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 56320   Sir Richard Lygon (c.1490-1556)
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Sir Richard Lygon, in his own words
If he could speak to us today, Sir Richard Lygon might describe his life as follows.

As my father explained, I was born about the time Columbus discovered the New World. By 1511 I married Margaret Greeville, the daughter of Sir William Greeville, a knight and justice of the court in 1510. 
I became Sir Richard Lygon 1 June 1533 at the coronation of Queen Anne Boleyn. By then the father of 9 and familiar with a woman being “in the family way,” I was not surprised when she gave birth 3 months later—to our future Queen Elizabeth.
I was the sheriff of Gloucestershire 1534-5 and of Worcestershire in 1548-9 and taught my son William how to be one himself. Then a sheriff, like the famous Sheriff of Nottingham, collected taxes and rents for the crown. The word came from “shire reve,” one who collected revenue from a shire.
Like my father, I was expected to round up soldiers in times of national emergency. For example, during the French War of 1544 when Henry VIII invaded France and captured Boulogne, I furnished 60 infantrymen.
After Margaret died in 1542, I married Joan. I was in my 60s when I died 20 March 1556/7. 

More about Richard Lygon
Sir Richard was on a commission to collect a subsidy in Worcestershire in 1523. In 1535 Sir Richard was a justice of Great Malvern and in 1536 he furnished one hundred men to send against the Northern Rebels and personally attended Henry VIII. In 1545 was chief steward at Hundred Courts and chief steward of the King Court at Cheltenham.
We do not know who Richard’s 2nd wife, Joan, was.

