John Bennett. “Gutteridge-Goodrich.” Southside Virginia Families. Redwood City, Cal.: Pacific Coast Publishers, 1955(1):217-226. • Covers the family of Ann Briggs and Edward Goodrich.

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