Descendants of Sir Richard Lygon
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Names found in this topic include the following.
 William Lygon (1512-1567),  
 Henry Lygon (-1757),  
Elizabeth Berkeley,   
Henry Lygon,  
Sir Arnold Lygon,  Joan Baker,  John Baker,  Margaret Talbot,  Sir John Talbot,  Richard Lygon,   
Mary Lygon,  Samuel Clinton,  
Elizabeth Lygon,  Edward Bassett,  William Bassett,  Jane Ashe,  
 Ursula (Lygon) Andrews,  
Humphrey Andrews,  William Andrews,  Jane Butler,  
 Elizabeth (Lygon) Sheldon,  
Ralph Sheldon,  Thomas Sheldon,  Eleanor Rawling,  
 Mary (Lygon) Mintridge,  
John Mintridge,  
 Susanna (Lygon) Savage,  
Christopher Savage, Esq.,  Sir Christopher Savage,  Anne Stanley,  
Francis Savage,  Anne Sheldon,  William Sheldon,  Anthony Daston,  
William Savage,  Anne Knottesford,  
Anthony Savage,  Elizabeth Hall,  
Richard Savage,  Millicent Moulton,  
Ralph Savage,  
Charles Savage,  Elizabeth Abbington,  
Anthony Savage,  
Alice Savage,  Francis Thornton,  William Thornton,  Jane (—) Harvey,  John Harvey,  
Elizabeth Thornton,  Edwin Conway,  
Margaret Thornton,  William Strother,  
William Thornton,  Frances (—) Thornton,  
William Thornton,  
Sarah Thornton,  Lawrence Taliaferro,  
Francis Thornton,  Mary Taliaferro,  
Sarah Thornton,  Thomas Slaughter,  
Thomas Slaughter,  
Sarah Slaughter,  Gabriel Slaughter,  
Lucy Slaughter,  Jesse Slaughter,  
Frances Slaughter,  Charles Yancey,  
Reuben Thornton,  Elizabeth Gregory,  Roger Gregory,  Mildred Washington,  Henry Willis Jr.,  Dr. Thomas Walker,   Dr. Alcock,  
John Thornton,  Mildred Gregory,  Roger Gregory,  Mildred Washington,  
Mildred Thornton,  Samuel Washington,  
Mary Thornton,  Gen. William Woodford,  
Elizabeth Thornton,  John Taliaferro Jr.,  
Lucy Thornton,  John Lewis,  
Francis Thornton,  Frances Gregory,  Roger Gregory,  Mildred Washington,  
Francis Thornton,  Ann Thompson,  Rev. John Thompson,  
George Thornton,  
William Thornton,  
John Thornton,  
Frances Thornton,  Dr. Aylett Hawes,  
William Thornton,  Eleanor Thompson,  Philip Rootes Thompson,  
George Thornton,  
Philip Thornton,  
Stuart Thornton,  Adelaide Stuart,  
Howard Thornton,  Charlotte Norris,  
Martha Stuart Thornton,  Dr. William Dedham Fitzhugh,  
Maria Thornton,  Charles Stuart,  
Lucy Thornton,  Philip Rootes Thompson,  
John Thornton,  Jane Washington,  Augustine Washington,  
Jane Washington Thornton,  James Burnie Beck,  
Mildred Thornton,  Charles Washington,  
Mary Thornton,  Col. William Champe,  Churchill Jones,  
Mildred Thornton,  Nicholas Meriwether,  Dr. Thomas Walker,  Thomas Walker,  Susanna Peachy,  
Mary Walker,  Nicholas Lewis,  Robert Lewis,  Jane Meriwether,  
John Walker,  Elizabeth Moore,  
Susanna Walker,  Henry Fry,   
Thomas Walker,  Margaret Hoops,  Adam Hoops,  Elizabeth —,  
Lucy Walker,  Dr. George Gilmer,  
Francis Walker Gilmer,  
Peachy R. Gilmer,  Mary House,  Cary Breckinridge,  
Mildred Gilmer,  William Wirt,  
George Gilmer,  Eliza Hudson,  Christopher Hudson,  
Elizabeth Walker,  Rev. Matthew Maury,  Rev. James Maury,  
Mildred Walker,  Francis Kinloch,  Joseph Hornsby,  
Sarah Walker,  Reuben Lindsay,  Hannah Tidwell,  
Mildred Thornton Lindsay,  James Gordon Waddell,  
James Lindsay,  
Sarah Walker Lindsay,  Capt. James Lindsay,  
Elizabeth Grimes Lindsay,  
Martha Walker,  George Divers,  
Reuben Walker,  
Francis Walker,  Jane Byrd Nelson,  Hugh Nelson,  Judith Page,  
Jane Frances Walker,  Mann Page,   
Judith Page Walker,  William Cabell Rives,   
Peachy Walker,  Joshua Fry,   
William Buckner,  
Alice Thornton,  James Taylor,  
Col. James Taylor,  Anne Hubbard,  Gen. James Taylor,  
Rowland Thornton,  Elizabeth Catlett,  
Francis Thornton,  
William Thornton,  Elizabeth Fitzhugh,  
Elizabeth Thornton,  Courts,  
Ann Thornton,  
Elizabeth Thornton,  
Francis Thornton,  
Alice Thornton,  John Fitzhugh,  
Ann Thornton,  
Anthony Thornton,  Winifred Presley,  Col. Peter Presley,  
Presley Thornton,  
Elizabeth (—) Thornton,  Charlotte Belson,  
Elizabeth Thornton,  
Peter Presley Thornton,  
Elizabeth Carter,  Robert Wormeley Carter,  Landon Carter,  
Winifred Thornton,  John Catesby Cocke,  
Capt. Presley Thornton,  
Elizabeth Thornton,  Col. Francis Thornton,  
Charlotte Thornton,  Philip Fitzhugh,  
Sir Charles Wade Thornton,  
John Tayloe Thornton,  Susan Kenner,  
Francis Thornton,  
Peter Thornton,  
Anthony Thornton,  
Winifred Thornton,  Bernard,  
Francis Savage,  Mary Estcourt,  
John Savage,  
Katherine Savage,  
Walter Savage,  Anne Croker,  
John Savage,  
George Savage,  Anne Turvile,  
 Barbara Lygon,  
 John Lygon,  
 Ferdinand Lygon,  

This family topic includes the following notable individuals.
Soldiers of colonial and American wars
John Thornton - Revolutionary War Col. William Champe - Revolutionary War
Churchill Jones - Revolutionary War John Walker - Revolutionary War
Dr. George Gilmer - Revolutionary War John Catesby Cocke - Revolutionary War

Members of congress - U.S. and Confederate
Philip Rootes Thompson - U.S. James Burnie Beck - U.S.
John Walker - U.S. Francis Walker - U.S.

Governors - colonial, territorial, and state
Gabriel Slaughter - Kentucky  

Legislators - colonial and state
Edwin Conway - Virginia William Thornton - Virginia
Francis Thornton - Virginia John Thornton - Virginia
Francis Thornton - Virginia George Thornton - Virginia
Philip Rootes Thompson - Virginia Philip Thornton - Virginia
Dr. Thomas Walker - Virginia Nicholas Lewis - Virginia
John Walker - Virginia Henry Fry - Virginia
Dr. George Gilmer - Virginia William Wirt - Virginia
Francis Walker - Virginia James Taylor Sr. - Virginia
James Taylor - Virginia Presley Thornton - Virginia
Peter Presley Thornton - Virginia John Tayloe Thornton - Virginia

Members of the Virginia Council of State
Presley Thornton  

Selected sources
Stanard, W.G. “The Thornton Family.” Genealogies of Virginia Families from the William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1982(5):19-64. • Includes the family of Alice Savage and Francis Thornton.

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